50 Best Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair (Trending This Year)

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50 Best Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair (Trending This Year)

What Best Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair Are Trending This Year?

There are lots of haircut and hairstyle options open to men who have very thick hair, but it can be difficult for you to find the best one. Not only should you consider how thick your hair is, but you also need to keep in mind your face shape and hair texture too!

Here, we are going to be taking a look at the best haircuts and best hairstyles for men with thicker hair. This way, you can find the right haircut for you so you can always look your best!

Check out the options below and keep in mind your hair’s natural texture and face shape before deciding on the best haircut for you and your thick hair.

1. Short Sides

Thick hair can be difficult to maintain and manage, so cutting it short is a great way to style it. As a result, short sides are a trendy choice for men with thick hair, no matter the texture.

2. Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are the modern, trendy way to style your short sides. Some come with a fade, others maintain the same length all the way up to the medium-length hair on top.

3. Shaved Line Designs

Shaved line designs are a good idea if you want a cool, stylish look. There are tons of designs for you to choose from and they can completely transform your appearance!

4. High Fade

When it comes to fades, one of the best options for men with thick hair is the high fade. It keeps most of your hair short and easy to maintain while looking cool and modern.

5. Burst Fade

This trendy fade is a popular choice for adding style and character to your hair. It allows your hair to look as if it is literally bursting from the shaved sides for a unique look!

6. Low Fade

For men who don’t want a super short or shaved haircut, try a low fade. It still helps make your thick hair more manageable but leaves plenty of length for a fuller look.

7. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is an extreme haircut that is the ultimate easy-maintenance haircut. It works with all face shapes and hair textures, so it’s bound to suit you no matter what you look like!

8. Burr Cut

The Burr cut is slightly longer than a classic buzz cut, which makes it a popular choice with men who don’t like super short haircuts. It still keeps your thick hair manageable without going extreme.

9. Crew Cut

This short haircut comes in a slightly tapered style. Everything is kept cropped so it’s easy to maintain – especially if you have very thick or curly hair.

10. French Crop

This type of crop is a trendy choice for men with wavy thick hair. It’s modern, textured, and cut with a high fade that keeps the sides of your hair short and easy to maintain.

11. Caesar Cut

This modern haircut is a crop with a fade that sports a very chic look. It works great with thick locks and fine hair, making it a versatile and popular haircut.

12. Textured Caesar

Textured hair is a very popular trend and so, a lot of men are adding texture to otherwise straight, flat haircuts. For a textured Caesar, add layers or use a texture spray to help get that unruly hair look.

13. Edgar Cut

The Edgar cut is a modern disconnected haircut that is a popular choice with young men and teens. It is almost like a bowl cut but features a trendy fade and textured look.

14. Ivy League

This textured haircut is a popular choice with older men, and it’s a great way to keep your thick hair manageable. It still manages to be a smart haircut despite its slightly tousled look.

15. Faux Hawk

The mohawk is a classic style that is too extreme for a lot of modern men’s tastes. The faux hawk, however, is a much more modern take with a trendy fade!

16. Afro Faux Hawk

Good news! The faux hawk is also a hairstyle that works great with afro-textured hair. This means that if you have very curly hair, you can rock this trendy cut too!

17. Undercut

When it comes to maintaining and managing your hair, there’s no better option than the undercut. It keeps things short and easy while leaving a longer top for styling.

18. Two Block Cut

This haircut is a popular trend thanks to the rise of K-Pop with younger generations. It combines very short sides with a much longer top – and works great with thick straight hair!

19. Bowl Cut

This haircut used to be an uncool and dreaded haircut – but now it’s super trendy! If you have thick wavy or curly hair, then a bowl cut is a good option!

20. Top Curls

Short sides are a popular choice for managing thick hair – but what if your hair is super curly? Well, the top curls look is a trendy cut with a lot of young men this year!

21. E-Boy Cut

This hairstyle is a good choice for young teens who want the unruly hair look. It’s a trendy cut thanks to social media, and looks great with thick hair that has plenty of volume.

22. Tapered Cut

A tapered haircut is an excellent choice for men with thick hair who don’t want a very short haircut. It leaves your hair longer on the top and gradually gets shorter down the sides.

23. Slick Back

Want a hairstyle that keeps your thick hair tight and maintained? Try a slick back. Use a little product to slick back your hair in one smooth style.

24. Pompadour

This classic style has recently become a trendy cut and is a great option for men with thick hair. Your thick hair gives this great haircut plenty of natural volume for an amazing effect.

25. Curly Pompadour

If you have super curly hair, then good news – you too can wear a pompadour! A curly pompadour is a trendy cut thanks to its naturally messy style, making it a great haircut for men with thick curly hair.

26. Feathered Layers

Layers are a good idea if you want to wear your thick hair long but keep it low maintenance. Feathered layers create a smooth, gentle taper that’s perfect for long hair.

27. Choppy Layers

For young men and teens who want an edgy, rebellious haircut, choppy layers are a good option. They help thin out your thick hair in a cool, stylish way.

28. Blow Back

A blowback hairstyle is similar to classics like the pompadour but is a little more unruly and easier to achieve. Just use a blow dryer to dry your hair backward when wet for this look.

29. Wet Mop

This haircut has become a hot trend with young men and teens thanks to social media. It’s a wet-styled, messy hairstyle that is adored for its rebellious unruly hair look.

30. Bro Flow

This romantic, carefree hairstyle is a popular choice for older gents with thick hair. It creates a gentle wave and works best with straight or slightly wavy hair.

31. Surfer Waves

Surfer waves are a little effort hairstyle that is adored by young men and teens. It lets your thick hair grow out in tight waves for a carefree appearance.

32. Modern Mullet

The modern mullet is a great choice for men with thick hair who love edgy, punk hairstyles. The shaved sides help keep your hair manageable while the longer hair on top gives it style and character.

33. Man Bun

The man bun is a trendy choice for men with thick hair as it’s the ultimate practical hairstyle. If you prefer to wear your thick hair long – this hairstyle is a must!

34. Top Knot With Shaved Sides

For a more masculine version of the top knot, try shaving the sides. Not only does this make your thicker hair easier to manage, but it gives you an edgier hairstyle.

35. Side Partings

Although the middle parting is the trendy parting this year, a side parting works best if you have thick hair. It gives your hair plenty of shape while keeping things voluminous.

36. Curtains

This 90s classic hairstyle is back in fashion! It works great with long hairstyles and works especially well with thick hair. They look best with oval, diamond, or heart-shaped faces.

37. Hard Part

A hard part is a deep line shaved into short haircuts to act as a side parting for men. They are modern and a good idea if you have a short haircut with a low or tapered fade.

38. Quiff

The quiff is a classic hairstyle that works great with short hairstyles and longer hairstyles, no matter how thick your hair is. Just use a round brush and blow dryer to achieve the look.

39. Brush Up

A brush up is a hairstyle similar to a quiff, but is far messier and always joined with an undercut. It helps you create a messy hair texture on top with little effort.

40. Full Fringe

A full fringe is a great way to help you hide a particularly large or long forehead. It works great with longer hairstyles, and oval face shapes, and helps balance out your jawline.

41. Edge Up

An edge up is a type of haircut that pays particular attention to the hairline. It cuts your thick hair back, leaving you with a straight hairline that is fresh and crisp!

42. Short Afro

Having thick, curly hair can make maintaining your hair a chore. As a result, a lot of black men keep their hair cut short in a short afro for low maintenance.

43. Medium Afro

Wear those curls with pride! Your naturally curly hair may be difficult to maintain at times but you should never be ashamed of your hair’s natural texture.

44. Box Cut

The box cut is a neat, professional haircut that looks great on black men with thick curls. Combined with a fade of your choice, a box cut is an excellent choice for black men of all ages!

45. Cornrows

A popular type of braid loved by black men with thick hair is cornrows. Cornrows are protective, low maintenance, and very versatile as there are dozens of designs out there!

46. High Top Dreadlocks

If you like the look of dreadlocks but not the length, then stick to high top dreadlocks. These starter dreadlocks are short, stylish, and low maintenance.

47. Medium Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a low-maintenance hairstyle that works great with thick hair types. It adds volume but stays trendy and modern, making it a very popular option with black men of all ages.

48. Box Braids

Box braids are a trendy protective hairstyle for men with black hair. If you have thicker curls, then box braids are a great way to maintain them in a long-lasting style.

49. Knotless Braids

A lot of protective hairstyles like box braids can cause traction alopecia because they put so much tension on your hair follicles. A gentler alternative is knotless braids.

50. Braided Top Knot

A great way for men with lots of thick braids is to tie them back in a neat top knot. This keeps things practical and it takes little effort to style your hair for the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Hair Products Do You Need To Style Thick Hair For Men?

Textured hair is very trendy right now and this means that men with naturally straight hair are looking for ways to tastefully make their hair messy.

Some of the best hair styling products for men with thick hair include hair wax or matte clay as it has a strong hold on hair. A lighter option is a sea salt spray, which also adds volume to your hair.

Hairspray has a better lock on your hair and also provides protection against the elements.

You can either use your hands for styling your hair or use a round brush or wide-tooth comb – depending on the natural texture of your hair.

Is Thick Hair Better Long Or Short?

The answer to this question ultimately comes down to your personal preference.

Thick hair is infamously hard to maintain. It takes forever to dry after washing, needs constant brushing and attention, and can take up a lot of hair products when styling.

Because of this, a lot of men with thick hair prefer to wear their hair short as it’s easier to maintain. However, if you love the look of long thick hairstyles and don’t mind the maintenance that comes with them, then go for it!

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