75 Volumizing Hairstyle Ideas For Men With Thin Hair

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75 Volumizing Hairstyle Ideas For Men With Thin Hair (Trending This Year)

What Volumizing Hairstyle Ideas For Men With Thin Hair Are Trending This Year?

There are many reasons why a man may want to volumize their hair. Whether it’s a receding hairline, hair loss, bald spots, or perhaps you have naturally fine hair, there are a lot of men out there worried about how their hair looks.

Here, we will be diving into plenty of hairstyles you can try to help volumize your hair. This way, you don’t have to be worried about or ashamed of your receding hairline or thinning hair anymore!

From quiffs to comb overs, fades to choosing the right parting, check out the options below to find the best hairstyle that works for your hair type or face shape!

1. Buzz Cut

As short sides are a great way to add volume to short thin hair on the top of the head, a buzz cut is a great option. Not only is it volumizing, but it also keeps things short and practical too!

2. Middle Fade

A middle fade is a lower type of fade that starts below the temple. It’s a great thing if you want a more tapered fade rather than a sharp contrast between the top of your head and the sides.

3. Scissor Crop

A scissor crop is a trendy hairstyle that keeps things tousled on top while the sides are cropped neatly. The tousled top hair helps provide plenty of volume for thinning hair.

4. 5 O’Clock Shadow

Facial hair is a clever way to volumize your hairstyle without actually touching the top of your head. A 5 o’clock shadow helps shorten your face so your hairline doesn’t look like it’s receding.

5. Afro Mohawk

Mohawks are also a good idea for black men with thin hair. The shaved sides help hide your hair’s thinness and make the top look fuller and thicker – perfect for young men!

6. Bald Cut

If you have a receding hairline or a ton of bald spots, then your best option may be to just go bald. This is what Jason Statham did – and he made it work!

7. Bangs

Bangs are a great way to frame and flatter your facial features. They’re also a great choice for men with thin hair as they can help hide a receding hairline and make your hair appear thicker.

8. Bed Hair

Another type of textured haircut that is a good idea for men with thin hair is the bed hair look. Your hair will look light and fluffy, and it’s a great option for older men!

9. Blow Back

The blow back is an easy hairstyle to try after you are fresh out of the shower. When using a blow dryer, blow the front of your hair back to help give it plenty of volume!

10. Box Braids

Box braids are one of the best ways to get thicker hair. You can easily feed in hair extensions for a long hairstyle, and this can create a natural, fuller look.

11. Brush Back

The brush back uses products like hair gel or dry shampoo to lock your hair in a brushed-back hairstyle. You may not even need to use any product at all – just brush your hair up and back for volume!

12. Brush Up

Instead of brushing your hair back to hide any thinness on top, try brushing it forward! This will give you a long quiff to help hide a receding hairline.

13. Burst Fade

A burst fade is a type of fade that goes from a very short cut (like a skin) to your full length very quickly. It’s an eye-catching look that can help you disguise thin hair.

14. Burst Fade Afro

The burst fade is not just for straight or wavy hair. It looks amazing with afros and curly textured hair, and it works at building volume on the top of your head.

15. Caesar Cut

This hairstyle is a popular choice with young men and teens thanks to its chic and modern look. The shaved sides are a great way to help your thin hair on top appear fuller and thicker.

16. Casual Mohawk

The faux hawk is a good option for men looking for a casual, natural hairstyle – but if you want something with a little more edge, try a casual mohawk. It has a sharper contrast for a more voluminous look!

17. Choppy Layers

Layers can be cut in lots of different styles. For a more modern, edgier look, try choppy layers. They still add plenty of volume to your hair but in a more rebellious style.

18. Classic Pompadour

This timeless haircut is great for building extra volume on the top of your head. It’s also classy enough for the office, weddings, and everything in between!

19. Comb Back

Traditional comb-overs tend to push the hair to one side to cover bald spots and thinning areas. However, a comb back helps build hair density on the top for voluminous hair!

20. Comb Forward Fringe

This type of fringe is not long enough to be classed as full bangs. Instead, it’s a type of comb-over that can help you hide your receding hairline.

21. Comb Over

This classic style has been a go-to trick for making voluminous hair out of a thin head of hair. It’s also a very simple haircut so it’s easy to manage and maintain!

22. Combover With Fade

Adding a trendy fade with a combover is an excellent way to make you look as if you have a full head of hair. It’s also a modern hairstyle that is very trendy this year.

23. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a messy hairstyle that works great with thin hair. This is because the messy style helps add volume to the top of your head while keeping the sides short.

24. Deep Side Part

A deep side part is a great way to style a receding hairline. It helps disguise it and instead makes it look like a stylistic choice.

25. Disconnected Brush Back

This version of the classic brush back adds a trendy disconnected cut for a more modern look. It‘s a great option if you are looking for a more modern hairstyle.

26. Disconnected Combover

If you are worried that your combover may look a little old-fashioned, then disconnect it with shaved sides for a modern look. It also helps build that hair density for a thicker look!

27. Disconnected Quiff

Quiffs work great with lots of haircuts and styling options. It also works great with a disconnected haircut for building a lot of height and volume!

28. Dreadlocks

For a protective hairstyle that adds volume, try dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are one of the best hairstyles for black men with thin hair as they add a ton of volume.

29. Elephant Trunk

This hairstyle can be used in conjunction with a lot of other cuts and styles. It works by allowing a few strands of hair to fall and curl over the forehead.

30. Fade With Beard

A full beard is a great way to hide the fact your hairline is receding or your hair is very thin. Add a fade for a seamless transition between your hair and your beard for one smart look!

31. Fade With Stubble

If you don’t want the maintenance that comes with a full beard, try growing out your facial hair for strong stubble instead. It has the same volumizing trick as a beard but with less maintenance.

32. Faux Hawk

A great way to hide the thinning area of your hair is to try out the faux hawk. This hairstyle takes inspiration from the punk mohawk but keeps things modern and great for everyday wear.

33. Feathered Layers

Layers are a great way to add volume to your hair by creating a tapered look. Feather layers look soft and gentle, and create a smooth fade that is seamless.

34. Gentle Middle Part

The middle parting may be trendy for young men and teens but it’s not the best option for men with thin hair. If you still want a middle part, keep it gentle and not too harsh!

35. Hard Part

A hard part is a deep line shaved into shorter haircuts. A lot of stylists use this to help disguise thin hair by creating a sharp contrast between the short sides and the long hair on top.

36. Hard Part With Mid Fade

Hard parts are often seen in hairstyles with a mid fade. It helps provide a nice harsh contrast that hides hair thinness by keeping the shorter sides uniform and neat.

37. High And Tight Curls

For men with tight, curly hair, simply growing your hair will help add volume to your hairstyle. Maintain those curls and style them to stand tall for a volumized look!

38. High Fade

Another trendy type of fade is the high fade. It starts closer to the top of the head than other fades and is an excellent way to add volume to your thin hair.

39. High Fade With Curly Top

Most high fades are styled with thin, straight hair – but what if you have curly hair? Don’t worry – high fades also look great with curly hair for a voluminous top!

40. Ivy League

This haircut is a trendy choice for men of all ages. It’s neat enough to look professional but just textured enough to look casual and slightly rebellious – and it hides thin hair!

41. Ivy League With Fade

The Ivy League haircut is a great option for men who want a longer haircut. However, if you want to keep your hair on trend, add a fade for a shorter look.

42. Knotless Braids

Certain braided hairstyles put a lot of tension onto your hair follicles, which can cause thinness over time. Knotless braids are a safer alternative that is less likely to cause hair loss.

43. Long Side Sweep

If you have thin hair but prefer the look of medium length or long haircuts, then try a long-side sweep cut. It pushes your hair over to one side, helping to disguise any thinness.

44. Long Top

Long hair on top is a great way to hide any thinness. The longer your hair is on top, the more height you can give it when styling – and this will help hide any thinness.

45. Middle Fade Afro

The mid fade looks great on short afros, making it a popular choice with black men. When combined with the right haircut, it can help your hair look fuller and thicker in a natural way.

46. Mop

One of the best haircuts for adding volume and thickness to your hair is the mop. It uses layers and curled ends to great effect – and works no matter your hair type!

47. Mullet With Shaved Sides

Short sides and a long top are a great combination for adding volume to thin hair. A rebellious haircut that ticks these boxes is the modern mullet!

48. Pompadour With Undercut

A classic pompadour features shorter sides, but more modern versions love to add shaved sides and a fade. This gives it a trendier, undercut vibe that is fashionable!

49. Quiff

The quiff is a go-to hairstyle for a lot of men. It’s also the perfect choice for men trying to hide any thinness, and it goes with various hairstyles that range in length.

50. Quiff With Fade

The classic combo of a quiff and fade is a trendy way to hide thin hair. It keeps your appearance modern while doing a great job of adding volume to the top of your hair.

51. Regulation Haircut

This retro has made a victorious comeback with today’s generation. It’s a great way to disguise thin hair and a receding hairline thanks to its deep parting and short sides.

52. Shaved Lines

Shaved lines are a stylistic shave added to short or shaved sides. Because of this, it’s often seen in haircuts for thin hair as it helps the look appear more trendy and youthful.

53. Shaved Sides

The key to adding more volume to thin hair is to cut the sides of the hair to a shorter length. Because of this, trendy shaved sides are an ideal choice for all men with thin hair!

54. Short And Neat

You don’t need long hair to try and hide your thinning hair. Keep your hair short and neat but either add height with a quiff or brush it back to make your hair appear denser.

55. Short Back

Along with shaved sides, a short back is also a great way to add volume to the top of your hair. It’s a classic style that is a great choice for men with thin hair.

56. Short Shag Cut

For a textured yet short haircut, try the short shag. It’s a great option for young boys and teens who are self-conscious about their thin hair.

57. Short Sides

If shaved sides aren’t your thing, then short sides are your next best option. They work towards the same effect but are more popular with older men who like a sophisticated look.

58. Side Bangs

Side bangs work great for men with very round faces. They also help hide receding hairlines and work great with other voluminous hairstyles to flatter your facial features.

59. Side Swept Spikes

Spikes are great for adding volume to your hair but if you also want your thin hair to look thicker, then try this trick! Brush those spikes sideways for thicker hair!

60. Skin Fade

A skin fade is the lowest type of fade possible. Because of this, it appears in a lot of fade haircuts – and is one of the best for creating a contrast between the sides of the head to the rest of your hair.

61. Slick Back

This sleek hairstyle works by gathering the main density of your hair on the top of your head. Use a good hair product to lock the hair in place – and don’t leave a strand out of place!

62. Slick Back With Waves

The slick back is a great way to add volume to your hair but for a more formal, sophisticated look, try adding some gentle waves. This makes it the perfect hairstyle for events like weddings!

63. Spiky Hair

The best hair texture for building volume is spiky hair. You can use all kinds of products, from hair wax with a strong hold to just a little bit of hairspray, to get this look!

64. Spiky With Fade

For a more modern haircut, try spiky textured hair with a fade. What fade you should go for all depends on your personal preference, just keep those spikes tall!

65. Starter Dreads

Starter dreads are very short dreadlocks won on the top of the head. Because of this, they add a ton of volume you can style or use to hide any thinness.

66. Taper Cut With Waves

A lot of tapered haircuts are styled with straight hair – but some gentle waves can help bring some texture and extra volume to your look! This is a good idea if you have very thin hair!

67. Tapered Cut

A tapered haircut cuts the side of your head a shorter length for a smooth look. This makes the top of your hair look more dense and full, disguising any thinness.

68. Textured Caesar

If a traditional Caesar cut isn’t your style, try a textured Caesar instead. The texture helps add a little bit more volume and keeps the look trendy and youthful.

69. Textured Hair

Textured hair is a great way to give your hair a natural look without letting things get too messy. Textured hair is also currently very trendy, so it will help you look younger too!

70. Thin Pompadour

The thin pompadour is a shorter, less extreme version of the classic pompadour. It’s a subtler alternative that still works at giving your hair a voluminous style to hide your thin hair.

71. Twists

Twists are another great way to add volume to the top of your head if you have thin, curly hair. They’re also great at helping you hide bald spots.

72. Undercut

Undercut hairstyles are styles with a lot of volume and hair density on the top of the head. The sides are mostly shaved for a harsh contrast – a great choice for men with thin hair!

73. Waves

Keeping things short is actually the better option for a lot of thin-haired men. However, to add a touch of style to your short haircut, try adding some trendy waves for a fresh look!

74. Wet Hair

Wet hair is a trendy hair texture on social media, and it also works great for men with thin hair. This is because hair looks naturally thin when wet – so wet your hair and pass off your hair’s thinness as a style!

75. Windblown

Windblown hair is a great choice if you have medium or long hair as it looks so natural. It’s messy, romantic, and the perfect choice for older men.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Thicken Thin Hair On Men?

It’s a hard truth to accept that very little can be done to physically alter the diameter of each strand of your hair.

There are tons of hair products out there that claim to help thicken your hair – but this is a temporary solution. Fine hair is passed down in the family genes and cannot be changed no matter how much product you put into your hair.

What Causes Low Hair Density In Men?

Low hair density, or hair loss, is typically caused by your genes. Male pattern hair loss is passed down in the family genes and there’s no way you can alter this.

However, there are other causes of hair loss in men. One major one is stress, another is traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is when hair starts to fall out because it is pulled too often and there is too much tension on the hair follicles.

This is often caused by hairstyles like box braids, buns, or cornrows.

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