100 Best Haircuts For Women (Trending Hairstyles in 2023)

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100 Best Haircuts For Women (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Haircuts For Women?

When trying to find the perfect hairstyle for you, you don’t just have to follow the trends. Some haircuts work better with certain textures over others, while some hairstyles help flatter specific face shapes but not others.

So, to find your perfect hairstyle, you need to consider many different factors. Here are lots of different but trendy haircuts for you to consider. Keep in mind your hair texture, your face shape, and your own style – and you will find the perfect haircut for you!

Check out the haircuts below so that next time you visit the hair salon, you can tell your professional hairstylist exactly what look you are after.

1. Butterfly Haircut

A butterfly haircut is another type of long haircut that adds flowing, gentle ends. They look very similar to feathered ends but start much further down the hair.

2. Dyed Dreads

If you want to wear dreadlocks, then shake up your look by dip-dying those dreads! It’s a great way to add some vibrant colors to your look and better convey your style and personality.

3. Short Bob

There are lots of different types of bob cuts but one of the most extreme is the short bob. This cuts the hair around the cheekbone – making it incredibly short and chic.

4. Afro Bangs

A lot of bangs are styled with straight or textured hair – but curls can work too! These afro-textured bangs are a great way to style your curly hair in a loud, trendy way.

5. Afro Mohawk

The modern mohawk is becoming a really trendy look but a lot of women are curling their hair to wear this haircut. So, if you have coiled hair, try to shape it into a mohawk!

6. Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a type of bob cut where one side is shorter than the other. It’s quirky and edgy, and a very modern take on this classic hairstyle.

7. Baby Hairs

For black women, baby hairs are an iconic way to style the small hairs around your hairline. They work great with a lot of shorter haircuts – so try them out!

8. Beach Waves

For girls who live outdoors, why not try a beach waves hairstyle? It’s a very free hairstyle with lots of loose waves that look gorgeous in the summer sun!

9. Blonde Highlights

When it comes to color, highlights are all the rage. They help brighten up your natural hair – so add some blonde highlights to create a whole new look!

10. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs work great if you have a long, blunt haircut. They are very straight and sharp, with little transition from bangs to hair – perfect for blocky modern hairstyles!

11. Blunt Bob

When it comes to how your bob hairstyle is cut, you have two main choices – a blunt bob or a wispy bob. A blunt bob is very straight and clean.

12. Bowl Cut

This haircut used to be an outdated look that was laughed at in school picture books. However, in recent years, it’s become a trendy hairstyle for both men and women!

13. Braided Ponytail

Braids are a great way to control and manage your hair in a really cool way. However, all those braids can easily get in your way – so tie them up in a really cool ponytail!

14. Braided Top Knot

If a ponytail is not your style, then tie up your long braids in a cute top knot. It’s a super trendy look that is great for day-to-day summer wear!

15. Butterfly Cornrows

Another creative way to design your cornrows includes sectioning your braids to make a butterfly design. This style is ideal for young girls and women because it’s so cute!

16. Buzz Cut

This haircut is the ultimate one for women wanting a low-maintenance short haircut. It leaves you with nothing to style – so it’s the best choice for someone who wants to put no effort into their hair every day!

17. Charlize Theron Short Cut

Charlize Theron has a huge social media following and many women look to her for trendy new haircuts. Her short cut became one of her most iconic haircuts due to its very different look!

18. Chevron Nape

This style of undercut is a very stylish way to decorate the short back of your hairstyle. It’s very hipster and a great choice for all kinds of short hairstyles!

19. Chin-Length Bob

A cross between a short bob and a lob is the chin-length bob. This is one of the most popular bob haircuts because it’s not too extreme nor too long to not look like a classic bob.

20. Choppy Layers

If you have natural waves, then getting a messy hairstyle is easy. For women with straight hair, you may need to manufacture those waves by adding some choppy layers!

21. Colored Bangs

This type of hair dyeing style has become really popular in recent years. It’s similar to the two-block style but only colors your bangs!

22. Comb Over

If you have a short or medium-length haircut, then a comb over is a great way to style your hair. It’s also a good option for mature women with fine, thin hair.

23. Curled Ends

Curled ends are a beautiful way to style your hair if you have very straight, long hair. It helps shake up your look for formal occasions.

24. Curled Pompadour

The pompadour leaves a lot of hair on the top of your head. Why not try styling that hair into something classic and gorgeous like with this curled style?

25. Curly Bowl Cut

Women with wavy and curly hair rejoice – the bowl cut looks even trendier when worn with your hair texture! Now is the perfect time to try this hairstyle out!

26. Curly Mullet

Mullets are traditionally cut and styled with straight hair. However, you shouldn’t have to straighten your natural curls – wear them with pride with a curly mullet instead!

27. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a great way to frame and flatter your face. This is especially true if you have a wide forehead with a thin jawline – but avoid anything too blunt!

28. Dark Roots

Another way women are adding more color to their hair is to sport dark roots. Dark roots add volume and depth to your hair – so try them out to completely change your whole look!

29. Deva Haircut

The deva haircut is a popular choice for women with very thick, very curly hair. This haircut is all about working with your hair’s natural curl pattern for a flawless look.

30. Diagonal Parting

This type of parting is slowly becoming more and more popular. It’s a quirky, chic way to part your hair and it works great with flat, slick hairstyles.

31. Dip-Dye

Dip dye hairstyle involves allowing your hair to fade from its natural shade to a totally new color. You can go for another natural color – or let your personality shine with something vibrant!

32. Disconnected Undercut

With an undercut, the hair fades gradually into the hair on top. With a disconnected undercut, the contrast is sharp and instant. This makes it a much edgier choice.

33. Double Dutch Braids

Do you know what’s better than a Dutch braid? Two Dutch braids! Double Dutch braids are a messy, casual hairstyle that is beloved by younger women today.

34. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a great choice for women with coiled hair. This is because dreadlocks are protective, and low-maintenance, and they are great for making your hair more manageable.

35. Dutch Braid

Dutch braids may be complex to do yourself, but they are also extremely beautiful and ideal for rustic weddings and outdoor events. So, why not give this hairstyle a try?

36. Face Framing Bangs

Similar to curtain bangs, this style of bangs are a lot thinner and longer. They are used to frame the entire face and work great with medium to long length haircuts.

37. Feathered Haircut

A feathered haircut is a neat way to introduce layers to your hairstyle. They are softer and fall in gentle wavy ends, either from the top of your temple or your jawline.

38. French Braid

The French braid is probably the most popular type of braid worn by women with straight hair. It’s practical but also very decorative and beautiful – but it takes a lot of practice to perfect!

39. Full Afro

Having coiled and afro-textured hair is nothing to be ashamed of. More and more women are beginning to embrace their natural hair and wear it with pride. Why not do the same?

40. Full Bangs

If you have very thick hair, then don’t worry – you can rock full bangs with no issue! They’re a great way to frame your features and help flatter oval shaped faces.

41. Gentle Curls

Gentle curls are the next step down from princess curls in terms of texture. However, some women prefer how loose and casual they are. This makes them a better choice for day-to-day wear.

42. German Braid

A German braid is an ideal choice for women looking for a way to decorative up-do. It’s super cute and a great choice for women of all ages.

43. Graduation Cut

A graduation haircut is a cut where the weight of the hair is built up at the top of the head. It’s a great look for older women who want a low maintenance haircut.

44. Hair Puffs

Hair puffs are the afro-hair answer to space buns. They are just as cute and summery, and work great for young black women who want the perfect hairstyle this summer.

45. Hair Tendrils

Tendrils are a great way to frame your face without growing a full set of bangs. They should be grown long and work with straight, wavy, or gentle curly hair.

46. Half-Shaved Side

You don’t have to shave the entire side of your head for a very edgy look. Some women only shave around their temples and ears for a more rebellious appearance.

47. Heart Cornrows

Get creative with your cornrows and try sectioning your braids into amazing designs. This design involves making hearts out of your cornrows for a super cute look!

48. High Bun

The high bun is the low bun’s younger, more fun cousin. It’s practical but its messy, casual style makes it a very popular hairstyle during hot summers.

49. High Ponytail

Ariana Grande really left a mark on fashion when she started wearing her iconic high ponytail. Today, it’s still a trendy way to wear your super-long straight hair!

50. High Up Half Down

This hairstyle is a very trendy Y2K look that has been given a new lease of life. It works great with shoulder-length hair and it’s super easy to do yourself!

51. Long Blunt Cut

For a modern long haircut, then try out a long blunt cut. It works great with women who have straight hair and want their haircut to create a professional look.

52. Long Bob

The long bob, or the ‘lob’, is a great option for women who want a low-maintenance haircut but don’t like how short a classic bob is. It’s a happy medium.

53. Long Half Up Half Down

This gorgeous hairstyle is incredibly popular for formal occasions like prom or weddings. It allows you to show off your beautiful hair in full while keeping things practical.

54. Long Two Block Haircut

This type of long haircut takes inspiration from the two-block haircut. There is a top, shorter layer that seamlessly transitions into a much longer lower layer. It’s effective and great for thinning thick hair.

55. Loose Cornrows

Those braided cornrows don’t have to stay braided all the way to the end. Either your stitch in extensions or just let your cornrows flow loose, this style can really change your look!

56. Low Bun

A low bun is a mature hairstyle that works for all kinds of professional and formal occasions. It’s also a practical way to keep your hair out of your face throughout the day!

57. Major Quiff

The quiff is a popular alternative to styling your hair with bangs. They’re also very popular with women who have shorter haircuts with long hair on top.

58. Medium Half Up Half Down

You don’t necessarily need to have super long hair for a half up half down style. Those with medium-length hair can also rock this do too!

59. Medium-Length Hair

When it comes to trendy hair lengths, medium-length hair is easily the most popular – and for good reason! It’s easy to maintain and leaves plenty of hair for fun styles!

60. Messy Shag

Messy haircuts are all the rage and so, one of the most popular modern hairstyles is the messy shag. It features lots of waves and wispy ends and looks great with bangs.

61. Middle Parting

Having a middle parting has been a dominant trend for many years now – and it’s not slowing down! If you want to look youthful and stay on trend, a middle parting is a must!

62. Mini Braids

This hairstyle involves adding lots of little braids to your long haircut. It adds more personality and character while requiring little product or effort.

63. Minor Quiff

Don’t have a lot of hair on top for styling? Then don’t worry – you can still pull off a minor quiff with little effort! Plus, the end result is stylish and edgy.

64. Mullet

The mullet may be seen as an outdated look for some, but many younger women are wearing this type of haircut in recent years. It’s a retro haircut that’s found a new modern look!

65. Pageboy

More and more retro haircuts are finding new life today and one of them is the pageboy. The pageboy is a short, sleek bob from the 70s.

66. Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut is a very trendy look that has been around for many years. It’s low maintenance, cute and quirky so it’s a great choice for many women.

67. Pompadour

The pompadour haircut is a popular trend with men but it also works great with women’s fashion too! It’s longer than some other traditional short haircuts and is easy to maintain.

68. Princess Curls

Princess curls are exactly what they sound like – they are a waterfall of beautiful, gentle curls! They are a popular pick for brides and bridesmaids as they are captivating to look at.

69. Razored Haircut

A razor haircut cuts your hair with a straight-edge razor, which results in textured, wispy hair. It’s a very edgy haircut that is popular with chic, modern women.

70. Shagget

A shagget is a cross between a shag hairstyle and a classic mullet. It’s messy, with lots of layers and texture to create a new type of haircut!

71. Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers are very trendy because they can help make very boring haircuts come alive with texture and character. They’re also great for women with round or oval faces.

72. Shaved Lines

If you love the easy maintenance of a super short haircut like a buzz cut but would like something more decorative and less plain – then try adding some shaved lines! You can add any creative designs you like!

73. Shaved Side

The shaved side haircut is a very edgy look that is great for women with very thick hair. It’s a very good choice if you want a different look.

74. Short Blunt Bangs

This style of blunt bangs is cut much higher up the forehead than regular blunt bangs. They are great for retro haircuts like mullets or bobs.

75. Short Curls

Curls can take a lot of work to maintain and care for. As a result, short curls are becoming a very popular trend. They are just as cute but without all the maintenance.

76. Short Pixie Cut

If you want a shorter haircut, then try out a very short pixie cut. This haircut is the perfect choice for those looking for a low maintenance haircut.

77. Short Textured Bangs

Another great type of short bangs is the textured bangs. They are much more messy and inconsistent than blunt bangs, which makes them ideal for very messy haircuts.

78. Side Parting

If you have a widow’s peak, a middle parting can be tricky to pull off. As a result, a lot of women still wear side partings – and make them work!

79. Side-Swept Bangs

For women with a strong side parting, why not try some side-swept bangs? They are a great way to flatter round faces with wide cheeks and soft edges.

80. Silver Highlights

Older women usually feel like they have to dye their gray hair but today, younger women are even dying their hair silver! So, sport those silver highlights for a trendy look.

81. Slick Back

A slick back hairstyle is a chic and modern way to tame your hair. If you don’t like the tousled or messy look, then a slick back is a perfect choice for you.

82. Space Buns

This hairstyle is a classic often seen at summer parties and festivals. It’s cute and youthful, which makes it perfect for younger women and teenagers living life to the full.

83. Stacked Curls

Take your curls and stack them up on your head – it’s a popular trend that is taking over social media. The more tight corkscrew curls you have, the better the look!

84. Straight Cornrows

Cornrows are another protective type of hairstyle that works great for black women. However, they are more decorative and versatile when it comes to length and style.

85. Tapered Haircut

Tapered haircuts are popular with modern men but they’re also becoming more popular with women looking for a shorter haircut. It has more hair on top and slowly fades and thins down the head.

86. The Billie Eilish

A celebrity known for her iconic haircut is Billie Eilish. Although she has had many popular hairstyles, this shaggy haircut has been a roaring success and a favorite with many!

87. The Miley Cyrus

Out of all the trendy haircuts you see on social media, Miley Cyrus definitely has one of the trendiest. Her shaggy haircut may be done by a professional hairstylist but it’s one you can easily re-create!

88. Tight Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, then good news – tight curls are in! They help bring a lot of volume and character to other types of haircuts, so wear them with pride!

89. Tousled Hair

Although messy hair is very popular and trendy, it can come across as unprofessional. A good medium is a tousled hairstyle, which is only slightly messy.

90. Two Block Haircut

This type of haircut is more common in men but it also works great for women who want a shorter haircut. It features very short sides and longer hair on top for styling.

91. Two-Tone Hair

This hairstyle involves dying a block of your hair a completely different color from the rest. Some popular combinations include green and black, or light blonde and black.

92. Undercut

An undercut is a type of haircut that leaves more hair on the top of your head, but closely cuts the back and sides. It’s popular with men – but also with women who love short haircuts.

93. Upside Down Dutch Buns

This hairstyle is a great alternative to the festival-favorite space buns! It involves braiding your Dutch braids upside down and turning the ends into two adorable space buns on the top of your head!

94. Wavy Bob

Most bobs are cut and styled to be straight and neat – but messy hair has become more trendy in recent years. As a result, more bobs are becoming wavy and textured.

95. Wet Hair

The wet hair look may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that this is a very popular trend. It leaves your hair with a very controlled, maintained but sexy look.

96. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are great for women who have very thin or fine hair. They can help hide a large forehead and blend with longer hairstyles with ease.

97. Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a wild wooden haircut with lots of shag and waves. It’s very disconnected but shares a lot of similarities with the shag and mullet.

98. Y2K

This hairstyle is a real blast from the past as it takes inspiration from the very early 2000s. It works great with longer haircuts and all you need is plenty of hair bands!

99. Y2K Bunches

This is another Y2K hairstyle that has made a recent comeback. It gives real Bratz vibes and works great with hair tendrils and gentle curls – but you’ll want to have very thick hair to pull this off!

100. Zig Zag Parting

This type of parting has become popular thanks to the rising trend of Y2K fashion. Join it with some messy space buns and you will have a classic early 2000s look!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Haircut For Women With Round Faces?

Women with round faces should try out some shaggy hairstyles with choppy layers, wispy bangs, and wavy textures to help flatter their face shape. The trick is to offset the roundness of your face by framing your face properly.

What Kind Of Haircut Makes You Look Younger?

Haircuts that introduce long layers and off-center partings are a great way to make your face appear naturally younger. Those who want to look more mature should try to wear center partings and straight, blunt-cut haircuts.

What Hair Products Are Best For Hair Styling?

What products you need depends on how you want to style your hair. For example, a sea salt spray helps add texture for messy and unruly hairstyles. Mousse helps thicken your hair for extra volume.

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