100 Trendy School Haircuts For Boys (What’s Cool This Year)

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100 Trendy School Haircuts For Boys (What’s Cool This Year)

What Trendy School Haircuts For Boys Are Cool This Year?

The first day back to school is always a nervous time for any little boy – and the last thing they want is to turn up with an outdated haircut.

Young boys and young men like to keep track of the trendiest and coolest haircuts for their new school year – but strict dress codes can sometimes mean that some haircuts are banned.

If you want your kid to turn up at school with a fresh haircut that is trendy but doesn’t break school rules, then here are tons of trendy school haircuts for boys!

There are plenty of styles here to choose from that suit all kinds of face faces and textures – so check them out!

1. Classic Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is a great idea for a trendy hairstyle that passes the school hair code. It’s short but slightly unruly, so it’s rebellious without actually breaking school rules.

2. Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are a great way to give your hair a fresh start after summer vacation. It’s a super short cut that allows you to grow it back in any style you like.

3. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut used to be a haircut that would get you bullied at school – but now it’s become a trendy fresh hairstyle that a lot of young boys are requesting from barbers. It’s crazy how trends change!

4. Burst Fade

A burst fade looks amazing with curly and very wavy hair. It takes your hair from a short length to a much longer length in a very short space for a ‘bursting’ effect!

5. Caesar Cut

This short haircut is very modern and chic and is quickly becoming popular with young men and teens. It’s a very blunt, sharp haircut that is suitable for school.

6. Disconnected Cut

A disconnected haircut divides your hair into two sections – the short cut hair, and the long cut hair on top. There’s a sharp contrast between the two, even sharper than the contrast seen in undercuts.

7. Low Fade

low fade is a great choice for a lot of haircuts. It leaves plenty of longer hair on top for styling and works with all hair types and textures.

8. Shaved Waves

Shaved waves offer a more detailed line design that some schools may take issue with. However, they’re very trendy and if your school doesn’t mind them, they’re definitely something to try out!

9. Short Sides

Short sides are one of the longest trends when it comes to young boy hair cuts. They are neat and tidy, and as a result, have a very good reputation with schools.

10. Textured Hair

Messy styles and unruly haircuts are very trendy. If you have enough time in the morning, grab some hair product and add some texture to your haircut to make it a little more stylish.

11. Afro French Crop

One of the best things about the French crop is that it suits all hair textures. If you have afro-textured hair, you too can rock a French crop effortlessly.

12. Blow Out

The blow out is considered to be a longer, messier version of a brush back style. It works best with long hair and gives a more extreme windswept appearance.

13. Brush Back

The brush back is a hairstyle that works great with longer hairstyles. It involves brushing and drying your hair back over your head with a hairdryer, giving your hair a natural unruly look.

14. Classic Pompadour

This medium-length hairstyle used to be popular in the 50s and 80s but now it has been revisited with a modern twist. It’s a stylish, medium-length haircut with a trendy retro vibe.

15. Curly Pompadour

Most pompadour hairstyles are cut onto boys with straight hair – but what if you have very curly hair? You too can rock a pompadour with a messy top for a trendy hairstyle.

16. French Crop

A French crop is another shortcut that is great for the first day of school. It’s trendy thanks to its short sides but leaves a short length of hair on top for fun styling.

17. High Top

When you have curly or afro-textured hair, it’s very easy for your haircut to stack up in height. This haircut manages that height and volume for a neat high top style.

18. Long Mullet

This iconic hairstyle has been reinvented with a modern twist. With some careful styling and short sides, most schools will allow a long mullet.

19. Long Shag

For the teen boys who want a more rebellious haircut, try a long shag. It’s unruly, messy, and a great way to wear your hair long to school in a stylish way.

20. Messy Top

Due to the popularity of undercuts and textured hair, another trendy hairstyle young boys love is the messy top. It keeps things neat lower down – but things go wild at the top of the head!

21. Shaved Lines

Some strict high schools won’t like shaved lines but young men and teenagers love them. They’re edgy and rebellious, and help transform a boring haircut into a trendy look.

22. Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are a recent trend with young men and boys, but some stricter dress codes may ban them entirely. However, there’s no denying they provide a fresh look!

23. Short Afro

Afro-textured hairstyles are sometimes discriminated against by school hair codes, but most schools allow short afros as long as they are cropped and well-maintained. Try out this version of the afro to get by those school rules.

24. Short Mullet

The short mullet is the more trendy version of this iconic hairstyle for teenage boys. It’s also more subtle and easier to get away with at school.

25. Side Part

When it comes to partings, the side part is easily one of the most popular types for men. It works well with a lot of short and long haircuts, which is probably why it’s such a popular choice.

26. Side Sweep Fringe

For fringes with natural curls or plenty of length, try sweeping it all to one side. This provides a very natural and messy look that goes great with long and shorter haircuts.

27. Side-Swept Top

This haircut takes the long hair left on the top of your head and sweeps it to one side. It can create a super slick look that is neat, polished, and very stylish.

28. Subtle Mohawk

The subtle mohawk is similar to the Afro mohawk but is much more subtle and shorter. This makes it even more suitable for school, especially for those with stricter dress codes.

29. Tapered Cut

A tapered cut takes the long hair on top and shorter sides that comes with undercuts but provides a very gentle fade. This means that the top long hair blends seamlessly with the shorter hair underneath.

30. Temple Fade

A temple fade is a type of fade that starts around the temple. It’s not as high as a high fade but not as low as a low fade – a happy medium that makes it a popular choice.

31. Textured Quiff

A textured quiff is a quiff that has been given texture so it looks messier and more unruly. You can achieve this either with hair products or a very cut from your barber.

32. Top Knot

Similar to the man bun, the top knot involves taking hair that is usually a lot shorter and making a very small knot on the top of the head. It doesn’t always collect all of the hair.

33. Two Block Cut

A two block cut is like a cross between a disconnected cut and a tapered cut. It started out as a trendy haircut in South Korea but now has taken the world by storm.

34. Afro Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is also a trendy choice for boys and young men with afro-textured hair. It looks amazing and allows you to wear your natural hair to school without getting in trouble.

35. Asymmetrical Cut

This edgy haircut is a good choice for young men and teens with very square faces. The long hair on top is usually styled into a side-swept top with a lot of lengths.

36. Box Braids

Another great protective hairstyle for black teens to wear to school is box braids. They are styled differently to cornrows but are just as trendy and decorative.

37. Box Cut

The box cut is a very fresh cut that uses edges and sharp lines to create a ‘box-like effect using natural curly hair. It adds volume and helps make your hair more polished and neat.

38. Braided Top Knot

This style of the top knot includes some fancy braids. If you are skilled at styling your hair, this is definitely a great hairstyle to wear – and it’s practical for school!

39. Choppy Layers

If regular layers aren’t enough to give you the textured, stylish look you desire, then try choppy layers instead. These are layers cut with a harsh straight line for a choppier effect.

40. Comb Over

The combover used to be a hairstyle popular with balding men – but now, it’s become a trendy style with young teens. It takes the hair from your side parting and sweeps it to one side.

41. Cornrows

For black teens with very curly hair, cornrows are a good choice when it comes to hairstyles. They’re protective and practical, plus they can be braided into some really cool designs.

42. Curls With Fade

Curls can be difficult to manage because they thicken your hair and make it look unruly. If you want to tame those curls, try this trendy hairstyle combining your curls with a classy fade.

43. Curly Faux Hawk

A quick Google search will show you a lot of faux hawks with straight hair – so what about curly hair? Young boys with curly hair can also wear a faux hawk!

44. Curtains

Curtains were a face framing style that was popular in the 1990s. Today, it’s found a new lease of life as longer hairstyles become more and more popular with young men.

45. Diagonal Hard Part

The diagonal hard part is a great way to add some style to your hair, even if your school has a very strict hair code. It’s unique and a modern take on the hard part.

46. E Boy Haircut

This type of haircut has risen in popularity thanks to social media platforms like TikTok. It takes the curtains look but extends them around the head for a choppy, bowl-like cut.

47. Edgar Cut

The Edgar haircut takes inspiration from the Caesar haircut. Instead of just cutting the bangs in a blunt style, the straight edge circles the entire head for a very chic look.

48. Edge Up

Edge ups are a haircut that addresses how the hair is cut and styled around the hairline and temple. They often feature straight lines and crisp edges for a fresh, sharp design.

49. Elephant Trunk

The elephant trunk is a stylish choice young boys and teens can add to their quiffs or pompadours. It involves curling a strand or two of hair and letting it fall across the forehead.

50. Faux Hawk

Most mohawk hairstyles are straight-up banned by schools. However, the closest hairstyle you can get to a mohawk without breaking school rules is the stylish faux hawk.

51. Flat Top

This flat top haircut is very militaristic in style. It’s also very sharp and edgy, making it perfect for young teens who are after a mature, clean cut hairstyle.

52. Full Afro

More and more schools are updating their hair code policies to stop discriminating against natural black hair and hairstyles. So, you may be able to wear a full afro with pride to school!

53. Full Fringe

A lot of trendy school haircuts include a fringe. If you have very thick hair, then a full fringe is a good choice for you to try with your fresh cut.

54. Full Side Brush With Shaved Sides

This haircut is similar to a classic regulation cut but with a sharper contrast between the shaved sides. It’s slick, smooth, and a good choice for young boys looking for a short cut.

55. Gentlemen’s Cut

The gentleman’s haircut is a good choice for boys who need a short haircut but have very thick hair. It allows for volume and height without letting things get unruly.

56. Hard Part

Hard parts are a great style choice that creates a harsh contrast between short hair and long hair on the top of your head. It leaves a deep line too.

57. High Fade

Some strict schools hate fades, while others don’t mind them as long as they are not bald or cut close to the skin. A high fade is a trendy choice because it helps thin very thick hair.

58. High Top Dreads

High top dreads are very stylish haircuts that black teens love for many reasons. It allows them to wear their natural curls, build height on top of their head, and look super cool.

59. Ivy League

One of the best haircuts for school is the Ivy League. This simple haircut is a popular choice with celebrities for its short length and ever so slightly messy texture.

60. Ivy League With Fade

A traditional Ivy League comes with short cut sides. A lot of young men are asking for their Ivy Leagues to be done with a trendy fade to make this haircut more youthful.

61. Ivy League With Hard Part

The Ivy League is a real gentleman’s haircut – but some young guys may want to add their own touch to this classic hairstyle. As a result, the Ivy League and hard part combo are super popular!

62. Layered Caesar Cut

Although the classic Caesar cut is very sharp and straight, this take gives it a more trendy look. The layers create a messier texture that young boys love.

63. Layers

If you don’t want to spend ages every morning adding texture to your hair, consider getting a layered haircut. Layers help create a messy look without any product at all!

64. Line Up Quiff

A line up quiff pays close attention to your hairline and tides things up while still providing you with a neat quiff. It’s a great choice for shorter hairstyles.

65. Long Sweep Fringe

This type of fringe takes its length to the extreme. Sweeping the fringe to the side creates a very edgy look that works great with longer hairstyles.

66. Man Braid

A trendy alternative to the stylish man bun is the man braid. It’s a neat way to keep your long hair out of your way during your school day.

67. Man Bun

Having long lengths of hair can be pretty annoying while you are going about your school day. So, a lot of young men and teens choose to tie up their hair in a masculine man bun!

68. Medium Afro

For young boys and teens who attend less strict high schools, try growing your afro into a medium afro. The volume and height make this look like a very trendy hairstyle – so wear your hair with pride!

69. Medium Dreads

Some schools allow hairstyles like dreadlocks, and so medium dreads are a great stylish hairstyle for black teens and boys. They’re protective and their length allows you to try different styles.

70. Medium-Length Hair

While short haircuts like fades are very popular, teen boys love to leave a long length of hair on top. This turns their short haircuts into something more medium-length for styling.

71. Middle Part

A popular trend with Gen Z boys and teens is the middle parting. It’s a stylish choice that works best with long hairstyles – so if you want to keep your hair long, consider getting a trendy middle parting.

72. Natural Curls

Don’t be ashamed of your natural curls. Let them grow out long and loose, and wear them with pride! This hairstyle is becoming more popular as more young boys embrace their natural hair!

73. Natural Waves

This haircut helps young boys embrace their natural hair texture by allowing them to grow their hair long and wavy. It’s much more unruly than a surfer wave hairstyle.

74. Quiff

A quiff is a piece of hair that is brushed up and back from a man’s forehead. It’s very popular with boys of all ages, including young men and little boys.

75. Regulation Cut

A regulation cut is a good choice for boys who attend schools with stricter dress codes. It’s short but polished and neat – but also a very cool haircut thanks to its slick texture and sharp lines.

76. Shaved Pompadour

The shaved pompadour haircut combines the classic pompadour with the popular short sides and fades of today. It makes the pompadour more manageable for young boys and teens.

77. Short Back

A short back is a must for any type of short hairstyle. This makes it a very good choice – especially for schools with strict dress codes who demand short haircuts!

78. Short Back And Sides With Long Top

When it comes to trendy and cool haircuts, one of the most popular is the classic short back and sides with a long top. It works for all hair types and face shapes so you can’t go wrong!

79. Short Fringe

Not all fringes are cut just above the eyebrow. For some shorter styles, the fringe is cut much higher up the forehead for a modern, cool look.

80. Short Quiff

Quiffs range in height depending on the length of the hair on the top of your head. A short quiff is a much neater, easier version of this classic hairstyle.

81. Short Shag

A shag haircut is a good option if you want a messy haircut to wear to school. Its shortcut makes it easier to manage and more forgiving for school.

82. Short Waves

For teens and young boys with black hair, you can still style your hair even with a very short haircut. This style creates a cool ripple effect across your hair that is smooth and sleek.

83. Shoulder-Length Hair

Most schools don’t allow boys to wear their hair very long. The longest most schools will allow is shoulder-length hair – and rebellious teens love to push this to the limits.

84. Side Shave

This hairstyle involves shaving one side of the head and leaving the other side to grow longer for an asymmetrical look. It’s edgy and rebellious and perfect for teens who want to stand out.

85. Slick Back

The slick back is a stylish look that looks very similar to a quiff – but it extends all the way back over your head. It’s a smooth, polished hairstyle that is very modern and chic.

86. Spiky Hair

Another great way to add texture to your hair is to spike it up. If you have to keep your hair short due to your school’s hair code, shake things up by wearing a spiky haircut!

87. Starter Dreads

Some schools may ban full dreadlocks, but starter dreads are a style in their own right. They are a great way to add a cool design to your natural hair without breaking school rules.

88. Straight Fringe

For some shorter styles, the fringe is cut in a straight line. This blunt straight fringe style is very modern and chic and works great with haircuts like the Caesar.

89. Surfer Waves

Surfer waves are a long hairstyle that creates gentle waves in your hair. It’s a great choice if you have natural soft waves or straight hair you want to style into something more attractive.

90. Tapered Faux Hawk

This style of faux hawk is a lot longer than the traditional style. It also features a trendy tapered cut that blends into a low fade, creating a fuller hawk look.

91. Textured French Crop

If you have enough time in the morning, it’s a good idea to add some texture to your French crop haircut. Use a little hair product to create a messy style that is on trend.

92. Textured Fringe

Because messy style haircuts are so trendy with young boys, a lot of fingers are cut to be more textured. This makes them look more natural and blend with messy haircuts easily.

93. Top Knot With Shaved Sides

Most teens use the top knot to tie back their long hair on the top of their heads. This means that a lot of top knots are usually worn with shaved sides for a fresh and trendy look.

94. Twists

Twists are another protective hairstyle for black hair that looks amazing and can be styled in a ton of different ways. For black teens looking for a stylish hairstyle, this is definitely a good choice.

95. Undercut

The undercut is a very trendy look in most modern men’s hairstyles. It provides a sharp contrast between the shaved sides of the head and the longer hair on top.

96. Wavy Bowl Cut

Most bowl cuts are styled with long, straight hair – but young boys with wavy hair can also wear a bowl cut too! Those natural waves give the bowl cut a messier texture that makes it even trendier!

97. Wet Mop

This haircut is now a worldwide trend thanks to TikTok, a popular social media app used by teens. It’s long, messy, and currently one of the biggest hair trends with young boys and teens.

98. Wings

Wings are a type of hairstyle that occurs with longer haircuts. They involve flicky ends that stick out around the ears – creating a ‘wing-like effect around the cheekbones and ears!

99. Wispy Fringe

If you have pretty thin hair, then you can still rock a long fringe. This fringe style makes your fringe less annoying but still helps frame your face in a flattering way.

100. Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a cross between both a shag haircut and a mullet. Because of this, it’s more modern and tame so it’s a safe haircut for young men to wear to high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get A Free Haircut For My Child?

When money is tight, parents can feel the pressure on their kids to pay up for fancy haircuts. Luckily, some hair salons and barbers offer free haircuts for children in under-resourced communities so they have a fresh haircut for their first day at school.

Call around your local barbers and reach out to some charities to see what’s on offer – you may be able to land a free haircut for your kids this school season!

What Haircuts Do Schools Ban?

Each school will have its own rules when it comes to suitable school haircuts.

Some schools ban boys from having very long haircuts or force them to tie up their hair at school. Some schools have gotten into trouble for banning hairstyles like dreadlocks, braids, and twists, which are associated with certain races and ethnicities.

If your child’s school has similar rules, it’s worth reaching out and challenging this outdated behavior.

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