42 Coolest Braid Hairstyles For Black Men

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What Are The Coolest Braid Hairstyles for Black Men?

Black men are so well known and admired for their on-point trends and natural swagger that they hold high. They take pride in their appearance and never let any of their style choices go unnoticed. Hair plays a huge role in first impressions, and with the awesome braid ideas out there, those first impressions will stick.

Being a great protective style for ethnic hair, braids can last for weeks with proper care and maintenance and are a low fuss but high trend hairdo to have in your life. From cornrows with fades or braided buns, there is fun to be had and trends to inspire when it comes to braiding black men’s hair.

So if you are needing an ego boost or just something stylish and practical, we have compiled a gallery of ideas for the best braids for black men for you to peruse.

1. Twisted Box Braids

When two become one. This unique and interesting take on classic box braids is leveled up by twisting the roped hair from each box section together, creating an interesting design at the root. The clean box sections paired with a clean line up give this hairstyle a crisp and fresh finish.

2. Horizontal Cornrows with Zigzag Detai

By braiding your cornrows down the side as opposed to down the middle of the head, it gives it a whole new creative look. The partings are zigzagged to create a pinched triangle detail that can look more complicated than it actually is. The front cornrows start at the hairline, creating an awesome curved braid that introduces the hairstyle.

3. Not Your Average Cornrows

By changing up one or two elements of your average cornrows, you can completely change and level up the style. These cornrows are made even cooler by adding a tiny one on each side of the head and starting the middle ones from further back so that the second braid on each sides starts at the front creating a flow and a dope head of cornrows.

4. Zig Zag Dutch Braids

Dutch braids always provide that cool and dope element to a hairstyle. And while it’s practical, it looks super cool on anyone, so it is a go-to when looking for something to elevate your confidence. Zig zag your parting to change it up a bit but keep them clean and precise.

5. Creative Stitch Braids

Precision and talent define these epic stitch braids. These supercool cornrows ooze swagger and are an awesome protective style for black men. Don’t forget the details in the temples and beard to maintain the freshness of this suave hairdo.

6. Circular Box Braids with Undercut

There is an urge to be unique and expressive these days, and this braided hairstyle is a great way for men to achieve that. The sections are perfectly laid out in a circular fashion , causing the braids to lay around the head creating an umbrella shape. The hair from just above the temples is shaved close to the skin, creating a perfect canvas for the braids to be admired, while removing a lot of bulk to make this awesome hairdo practical as well.

7. Designer Cornrows

Braids crisscrossing and sometimes joining others, make these cornrows unique and admirable. It’s like a braid puzzle that creates a work of art once pieced together. Not only an epic protective style but a dope head of cornrows that will earn you high confidence and many admirers.

8. Maze Braid

Zigzag partings are a popular choice when it comes to men’s braids because they can be so creative. These zigzags paired with some thick cornrow braids create a pattern that resembles a maze. Get your barbers’ creative juices flowing for your own unique style of braids.

9. The Moneypiece

Awe-inspiring talent that ironically you would be happy to throw down dollars for. Showcase your wealth or love for money, or just add some swag by getting your strands braided into the universally known dollar sign. Its almost as cool a tattoo, but without the lifelong commitment.

10. Aztec

The time and patience must be acknowledged, but the skill level of these Aztec-inspired braids is top class. Ridged spirals that come together in a symmetrical pattern, fed from two straight back cornrows are a work of art.

11. Carasoul Cornrows

Another spin on common cornrows to have some fun with. Playing with different sectioning and partings can elevate a head of braids easily. These cornrows flow in a circular shape, creating an illusion of movement, making this a really fun hairstyle. Add an undercut for contrast and easy maintainance.

12. Designer Cornrows

These cornrows have been braided in a unique and simple way that makes them appear like something complicated. Braid placement is a key factor in creating something artistic, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated.

13. Go With The Flow

Cornrows with a twist, literally. Why braid straight when they can flow and move and look super cool. Just a fun spin on your classic cornrows to make them stand out.

14. Grid Braids

Create a cool grid formation by parting the hair with micro braids that create borders for chunkier cornrows. This look is super cool and precise.

15. Spiderweb Braids

Braids that are braided into the pattern of a spiderweb are so dope. The intricate and geometric shapes are admirable and are an artistic base for some long braids.

16. High Fade with Viking Braids

If there is one set of braids that encompasses the element of masculinity then these are the ones you should be rocking. They are contrasted with some platinum feed-ins to create some dimension and an artistic flair. The High fade keeps it sharp and tight and the long Viking style cornrows have a subtle bad boy vibe to them.

17. Long Creative Cornrows

Long braids can work for men too! In fact, they look masculine and a little gangster if that’s the look you want to carry. A great protective style for long hair and an awesome way to get creative with your locks.

18. Perpendicular Cornrows

Change up the uniformity by changing braid direction from the crown. This adds some creative flair and dimension to the overall look. Horizontal cornrows are introduced with a crisp lineup and change direction to the classic vertical braids in the back. This creates a fun and uniform hairline that borders this cool hairdo.

19. Starfish Braids

Triangular-shaped sections are braided into circular cornrows to create this hairdo that resembles a starfish happily resting on top of the head. The undercut provides the perfect contrast for the braids to stand out and enhances the circular shape that is created by the cornrows.

20. Tribal Braids

Braids can come in pairs and still be highly effective. Just have fun and get creative with the way you braid them, like these super cool tribal-style braids. Smaller box braids are fed into the cornrows, creating a really cool pattern that stands out amongst stand-alone cornrows.

21. Box Braids with braid Parting and Undercut

Add a braid to replace your parting and make your box braids more interesting. Another braid borders the undercut and highlights the contrast in textures.

22. Braided Art

This is pure and perfect hair art. If you can find a stylist to get this right, then you need to find a way to keep them in forever! The talent showcased with these intricate braids is absolutely perfect.

23. Creative Pop Smoke Braids

One of the most common and popular choices of braids is pop smoke braids, and there are a fun variety of ways to wear them. This creative example has smaller cornrow braids in between that are fed into the chunkier pop smoke braid to make a more interesting pattern. A middle part is the signature look when opting for pop smoke braids.

24. Don’t Be Vein

This pattern can be seen as a series of tapered cornrows that line up in this vein-like pattern, branching off two main arteries. This braiding style can really give your locks some life. Finding a braider to replicate this one shouldn’t be hard, it is simple yet effective.

25. Geometric Genius

Trying to fathom the how-to of this genius style is pointless. There is some hair sorcery that has taken place here, and this braider needs a standing ovation.

26. Helix Braids

The combination of precision and creative flair make these cornrows flawless and admirable. Turn some cornrows into a helix for a real fun twist.

27. Show Some Love

Send a message of love by incorporating a creative heart into your braided style. Maybe it’s valentines day or maybe you just feel some heart expansion, either way, you will get some love and praise for this soft but dope set of cornrows.

28. The Shield

At first look, a shield stands out from this braid pattern. A shield and two spears created with some micro braids give this style a strong and heroic vibe.

29. Braided Brilliance

It’s a walking piece of art. The varying braid sizes and the tapering of the braids, paired with strategic direction, create this masterpiece of braided brilliance.

30. Dope Symmetry

When the symmetry is on point, then so are the levels of awesomeness. This braiding pattern is badass! From a distance, you could mistake these epic braids for a gnarly pet spider! Give this one a go if you have a dark sense of humor.

31. Double Dutch Braids

Double braids have that Viking vibe about them that is super cool. These double Dutch braids are braided with a zigzag parting and have some additional microbraids fed into them to enhance the parting line. The creative options with braiding is almost endless!

32. Double Twisted Box Braids

Popular box braids joined together in a twist make for another dope hairstyle to choose from. By joining the two sections together, it creates a cool pattern at the roots that levels up the creativity in this common style.

33. Fun Cornrows with Undercut

Section your cornrows with a soft movement in the parting for something different. If you are looking to remove some bulk then an undercut is both dope and practical. Throw in a clean, shaved line for something a little extra.

34. Geometric Pop Smoke Braids

Braid mastery at its finest! Smart sectioning and attention to detail make braids like these a piece of art. The creativity is next level and the talent of a braider with this skill set can be showcased on your locks if you are lucky enough to find one.

35. Intricate Talent

Some people are blessed with artistic gifts, and some of those people are barbers. If you can find one of these many talented people, you have to treat yourself to the joy that a head of intricate and perfect braids can give you.

36. Bun of Locs with Undercut

If braids are not entirely your thing and you enjoy the unkempt cool look of dreadlocks, then this style could work for you. Keep them neat by crocheting the flyaways tightly into your locs and tying them carefully into a super cool man bun. An undercut can remove some bulk and refine your hairstyle for those more fancy occasions.

37. Creative Cornrows with Undercut

A unique way to enjoy cornrows and some epic braiding talent. Less can be more when your braids are concentrated on only the top section of the head. They can be showcased by buzzing down the hair around the sides and the back, giving all the attention to the intricate S-shaped cornrows that are bordered with some thicker Dutch braids, meeting to create a tiny, but super cool mini bun.

38. Fishbone Braid

The fishbone is a popular pattern to rock when choosing braids and we can see why. Simple yet effective, as well as practical to protect those locks. A temple fade is a great way to refine the whole look and keep your locks looking fresh and neat.

39. Gridlocked

The intricacies of braiding never cease to amaze. The possibilities are many and the skill levels are out of this world. This epic braided pattern is like a perfect, symmetrical grid. Simply awesome.

40. On Point

Four Straight back cornrows with some added detail. The precision from the start of the braids at the forehead creates an epic pattern that is literally on point. Some hair wizardry is performed here with those little detailed braids that are fed into the cornrows.

41. Spiral Braids

Let your admirers be mesmerized by this braid pattern. Contrasted against an undercut, it highlights the circular, spiral-like shape than is entrancing.

42. Stylish Cornrows with Undercut

So precise and on point, these braids of varying sizes just flow and fit together so perfectly. They piece together to create an epic set of cornrows that has an edgy but soft appearance. A great protective style that most talented braiders can pull off.

Final Thoughts

Braids for men are an awesome way to create versatility in your hairstyling and a creative tool for self-expression. While they offer ways to protect your locks as well as the option to change up your style regularly, here are some final tips to consider before choosing your next hairdo.

  • Although braids can last up to 6 or more weeks, they will begin to get a bit fuzzy, especially as the new growth starts to come through.
  • Regular washing is still important as oil and dirt can build up on the scalp, but wash gently.
  • Your scalp is more exposed with braids, so make sure you moisturize it regularly and protect it from the harsh sun.
  • Avoid pulling the hair back too tightly as this can damage the follicle and weaken and split the hair shaft.
  • Protect your braids while you sleep using a silk scarf or pillowcase.
  • Braids should never hurt, so make sure your stylist is gentle on that hairline and if discomfort persists once they are done, speak up as they are too tight!
  • Try changing your braids regularly, too much tension on the roots can cause gradual hair loss.

There you have it! Now that you are inspired, contact your stylist to hook you up with some super dope braids!

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Author - Lauren Holland

Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.