50 Classic Side Part Haircuts For Men (Trending This Year)

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What Classic Side Part Haircuts For Men Are Trending This Year?

Side part hairstyles have always been incredibly trendy.  Throughout history, there have been a ton of different haircuts with side parts – and there are plenty that is trending now for you to choose from.

Here we are going to be taking a look at these classic side part hairstyles which are trending this year.

This way, you can find the right side-part hairstyle for you no matter what kind of hair you have. If you have long hair, thick hair, black hair, or any other length or texture – there’s a side-part hairstyle for you!

So, check out the options below and your ideal side-part hairstyle.

1. Skin Fade

A skin fade is a fade that cuts your hair right down to the skin. It’s the closest kind of cut you can get – and it’s great for making haircuts super short!

2. Angled Fringe

This type of fringe is short and practical, but also a great way to frame round and oval faces. It also works with a short, neat side parting with thick haircuts.

3. Faux Hawk

The classic mohawk has re-found its popularity with a new twist – the faux hawk. The faux hawk is more modern thanks to the use of fades and textured hair.

4. Long Hair

A lot of hipsters love to wear their hair long and free in its natural texture. Because of this, a lot of men end up with a trendy side parting to help them manage those long locks!

5. Short And Spiky

Textured hair is currently very trendy with young men, so a short and spiky haircut is a popular choice. It’s also very easy to add a hard side parting as a little extra touch.

6. Short And Wavy

For young men, messy textures are very hip and a lot of them are purposefully styling their hair with rough waves. A great way to make waves more unruly is to add a side parting!

7. Side Part Afro

A hard part is a great way to add some extra style to your afro haircut. No matter how large your afro is, a hard part can help make it look trendy around the clock!

8. Side Swept Fringe

The classic side swept fringe (or bangs) are a lot shorter than their swooped cousin, as they are usually cut above the eyebrow. However, it’s a neat way to wear your hair with a side parting.

9. Slick Back Style

For formal occasions, a wind-swept look may not be the best style to wear. The slick back hairstyle is the best professional-looking haircut for red carpets and weddings

10. The Business Crop

This haircut is a popular choice with businessmen as it’s polished and neat. It’s also low maintenance and easy to style. The side parting helps make it look natural.

11. The Don Draper

Don Draper is one of the most popular characters from the hit show Mad Men. He also has a smooth, gentleman’s haircut with a neat side parting!

12. Windswept Hair

Messy style haircuts are all the rage this year – and a classic windswept look is a great opportunity to wear a trendy side part! It works with all hair lengths so give it a try!

13. Afro Mohawk

For men with dense curly hair, a classic mohawk is still a very trendy haircut. A side parting can help disconnect the mohawk from the shaved sides for a more modern look.

14. Bowl Cut

The traditional bowl cut doesn’t really have any parting at all. However, modern versions are adding a short side part to help break up the monotony of the haircut.

15. Bro Flow

The bro flow is a great, sophisticated haircut for more mature men. It’s long but not untidy and looks very elegant – especially with a gentle side part.

16. Burst Fade

A burst fade is a short type of fade where your hair goes from a skin fade to a medium length in a very short space. It’s a dramatic fade that works great with a side part for contrast!

17. Classic Side Part

If you want a neat, conformist haircut – then this side part haircut is an ideal choice. It’s great for young men and teens who must adhere to their school’s strict hair code!

18. Combover

The combover used to be a popular haircut for mature and balding men – but now it’s a trend with younger men too! It also works great with a neat side parting.

19. Curved Side Part

This type of shaved line design adds a harsh curled side part to your hair. It’s particularly effective with short afro-styled haircuts and dense curly textured hair.

20. Deep Side Part

A deep side part is when the hair on one side is much, much shorter than the other – but not so deep that it’s disconnected. It’s a great haircut to try with combovers and quiffs.

21. Disconnected Cut

A disconnected haircut provides a very sharp contrast between the long hair on the top of your head and the shaved back and sides. There’s very little fade (if any at all) and your side parting acts as the disconnect.

22. Edge Up

An edge up is a haircut that neaten up the hairline by cutting with straight lines and sharp edges. This uniform blunt cut works great with a hard part, particularly through afro-textured hair.

23. Hard Side Part

A hard part is a shaved line that is cut into the hair to act as a parting. It’s a very trendy look today and can be used in a ton of different undercut hairstyles!

24. High Fade

A high fade is a popular choice with men as it keeps your hair neat and practical. It also blends beautifully with a hard side part for dramatic contrast.

25. Layers

Layers are used in longer haircuts to help provide an even thickness further down your head. It also provides a messy look that is super trendy when used with a side part!

26. Low Fade

A low fade is a fade that finishes much further down the head, usually around or behind the ear. It allows your hair to grow a little longer for a fuller haircut.

27. Medium Hair

Side partings also look great with medium length haircuts. They are more manageable than longer haircuts, but are still messy in texture and very popular with mature and young men alike!

28. Mullet

The modern mullet is a lot shorter than its predecessor, thanks to the addition of short faded sides. It also works great with a side parting to help section the layers of this haircut.

29. Pompadour

The pompadour is a retro, voluminous haircut that works great with a side parting. The parting helps break up the hair and allows for trendy side cuts and fades.

30. Quiff

The quiff is a very trendy hairstyle that works great with tapered cuts and undercuts. Because of this, it also works great alongside a side part – especially for haircuts that section the hair.

31. Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is a polished haircut loved by men in military service. It’s stylish while remaining practical and manageable – and requires a side part for the look to work!

32. Rockabilly

The rockabilly haircut is a retro haircut that has grown in popularity alongside the pompadour. It has a lot more volume in the front – but still looks great with a side parting.

33. Shag Cut

Similar to a wolf cut, a shag cut is a longer hairstyle that features lots of messy layers. To get those layers out of your eyes, brush them to one side in a side parting!

34. Shaved Line

Shaved lines are a trendy way to ‘decorate’ your haircut and make it stand out a little more. They also can work alongside a side part to create cool designs.

35. Short Waves

Short waves are a great way to style black curls by following their natural wave. This creates a ripple-like effect across the head – and a side part helps break it with a touch of extra style.

36. Shoulder Length Hair

Side partings work with long and short haircuts. Shoulder-length haircuts are trendy for how versatile they are when it comes to styling, they’re often seen with a side parting.

37. Side Part With Beard

When it comes to facial hair, the classic beard is a popular choice with men of all ages. A classic tapered haircut with a side parting and beard is a good choice for a sophisticated look.

38. Side Part With Mustache

The mustache is becoming a retro yet trendy facial hair worn by a lot of men of various ages and face shapes. It looks great with a lot of hairstyles – including side parts.

39. Side Part With Stubble

If a full beard is not your style, then wearing stubble as your facial hair is a great alternative. It’s sexy, classy, and looks great with a fade haircut and side parting.

40. Surfer Waves

The surfer waves haircut is another popular style due to its trendy, messy look. It’s also a great haircut to wear with a casual side part.

41. Swooped Fringe

The swooped fringe is a super long type of fringe that works great with haircuts that have lots of long hair on top. As this hair falls forward, brush it to one side for a neat side part.

42. Tapered Haircut

Tapered haircuts can vary in length but no matter how long your tapered hair is, it works so well with a side parting. It’s neat and polished so it’s a perfect choice for many men.

43. Textured Quiff

Not all quiffs need to be styled using hair products like hair gel. A textured quiff is brushed back when the hair is damp for a natural, gravity-defying look!

44. The Brad Pitt

If you want hair like a movie star, then look no further than this amazing haircut. It looks great on men of all ages, so grow out those locks and give it a try!

45. The Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most admired soccer players in the world – and a lot of young men love to pay homage by replicating his haircut. This style sports a neat little side part!

46. The David Beckham

This soccer star is renowned for his fancy footwork and trendy haircuts. This unruly look also sports a stylish side part that suits the haircut perfectly.

47. The Henry Cavill

This movie star is best known for playing Clark Kent (aka Superman) and his amazing trendy haircuts. Through them all, Henry Cavill has stuck to a faithful side part!

48. The Leonardo Di Caprio

Young Leo had one of the trendiest haircuts of all time. It was so trendy that today, young teens are still replicating his messy side parting and tapered look.

49. Two Block Haircut

A two block haircut divides your hair into two layers – the longer top level, and the short undercut. Add a side parting to the top layer for a youthful, trendy look!

50. Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a medium-length haircut with a lot of choppy layers. A side parting is a great way to brush those front layers to one side in a messy style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Side Parts Out Of Style For Guys?

Side parts have always been in fashion and never will really fall out of style. This is because they work so well in many different haircuts and styles. Sure, other parts like the middle part have become trendy too in recent years – but this trend never pushed out the side part!

How Should A Boy Part His Hair?

How men should part their hair depends on their cowlick.

The cowlick is the swirl near the crown of your head. If it swirls clockwise, then you should part your hair on the left. If it swirls counterclockwise, then you should part it on the right side.

What Face Shape Is Best Suited For Side Parts?

Side parts work great with all face shapes, depending on the haircut they are merged with. However, it’s said that side parts look best on men with either diamond or triangle face shapes as they look more masculine and better flatter the facial features.

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