50 Hairstyles For Men With Wavy Hair (Trending This Year)

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50 Hairstyles For Men With Wavy Hair (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Hairstyles For Men With Wavy Hair?

What hairstyle works best for you depends heavily on many different factors including your face shape, hair length, and hair type. Having wavy locks can make it difficult to find the best hairstyle for you for many reasons.

Wavy hair is a lot more unruly than straight hair and requires a lot of hair products to style and manage. This doesn’t mean you should just keep your wavy hair short! There are tons of great hairstyles you can try out!

If you have wavy hair and you want to find the best hairstyles for your hair type, then this is the guide for you! This guide will be covering the best wavy hairstyles for all kinds of wavy hair – long hair, thick hair, and more!

Temple Fade

The temple fade is a very trendy hairstyle that works great with all kinds of hair types. It works well with wavy hair, especially if you want a short cut.

Short Fade

A short fade is an ideal choice if you want a close contrast between the waves on the top of your head and the rest of your hair. The short cut is easy to manage and you still keep your waves!

Low Fade

Low fades are more popular with those who love their thick wavy hair and want to show off as much of it as possible. A low fade keeps it in check!

Burst Fade

Burst fades are very similar to a high fade, except the fade is only an inch or so wide. The waves on top literally ‘burst’ free!

Low Taper

Low tapers are a type of fade that doesn’t start until well below the ear. This gives the waves on the top of your head plenty of space to shine!

Two Block Haircut

This haircut works great with both straight hair and wavy hair. It involves very short fine hair on the lower back of the head, accompanied with much longer waves on top.

Edge Up

Edge cups refer to a very sharp, angled type of cut around the hairline at the temples and forehead. It provides a very sharp line that even extends down to the sideburns.

Shaved Lines

Shaved lines allow you to sport really cool hair designs. While most people save this style for straight hairstyles, it still works great with naturally wavy hair!

Hard Parting

A hard part refers to a deep cut line in your hairstyle that serves as a parting. This parting also contrasts sharply with wavy locks and short sides.

Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is a short hairstyle that is a good way to manage your hair easily. With waves, it looks a little bit unruly and rebellious.

French Crop

This short cut is a little longer than a regulation cut, so you can grow your natural waves out. It’s less formal and militaristic, but still smart and neat even with messy waves.

Caesar Cut

The caesar cut is a very short hairstyle that is a good way to easily manage your hair. It has short sides with a longer top that grows into a straight-cut fringe.

Box Cut

Box cuts are better known for working with curly hair but with enough product, you can style your waves into a box cut too! It’s a neat, strong haircut that is great for younger men.


Quiffs are a good way to keep the long hair on the top of your head out of your eyes. They have a lot of height and volume and work great with longer wavy hair.

Side Quiff

Side quiffs lack the height of a regular quiff. Instead, they are brushed and allowed to fall to one side. Hence the name – the side quiff!

Wavy Quiff

Most quiffs are styles that appear straight and act as a barrier stopping the rest of your curls from falling over your forehead. However, you can also have a wavy quiff that is stylish!

Brushed Back Style

Waves can fall in any direction on your head, but the brushed back style helps push them all in the same direction. As they are brushed away from your face, this style is known as the brushed back style!

Full Brushed Back

If you want to grow out your wavy hair and have a longer hairstyle, then why not try the full brushed back hairstyle? All your waves are brushed back and kept neatly out of your face.

Messy Waves

If you get up one morning and you don’t feel like managing your hair – then don’t! Messy hairstyles are all the rage and your waves can make your hair look even more stylish!

Side Parting

When growing out your wavy hair, it’s likely you will start to form a natural parting – but where? Side partings are very trendy with short sides so try it out!

Middle Part

Middle partings are incredibly trendy and it’s become the most popular type of parting for both men and women. It works great with any hair type or pattern too!


Curtains are a classic look from the 1990s, and they’ve recently become very popular again. They work great with both straight and wavy hair, and they help frame your face shape.

Long Fringe

Having thick wavy hair doesn’t mean you can’t have a fringe. Long fringes are a great way to show off your natural waves, so grow them long on the top of your head and brush them over your forehead.

Bowl Cut

This retro haircut has found a new following with modern hipsters. Although it’s more commonly associated with straight hair, it still works well with wavy and gentle curly hair!


An undercut is a trendy hairstyle that leaves most of your hair length on the top of your head. The sides are cut shorter – and this style is so trendy it overlaps with many other styles too!

Disconnected Undercut

This hairstyle is very edgy and gives you a very rebellious look. It’s a great choice for men who want more manageable hair but still want to keep their iconic waves.

Wavy Pompadour

The pompadour is a popular hairstyle that is often worn by men with straight hair. However, a wavy pompadour is possible and it looks more messy and stylish!

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a great hairstyle for men who like mohawks or mullets but want something a little more mainstream. A wavy faux hawk is an ideal hairstyle for them!


Mohawks are an edgy hairstyle that is more commonly associated with straight hair. However, they still look great with soft waves and curls – so why not try it out?

Full Mullet

Retro hairstyles have become very trendy in recent years. One of the most popular is the mullet which is loved for its edgy, rebellious look.

Mullet With Shaved Sides

Mullets are very edgy but also pretty retro. If you want to modernize your mullet hairstyle a little more, then try adding shaved sides. This is also great for managing thick wavy hair.

Modern Elephant Trunk

The pompadour is one of the trendiest hairstyles in recent years and with it, the elephant trunk has also become super popular! This modern take works great with natural waves!

Comb Over

Comb overs is a hairstyle where hair is grown longer and combed over the head. Traditionally, it’s worn by men with fine hair or balding spots – but it’s quickly become a style in its own right.

Finger Wave

Finger waves are a very retro hairstyle that originated in the 1920s. Today, it’s becoming more trendy as retro hairstyles and fashion make a triumphant comeback.


A cool stylistic choice that works amazingly well with waves and curls is highlights. Highlights can help breathe life into your hairstyle by adding additional color!

Surfer Haircut

The surfer haircut is a laid back hairstyle that allows you to grow out your wavy locks. They are pushed back, cut around the shoulder, and left to fall in messy waves!

Wavy Mop

The mop is a go-to hairstyle for boys and men who just want a lot of hair but don’t want to use a ton of hair products. It looks great with wavy textured hair as it gives it plenty of character.


The mushroom haircut allows you to grow long, wavy hair on the top of your head to hide the short sides shaved underneath. At first glance, you can’t see the short sides!

Medium-Length Waves

Wavy hair is the ideal hair texture to grow medium length hair. It’s gorgeous and creates a very laid back, low-maintenance look! It’s also considered to be a very attractive style.

The Harry Styles Look

A lot of men try to model their hairstyle after Harry Styles. This pop star is known for his signature style wavy locks and casual quiff, with lots of loose strands and whisps!

Long Hair

Long hair is incredibly popular with men in this modern day, and so it makes sense to show off your wavy locks by growing them out! It’s a sexy, signature style that allows you to show off your natural hair texture.

High Man Bun

The man bun is a very trendy style that has grown in popularity as more men choose to grow out their hair. All of your long wavy hair is gathered and wrapped into a high bun on the top of your head.

Low Man Bun

Low man buns are a popular choice among hipsters and edgy younger men. It’s just as casual, but viewed as a much more sentimental and sensitive hairstyle for men.

Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle is very popular with men who have grown out their wavy locks. To tie their hair back, they take the locks on the top of their head and tie them into a ponytail- and let lower waves flow freely!

Top Knot

Top knots are one of the best ways to gather up your long or shoulder length hair and tie it up out of your eyes. They’re trendy and easy to do.

Viking Braids

Viking braids are a very unique style of hair that works great with naturally wavy hair. They look natural and show off a lot of technique and skill!

Wet Hair

The wet hair look is a now trendy way to style men’s haircuts. It provides a very casual look that looks great with wavy style hair. So, put away the hair dryer and wear your hair wet!

Textured Wavy Hair

This style is similar to the wet hair style but uses different hair products like cream. The effect is much harsher, messier waves that some men may absolutely love over soft gentle waves.

Buzz Cut

If you are looking for the ultimate low-maintenance men’s haircut, then the best option is the buzz cut. Buzz cuts are an easy way to manage your hair because they are so short!

Wavy Crew Cut

If you want a low-maintenance haircut but you don’t want to completely shave away your wavy hair, then a great men’s haircut to try is the crew cut. There’s just enough hair left on top for a slight wavy texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wavy Hair Good For Men?

Some people may dislike their wavy hair because it can be unruly, but having natural wavy hair does have its benefits! For example, wavy hair is less likely to build up excessive oils. It’s also considered to be a very sexy, trendy type of hair.

Does Wavy Hair Go Bald?

When it comes to hair loss, hair type or pattern is not a deciding factor. So, while men with wavy hair may go bald, it’s due to other factors such as their hormones, genetic history, stress, and environmental factors. Your hair type won’t have an impact on whether or not you go bald!

How Common Is Naturally Wavy Hair?

Naturally wavy hair is uncommon. For black men, coiled textured hair is more common while in Asian men, straight and thick hair is more common. For caucasian men, around 40% of men have wavy hair.

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