25 Hair Salon Industry Statistics

Nothing boosts confidence like a good haircut. But what do the US hair salon industry statistics tell about our love for all things hair?

US Hair Salon Industry Statistics

  1. The market size of the hair salon industry is expected to increase by 7.1% in 2022. (Ibis World)
  2. Between 2017 and 2022, the hair salon industry market size declined by 0.6% per year on average. (Ibis World)
  3. The market size of the hair salon industry is expected to stand at $48.3 billion in 2022. (Ibis World)
  4. Hair salons account for 95% of the US hair salon market, with barbershops mainly tailored towards men accounting for 5%. (First Research)
  5. According to a survey done in 2019, over 15.5 million Americans visited professional hair coloring services at least four times in the space of six months. (Statista)
  6. More than 75% of hair salon revenue comes from people over the age of 34. (Ibis World)
  7. The average cost of a haircut in US salons can range from $10 to $90, with men’s haircuts costing on average between $15 and $40. (Style Seat)
  8. Hair styling costs in US hair salons can range from $10 to $65, with special occasion styling costing between $40 to $325 on average. (Style Seat)
  9. The cost of dying your hair can vary, and hair salons can charge anything between $75 to $200 on average. (Style Seat)
  10. Omaha in Nebraska had the lowest average haircut cost in one study. (You Probably Need a Haircut)

Running a Hair Salon

  1. There were around 979,236 hair salon businesses in the US in 2022. (Ibis World)
  2. The number of hair salons in the US increased by 1.1% from 2022. (Ibis World)
  3. California has the most hair salons (8,471), followed by New York (7,770) and Florida (7,453). (Ibis World)
  4. 60% of beauty salons in the US are owned by women. (The Professional Beauty Association)
  5. 75% of barbers in the US are self-employed. (Trafft)
  6. A typical US hair salon is about 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. (First Research)
  7. Building a brand-new salon can cost anything from $100,000 to $500,000. (Trafft)
  8. Buying an already operational hair salon in the US can cost between $40,000 to $250,000. (Trafft)
  9. The average cost for hair salon equipment and tools is $5,000. (Appoint Fix)
  10. In one survey, 60% of hairstylists said that owning a hair salon was “very hard” and “harder than expected. (Appoint Fix)
  11. Operating expenses, such as rent and labor, account for almost 80% of a hair salon’s revenue. (First Research)
  12. Hair styling products only make up 5% to 25% of a hair salon’s sales. (First Research)
  13. Hair styling products still have a higher profit marking, around 50% on average. (First Research)
  14. Male and female hairstylists have a pay gap, with men earning $37,784 and women $35,817 on average. (All Things Hair)
  15. In 2019, the median hourly wage for hairdressers and hairstylists was $12.54. (Trafft)

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