33 Best Pop Smoke Braids For Men (Trending This Year)

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33 Best Pop Smoke Braids For Men (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Pop Smoke Braids For Men?

Black men are always looking for a new, trendy protective style to help them maintain their natural hair. There are lots of great hairstyles out there but one of the most popular are pop smoke braids.

Pop smoke braids were named after the late rapper Pop Smoke and have a very unique style. If you like the look of pop smoke braids but want to try them in a different style, then here are the best pop smoke braids for men that are trending this year.

Here, you will find styles to suit short hair, done in different patterns, and try something different with the ends of your hair.

1. Long Pop Smoke Braids

Just like how you can wear the classic pop smoke braids with shorter braids, you can also wear them longer too. This is an ideal choice for men with longer hair.

2. Pop Smoke Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a different type of protective hairstyle popular with black men. If you want to wear your pop smoke braid hairstyle in a different way, try swapping the actual braids for dreads instead!

3. Shaved Back

This haircut is a great choice if you have very short pop smoke braids. It keeps things practical and easy to maintain while giving you a very trendy style!

4. Top Knot

If your pop smoke braids are a little longer in length, try tying them up in a top knot! It’s a mature, classy look that is also super practical.

5. Add Beads

Beads are a trendy accessory to add to braided hairstyles for men. They can add some color to the ends of your hair and can be used for a lot of great styles.

6. Box Braid Pop Smoke Braids

Instead of traditional cornrow braids, try out this idea which uses box braids instead. The pop smoke hairstyle is still intact but the different braid gives it a unique look.

7. Braided Back

This two-block look creates two different layers of braids. The top layer is braided in a traditional pop smoke style, while the back adds some classic straight braids.

8. Center Braid

Instead of leaving your middle parting open and bare, try adding a single braid down the middle. It looks cool and helps protect your hair even more.

9. Circled Pop Smoke Braids

There are a lot of pop smoke variations out there when it comes to the middle parting. This fun idea creates a crown on your head and circles the braids around it for a unique style!

10. Classic Pop Smoke Braids

Pop smoke braids were originally worn by the late rapper Pop Smoke. If you want to pay homage, then why not copy his style exactly for a classic hairstyle?

11. Colored Pop Smoke Braids

Experimenting with color is a fun way to try out new hairstyles. This idea feeds in red hair extensions made from synthetic hair for a bright, more dramatic look.

12. Edge Up

Edge control is vital when it comes to keeping your haircut fresh and stylish. Add an edge-up haircut to your pop smoke braids for a neat hairstyle that will look fresh for ages to come.

13. Flame Parting

This type of parting will create an elaborate pattern of flames across your head for a new way to wear your pop smoke braids. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a fresh new look!

14. Front Crown Pop Smoke Braids

This idea takes inspiration from the circled pop smoke braids. Instead of centering your braids at the crown of your head, bring them forward to your hairline!

15. Front To Back

Pop Smoke always wore his braids side to side with a middle parting. A different way you can wear your pop smoke braids is front to back instead for a unique look!

16. Jumbo Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids, or stitch braids, are basically hair extensions for men. Pop smoke braids are a great braid to use if you want to add jumbo feed-in braids for longer hair!

17. Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids

Jumbo braids are braids that are very thick. They’re a great choice for men with very thick hair or men who don’t want to have lots of individual braids.

18. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are a gentler version of classic box braids. They cause less tension on the head and are less likely to leave you with traction alopecia.

19. Large Zig Zag Parting

This parting shakes up the traditional pop smoke look by adding a zig-zag parting. It’s sharp, cool, and a great choice for young men and teens who want an edgier look.

20. Man Bun

A great way to keep your pop smoke braids out of your face is to tie them back in a man bun. This trendy style is a popular choice across lots of different hairstyles for men!

21. Micro Braid Combo

This pop smoke look adds a ton of micro braids to help create an intricate and elaborate pattern across your head. It’s the perfect look for men who want a unique and cool look!

22. Micro Pop Smoke Braids

There are various ways you can braid your pop smoke braids – but this style adds lots of thin, micro braids to your look. It’s a cute style that’s still protective and easy to maintain.

23. Middle Parting

There are lots of ways you can part your hair for your pop smoke braids. The easiest way to part your hair is with a simple middle parting – just the way pop smoke wore them before his untimely death!

24. Natural Colored Pop Smoke Braids

Hair extensions come in lots of different colors but you don’t have to choose something vibrant and bright. You can choose a short braid in a natural color like brown for a more subtle look.

25. Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are a very modern and trendy style, and they work great with classic pop smoke braids. If you want your look to be easy maintenance, then shaved sides are a perfect choice.

26. Short Jump Pop Smoke Braids

This hairstyle includes very short but thick pop smoke braids. It’s a simple style but it works for a lot of black men with thick, unruly hair – so try out some jumbo short pop smoke braids.

27. Short Pop Smoke Braids

There are lots of variations of the pop smoke look but one of the easiest for you to wear is the short pop smoke braid hairstyle. The braids are much shorter and more practical.

28. Side Braids

This style all depends on the length of your hair. If you have a full head of long hair, you can create a two-block look with a disconnected top and side braids for a seriously cool look!

29. Skin Fade

Most men wear their pop smoke braids with a fade to undercut the look. Adding a skin fade will give you a trendy look while keeping your hair short and practical!

30. Small Zig Zag Parting

This zig-zag parting works on a small scale. It gives you a more traditional pop smoke look but adds a unique style that is all your own.

31. Temple Fade

This type of fade shortens your hair considerably around the temple. It’s a great look for pop smoke braids as fades are very trendy and give you a more modern look!

32. Twist Pop Smoke Braids

An excellent choice for the pop smoke look while trying a new type of braid are twist braids. They are chunky, protective, and are a cute style of braid for men!

33. Wavy Parting

This pop smoke braid hairstyle still keeps the traditional side-to-side braids but adds an intricate pattern to the parting. Instead of straight lines, the hair is parted with cool waves instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Pop Smoke Braids Last?

Pop smoke braids are a protective type of hairstyle, which means that they will last a pretty long time once braided in. Most pop smoke braid hairstyles will last for around six weeks.

However, how well you care for your hair will have an impact on how long they last. So, take good care of your pop smoke braids!

Do Braids Damage Your Hairline?

There are cases where certain types of braids can cause traction alopecia – hair loss caused by tugging too tightly on your hair. This means that if you braid your hair too tightly, you are more likely to suffer from a receding hairline or balding over time.

However, there are certain types of braids like knotless braids which offer less tension to help reduce the chances of traction alopecia.

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