33 Best Haircuts For Men With Square Faces (Trending This Year)

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33 Best Haircuts For Men With Square Faces (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Haircuts For Men With Square Faces?

When choosing the best haircut for you, you need to take into account your face’s shape. There are lots of different face shapes – oval face shape, heart-shaped faces, and more.

If your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all the same width, then you have a square face. Your best facial features are probably your wide cheekbones, sharp edges, and angled jawline.

So, what is the best haircut for men with square faces?

Check out the below guide for many different haircuts which all suit men with square faces. They vary in hair texture, type, and length, so you are bound to find the perfect hairstyle for you.

1. Short Waves

For men with coiled hair, wear those natural curls with pride! Add a fade to keep the sides of your hair nice and short, and just those curls to add volume on top!

2. Classic Taper Haircut

When you have a square face, it’s important to keep your hair short around the sides of your head. A tapered haircut is perfect for this and leaves plenty of hair on top!

3. Short Sides

Short, straight sides are an ideal choice for square faces. This is because square faces are very wide – so you need to keep the volume on the sides to a minimum.

4. High Fade

Fades are a very trendy hairstyle and one of the best types of fade for square faces is the high fade. High fades keep the sides very short – so they’re perfect!

5. Short Back

Keeping hair to a minimum around your head is essential when you have a square head. If you want to extend those short sides around your head to the back, then this is a good choice.

6. Hard Parting

A hard parting allows men with square faces to bring their shaved sides further up one side of the head. The less hair on the sides of the head, the better for square faces!

7. Crew Cut

A crew cut is a short cut that leaves just a little bit of length on the top of the head. It’s easy to manage and features short sides which flatter wide cheekbones and faces.

8. Mullet

If you have a square face, you need to be careful with a mullet. Some mullets allow the side hair to grow too long – so keep those sides super short and cropped.

9. Cornrows

Cornrows are a protective hairstyle for coiled and curly hair. They’re also super versatile as they can come in all kinds of designs – and they’re perfect for square heads!

10. Top Knot

Top knots are a great way to manage long hair on the top of your head while keeping the sides neat and short. It’s a great modern style for men with square faces!

11. Edge Up

Edge ups are a great cut to help flatter your prominent forehead. The angular features mimic your angular jawline and become a focal point for your hairstyle overall.

12. Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is one of the trendiest hairstyles in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It has all the edginess of a mohawk without being too rebellious.

13. High-Top Dreadlocks

Regular dreadlocks are not a great haircut for square faces, but high-top dreadlocks are a good choice. They keep the sides short and add plenty of volume and style to the top of the head.

14. Man Bun

If you are a guy with a square face and long hair, then it’s important to limit the volume on the sides of your face. A man bun can help you out with that – and it’s super practical!

15. Quiff

Quiffs are a popular style of hair for all lengths. This means they also work well for men with square features who have unruly hair – just keep those sides short!

16. Short Pompadours

Pompadours are one of the most popular hairstyles trending recently but some feature long hair on the sides which is unsuitable for square faces. So, style your pompadour with a high fade or short sides.

17. Afro Mohawk

Most mohawks are styled with straight hair but if you have curly or coiled hair, then you can still rock a mohawk too! Check out this afro mohawk for inspiration!

18. Box Braids

Box braids are ideal for coiled and curly hair as they protect and style the longer hair on the top of your head. The short sides make them ideal for square faces too.

19. Buzz Cut

buzz cut is a very short haircut. Its shortness makes it a neutral cut that is versatile and suits all kinds of face shapes – including square faces.

20. Comb Over

Comb overs are a great choice if you have thin or balding hair. It can give your hair more volume on top while still flattering your facial features.

21. Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut is another great haircut for men with square heads. There is no fade here – the contrast between the shaved sides and the long hair on top is emphasized.

22. French Crop

If you are a man with a square face and very textured, unruly hair, then why not try the French crop? It has short sides to flatter your face and plenty of length on the top.

23. Ivy League Cut

If you are looking for a flattering haircut that is not too edgy or rebellious, then try an Ivy League haircut. It’s short, neat, and great for more mature gentlemen.

24. Mohawk

Another great hairstyle for men with square faces is the classic mohawk. Mohawks feature shaved sides – so they are perfect for flattering square faces while staying edgy!

25. Shaved Lines

Having a very square head doesn’t mean you can’t do anything fun with your shorter hair on the sides of your face. Shaved lines are a great way to make your hair look really cool!

26. Side Parting

When it comes to partings for men with square faces, the best is a side parting. A middle parting causes hair to collect on either side of the head while a side parting flatters wide cheekbones.

27. Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs are not popular for men with square faces. However, side-swept bangs are a good way to style your hair if it’s longer on top.

28. Slick Back

A lot of modern hairstyles keep the hair long on top with short sides. For men with square faces, try a slick-back style to keep that long hair tamed.

29. Braided Top Knot

If a plain top knot is not a cool enough hairstyle for you, then why not try a braided top knot? They’re more decorative and feature the same shaved sides that are perfect for square faces.

30. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is the ideal haircut for men with square faces who want to leave their hair slightly longer on the top of their heads. It features neat short bangs for a focal point.

31. Flat Top

If you decide to have more volume on the top of your head, then a flat top is an ideal way to flatter the width of your face. It’s a neat, tidy haircut with short sides.

32. Messy Waves On Top

Messy-styled haircuts are very trendy right now but long hair on the sides of a square head is a no-no. A good compromise is messy waves on top with shaved sides.

33. Undercut

An undercut is a type of haircut that makes a blended fade between the slick hair on top and the shaved sides. It’s perfect for men with square faces and heads!

For men with coiled hair, wear those natural curls with pride! Add a fade to keep the sides of your hair nice and short, and just those curls to add volume on top!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Haircuts Should Men With Square Faces Avoid?

The best haircuts that suit men with square faces are all about balancing the features. Because of this, men with square faces should avoid any hairstyles with a lot of volume on the sides.

They should also avoid middle partings as these cause most of the hair volume to fall evenly on either side of the head.

Do Men With Square Faces Look Good With Long Hair?

Yes! Men with square faces can rock a long hairstyle – but it’s important not to stop the hair around the jawline.

This is because most of the hair’s mass will collect on either side of the face and make it look wider and unflattering. Long hair that falls below the shoulder is ideal – so avoid a long bob at all costs!

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