50 Masculine Buzz Cut Examples For Men (Trending This Year)

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50 Masculine Buzz Cut Examples For Men (Trending This Year)

What Masculine Buzz Cut Examples For Men Are There?

The buzz cut is one of the most popular men’s haircuts because it has so many benefits!

Not only is it practical but the buzz cut suits all face shapes.

They are an easy hairstyle to wear if you have a receding hairline or if you are balding.

They’re easy to cut yourself so you don’t have to visit your local barber. There are also tons of different styles and ideas you can try out to make your buzz cut more interesting and trendy – but how?

Here, we are going to be taking a look at all the best buzz cut styles so you can discover some new ideas and trends to try out with your own buzz cut.

1. Induction Cut

This short haircut is the go-to haircut for new recruits in the armed forces. It’s short, practical, and low-maintenance – making it a good choice for military men!

2. Long Buzz Cut

This type of buzz cut is a little longer when it comes to hair length. It’s a good choice for boys and men who don’t want such a close cut.

3. Skin Fade

A skin fade is a type of fade that cuts your hair as close as possible to your skin. This can give you a bald appearance that is edgy and modern.

4. Thick Afro Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts can be cut at lots of different short hair lengths. This style is a longer type of buzz cut to create a thicker afro-texture.

5. Bald Shave

For bald men or men with a receding hairline, the best thing you can do is embrace it. A bald shave is a very short buzz cut that will help you keep a uniform hairstyle.

6. Bleach Blonde

One of the most popular trends young men love to do with their buzz cuts is to dye them completely bleached blonde. This unnatural pale color makes the style more modern and trendy.

7. Brad Pitt Buzz Cut

A lot of celebrities have sported buzz cuts recently. One of the best is Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is known for his good looks – so check out his take on the buzz cut!

8. Brush Cut

A brush cut is a neat version of the buzz cut that is usually styled with a fade. The longer hair on top is short but neatly styled.

9. Burr Cut

A burr cut is a type of buzz cut that leaves a little length on top. It’s still short but a good choice for young boys and men who don’t want a sharp, modern buzz cut.

10. Butch Cut

The butch cut is one of the most casual buzz hairstyles with a traditional buzz cut around the back of the head. The hair on the top of the buzz haircut is left to grow in a uniform length.

11. Buzz Cut Fade

A lot of buzz cuts now include a trendy fade. Fades allow your buzz cut to have thicker hair on top with much shorter hair on the sides and back for a flawless look.

12. Buzz Cut With Eyebrow Slit

The eyebrow slit is a popular trend for young men who want to look masculine, edgy, and unique. This makes it the perfect style to wear with a classic buzz cut.

13. Buzz Cut With Full Beard

This buzz cut idea helps create a contrast between your clean buzz cut and your facial hair. By adding a strong, full beard, you can create a natural inverted look for a unique style.

14. Buzz Cut With Stubble

If a full beard is not your personal preference when it comes to facial hair, then try this combo of a classic buzz cut and strong masculine stubble. It creates a super manly look!

15. Buzz Cut With Tattoo

This final style will make a permanent change to your look – but there’s no denying that this idea looks incredibly cool. Even if you later decide to grow out your buzz cut, the tattoo will be there waiting for you to return to it.

16. Buzzed mohawk

A very edgy type of buzzed haircut is the buzzed mohawk. If you love the look of a mohawk but don’t want the maintenance that comes with one, then a buzzed mohawk is a great compromise.

17. Cheese Blonde

This shade of blonde looks great on black men and men with darker skin. The rich color contrasts nicely against the skin, making for a trendy, modern look.

18. Chris Evans Buzz Cut

Even Captain America himself has rocked the buzz cut! Actor Chris Evans has picked up on the buzzcut craze and gotten a trendy fresh cut of his own!

19. Classic Buzz Cut

When it comes to buzz cuts, you can’t go wrong with a classic cut. It’s a good choice for its style and practicality. Basically – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

20. Crew Cut

This type of haircut is a good short haircut that is a popular alternative to the classic buzz cut. It’s a little longer, a little messier, and brings a slightly tapered style for a modern look.

21. Disconnected Buzz Cut

Disconnected haircuts are haircuts that have a sharp contrast between the long hair on top of the head and shorter sides. There is no fade and sometimes hard parts or shaved lines instead.

22. Double-Shaved Lines

Shaved lines can be used in all kinds of creative ways. For some men, one shaved line is just not enough – and two shaved lines are used to create a whole new look!

23. Drake Buzz Cut

Another great celebrity buzz cut is Drake’s version. Not only does it look clean and fresh, but the additional shaved line adds some style and it’s all supported by his thick beard.

24. Dyed Patterns

Get creative by partially dying your buzz cut for a whole new look. You can add some masculine, cool patterns to create a very unique and rebellious hairstyle.

25. Edge Up

An edge up is a  type of haircut that provides a clean straight cut around the hairline. It looks great with a buzz cut making it look sharper, cleaner, and fresh.

26. Flat Top

This hairstyle is a very militaristic haircut that is practical and neat. It provides a polished finish with a very flat top that has its own retro vibe.

27. Forehead Shaved Line

This type of line design is very popular with black men. It provides a little bit of character and personality to an otherwise simple buzz cut.

28. French Crop With Fade

A classic French crop typically has close buzzed sides but a great way to make this haircut more modern is to add a fade instead. This creates a very short haircut that is pretty trendy.

29. Frosted Tips Buzz Cut

Lots of different types of buzz cuts feature longer length on the top of your hair – and this is the perfect opportunity to add frosted tips. Frosted tips are very trendy with young boys.

30. Full Dyed Buzz Cut

More and more young men are experimenting with color by dying their hair in all kinds of vibrant shades. If you would love a modern, punk look, then try dying your buzz cut!

31. Hard Part

Hard parts are deep lines shaved into hair to act as a parting for the overall style. They’re very trendy and a good idea if you want to create a modern buzz cut.

32. High Fade

There are lots of different fades out there but one of the most popular choices for a buzz cut is a high fade. A high fade leaves less long hair on your head for better practicality.

33. Idris Elba Buzz Cut

Idris Elba is easily one of the most iconic actors in recent years, and his version of the buzz cut has inspired a lot of young black men to try out this short hairstyle for themselves. Check it out!

34. Line Design

Shaved lines are a popular choice for young boys and teens who love the edgy, cool look they bring to otherwise simple haircuts. They come in all kinds of designs for you to try!

35. Mid Fade

A mid fade is a type of fade that starts below the temple and extends around the middle of the head. It’s an ideal fade for long buzz cuts.

36. Military Cut

The military cut is a classic style for new recruits and has also become a trendy, practical haircut for young men. It has a very high bald fade with a longer length on top.

37. Neon Red Buzz Cut

Another very popular color to dye your buzz cut is bright red. Stars like Jaden Smith have been seen wearing this color with their own close buzz cuts.

38. Nick Jonas Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are popular with men of all ages – just check out Nick Jonas and his version of the buzz cut! It looks great with dark hair and flatters his facial features perfectly.

39. Short Afro Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are very popular particularly because they work with all kinds of hair textures. If you have coiled and curly hair, then you can wear a very short buzz cut too!

40. Short Caesar Cut

The Caesar haircut is a good choice for men whose personal preference leans towards longer hair on the top of the head. It keeps the short buzzed sides but also plenty of hair on top.

41. Short Fringe

A lot of different buzz hairstyles leave a little length on the top of the head. When brushed forward, this can create a very trendy short fringe that works for a lot of different hairstyles.

42. Side Shaved Line

Shaved lines are a popular style with young boys and teenagers who want a trendy design for their buzzcut. This makes it the perfect hairstyle for rebellious teens!

43. Spiky Buzz Cut

For a really trendy, textured haircut, try a spiky buzz cut. It makes good use of the long hair on top of a long buzz cut and looks great with a high fade!

44. Temple Fade

A temple fade is the next step down from a high fade. The fade starts around the temple so your buzz cut has longer hair on top for a thicker appearance.

45. Textured Buzz Cut

Because the buzz cut is a very short haircut, it leaves little room for texture. However, if you opt for a long buzz cut, you can add some texture for a trendier buzz style.

46. Textured French Crop With Fade

Most French crop hairstyles are made with flat, straight hair. However, textured hair is very popular right now – and so, a textured French crop with a fade is the ultimate trendy buzz-cut style!

47. V Shape Buzz Cut

If you have a strong widow’s peak, then this can provide your buzz cut with a unique, stylish shape. It can also be used to help hide a receding hairline.

48. Waves Buzz Cut

Waves are a stylistic choice added to black hairstyles for a trendy ripple effect that looks amazing. It works great with a long buzz cut and is available in most barber shops.

49. Wavy Buzz Cut

There are a lot of different hair types out there and if you have wavy hair, you may notice a natural wave to your buzz cut. This all depends on how close your buzz cut is to your skin.

50. Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

A celebrity known for his good looks is Wentworth Miller – and this actor has been sporting his own buzz cut for years now. His buzz cut is very short and practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Give Yourself A Buzz Cut?

If you want to cut your own buzz cut yourself, then all you will need is a handy hair clipper.

Wash your hair first and pat it dry before you start. Make sure you set the clipper guard against your forehead as you start to protect your skin, and cut your dry hair from front to back. Cut evenly all the way around for a classic buzz cut.

If you want a more complicated style, then we recommend you visit your barber!

Is a Buzz Cut Good For Military Men?

If you are in the armed forces, then a buzz cut is a good haircut for you to get. It’s short and practical, and also very low maintenance. This makes it the perfect choice for men in active  careers like the military.

Are Buzz Cuts Masculine?

Buzz cuts are traditionally one of the most masculine haircuts out there. Although more women are starting to wear this haircut too (like Demi Moore or Cara Delevingine) it’s still a classic manly haircut.

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