49 Best French Crop Haircut Ideas For Men (Trending This Year)

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50 Best French Crop Haircut Ideas For Men (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best French Crop Haircut Ideas For Men?

The French crop haircut is a great haircut that has become very popular in recent years.

A lot of men love it for how low-maintenance it is and it has a lot of trendy features that are extremely common with a lot of modern haircuts. This includes the shorter back and sides, and longer hair on top.

The rules of a French crop are played very loose so there are tons of different ways you can style a French crop haircut to make it your own – but how?

Check out the list below to discover tons of new ideas for you to style and personalize your French crop haircut to better reflect your tastes and personality.

1. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a type of French crop that includes very straight bangs. It takes inspiration from classic Roman hairstyles and is the perfect chic haircut for modern men.

2. French Crop And Beard

When it comes to facial hair, there is no better combination than the French crop and a strong beard. Try fading your beard into your French crop for an amazing effect!

3. High Skin Fade

Most skin fades start around the ear but a high skin fade shaves your hair up to a much higher level. It’s more dramatic and ideal if you want a mohawk-like style French crop.

4. Afro Boxy French Crop

The boxy French crop also works great with coiled textured hair. With a flat top and short sides, your French crop will look more modern and stylish.

5. Afro French Crop

Most classic French crops are cut onto straight hair but if your hair texture is coiled, then you can still rock a French crop. An afro French crop is a trendy textured French crop!

6. Angled Fringe

A lot of French crops are styled with straight-cut fringes or bangs – but an angled fringe works just as well. It’s a great choice for messy French crops with wavy or thicker hair.

7. Blunt Cut

This type of French crop features a very blunt, sharp cut all around the head. The fade is super high and sharp, and the bangs are Caesar-like in style but typically closer to the hairline.

8. Boxy French Crop

For a stylish but neat type of haircut, then try out this boxy style of a French crop. It’s more militaristic and managed but it provides a very professional look.

9. Burst Fade

For curly or thick hair, a burst fade is a good choice. It’s a very quick fade that makes your top hair look like it’s bursting from the fade for dramatic effect!

10. Buzzed French Crop

A buzzed French crop takes inspiration from the classic buzz cut. Buzz cuts are super short and offer a very short cut French crop for easy maintenance.

11. Choppy Layers

For men with straight hair who want a messy texture French crop, you may want to consider adding choppy layers. This will make adding a messy style to your hair effortless!

12. Classic French Crop

First, let’s start with a classic French crop. This haircut is very easy to do – short back and sides, longer hair on top either brushed forward or back – and looks great with minimal effort.

13. Clean Fringe Cut

Fringes are a popular choice when it comes to a French crop. It’s super easy to brush the longer hair on the top forward – and give it a nice clean cut for a neat look!

14. Comb Over French Crop

Comb overs are a great idea for men with thinning or balding hair. This style takes your French crop and combs the longer parts of your hair over the thinner areas for a fuller look.

15. Cornrows French Crop

For black men, you don’t have to leave all that long hair on top to grow into a mini-afro. You can braid the hair into some stylish cornrows for better protection and less maintenance.

16. Crew Cut

Crew cuts are a type of French crop where the fade stays in line with the hairline. This creates an almost bowl-like effect with the longer hair on top of the head.

17. Curly French Crop

Curly French crops work really well as they provide lots of volume to the top of your hair. It also helps thin out very thick, curly hair.

18. Disconnected French Crop

Disconnected haircuts provide a harsh contrast between the short back and sides of a French crop and the longer hair on top. If you like this sharp look, then try it out!

19. Double Hard Part

Most French crops only feature one hard part to act as a kind of side parting. However, you can have a hard part on either side of your longer hair for a sharper look!’

20. Dye It

Why bother with highlights or frosted tips when you can just dye the whole head? Try out different colors and dye your French crop to stand out!

21. Edge Up

For black men, an edge up is a perfect way to style your hairline with a French crop. It leaves you with a neat straight cut that is great for a professional look.

22. Fade Tattoo

This idea involves getting a tattoo that disappears into your French crop’s fade. It’s particularly effective as you start to grow out your hair – but it’s a very permanent decision!

23. Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are a modern take on the classic mohawk. They’re a lot subtler with a shorter back – making it a perfect variant of the French cut for rebellious men.

24. French Crop And Mustache

Another great type of facial hair that works with a French crop is a mustache. It’s chic and stylish and gives you a very retro look that is trending today.

25. French Crop Undercut

An undercut is an ideal choice for a French crop. They provide a neat close cut all the way around your head’s side and back in one clean look.

26. Frosted Tips

When it comes to color, frosted tips are perfect to help provide your French crop with plenty of variety. It’s an ideal choice for choppy layers and messy textured hair.

27. Hair Tendril

If you have a quiff or slick back French crop, then try something different by adding a hair tendril. It helps flatter your forehead and makes your hairstyle appear more natural and unruly.

28. Hard Part

A hard part is a deep line that cuts between the longer hair on top and your high fade. It looks like a parting line – hence the name ‘hard part’.

29. High Fade

Short sides are a must for a French crop haircut – but how short should your sides be? A high fade is a popular choice as it leaves less hair for you to worry about!

30. High Taper

taper fade pays close attention to how the hair is cut around the sides and back. It leaves you with longer hair on top and a neater shave at the nape.

31. Long Fringe

Some fringes are longer than others and for the French crop, you can wear any length of fringe you like! Long fringes work great with wavy hair – so try it out!

32. Messy French Crop

Because messy-styled haircuts are incredibly trendy, more and more men are trying out the messy French crop. It’s easy to do when your hair is already wavy and thick.

33. Mullet

Some French crops are styled with longer hair that extends from the top of the head further down towards the nape. This can give a mullet-style effect that is very retro!

34. Peaky Blinders Cut

Peaky Blinders is a hit television show that has started a lot of trends when it comes to men’s fashion and haircuts. A lot of the characters have French crops but with much longer hair on top.

35. Quiff It

Quiffs are a very trendy hairstyle today. Although they are commonly seen on longer haircuts, they still work great with a French crop and help manage the long hair on top.

36. Shaved Back Lines

Not all shaved lines need to touch your hairline. You can add some fresh shaved lines towards the back of your French crop for an edgier style.

37. Shaved Side Line

Shaved lines are a great way to add some decoration and style to your haircut. They’re low effort and come in all kinds of designs to match your tastes.

38. Short French Crop

The French crop is loved for how low-maintenance it is. If you want a hairstyle that is even easier to manage, then try wearing an even shorter French crop.

39. Skin Fade

A skin fade (or bald fade) is a fade that literally goes right down to your skin. It’s low maintenance and a great choice if you want a very dramatic, extreme fade.

40. Slick Back French Crop

Most French crop haircuts are styled for the hair to fall forward and either become a quiff or a fringe. However, you can brush your hair back for a slick back French crop instead.

41. Spikes

Take textured and messy hair to the next level with this French crop-style idea. Use your best hair product to spike up your top hair for a whole new look!

42. Starter Dreads

While dreadlocks are too long to be used in a French crop, starter dreads are the perfect length! They are great if you ever want to later grow dreads for a new look.

43. Straight French Crop

Although the messy texture is very trendy, it’s still a good idea to wear your French crop straight and flat. It’s chic and modern, and also very neat and tidy in appearance.

44. Super Curly French Crop

If your natural curls are very tight but not tight enough to be classed as coiled, then you too can still wear a French crop. It’s perfect for a natural, messy haircut to match today’s trends.

45. Textured French Crop

Messy hair has been a common trend in a lot of different hairstyles in recent years. For French crops, add some texture to the longer hair on top with some spray or hair product!

46. Textured Fringe

When it comes to textured French crops, you don’t have to leave all the textures at the top. Add some texture to your fringe for a full, messy bed-hair look!

47. Top Knot

French crops include short sides and longer hair on top – but what if you keep growing that top part longer and longer? You can try out a hip top knot!

48. Waves

For men with curly textured hair, you can add some interesting waves to your French crop. This will give you a stylish, professionally textured French crop.

49. Wet French Crop

Like messy hair, wet hair is a trend that is very popular with today’s youth. Try a wet French crop for a chic texture that really stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Have A Beard With A French Crop?

Of course! Just make sure that you select the right fade to seamlessly transition between the sides of your hair and your beard.

Will A French Crop Suit Me?

One of the great things about the French crop haircut is that it flattered many different face shapes. This means that no matter your face shape, you will likely suit a French crop – but you should also consider your personal style and whether any of the above ideas suit your tastes.

What Face Shape Best Suits A French Crop?

The French crop is a versatile haircut suitable for any face shape. So it doesn’t matter what shape your face is – a French crop is sure to style you.

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