31 Cute Braid Hairstyles For Toddlers & Little Boys

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What Are The Best Braid Hairstyles for Toddlers & Little Boys?

It is time to let the stereotype fall away that braids are a girls-only hairstyle choice. Braids can look super cute and super cool and are a great way for kids to get comfortable with standing out and trying new things. Not only are they practical, but you will have the coolest kid on the block with the braid ideas that are available.

While most of these ideas require a certain level of skill and will cost you a trip to the barber, there are some that mom or even dad can try their hand at. Get your fingers acquainted because we have found the cutest little boy braid ideas that your little man will love!

1. Curved Pop Smoke Braids

An easy to achieve style that even mom or dad can pull off. They look intricate and a little more creative, just by curving the parting. Your little guy will love this simple pattern!

2. Pop Smoke Braids with A Little Extra Detail

Pop smoke braids are a classic and easy braiding technique, but by feeding in some extra teeny-tiny braids in between, you can make them look a little bit extra. They are fiddly though, so patience and precision are needed for these ones.

3. Beetle Braid

We went with beetle braid on this one because that is the braided shape that we see. But have fun and ask your little guy what it looks like to him. hairstyling can easily become a game with creative braids like these!

4. Cool Helix Pattern

Turn straight back cornrows into a helix twist to change things up a bit. Border it with two chunkier cornrows that will bridge the gap from the stylish fade to the creative art piece of braids on top.

5. Arrow Head Braids

Simple box braids with a twist. These sections are parted to form the shape of an arrowhead which looks super cool and is a great change from the usual square. The shape is more juvenile and age-appropriate creating a fun look that your boy will love.

6. Birthday Braids

What a fun way to celebrate a birthday, with a clever birthday hairdo! find a braider who can pull off braiding the hair into a number and your little guy will be blown away that his age is showcased in his hairdo and not by the number of candles on his cake.

7. Criss Cross Pop Smoke Braids

Patterns please kids and when it comes to hairstyling, fun is the key factor in getting kids to cooperate. These pop smoke braids are both practical and fun and will have your boy looking and feeling like a super cool dude.

8. Jumbo Box Braids

A cute classic. Box braids are upsized to make this process go faster if your boy is not too thrilled about sitting in one spot for too long. They still look cute and fun and are a great protective hairstyle.

9. Hooked on Braids

Another fun and creative example of the endless braid options out there. The partings of these braids flow together in such a fun way and give the illusion of intricacy. See what patterns your little man can come up with!

10. Diamonds and Triangles

More fun with shapes that are created by the different parting techniques. Anything that creates a familiar shape will excite your kids. It’s intricate, yet simple, but more importantly, it is such a fun style.

11. Double Diagonal

Mom, this one is for you to try out! Each side has an anchor braid that flows diagonally down each side of the head, and with a middle parting, horizontal micro braids are fed into the main cornrow. Sounds simple right? Good luck!

12. Pop Smoke Braids

The signature look of this awesome protective style is the middle parting, which gives this style a balanced and symmetrical look. Pop Smoke braids are a popular braiding pattern and are a super cool look for young boys.

13. Snake Braids

Your boy will have so much fun with these braids that resemble a slithering snake. When you make hairstyling fun for kids, that’s when the fight with hairstyling ends. This one is sure to be a hit and probably one of the coolest protective hairstyles that your boy will love.

14. Spiderweb Braid

You simply can not go wrong with this one. Most little boys are Spiderman fans and the level of stoke will be high with some braids that resemble Spiderman’s web. Super easy and super fun!

15. Squiggly Worms

Simple cornrows with a subtle zig-zag parting can create braids that resemble fat squiggly worms. Any kid will just love this one! and they are so easy to achieve.

16. Pop Smoke Braids with Centre Parting

Pop Smoke braids are a popular classic, so to help them stand out and give them a unique touch, section the hair with a zig-zag parting as opposed to a straight line. This always gives the braids a child-like look that is suitable and fun for your little guy.

17. Zig Zag Cornrows

Simple jumbo cornrows are always a great go-to. They are practical, neat, and super funky for boys. To change them up a bit and create a unique element, zig-zag the parting on the sides, which will also subtly give some flow to the braid.

18. Circle the X

Creative freedom is the beauty of cornrows. By changing direction and interlacing the braids, you can create all sorts of fun patterns. Get your boy to pick a name for them for some extra fun.

19. Lemonade Braids

Braid the hair in different directions to create some contrast and style. Verticle cornrows on the side open up the face and the horizontal braids on the other side are fitting if your boy enjoys longer locks.

20. Race Track

Boys and cars are always a pair at some point, so let the passion inspire his braiding pattern and he will be one happy and excited little chap.

21. Stylish Cornrows with High Fade

Braids on boys don’t always have to go the route of cute and practical. They can be edgy and fun with some unique sectioning and an element of neat and suave with a high fade. This head of braids is suitable for little boys with character and attitude, they will pull it off with confidence.

22. Twisted Cornrows

Braids with movement are more fun for kids than straight-back cornrows. Braid the hair with partings that have some kinks and twists to make a unique pattern.

23. X Marks The Spot

Level up some ordinary cornrows by changing the braiding direction and pattern. These cornrows have been braided in such a way that the braid creates an X shape and a cool diamond shape appears in the negative space. Such a simple technique can transform a hairstyle into something cool and fun.

24. Chunky Twists

These twists are a fantastic option for something quicker and more simple. Some kids just do not tolerate the salon or barbershop and so this technique is easy for mom or dad to wrap their fingers around. They are simple and cute and still look super cool.

25. Fun Cornrow Pattern

Find a barber or braider who can get creative. These cute micro braids interlace to create a sort of coil shape that is fun and unique for your little one.

26. Sidewinder

A simple change in direction can turn straight back cornrows into a completely different style. Create some flow and movement with these cornrows and square up the hairline for a crisp finish.

27. Starstruck

What kid wouldn’t love his hair being turned into the shape of a star! A combination of chunky cornrows and micro braids creates this awesome shape and it is finished with a sweet little man bun to up the cuteness.

28. Triangular Box Braids

Incorporate some shapes with a dope set of braids. A perfect combination of cute and cool for your trendy little guy. Your kid will feel so excited to see the perfect triangles being created from his hair. Stylish and practical is always a win.

29. Classic Cornrows with Fade and Bun

Classic cornrows are a go-to when trying to choose braids that your boy will love. They look super cool and pair well with a crisp fade to remove bulk and make for easier styling. The ends of the braids can be gathered into a neat bun to keep it well-groomed and short.

30. Small Man Bun with Cornrows

The same technique used to create classic cornrows is used, but instead, the cornrows are braided in a circular pattern to meet at the crown. Once they come together, they are joined into a sweet little man bun that is just too adorable.

31. Spiral Bun

This cool braiding technique is mesmerizing! It resembles a spiral by taking the parting down the middle into a deep zig-zag. It looks like a difficult one to achieve, but mom can definitely pull this one off!

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