100 Best Haircuts For Men (Trending This Year)

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100 Best Haircuts For Men (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Haircuts For Men Trending This Year?

Before sitting in the barber’s chair, you need to know what kind of haircut you want. There are many men’s haircuts out there but only a few hairstyles may be right for your desired look.

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for you, then here is a list of our top picks.

These are some of the most popular men’s haircuts that are suitable for all kinds of hair – wavy hair, thin hair, short haircuts, long haircuts, the list goes on. Check out the various men’s hairstyles below to find the best option for you!

1. Wedge Haircut

A wedge haircut is a great choice for men with short hair who want a textured, messy look. It involves lots of shorter layers that end at the nape.

2. Angular Fringe

An angular fringe is when you let the longer hair on the top of your hair grow over your forehead at an angle. It’s a great way to frame your face!

3. Bald Fade

There are lots of different ways you can sport a fade haircut, but one of the most extreme is the bald fade. It’s an incredibly close haircut that shows a lot of skin.

4. Blow Back

This hairstyle is a great way to turn a medium-length haircut into a more trendy look. When your hair is damp, take your hair dryer and dry your hair with the locks brushed back.

5. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut used to be a dreaded young boys haircut laughed at in school pictures – but now it’s become a trendy style! It’s crazy how men’s fashion can change over time!

6. Box Braid Top Knot

This haircut involves growing some very long box braids and shaving the sides and back of your head. Then, the braids are curled into a tight, large knot on the top of the head!

7. Box Braids

This trendy hairstyle is a popular choice for young men with coiled hair, as it’s a pretty edgy and cool haircut. They’re also pretty low-maintenance so it’s a win-win!

8. Box Haircut

One retro haircut that is making a comeback with men is the box cut. The box haircut is a great way to add volume to your hair while keeping things very neat and tidy.

9. Braided Man Bun

This hairstyle combines Viking-style braids and plaits with a trendy man bun. If you have time to style your long hair in the morning, then this is a great hairstyle to go with!

10. Braided Top Knot

If a regular top knot is not decorative or eye-catching enough for you, then try out a braided top knot instead. It works with all kinds of hairstyles, and you can get creative with the braids!

11. Burst Fade

A burst fade is a type of fade haircut that goes from zero to a hundred very quickly. It makes it look as if your long top hair is bursting from the fade for dramatic effect.

12. Butch Cut

One of the most popular short haircuts in recent years is the butch cut. It’s a classic haircut that is very low-maintenance – making it a good option for low-maintenance men.

13. Caesar Cut

This classic look takes inspiration from the popular hairstyles of Ancient Rome. It’s short and neat with a straight fringe. It’s a great choice for men with very straight hair.

14. Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most famous movie stars in recent years and many men are trying out his hairstyle for their own. It’s short, spiky, and super sexy.

15. Classic Buzz Cut

A good choice for a short haircut is a classic buzz cut. They’re very low-maintenance and an ideal choice for those who don’t want to put a lot of effort into their hair.

16. Combover

This type of haircut is very popular with mature men, and a great way to style your hair if it’s thin or balding. However, when combined with a fade, the combover is a trendy haircut in its own right!

17. Cornrows

For men looking for a more decorative way to wear their coiled hair, cornrows are a good choice. Cornrows can be styled in lots of intricate patterns, which create some amazing effects.

18. Crew Cut

Crew cuts are a popular haircut for men as they feature lots of trendy features. This includes low-maintenance short sides and back, a tapered look, fades, and decorative choices like shaved lines.

19. Curly Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts are traditionally worn by men with straight hair – but men with coiled or curly hair can wear it too! Some people actually prefer this style as it’s more casual and fun.

20. Curly Pompadour

Most pompadours are seen on men who have very straight hair – but men with curly and wavy hair can rock a pompadour too! It’s a very romantic look that is perfect for a lot of men.

21. Curtains

If you are thinking of growing your hair out to a medium or long length, then you may want to consider adding curtains. They work great with a middle parting!

22. David Beckham Haircut

For more mature men, a great haircut to go with is the David Beckham haircut. This English footballer is renowned for his trendy, super-manageable hairstyle so why not try it out?

23. Defined Wave Cut

This haircut is a great choice if you are looking for a formal, professional style of hair. It works great with coiled and very wavy hair, making it popular in African American fashion.

24. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected undercuts are classic undercuts taken to the extreme. There is no fade between your shaved sides and the longer hair on top at all!

25. E-Boy Cut

The E-Boy cut is a straight-haired variant of the mop that features textured curtain bangs to help frame the face. If you have a very long, thin face, this haircut will work great for you!

26. Edgar Cut

The Edgar haircut combines medium-length, textured hair on the top of the head with a very high fade. Add in a hard parting for effect, and you will have a very trendy haircut!

27. Edge Up

An edge up addresses your natural hairline and helps tidy up the lines. The final result is a fresh haircut that is sharp and tight.

28. Elephant Trunk

Along with the rise of the pompadour has come the rise of the elephant trunk. This classic look has a more modern style today, but is still a trendy flash from the past!

29. Elvis Presley Haircut

The pompadour has become a trendy haircut in recent years, and more men are getting their inspiration from Elvis Presley. His pompadour had a lot of volume and is now iconic!

30. Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The faux hawk hairstyle takes inspiration from the classic mohawk but combines it with modern trends to make a whole new look. Just add some fades and even a hard parting for effect!

31. Finger Waves

Finger waves are a retro hairstyle from the 1920s but now, it’s become trendy once more. It’s especially popular with men with afro-textured and very curly hair.

32. Flat Top

If you have very straight hair, then it’s a good idea to get a flat top haircut. It means you use less product and it’s a very low maintenance cut.

33. French Crop

For men with thicker, wavier hair, you may want to try out the french crop. It’s a more textured type of short haircut that looks great with a fade.

34. Frosted Tips

Frosted tips are back! This hairstyle was popular back in the 2000s but now, it is trendy as more men opt for spiky, textured, and messy haircuts.

35. Full Afro

Having naturally curly hair can make managing it a lot more difficult. However, more and more men are starting to embrace their natural curls – so wear them with pride!

36. Hair Twists

Hair twists are a very expressive haircut that is also practical for African American men. It’s a protective style of hair to help keep your coiled hair in great condition.

37. Half Up Half Down Dreads

This hairstyle involves growing lots of dreadlocks but only tying back the dreads on the top of your head. This gives you a cool, laid-back haircut that’s great for informal occasions.

38. Hard Part

If you love a faded haircut, then you may want to consider getting a hard parting. A hard part is a deep line cut into your hair that acts as your parting.

39. High Fade

A high fade haircut is a good option for those who want a flattering hairstyle that is also easy to manage. It shortens a lot of your hair but leaves plenty on top for further styling.

40. High Top Dreadlocks

This haircut is popular with younger men as it’s slightly edgy and a more rebellious version of classic dreadlocks. This makes them ideal for teenagers and young adults.

41. Ivy League Haircut

For a short, manageable haircut that also has character, try the Ivy League haircut. It’s popular with older gentlemen as it’s overall neat with a little mess through a quiff.

42. James Dean Haircut

Medium-long hair with a tapered back and trimmed sides – that’s the classic James Dean haircut. This signature hairstyle could be the perfect hairstyle for you!

43. Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut

A lot of classic cuts have made a comeback in recent years and one of the most popular is the classic Leonardo di Caprio haircut! This 90s haircut is beloved for its messy texture.

44. Long Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a low-maintenance way to wear coiled or very curly hair. They’re also very masculine and stylish, making them incredibly popular with young and mature men alike.

45. Long Fringe

For men with textured, medium-length hair on the top of their head, you don’t have to have a quiff. You can instead let your hair grow over your forehead for a stylish long fringe.

46. Long Hair

Today, more men are starting to grow their hair. As a result, long haircuts are becoming more trendy – so if you love the look of long hair, why not try it for yourself?

47. Long Layers

If you have long straight hair, then adding layers can help you achieve a trendy messy look. The variety of lengths makes your hairstyle less boring and more eye-catching!

48. Low Fade

Low fades are a good choice for men who want to maintain a lot of their hair while still having a trendy hairstyle. It works great with medium-length haircuts.

49. Man Braid

The man bun has been around for a while now and while it’s still very trendy, the man braid is growing in popularity. It’s just a long simple French braid!

50. Man Bun

For men with longer hair, a practical way to style your hair is to tie it all back in a man bun. It’s a popular trend with hipsters and it’s very practical too!

51. Medium Curls

More men are beginning to embrace their natural curls. As a result, a lot of men are sporting fresh medium-length haircuts that show off their natural curls in a modern way.

52. Medium Dreadlocks

Shorter dreadlocks tend to be more popular with younger men who have coiled hair. They’re just as low-maintenance and versatile as they can be dyed, tied back, and more.

53. Medium-Length Hair

A straight, medium-length haircut is a very chic haircut worn by younger men. This style works best with straight hair types, while wavy or curly hair creates a whole different look.

54. Middle Part

A middle parting is ideal for men with very round faces. It helps flatter your forehead and cheekbones and elongate your face – especially if you have a longer haircut!

55. Military Cut

The classic military haircut is an ideal choice for men who want a neat, short haircut that is not too extreme. It still looks professional and it’s easily manageable.

56. Modern Pompadour

A lot of classic cuts have been given new life, and this modern take on the pompadour has become a favorite. Just add a fade to give it a new look!

57. Mohawk

This cool hairstyle has recently become trendy again. More and more men are sporting this rebellious hairstyle at different lengths – so one style may be a great choice for you!

58. Mop

The mop is a haircut that grew in popularity during the mid-2000s and today, it’s still a very trendy haircut. It works great with straight and wavy hair and is a great young boys haircut.

59. Mullet

The mullet is one of the great haircuts which has stood the test of time. It’s still very popular with men today as it was decades ago!

60. Mushroom

The mushroom haircut is like a cross between a mop and a bowl cut. It’s very round, with lots of volume, and ideal for men with curly hair.

61. Perm

The perm used to be a popular hairstyle for women but today, it’s a curly take on the classic mullet. It looks great with shaved sides or a fade for a more modern look.

62. Ponytail

A great practical way to wear your long hair is to simply tie it back in a ponytail. Ponytails are easy to do yourself and they keep your long hair out of your way as you work!

63. Quiff

Quiffs are a stylish cut more men are adding to the front of their hair. It works with lots of hair textures and lengths, making it a very versatile haircut!

64. Regulation Cut

This short haircut is very militaristic but features a smart side parting which makes it stand out against the military cut. This makes it great for formal occasions as it creates a very polished look.

65. Rockabilly

Another retro haircut that has seen a surge in popularity recently is the rockabilly. It’s a smooth, slick-back hairstyle that is great for formal occasions and professional events.

66. Ronaldo Haircut

If you want a short, aggressively masculine haircut, then the Ronaldo haircut is a great choice. It’s based on the super short hairstyle of star football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

67. Shag

A shag haircut is a wispy way to wear a longer hairstyle for men with thin hair. It’s a more choppy haircut with a lot of layers, worn best with wavy hair and bangs.

68. Shaved Lines

Shaved lines are a great way to add more style and uniqueness to your look. They can range from straight lines shaved into the sides of your hair to decorative complex designs.

69. Short Afro

A lot of hair means a lot of work. If you want to wear your curls with pride but want a lower-maintenance haircut, then a short afro is a good option.

70. Short And Fluffy

This hairstyle comes around when men choose to grow out their buzz cuts. Some men love how unique it looks – and choose to keep this manageable haircut!

71. Short Back

Like with short sides and fades, the short back has become a very popular haircut because of how low-maintenance it is. No more worrying about how your hair looks in the back!

72. Short Curls

Some men have tight but gentle curls and this can make finding the right hairstyle tricky. However, short curls have become really popular due to the trend of messy hair!

73. Short Sides

A lot of men are after low-maintenance haircuts so they have more free time in their daily routines. As a result, short sides are very popular because they require no styling.

74. Side Parting

When it comes to partings, the middle parting is incredibly popular with women and young men. But for older gents who want a more professional, mature look – a side parting is ideal.

75. Side Quiff

The side quiff is a great choice for medium or long hair. It gives volume to the front of your hair and then pushes the hair over to one side to tumble down freely.

76. Side Save

This haircut involves completely shaving one side of your head and growing out the hair on the other side. It’s very rebellious and unique, but quickly becoming a trend.

77. Skin Fade

Fade haircuts are a very popular choice for many men, but there are lots of different ways to wear a fade. A skin fade is very extreme but also a very low-maintenance cut.

78. Skullet

If you are a total badass looking for a very edgy haircut – then look no further. Check out the skullet and see if this variant of the mullet is right for you!

79. Slick Backs

This haircut works great with medium-length hair. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair, then good news – just slick it back and you will still look trendy!

80. Spikes

Textured hair is incredibly popular but some men like to take this to the extreme. As a result, spicy textured hair is very trendy and an easy way to style your hair!

81. Straight Fringe

This type of fringe allows your hair to fall over your forehead but cuts it in a very straight line. It is a tight trim that is now becoming very trendy.

82. Subtle Mohawk

This style of the mohawk is very popular with black men with very tight, coiled hair. It involves making a short mohawk out of your natural curls.

83. Surfer Haircut

For a carefree, laid-back look, you may want to consider getting a surfer haircut. It works best with wavy or curly hair – just wear those curls loose and free!

84. Swooped Fringe

The swooped fringe is a cross between an angular fringe and a long fringe. It starts out as an angular fringe but grows until it covers one eye for a mysterious look.

85. Tapered Fade

A tapered fade is one of the longest, lowest types of fade. It extends all the way down the nape and usually begins behind the ears.

86. Tapered Haircut

The tapered haircut is a very desired look for men today because it combines a lot of different popular cuts. It has a short back and sides with longer hair on top for styling.

87. Textured Hair

Textured hair is hair with its own kinks and coils. If you have wavy or curly hair, wear it with pride! Textured hair is very trendy because it looks messy!

88. The Bro Flow

The brow flow is a style of shoulder-length hair that is neatly brushed and falls naturally. It’s usually featured with a side parting and side quiff, making one smooth hairstyle.

89. Top Knot With Long Hair

The top knot is still a very popular hairstyle to wear even with long hair. You don’t need a high fade or shaved sides to rock a top knot.

90. Top Knot With Shaved Sides

The top knot is a great hairstyle that works great with shaved sides. If you want a sharp fade, then why not let the hair on top of your head grow so you can try this style?

91. Triangle Push Up

This style of quiff comes to a point, making it a tidier version of the classic quiff. It’s more modern and edgy, making it more popular with younger men.

92. True Mohawk

Because fades and medium-length haircuts have become so popular, a lot of men are returning to the true mohawk. It’s edgier than the modern mohawk and ideal for rebels and punks.

93. Two-Block Haircut

A two-block haircut is like a toned-down undercut. You still get to wear short or shaved sides, but the fade allows for much longer hair on top.

94. Two-Level Haircut

Some haircuts are becoming more and more abstract, and this style is ideal for someone looking for a really unique look. It involves shaving your coiled hair at multiple different levels!

95. Undercut

Fades and short sides are all the rage and as a result, undercuts have become super trendy. They create a sharp contrast between the shaved sides of your head and the long hair on top.

96. Viking Braids

Another popular way to style your long hair is to add Viking braids. Viking braids are a very cool hairstyle with lots of decorative braids – and they work great with all kinds of hair textures!

97. Waves

This haircut is a great choice if you want to reduce any frizz plaguing your curls. You can choose between 180 or 360 waves to create a ripple effect right up to your defined hairline.

98. Wavy Mullet

Most mullets are worn by men with straight hair but some men are styling and curling their hair for wavy mullets instead. They are messier and even more stylish!

99. Wet Waves

A great polished haircut that is ideal for formal occasions is the wet waves haircut. It’s neat and sexy, making it a favorite cut with celebrities.

100. Windswept Hair

Windswept hair is a great way to style your hair so it’s more textured and messy. Messy hair has been a top trend with younger men for years now – so try it out yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Products Should Men Use For Their Hair?

Men don’t need a lot of products to keep their hair in great condition. Just get yourself a good shampoo and conditioner, and a single product to help you style your hair (like a sea salt spray, or clay).

What Are The 5 Types Of Hair?

While there are many different types of hair, hair is usually divided into 5 categories. They are (in ascending order of curliness) straight, wavy, curly, coils, and locks. In the list above, we have included hairstyles to suit all 5 types so you can find the perfect hairstyle for you!

What Is A 0 Haircut?

A 0 haircut is the close shave used for skin fades and bald cuts. Basically, it means cutting your hair down so it’s so short, your haircut is more skin than actual hair.

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