100 Cute Haircuts For Little Boys (What’s Cool This Year)

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What Cute Haircuts For Little Boys Are Cool This Year?

When it comes to little guys and their haircuts, a lot of parents prefer to keep things short so things are easier and more practical for them.

However, finding the right haircut for your little boy can help them express their personality more and learn from an early age how to take care of their appearance.

There are a ton of cute haircuts and styles for little boys and toddlers out there and each year, some rise and fall out of trend. If you want to find the ideal cute little boy haircut for your young man – then here’s the list for you!

Check out the cute haircuts for little boys below to discover which haircuts are trending this year!

1. Slick Back

This cool little boy hairstyle is a popular choice for boys looking for a trendy hairstyle for a special event. It involved pushing the hair on the top of the head back and flattening it down.

2. Burst Fade

Burst fades are fades which go from 0 to 100 in just an inch of space. It’s a great choice if you want your boy’s hair on top to literally burst from the shorter sides!

3. Hard Part

A hard part (or hard parting) is a deep line shaved into the hair at a boy’s parting. It’s a stylish way to add some character to your kid’s hair.

4. Layered Caesar Cut

Because the messy style is so trendy, some young boys want to combine this style with trendy haircuts. As a result, the layered Caesar haircut is a trendy choice among young boys!

5. Loose Curls

If your little man has curly hair, then let him wear those curls wild and free. Not only is this look super cute and trendy, but it helps build your boy’s confidence with his natural hair!

6. Medium Afro

As your little toddler grows up, his hair will grow longer and longer. So, try turning that short afro into a medium afro for a more mature look.

7. Mop

The mop is an adorable little boy’s haircut that suits toddlers and boys of all ages. It’s trendy due to its messy style and works great with thick, wavy hair.

8. Pompadour With Shaved Sides

This pompadour style is combined with the trendy short shaved sides of the time. Add a fade to help make this hairstyle more manageable and modern!

9. Shaved Lightning Bolts

Kids love cool hairstyles and shaved lightning bolts are definitely a look that will get them excited. It’s sharp, edgy, and your kid is sure to love them!

10. Shaved Lines

Shaved lines are quirky designs that young boys love because they look so cool! These are just straight lines that are shaved into the short sides of your kid’s hair.

11. Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are an extreme version of short sides that help give your little boy a more mature look. Kids think they look cool and they are very low maintenance!

12. Short Sides

Short sides are a very trendy type of haircut for men of all ages. They are neat, practical, and suit all face shapes – and perfect for adventurous young boys!

13. Short Sides, Long Top

This combination of haircuts is easily the trendiest of all little boy haircuts. Although there are different styles available, most popular haircuts today are some combination of short sides with long hair on top.

14. Tapered Cut

A tapered haircut is a haircut with a short nape and side, and a lot of volume and length on top. The two fade together very naturally for a soft, round shaped haircut.

15. Textured Hair

Textured hair is very trendy right now with all men’s hair. With young boys and toddlers, a short textured look is easy to achieve with a bit of water or hair gel.

16. Afro French Crop

French crops are usually seen on young boys who have straight or slightly wavy hair. However, this hairstyle also looks great on little boys with afro-textured hair too!

17. Afro Mohawk

This version of the mohawk looks amazing with super curly hair. As a result, it’s a great choice for black toddlers and little boys with very curly hair that has a lot of height.

18. Asymmetrical Haircut

This hairstyle is the perfect choice for older, edgier boys. If they are starting to come into their own style and prefer a unique look, then this is a great choice!

19. Baby Bun

Toddlers can grow very long but very fine hair that is difficult to style. Tie it up in a practical man bun so your little guy can run around without any irritation.

20. Bald Fade

When it comes to short or shaved sides, you need to choose what fade you want. Bald fades are popular with toddlers because they are easy to manage and great for toddlers who are always on the go.

21. Beach Waves

Beach waves are a soft, gentle, and less unruly type of wavy hair. It works great for all hair lengths and is a neat way to style your son’s natural curls.

22. Bedhead Haircut

This haircut creates tall curls on the top of your son’s hair. They’re unruly and stick out at odd angles for an adorable bedhead appearance.

23. Bob

The bob is like the mop but styled with much straighter hair. With less layers and full fringe, the bob is a retro haircut that is making a comeback!

24. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut used to be a cringey haircut but now, it’s become a very popular hairstyle for boys with straight hair. So, why not try it out on your kid’s hair?

25. Box Braids

The adult version of this hairstyle is very popular with black men. It’s protective and also one of the coolest little boy’s haircuts out there!

26. Braided Top Knot

Your kid’s cornrows or braids don’t need to cover their entire head. Add some shaved sides and a top knot for a fresh but practical hairstyle they will love!

27. Brush Back

This style of hair is a great choice for boys and toddlers with longer hair who like the look of a quiff. The hair is brushed backwards to fall in waves behind the ears.

28. Buzz Cut

Some parents may think the buzz cut is too extreme of a haircut for young boys. However, it’s practical and a great idea for boys who are always on the move.

29. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a chic, modern haircut growing in popularity with teen boys and young men. As a result, it’s trickling down and becoming more popular with young boys too.

30. Choppy Layers

Layers come in all shapes and sizes, but this type of layers are short and are styled in different directions. This creates an edgier, sharper messy style.

31. Comb Over

The comb over is usually a haircut kept for men with very fine, balding hair – but it works great for toddlers too. If your toddler has very thin, fine hair, try a combover.

32. Cornrows

Cornrows are a protective style of hair that can be worn at any age. If you want your son’s hair to be practical, protected, and look very trendy – then cornrows are the perfect choice!

33. Crew Cut

The crew cut combines a lot of popular trends in current men’s haircuts like the short back and sides. This makes it a popular choice in little boys haircuts.

34. Curled Ends

This haircut is super cute on toddlers and young boys with very straight and fine hair. The gentle curls at the end of each strand of hair creates a halo-like effect around their head.

35. Curtains

Curtains are a classic 90s look that has become very popular thanks to the rise of long haircuts on men. They are also very cute on young boys who have long, wavy or straight hair.

36. Dapper Haircut

The perfect haircut for formal and special occasions is the dapper haircut. It’s neat and a great choice for toddlers and young boys with straight flat hair.

37. Diagonal Hard Part

This style of hard part is popular with black men and boys. Instead of looking like a regular straight parting, the hard part cuts diagonally across the top of the head for a crisp look.

38. Disconnected Cut

The disconnected cut is a much shorter version of the undercut. It provides a harsh contrast between the shaved sides of the head and the longer locks on top!

39. Disconnected Man Bun

The man bun is a popular adult haircut but for little boys who like to wear their hair long, it’s also a very trendy style to wear. Help them out with some product for a slick look!

40. Edge Up

41. Elephant Trunk

This hairstyle involves letting one or two soft curls fall onto the forehead. It’s an adorable feature that looks great on young boys and also toddlers.

42. Faux Hawk

The mohawk is an iconic haircut that is a little too long for young boys and toddlers. The faux hawk is a great way to capture the mohawk’s style without the length.

43. Flat Top

This retro-styled haircut is becoming a popular choice with young black boys. It’s stylish and trendy – and a great way to style very thick, coiled black hair.

44. French Crop

The French crop is another trendy hairstyle for men of all ages – including toddlers and young boys. It includes a trendy face and leaves long hair on top.

45. Fringe Cut

For young boys and toddlers with very fine hair, try out a classic fringe cut. It’s a low maintenance way to wear their hair in its natural texture.

46. Full Afro

Let those natural curls grow! A full afro with a lot of volume and weight on top looks super cute on little boys and toddlers!

47. Full Fringe

If your son’s hair is very thick and full, then a full fringe is a cute hairstyle to wear. It’s youthful and great for boy faces with large foreheads or an oval shape.

48. Full Mohawk

There aren’t many cool toddler haircuts but the full mohawk is definitely one. It’s a fun hairstyle for your toddler to wear and a great choice for parties.

49. Fuzzy Natural Curls

This haircut lets your toddler’s hair grow wild and free. His curls will become a soft, messy look on the top of his head to keep him cute as he grows!

50. Gentleman’s Haircut

This haircut is a smart, polished style that allows for a little volume on top. It’s not untruly or rebellious which makes it an ideal haircut for school days and formal events.

51. Hair Twists

Short hair twists are a cool hairstyle for young boys. It’s protective but also a great way to add shape and style to natural black hair.

52. Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle is a super cute one for young boys and toddlers with lots of long hair. It helps keep their hair out of their eyes while they play!

53. High Fade

High fades are a popular choice with active young boys who are into sports and running around. It leaves plenty of longer hair on top to style but keeps things practical.

54. Ivy League

This little boy’s haircut is the perfect choice for special occasions! It’s neat, formal, with only a little dishevelment to keep it trendy. It will make your son look like the perfect little gentleman.

55. Layers

If you want your little man to have a messy, textured hairstyle, then try adding layers to his haircut. This creates a natural messy look without any product or styling.

56. Long Hair

Longer locks are becoming a very trendy style with little boys. If you love how fine your toddler’s hair is – then grow it out and embrace it while you can!

57. Long Loose Hair

Another super cute haircut for little boys is very long hair. Let their long locks tumble past their shoulders for a gorgeous style that is all their own!

58. Low Fade

For little boys who prefer to wear their hair a little longer, a low fade is a great idea. It allows them to wear their hair a little longer without it getting impractical or irritating.

59. Medium Dreads

If you start your young man’s dreads at an early age, they can grow them out into a medium-length hairstyle when they are a little older. It’s a great style for young boys on the verge of teenage-hood.

60. Medium Length Hair

Medium length haircuts are a great compromise between style and practicality. They’re not too long to annoy your kid but long enough that they look sweet and cute.

61. Mini Elvis Quiff

The Elvis quiff is a very iconic hairstyle – and one that looks super cute on very young boys! It’s a very eye-catching look that young boys love for how cool and stylish it looks!

62. Mini Hawk

This miniature version of the mohawk is a popular haircut for toddlers. It’s super cute and a great way to showcase your little boy’s loud and energetic personality.

63. Mullet

This retro haircut has made a comeback with young men – and young boys are beginning to pick up on the trend. Some parents may think it’s too edgy but young boys love how wild it looks.

64. Overgrown

The overgrown look is a cute toddler haircut that works with toddlers who have a lot of thick hair. It has a lot of volume, lots of waves or curls, and an unruly style.

65. Pageboy

This is another long, uniform haircut that is very retro. However, it looks super cute on very young boys and toddlers – making it a popular choice with moms!

66. Party In The Front

This haircut is a popular choice for young boys who have very thick hair. It includes a huge quiff that hangs forward over the forehead, with a trendy fade and short sides.

67. Pompadour Style

The adult version of this haircut has taken men’s fashion by storm. As a result, a lot of young boys are starting to wear this cool haircut too!

68. Quiff

The quiff is a great option when it comes to styling the long top of your son’s haircut. It’s easy to style, youthful, and not too edgy or rebellious.

69. Regulation Cut

This haircut is an ideal choice for busy school days. It’s sharp, polished, and very practical – but with a high fade and hard part so it stays super trendy!

70. Shag

A shag haircut is a long hairstyle with lots of feathered layers. The ends flick in different directions, giving the haircut a very trendy messy look.

71. Shaved Sides, Afro Top

This disconnected cut looks great with coiled, black hair. As a result, it’s a fun haircut to try with little boys because it’s bursting with personality.

72. Shaved Waves

Similar to shaved lines, shaved waves are trendy decorative touches added to a boy’s haircut. Little boys love them because they look so fresh and cool!

73. Short Afro

For toddlers with very curly, coiled hair, a short afro is the perfect choice. It’s manageable but still a very cute toddler’s haircut that parents will love.

74. Short And Spiky

This type of haircut works for boys with super short, fine hair. It’s textured and creates a wild look all over the head. Plus, it’s a great practical haircut for school days.

75. Short Back

Like with short sides, a short back is also a very trendy type of haircut for boys of all ages. It’s also very practical for little boys because it’s less hair for them to worry about.

76. Short Curls

Because short sides and fades are so trendy with young boy haircuts, another great way to wear your son’s curls naturally is with this haircut. It’s low maintenance and super cute!

77. Short Mullet

The short mullet is a style of mullet most parents are happy to give to their young boys. It’s often the compromise for a full mullet – which is why it’s so popular at the moment.

78. Short Side Locks

This haircut splits your son’s hair into two sections. First, the short shaved side. The other side is left to grow in short but flowing locks.

79. Short Spikes

This type of haircut makes use of your toddler’s naturally fluffy hair. If they have parts of their hair that just won’t stay flat – embrace it and give them a short, spiky hairstyle!

80. Short Waves

Short waves are a style that is popular with men and boys with curly hair. It provides a cool ripple effect to the hair while keeping everything short and practical.

81. Side Brush

This hairstyle is one of the easiest cute toddler boy haircuts to achieve. Just cut your toddler’s hair short, and brush it gently to the side – it’s super cute and easy!

82. Side Fringe

The side fringe is a great way to style your toddler’s hair without making them uncomfortable. Just take a little hair gel and sweep their fringe to the side – it’s easy!

83. Side Part

Side partings are very trendy for boys and men of all ages. Pushing the hair to one side like this gives it a cool sense of style with little effort.

84. Side Spikes

This version of the fringe works great with long hair on top that is styled to be choppy and spiky. It’s a cool and edgy style that works great for your young boys.

85. Side-Swept Top With Short Sides

Short tides are very trendy, even with little boys and toddlers. This haircut takes the long hair on top of your toddler’s head and brushes it all to one side in a slick style.

86. Single Shaved Side

This haircut involves one side of the head shaved with a trendy fade – and the other with long sweeping locks of hair. It’s a mature haircut that looks so adorable on little boys and toddlers.

87. Spiky Hair

If you are looking for ways to style the longer hair on top of a fade, spiky hair is a good choice. It’s a great texture and adds a ton of personality to your little man’s appearance.

88. Starter Dreads

Another great protective hairstyle for young boys with coiled and curly hair is dreadlocks. Dreadlocks can start at a very young age and give your little man a very fresh hairstyle!

89. Subtle Hawk

This type of faux hawk works great with curly black hair. It features a faux hawk that is closer to a true mohawk, but is subtle thanks to the texture of the hair.

90. Surfer Waves

This hairstyle is ideal for little boys who have very thick, long hair. It’s adorable and one they can grow into with ease over the coming years.

91. Temple Fade

This type of fade starts around the temple, making it a cross between a low and high fade. It’s a popular choice for super short haircuts and for all kinds of hair textures.

92. Textured Bowl Cut

Not all bowl cuts are styled with super straight hair. More parents are adding layers and textured ends to their boy’s hair for a more natural but still super cute look.

93. Textured Fringe

Not all fringes need to be cut with a straight cut. This type of fringe is more textured and unruly, making it appear more natural and trendy.

94. Textured Quiff

Because unruly, messy hair is so trendy right now, a lot of young boys are messing up their quiffs. So, give them a textured quiff to get the style they want!

95. Top Knot And Fade

If your son’s hair is very thick but they like to wear it long, then this style may be the best compromise. The shaved sides help thin out their hair while leaving plenty of hair on top.

96. Triangle Quiff

This spiky type of quiff works great for toddlers with very thin, fine hair. It adds weight to the top of their head and comes to a sharp point.

97. Two Block Cut

A two block haircut is a lot like a tapered cut but without the general fade. The two layers are very separate, creating a harsher contrast.

98. Undercut

The undercut is a great way to combine short sides and a short back in one cool boy’s haircut. It’s practical, stylish, and leaves plenty of hair on top for your son to style as he likes!

99. Wavy Hair

Textured hair is very trendy with little boys and so, if your kid’s hair is naturally wavy – embrace the waves! Let them grow on the top of the head for a stylish look.

100. Wispy Fringe

This type of fringe is great for thin hair. It’s easy to see through and provides a thin but textured style to your son’s hair for a trendy look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep My 2 Year Old Calm During His Haircut?

Distracting your toddler is the top method used by parents to help keep their child calm during their haircuts. You will want to make sure your toddler is as comfortable as possible.

Talk to them, sing, or bring a toy they can play with. A tablet or phone with a child-friendly video or movie is a great way to keep them calm during their haircut.

What Can I Use To Cut My Child’s Hair?

If you want to cut your own child’s hair at home, then you will need a few tools.

The most obvious is a pair of barber’s scissors (not just any pair of scissors) and a comb. You may also want to use a spray bottle with water to help dampen the hair, and some shears if you plan on shaving parts of the hair or giving the child a fade.

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