50 Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles For Men (Trending This Year)

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50 Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles For Men (Trending This Year)

The Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles For Men Trending This Year

A widow’s peak is a v-shaped point that sits on the center of the forehead at the hairline. For some, it’s something they are naturally born with but in men, a widow’s peak can also be caused when your hairline starts to recede.

Attitudes towards a widow’s peak vary – some people think they’re a focal point and very attractive, while others think they are annoying as they make it difficult to wear certain hairstyles.

Because of this, finding the right hairstyle when you have a widow’s peak (either natural or receding) can be a nightmare.

Luckily, there are many great haircuts and hairstyles that work for men with widow’s peaks – so check the best widow’s peak hairstyles for men below to find the right one for you!

1. Cornrows

Cornrows are a popular protective hairstyle for black men, and they’re a great choice if you have a widow’s peak. The hair is braided backward so it’s more difficult to spot a receding hairline.

2. Crew Cut

A classic crew cut is currently a very trendy hairstyle thanks to its low-maintenance, messy look, and practicality. It’s masculine and a great way to wear a v-shaped hairline.

3. Jude Law’s Short Bed Hair

Adding volume to your hairstyle is a great way to distract from a receding hairline. Celebrity Jude Law’s bed hair look proves that this can be accomplished with even a very short haircut!

4. Afro Faux Hawk

The faux hawk hairstyle is very versatile and works with all kinds of hair types. As a result, it’s also a popular choice with men who have very curly hair.

5. Bald Cut

Some men hate their widow’s peak. As a result, some men go to extremes by removing their hair entirely – but this hair removal can leave behind a very stylish bald cut!

6. Box Braids

Another great hairstyle for black men with receding hairlines or prominent widow’s peaks are box braids. These braids are practical, stylish, and versatile in length and design.

7. Braided Top Knot

If you like the practicality of a top knot but think it looks a little boring, then it’s a good idea to braid it. Braids can add a ton of style and character to your top knot!

8. Bro Flow

This is one of the best haircuts for mature men who want longer-length hair. It’s a very romantic hairstyle that is slightly unruly – and looks great with a widow’s peak!

9. Butch Cut

A butch cut is a slightly longer haircut compared to the classic buzz cut. This makes it an excellent choice for men who want a low-maintenance haircut but don’t like the bald look.

10. Buzz Cut

buzz cut is an extremely short haircut that leaves just a little bit of hair to avoid a completely bald look. It’s a good idea if you want a haircut with minimal styling that hides bald spots and more.

11. Caesar Cut

This short haircut is very trendy thanks to its smooth, modern look. It’s chic and popular with young men and teens – and the longer hair on top helps hide pointed widow’s peaks.

12. Chris Hemsworth’s Full Quiff

Another celebrity with a noticeable widow’s peak hairline is Chris Hemsworth. This star has embraced their hairline and shows it off with a full quiff that stretches across their forehead.

13. Comb Over

This classic hairstyle has been a go-to for men who want to hide bald spots, receding hairlines, and thin hair, for years. It’s now a trendy look in its own right!

14. Curly Pompadour

Pompadours work with all hair types – and it looks extra stylish with naturally curly hair! The curls add extra volume to your hair that helps distract others from your widow’s peak.

15. Curly Top

If you have curly hair, then good news – a curly top with short sides is a very trendy haircut right now! The volume your natural curls bring means that you can hide your widow’s peak easily.

16. David Beckham’s Messy Pompadour

This soccer star has always had a very distinctive v-shaped hairline. Because of this, it gives his messy pompadour hairstyle a sharp and characteristic look that looks great with short sides.

17. Deep Side Part

This hairstyle takes advantage of your widow’s peak to create a side parting that cuts deep through your hair. It’s a great way to part your hair in a mature, stylish way.

18. Faux Hawk

This modern take on the mohawk has become a very popular hairstyle for young men and teens. It’s practical thanks to its short sides and the volume on top helps hide your widow’s peak.

19. French Crop

The French crop is a very trendy haircut thanks to its short sides and longer hair on top. It’s a great choice for men with round faces and all kinds of hair textures.

20. Full Fringe

A full, thick fringe is a great option for men with very thick hair. It better hides your widow’s peak and can also give you a very youthful appearance.

21. Hair Twists

Hair twists are a type of hair extension that black men use to lengthen their hair and try new styles. They’re also a great way to make you look youthful and hide a receding hairline or prominent widow’s peak.

22. Hard Side Part

A hard part is a straight line shaved into the hair to act as a parting. It’s modern, trendy, and a great way to add a parting to shorter cuts.

23. High Fade

high fade is a trendy type of fade that works great with tapered haircuts. It’s also an excellent option if you want a low-maintenance haircut as the sides of your head have much shorter hair!

24. Ivy League

A mature hairline calls for a mature haircut! The Ivy League haircut is a neat haircut that is polished and professional, with just a little bit of texture to keep it modern and stylish.

25. John Travolta’s Elephant Trunk

John Travolta’s role as Danny Zuko in Grease also had him wear one of his most iconic hairstyles to date. The retro elephant trunk exaggerated his v-shaped hairline for a dramatic, stylish look!

26. Johnny Depp’s Curtains

A full hair of curtains is a great way to hide a receding hairline if you’re not proud of it. This is exactly what movie star Johnny Depp has done with this prominent widow’s peak!

27. Keanu Reeves Medium Hair

Having a very short, prominent widow’s peak can make styling your hair difficult. However, movie star Keanu Reeves has proven that medium-length hairstyles look great with a v-shaped point.

28. Layers

Long haircuts are a great look on men, and layers are a great way to style those long locks. Layers help create an unruliness that is super trendy with men’s haircuts right now.

29. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Slick Back

Embrace your mature hairline just like Leo! Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio has been sporting a lot of slick back hairstyles in recent years, showing off his widow’s peak hairline with pride!

30. Long Dreadlocks

Just like with long straight or wavy hair, long dreadlocks are a great way to draw attention away from your receding hairline. They’re also very trendy and protective of black hair.

31. Loose Strands

Messy haircuts are all the rage and if you do opt for this hair texture, the best bets you are going to have a few loose strands over your face and forehead. This look is very romantic and stylish!

32. Low Fade

If you want a thicker hairstyle with fuller hair, then a low fade is a good option. It still keeps your hair on trend, works with all hair types, and still keeps things practical.

33. Mop

This haircut is a popular choice with young men and teens. It’s messy, unruly, and does a great job at hiding your hairline no matter what shape it’s in!

34. Pompadour

This retro haircut is a great idea if you want to add more volume to the top of your head. This can help you hide a prominent widow’s peak or receding hairline.

35. Quiff

If you want to show off your short widow’s peak then one of the best ways to do so is to style your hair with a classic quiff! A quiff gives your hair plenty of volume for a stylish look!

36. Regulation Cut

This haircut is super polished and smart, making it a popular choice when it comes to short haircuts. It’s neat and procession, and a great haircut if your hairline comes to a v-shaped point.

37. Shag

This long haircut is a trendy choice thanks to its messy look and choppy appearance. These are huge trends for young men and teens – and long hair is a great way to hide a widow’s peak.

38. Shaved Lines

Shaved lines are a great look for shorter haircuts and hairstyles. They come in all kinds of amazing designs and can completely transform your look into something eye-catching.

39. Short Dreadlocks

If you want to hide your receding hairline or widow’s peak, then try a short dreadlock hairstyle. Short dreadlocks often act like a long fringe for black men – and this easily hides your hairline!

40. Shoulder Length Hair

Having a widow’s peak doesn’t mean you need to avoid longer haircuts. If you love the look of long hair, then grow out your hair and wear it with style!

41. Side Swept Quiff

This voluminous type of quiff is a popular choice for men with a strong widow’s peak. It’s a great look and works with all kinds of hair lengths.

42. Side-Swept Bangs

The natural angle of a widow’s peak makes this hairline a great way to wear some side-swept bangs. If you want a longer hairstyle, then this is a great style to try!

43. Slick Back

There’s no shame in having a widow’s peak. If you like your hairline and want to make it a focal point for your overall look – then try a trendy slick back hairstyle!

44. Temple Fade

A temple fade is a fade haircut that starts around the temple. It’s a good medium between a high fade and a low fade, so it’s down to personal preference if you want to go for this haircut.

45. Textured Caesar

Caesar haircuts are known for their flat tops and smooth texture – but textured, messy hair is also very trendy. So, some young men are styling their Caesar cuts with more mess for a stylish look.

46. Textured Fringe

Men with long face shapes or large foreheads benefit from framing their face with a fringe. Because a widow’s peak usually increases the size of your forehead, a trendy textured fringe is an excellent choice!

47. Thick Beard

It’s not just hairstyles you can use to draw attention away from a receding hairline. A strong, thick beard is a great way to do just that!

48. Top Knot

Short haircuts with longer hair on top are very popular right now, but all that hair can get in your face. As a result, a lot of men are tying back their long hair in a practical top knot.

49. Undercut

When it comes to trendy haircuts, one of the very best is the undercut. A lot of hairstyles today feature an undercut in some way to keep them looking fresh and modern!

50. Wavy Top

Volume is a great way to draw attention away from a widow’s peak. Because of this, a lot of men wear the hair on top of their head long – and add some waves for a really trendy look!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes A Widow’s Peak?

Two leading causes of a widow’s peak in men are genetics and hair loss.

Some people are just born with a natural widow’s peak as a genetic trait. There are some genetic conditions like Donnai-Barrow Syndrome which is also characterized by a widow’s peak.

This means that in this case, a widow’s peak is natural and impossible to get rid of.

The cause of an unnatural widow’s peak is a receding hairline, which can also be caused by genetics. It can also be caused by stress or traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is when high tension is placed on your hair follicles for very long periods of time. Over the years, those hairs will start to fall out.

This kind of hair loss is usually caused by tight hairstyles that pull on the hair follicles, like man buns or braids.

Why Is It Called A Widow’s Peak?

In the 16th century, having a widow’s peak in women was considered to be an omen for early widowhood.

This is because widows would traditionally wear pointed hoods during the mourning period for their husbands and this resemblance is how the widow’s peak got its name in Western cultures.

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