100 Best Teenage Boys Haircuts (Trending This Year)

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100 Best Teenage Boys Haircuts (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Haircuts For Teenage Boys?

Being a teenager can be rough, but it can also be an exciting time for teenage boys.

A lot of teen boys begin to earn more agency as they grow older. They start to develop their own personalities and want to reflect this in their hair cut.

As a result, they want to find their own cool hairstyle that best suits them while staying on top of recent trends. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds – so what are the best haircuts for teenage boys today?

There are lots of different unique looks out there that suit different hair textures and face shapes.

Whatever kind of haircut you are looking for – long hairstyles, short haircuts – we have a ton of options available for you below. Check them out now!

1. Afro Style French Crop

A lot of cool hairstyles are designed with straight hair in mind – but what if you have coiled hair? Luckily, the French crop works great with coiled hair too!

2. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a very short, blunt haircut popular with older teenage guys. With short sides and a straight-cut fringe, it’s a chic and modern haircut ideal for young men.

3. Buzz Cut

Most teenage boys want a low-maintenance haircut that doesn’t take forever to style. So, a natural choice is the buzz cut – it’s short, easy to maintain, and cool to wear.

4. Edgar Cut

The Edgar cut is similar to a Caesar cut but less maintained and more rebellious. It looks great with textured hair on top and a very short burst fade!

5. Faux Hawk

The mohawk is an iconic hairstyle but it may be too extreme for teen boys – especially if they are still attending high school. So, a faux hawk is a great alternative haircut.

6. Short Back

Along with short sides, the short back is also a popular haircut seen in lots of different hairstyles. They are neat, easy to maintain, and super trendy!

7. Curly Fringe

If you have curly hair, then don’t worry – you can still work the bangs look. A curly fringe is best worn with long or medium haircuts, and falls across the forehead.

8. Short Pompadour

Pompadours are very stylish and trendy but all that medium-length hair on top requires a fair amount of maintenance. If you like the style of a pompadour but not the maintenance that comes with them, try a short pompadour instead.

9. Short Sides

Short sides are seen on a ton of different hairstyles due to their popularity. They are a great way to keep your hair manageable while keeping a stylish look.

10. Butch Cut

Butch cuts are a great option for young men and teenagers with round faces. They’re low maintenance and the lack of hair to maintain will make a huge difference to your daily routine.

11. Curly Pompadour

Like with most hairstyles, pompadours are traditionally cut and styled onto men with straight hair. Curly pompadours are possible but they are a lot more unruly and messy – which actually makes them a lot more trendy with teens!

12. Middle Part

A middle parting is super trendy, especially with women’s hairstyles. For young men and teenage boys, it’s also trendy when it comes to long and medium-length haircuts.

13. Short And Fluffy

This haircut usually occurs when teen boys grow out their shorter haircuts. However, some like the hair texture and style that comes with this haircut – so they keep it!

14. Side Part

Side parts are commonly seen in short and longer haircuts where the hair is grown out all over the head. It’s the perfect choice for teens with an oval face shape.

15. Flat Top

While textured hair is very in style with young men today, flat straight hair is still a good option for a cool hairstyle. The flat top is a great look for you men with straight hair.

16. Line Up

A line up provides a neat cut line that runs from your temple to your facial hair – a great way for young men to start including their new facial hair in with their hairstyle!

17. Pompadour

One of the trendiest haircuts in recent years is the pompadour. It features medium-length hair on the top of the head with short sides. It’s practical yet stylish with a lot of top volume.

18. Shaved Lines

Shaved lines are a great way to make your short sides more decorative and fun. They come in all kinds of shapes and styles, but some high schools only allow certain designs.

19. Vertical Haircut

A vertical haircut is a neat and polished type of haircut. If your high school has a ton of rules regarding hair, this is a stylish look you can get away with!

20. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a perfect choice for teenagers who love the stylish look of bangs but find them impractical. Wispy bangs are easy to see through and still frame your facial features.

21. Braided Top Knot

Some teen boys like to make their top knots more decorative by adding braids. It’s more protective for coiled hair and practical by helping them keep their braids out of their eyes.

22. Bro Flow

The brow flow used to be an ‘old man’ hairstyle but the mature, wise look it gives has made it popular with young men. Now, teen boys have also picked up on the style too!

23. Broccoli

The broccoli haircut is often confused with the wet mop hairstyle but it’s actually a lot curlier. Because of this, it has more volume and height – which means it’s also more high maintenance.

24. Burst Fade

The burst fade is a fade that goes from a very short fade to longer hair in just an inch of headspace. This makes it look as if your hair is literally ‘bursting’ from the fade!

25. Comb Over

This hairstyle is a smooth, stylish haircut that is super popular with older teens and young men. It’s great for special occasions and helps to give you a more mature look.

26. Crew Cut

This timeless haircut features a trendy tapered back and sides with longer hair on top. It’s a great choice for teenage guys who want a low-maintenance haircut that can still be styled.

27. Curls With Fade

Another great way to wear your curls with pride is to combine them with a classic fade. This way, you can thin out your hair so it’s easy to maintain but still super trendy.

28. Curly Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a very neat yet slightly edgy haircut that works great with teen boys with straight hair – but what about curly hair? A curly faux hawk is a lot more unruly but is still a very cool hairstyle.

29. Curtains

This hairstyle was popular in the 90s and today has found new life as a modern look. They are great for framing the face and flattering your features if you have a long face.

30. Disconnected Cut

The disconnected cut is similar to an undercut but has a harsher contrast between the sides and longer hair on top. It’s more rebellious and edgy than an undercut.

31. Edge Up

Edge ups are a type of haircut that styles your temples and hairline. It’s more commonly seen in black men and teens – but men with straight hair and shorter haircuts can have an edge up too.

32. Long Bangs

Long bangs are more commonly seen in haircuts with medium or long-length hair. If you have a lot of hair on the top of your head, then long bangs may be the best option for you.

33. Military Cut

For teen boys looking for a stylish look that is very low maintenance, then try the military cut. It’s a good haircut for teenagers with oval or square faces.

34. Slick Back

This haircut is super smooth and works great with high fades. It leaves you with a longer top that can be shaped into different styles depending on the occasion.

35. Tapered Cut

A tapered cut keeps the stylish short back and sides but leaves a little height on top for different styles. The general fade is a popular choice for lots of different styles – so check it out!

36. Top Knot

The top knot is a trendy way for teen boys to manage their long hairstyles. It’s manly, mature, and also very practical to help you manage your long hair.

37. Two-Block Cut

This Korean haircut grew in popularity with the K-Pop wave. It involves sectioning your hair into two different lengths with longer hair on top, and shorter hair on the bottom.

38. Wedge Cut

Wedge haircuts are a retro tapered type of haircut that is popular with teen boys who have fine and straight hair. The hair is cut in gentle layers that blend seamlessly together.

39. Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a cross between a shag and a mullet. Because of its messy style and rebellious look, it’s a popular hairstyle with teenage boys.

40. Afro Faux Hawk

The faux hawk also works great with teen boys with curly hair. So, an afro-textured faux hawk is another cool hairstyle teen boys can rock while still in high school.

41. Bald Fade

A bald fade is very similar to a skin fade but much more extreme. While most skin fades quickly fade into either a low or high fade, a bald fade is much higher and takes off most of your hair.

42. Blow Back

The blow back is similar to a brush up, but better suited for long and medium haircuts. It blows your hair back, letting it fall back behind your ears for a natural windswept look.

43. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are bangs that are cut with a very straight edge. This gives them a chic and stylish look that works for certain straight teen haircuts.

44. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut used to be a joke haircut that teenagers laughed at – but now it’s very trendy! If you have straight hair and soft facial features, then give this haircut a try.

45. Box Braids

Box braids are another stylish type of braid that works great at protecting curly textured hair. Not only are they practical but they also look amazing with both short and long hair!

46. Box Cut

This type of hairstyle is very retro but it’s become a trendy choice with black men thanks to the rise of classic haircuts. It’s a very straight and neat style that provides a fresh look.

47. Cornrows

Cornrows are the go-to protective hairstyle for black men and women alike. They’re also very versatile and can be worn in a ton of different styles and designs to suit your personal preference!

48. Curly Shag

Having naturally curly hair means that most hairstyles become very messy and unruly. This is why the shag haircut works great with curly textured hair as it supports its messy style.

49. Hard Part

A hard part refers to a deep line that is cut into your haircut. It’s a stylistic choice that isn’t necessary for most haircuts but one that you should get if it meets your personal preference.

50. High Fade

This classic fade is extremely popular and can be seen in a ton of different styles. It’s low maintenance, trendy, and very versatile – so it’s easy to see why so many teen guys have a high fade.

51. High Top Dreads

High top dreads are another stylish way to wear starter dreads. These are short dreadlocks that sit high up on your head, growing upwards rather than falling down over your eyes.

52. Layers

With the popularity of medium-length hairstyles and longer haircuts, layers have also become a trendy hairstyle. It adds a messy look to your hair and makes it thinner, so it’s easier to manage.

53. Low Fade

A low fade is a fade that starts much lower down the head, allowing for longer hair to grow sooner. It’s great for longer haircuts, and ideal for teens who prefer their hair longer in length.

54. Man Bun

The man bun – it’s one of the trendiest hairstyles in recent years. Older teenage boys love this hairstyle as it makes them look mature and ready for full adulthood!

55. Modern Mullet

This retro hairstyle has taken on a modern look in recent years. Now, it’s become a cool hairstyle for teenage guys looking for a unique look.

56. Neat Crop

This classic hairstyle is the best choice if you are looking for a haircut that works for everything from special occasions to high school. It’s neat and low maintenance – so what’s not to love?

57. Ponytail

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that never falls out of style. Why? Because it’s so easy to do and one of the most practical hairstyles out there!

58. Shag

Because haircuts with a messy style have become so trendy with teen boys, the shag has also become incredibly popular. This cool hairstyle used to be retro but now has a modern look.

59. Short Afro

For young black men and teenagers, the afro is a safe, neat hairstyle to wear. It keeps your hair manageable and looks great with short sides, shaved lines, and edge ups.

60. Short Bangs

Short bangs are bangs that are cut way above the eyebrow. They are super high but this makes them more practical and they bring their own particular style.

61. Short Curls

Here’s some good news for teenage boys with curls – your hair texture is super popular! So, wear those curls with pride with this short but stylish haircut!

62. Short Waves

If you are a young teen boy with wavy hair, then don’t feel you have to straighten them out. Short waves are a very stylish trend – and you don’t even need to add texture to your hair!

63. Side Quiff

Some quiffs stand straight for a little height on the top of the head. Others are pushed to the side with a little hair gel – and this is a great way to add a messy look to your hairstyle!

64. Swooped Fringe

A swooped fringe is a popular choice with teen boys who prefer edgier, rebellious haircuts. Whether you have one is down to personal preference as they can be irritating.

65. Temple Fade

A temple fade is a type of fade that starts around the temple. It’s stylish and the perfect choice for a lot of haircuts that feature short sides or a fade.

66. Textured Bangs

Textured hair is very trendy with young teens today, and as a result, textured bangs have become popular. They are the perfect haircut for a messy look.

67. Top Knot With Shaved Sides

A popular combination is the top knot with shaved sides. Both are super trendy, so it just makes sense to bring the two together for a unique look that is also very practical!

68. Waves

For black young men and teenagers with coiled hair, a great hairstyle to try out is waves. Waves help add a stylish texture to your hair that is great for all kinds of occasions.

69. Waves With Fade

The waves and fade combination is a classic favorite with teenage boys and young men. It’s manageable yet textured so it toes the line of unruliness without being a hassle.

70. Wings

Wings are a hairstyle that includes large flicks of hair around the ears. They appear in various hairstyles and are popular with teen surfers, hockey players, and skateboarders.

71. Angled Fringe

The angled fringe is a great way to wear your hair over your forehead. Angled fringes are great for flattering round faces with soft edges and wide cheekbones.

72. Brush Up

A brush up takes the quiff to the extreme. It is a little longer for extra volume and usually extends back toward the rest of your hair.

73. Classic Justin Bieber

This classic haircut was a very popular style with young teen boys back in the early 2010s – but now it’s become trendy again! So, if you like this iconic Justin Bieber haircut – now is the time to try it out!

74. Cowlick

Cowlicks are like a natural quiff that sticks up at all angles. They’re perfect for a messy style but can be unruly and difficult to style and control.

75. Curly Bowl Cut

Most bowl cuts are styled with straight hair – but a bowl cut can work with waves and curls too! This textured look is extremely popular so that’s good news if you have this hair texture naturally.

76. E-Boy Haircut

The E-boy haircut is a medium-length haircut popular with edgier, loner teenage boys. It’s ideal for boys with wavy hair and a long face shape, narrow jawline, and long foreheads.

77. Elephant Trunk

The elephant trunk is a stylish, sexy little curl seen on celebrities like Henry Cavil. It’s better suited for older teenagers and young men with medium haircuts with longer hair on top.

78. Elvis Presley Haircut

As pompadours have once again come back in style, so has this iconic hairstyle from Elvis Presley. It’s a great style for special occasions – but it requires a lot of hair gel!

79. French Crop

The French crop is one of the trendiest cool haircuts. It’s short, suits all hair types, and leaves plenty of hair on top for additional styling for a unique look.

80. Full Bangs

For teen boys with very thick hair, you may have no choice but go for the full bangs. These are bangs which are very thick and are best worn long.

81. Half Up Half Down

For teen boys with long, straight hair, the half up half down look is a great way to manage your cool hairstyle. It keeps your hair out of your eyes while staying stylish and mature.

82. Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is often viewed as the basic polish haircut. It’s traditionally seen in older men but has become a popular choice with younger teen boys and young men.

83. Long Shag

A lot of shag haircuts are cut around the shoulders or shorter on men. However, long hairstyles have become more common in young men – and so the long shag is a very trendy long hairstyle.

84. Medium Afro

Coiled hair is nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to wear your natural hair texture with pride, then try out a medium afro. It’s a stylish and trendy hairstyle for black men and teens!

85. Medium Dreads

Dreadlocks are a great protective hairstyle for black men and teenage boys. If your goal is to have a long set of dreads, start growing them now and rock that medium dread look while it’s trendy!

86. Medium Length Hair

Longer hair is a recent trend among young men and teen boys. Whether it’s hair that comes to the shoulders, or medium-length hair that sits on top of the head – fashion is not all short sides.

87. Messy Style Haircut

Some moms may not like the messy look on their precious little boys, but that’s why teenagers are gravitating toward this look. It’s rebellious and proof of their new independence.

88. Mini Quiff

The mini quiff is usually seen on short haircuts that have a little longer hair on top. They do not have the same height as a regular quiff but work to the same effect.

89. Mushroom

The mushroom haircut is a curlier, taller version of the bowl cut. It has a ton of volume with an even cut that falls over the forehead and around the sides.

90. Quiff

The quiff is a trendy way to style the hair at the front of your head. It’s pushed away from your forehead and ideal for messy looks and haircuts.

91. Regulation Cut

Another polished haircut that is ideal for high schools with a ton of unfair rules. The regulation cut is short but neat, and super stylish with short sides!

92. Skin Fade

A skin fade is a type of fade that cuts your hair right down to the skin. It’s very short but be careful – some high schools don’t allow haircuts that use this type of fade!

93. Spiky Hair

Spiky hair has become a trend thanks to the rise in the popularity of textured hair. For straight-haired young teens trying to achieve the look, spiky hair is a perfect choice.

94. Starter Dreads

It takes a long time to grow a full set of dreadlocks, but the starter dreads (or starter locs) style has become a trend in its own right. They are short, manageable, and stylish!

95. Subtle Afro Mohawk

This iconic hairstyle has been given a modern look with the subtle mohawk. It looks especially stylish with coiled hair, and it’s a great way to keep your hair short and low maintenance.

96. Surfer Waves

Surfers have their own iconic hairstyle that is a real summer trend. Those soft waves, long hair that reaches the shoulders and is coarsely brushed back with nothing but a salt sea spray and your fingers – no comb necessary!

97. Textured Hair

Textured hair is a constant trend in popular hairstyles today. If you have naturally unruly hair that’s good news – if not, just grab some hair gel and run it through your hair!

98. Undercut

Undercuts are an ideal choice for young men and teenagers with very thick hair. It helps thin your hair out so it’s easier to manage and style, so it’s the best choice if you want to make your hair more manageable.

99. Wavy Shag

The modern shag is usually styled with straight hair and choppy layers – but what if you have very wavy hair? Good news – wavy hair makes your shag look even shaggier!

100. Wet Mop

The wet mop haircut has become a huge trend thanks to social media platforms. It’s one of the most highly requested haircuts styled on teen boys today due to its messy texture and youthful style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The TikTok Boy Hair Called?

Social media is a popular platform for trends to start and spread. One haircut that the platform TikTok has popularized is the wet mop haircut.

As a result, many teenagers recognize the haircut as the ‘TikTok haircut’ instead of its actual name. Check it out in the list above!

What Is The Gen Z haircut?

The Gen Z haircut is better known to hair stylists and salons as the broccoli haircut or the zoomer perm.

It’s a very indie haircut with roots in the early 2000s and is a popular style worn by Gen Z teenagers.

What Cutting Is Best For School Boys?

There are plenty of great school-friendly haircuts for teenage boys in the list above. Some of the most popular include the French crop, taper fade, faux hawk, and more.

Always check with your school regarding fades and crops!

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