40 Best Hairstyles for Older Men

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What Are The Best Hairstyles for Older Men?

Getting older and pushing 60 doesn’t mean you need to settle with the idea that short back and sides are your only hairstyle choice. With graying hair being a growing trend and older male celebrities being swooned by younger fans all over the world, styling your gray locks can be made suitable to your lifestyle, personality, and age.

There are limitless options, whether your hairline is in recession or you like to keep your locks long and are blessed to have follicles with the goal of longevity, we have put together a list of the best hairstyles for older men to inspire you, have a look!

1. Natural Curls

We believe that natural curls should always be embraced. Keep them a bit longer to really enjoy the bounce and shape that they provide, and scrunch them with a mousse for definition and taming. Cutting your hair shorter at the temples can help keep your hairstyle looking neat and keep hair away from your face.

2. Bald to Flat Top

A perfect style for receding hairlines and balding heads. It is neat and fresh, easy to maintain, and has that old-school vibe to it. The mustache though, is what finishes off this look, so trade your back and sides for a full and handsome stache.

3. Curly Mullet

A fun way to embrace your curls while keeping your hair neat and out of your face and off your ears. A curly mullet just works so much better than a straight one, and this is a great way to have a hairstyle that is balanced between long and short, so you have best of both.

4. Low Fade for Straight Hair

low fade is perfect for maintaining a neat and crisp haircut, without having to go too short or close to the scalp. Blend it into some length at the top so you can have some versatility, as well as the option to wash and go.

5. Quiff and Taper Fade with Beard

A beard is a great feature to accompany a good haircut, and for older men, it adds that little bit of extra smolder to keep you feeling handsome as well as on trend. It creates a good balance in the overall look, especially where there is a receding hairline that is present.

6. Short and Classic

This cut is hugely popular as it works for just about anybody. It is a wash and go classic that works with any texture, requires little effort and maintenance and is a safe choice if you wish to stay in your comfort zone with no fuss hairstyling.

7. Short, Back, and Sides Tapered Cut

Short, slick and handsome, a tapered cut is short and neat without having to buzz down to the scalp. It is a perfect and stylish go to for older men, especially with some silver strands to flaunt your wisdom. It is practical and low maintenance and looks great when accompanied with some well groomed facial hair.

8. Silver Fox

This trendy quiff is leveled up by the silver hues that give older men the title of silver fox. Gray locks are now considered hunky and on-trend, so showcase them with a stylish haircut like this one.

9. Silver Mohawk

Don’t ever let your age scare you away from being bold. Continue on with your rebel, bad boy vibes by rocking a silver mohawk! When groomed well, they can in fact look neat and professional, especially when paired with an epic beard to balance it out.

10. Slick and Tapered

This is an absolutely perfect blend of lengths, sophisticated, and perfectly neat haircut. The taper from short to long is seamless and almost creates the illusion of longer hair. Perfect for the suave business professional who likes to showcase his status through his image.

11. Taper Fade with Long Bangs

Take short back and sides and add some length in the front to add some interest to an old classic. You can play around with styling just in this section while the rest of the hair plays nice and requires no effort.

12. Tapered Fade with Long Top

receding hairline is extremely common in older men, and one way to distract from the gap is to maintain some length at the top. On one side, it blends into the parting and on the opposite side there is enough hair to full the gap and help it appear like a fuller head of hair.

13. Tapered Fade with Side Part

Keep it slick and professional, with a dash of youthfulness by opting for a neatly tapered shave on the back and sides and some extra length on top styled to the side with a crisp parting. The asymmetry it creates is flattering for the face and exposes the hues of silver and gray that are so trendy among the younger generation.

14. Afro Mohawk

Mohawks are a timeless trend that can in fact be rocked by older men. When they are cut and groomed well, they can look neat and professional. The boundaries for what counts as unconventional have been widened in the last few years, so self expression is now something that can be admired.

15. Bald Fade with Parting

Short hair parted to the side is the staple when it comes to older men’s hair, but there are ways that you can stick to your comfort zone while elevating this classic style. A bald fade is one way, it is trendy and practical and gives your old parted style new life.

16. Classic Buzz Cut with Beard

You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone too much to enjoy a good hairdo. The classic short, back and sides is fail proof and can look stylish when paired with a well groomed beard.

17. Clean and Sharp and Silver

Keep it clean and sharp with a skin fade and short top. A cool and classic way to rock your silver locks. It works well with a receding hairline and is balanced well with a groomed silver beard.

18. Comb Over for Thin Straight Hair

Fine hair doesn’t always leave you with the best hair styling options, but leaving some length on the top is a good idea for versatility and fullness. A comb-over is a perfect style for straight hair that is stubborn and the overall look is polished and neat.

19. Dreadlocks with Undercut

Unconventional can work for all ages, and no matter your age, self-expression is still important. Dreadlocks are a commitment and can be admired when they have been maintained for so long. Keep them well maintained and showcase them with a neat and tidy undercut.

20. Flat Top Buzz Cut

This haircut is ideal for stubborn hair that likes to stand up straight. With a bit of length on the top, it is uniformly cut with some texture to an even length that resembles a flat tabletop. Its uniformity gives it a professional and tidy finish that compliments the growth patterns of the hair.

21. Fresh Low Fade

When neat and tidy are your top needs from a haircut, then this is perfect for you. The contrast created by the fade and color changes of the hair adds a bit of dimension and adds some personality to the cut. Comb through a dollop of gel and you are good to go.

22. Long Slick Back with Hairline Taper

This haircut has all the suave and handsome Italian vibes. Unfortunately it can only work for those with all their follicles still intact, but if you are lucky enough, it is a great hairstyle that looks fantastic on older men.

23. Longer Tapered Cut

Fades don’t have to be the go-to when looking for a stylish cut to suit you. Scissors can do a great job shaping your locks into a short and neat style without having to buzz down to the skin. Maintaining length by scissor cutting is a great option for very straight and wiry hair that has a tendency to stick out when cut to short.

24. Low Fade with Side Part

Maintaining some length in your locks, even if just a little, adds a youthful element. A low fade can provide a neat and tidy element of a good cut, while the rest of the hair can be styled in a casual, as well as formal parting.

25. Mid Fade Afro

Ethnic hair has a  gorgeous texture that needs to be showcased. This mid fade keeps the back and sides neat and tight while seamlessly blending into a perfectly groomed afro on the top. The hairline is cleaned up precisely for a crisp and youthful finish.

26. Short Modern Mullet

Maintaining your youth can be done by bringing the old new again in a trendy way. This short version of a mullet is a fun and unique style that is still age appropriate. The temple fade keeps it neat while providing the necessary contrast to consider this look a modern mullet.

27. Short Sides with Combover

Age doesn’t mean you must lose your edge. Maintain some style with a trendy combover, both practical and cool and kept neat with buzz-cut sides.  Grow out your goatee for a masculine and stylish overall look.

28. Short Tapered Quiff

This is a great middle-ground between long and short and gives you some versatility and style. Softly tapered around the back and sides, with a polished quiff to give it some style and sophistication.

29. Short and Neat Skin Fade

This is a great haircut choice for practicality with a bit of style. A skin fade offers a longer-lasting haircut if your schedule makes regular barber visits difficult, it can go overdue and still look presentable. Keeping a bit of length on the top makes room for some styling so you don’t find yourself becoming to bored.

30. Silver Pompadour

A pompadour is a great go-to if trendy is what you are looking for. Silver locks are also a trendy hue that is hard to achieve artificially, so embrace those tones and rock them right like this pompadour and fade.

31. Skin Fade with Beard

Sometimes it’s the beard that complements the hair, not the other way round, and this is a great example of such a fine beard. The hair is minimal and practical, taking very little attention away from the beautifully groomed beard.

32. Skin Fade with Long Slick Back

A contrast in lengths adds a bit of edge to a haircut, but just enough that it stays conventional but interesting. A slick back hairdo always looks neat and professional, but only when styled that way. So if you are willing to put in a little extra effort, it will be so worth it.

33. Skin Fade with Side Part

Enjoy short and tidy locks without having to opt for a military buzz cut. You can still enjoy the vibes of such a haircut, but level it up with a comb-over and a crisp parting. It is a bold and masculine look that is refined and softer than the military look.

34. Slick Back Tapered Cut

If you are holding onto your length, then a slick back hairstyle is a trendy option for you. The back and sides are tapered and neatened, leaving extra length at the top that can be combed back with some light gel or pomade to give it a slick, polished look.

35. Slick and Polished

For the slick businessman, this is a fail-proof hairstyle that will always look well-groomed and smart. Maintaining length all round so that there is something to work with, comb it all back with a wide-tooth comb to create separation and texture. Add in some pomade or gel so it stays put and stays neat and refined.

36. Taper Fade Pompadour

If you are still blessed enough to have most of your follicles growing gorgeous locks, then make the most of it and try a fashionable and youthful style like the trendy pompadour. It is professional with a little edge and looks amazing when highlighted with threads of silver and gray.

37. Tapered Cut for Wavy Hair

Waves of gray hues are now admired more than they are judged. Getting older is not as scary as it used to be, and these days it is easier to hold onto our youth while embracing the journey of aging. So flaunt your gray hairs as well as the wavy texture with a neat tapered cut that showcases your waves with a bit of extra length of top.

38. Tapered Cut with Side Part and Beard

A modern take on an old man’s side part, except with fuller gray locks if you are blessed enough to still have them. Paired with a thick beard and some fine-tuning, this cut has a handsome Viking feel to it.

39. Tapered Fade with Side Part and Quiff

This haircut has all the elements that make up a great hairstyle. A flawless fade, a crisp side parting, and a polished quiff will set you up for a fantastic haircut. A side parting is popular among older men, so modernize it a bit to up level the common old man parting.

40. Tapered Pompadour

Enjoy your mane while you still have it, and style it with a slick and full pompadour. This opens up the face and is a youthful look for older men who are keen to rock it.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a businessman in need of a professional hairdo or you are just looking for something new, there is always an option that can work for you. Any of these haircuts will be suitable and enjoyed by any mature man, but we have some final thoughts for you to ponder before choosing the right one for you.

  • Confidence is key in pulling off any look. Own it and rock it, age is just a number the soul stays young!
  • Gray hair is trendy! Embrace it and try to avoid starting the endless journey of coloring your locks.
  • Keep your ears, nose hairs, mustaches, and beards well-groomed. It goes hand in hand with a new cut and speaks volumes about your self-care.
  • Consider how often to want to see your stylist or barber and whether or not your schedule and budget allow for it.
  • Speak to your barber about whether or not your desired cut will suit your hair texture and growth patterns. Some hairstyles may need to be adapted to suit these factors as well as hair loss and thinning if that is an issue.

Don’t let your age stop you from rocking a cool cut, delicious dad cuts and hunky gray males are a thing!

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Author - Lauren Holland

Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.