100 Trendy Curtain Bangs (For All Hair Types)

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100 Trendy Curtain Bangs (For All Hair Types)

Do Trendy Curtain Bangs Work For All Hair Types?

Curtain bangs are a trendy hairstyle for women (and men) because it’s one of the few hairstyles that work for all hair types. This means if you have straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair (and super curly hair) – you can still wear curtain bangs!

However, there are lots of trendy ways to wear curtain bangs. Here we have gathered tons of trendy curtain bangs hairstyles across all hair types.

Check them out below to find the best curtain bang hairstyle for you! Think carefully about your hair type, your face shape, and how the rest of your hair will be styled!

1. Soft Curtain Bangs

Not all curtain bangs are cut with straight, even edges. Soft curtain bangs are feathered, uneven, and appear more natural. They’re a great choice if you want a gentled look.

2. Alexa Chung Curtain Bangs

Alexa Chung sports an amazing set of curtain bangs. They are wide set, flashing a lot of forehead, but the layers perfectly frame her brilliant gray eyes and draw them out.

3. Angel Wings

These curtain bangs are super short but they are styled with some trendy wings. This has earned this style of curtain bangs the nickname ‘angel wings’ because they’re so small and cute!

4. Ariana Grande Curtain Bangs

Ariana Grande has always been a trend-setter when it comes to hairstyles. Her version of the curtain bangs has become hugely popular on social media – they’re long, even, and cute!

5. Asymmetrical Curtains

Asymmetrical curtains are a type of curtain bangs that are skewed in some way. It would be due to skillful irregular layering, or due to an off-center parting.

6. Baby Curtain Bangs

Baby curtain bangs are very, very short. They sit much closer to the hairline and can either be cut with a blunt straight edge or with a softer feathered look.

7. Back And Forth

This angel wings style is combined with a lower inverted version of the curtain bangs to create a new, unique look. It works great with longer hairstyles as well as neat bobs!

8. Bandana Bun With Curtain Bangs

A bandana is a handy accessory that can help you keep your hair out of your face. This look is inspired by classic 60s hairdos and works great with natural curls.

9. Bardot Haircut

This hairstyle was a huge trend during the 1960s and 70s – and now it’s come back in style. It’s a big hair-do that is incomplete without its iconic set of heavy winged bangs.

10. Barely There Curtain Bangs

These subtle types of bangs are purposefully styled to blend seamlessly into your hairline. They are wide, thin, and easy to hide if you ever want a quick change of style.

11. Big Afro With Curtain Bangs

Big hairstyles are in fashion and one of the biggest is the classic large afro. This hairstyle looks great on black women – and a set of wide curtain bangs can help you frame your face in a flattering way.

12. Blended Curtain Bangs With Straight Ends

This modern hairstyle blends your curtain bangs seamlessly into your haircut without a single break. This is a great face-framing technique for diamond faces or rectangular faces.

13. Block Dyed Curtain Bangs

Try adding some vibrant color to your hairstyle by dying your curtain bangs! You can leave the rest of your hair its natural color (or try something new) and use your bangs to shake up your look!

14. Bohemian Bangs

This long type of curtain bang requires some classic box braids and feed-in extensions. This combination of thin braids and loose strands of curls creates a beautiful bohemian look that works great with curtain bangs.

15. Braided Curtain Bangs

Protective hairstyles like box braids are usually styled with no bangs at all. But, with careful planning, black women can style their braids into their own unique version of the classic curtain bangs!

16. Braided Curtain Bangs

A lot of fun Y2K hairstyles have come back into fashion for their quirkiness. This hairstyle takes your classic long curtain bangs and braids them into a whole new look!

17. Brigitte Bardot Curtain Bangs

Another set of beautiful curtain bangs comes from Brigette Bardot. Her soft, gentle curtain bangs fell slightly over the eyes for a romantic yet enigmatic look.

18. Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs

A classic butterfly hair cut is long with swooping layers and ends, creating a very dramatic but beautiful look. As a result, they work amazingly well with long curtain bangs!

19. Classic Y2K

This quirky and alternative hairstyle has it all – space buns, braids, mini braids, and of course, curtains! These sharp, straight bangs are a great way to frame your face!

20. Coiled Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can be a tricky style to pull off if you are a black woman with naturally coiled hair. However, it’s not impossible – just add layers to your bangs so they stand out!

21. Coiled Curtain Fringe

Afro-textured hair can still be styled into a trendy set of bangs. With the right stylist and clever layering, black women too can rock the curtain fringe look!

22. Cowlick Curtains

Cowlicks can make styling your hair very difficult – but with a middle parting and some curtain bangs, your cowlick can help create an even, winged look that is gorgeous!

23. Crop Mop With Curtain Bangs

This unruly look is a popular choice thanks to its trendy messy texture. Add some classic bardot-style curtain bangs to make it more feminine and better suited for your round face shape.

24. Curled Ends

Curled ends to your curtain bangs can help them look more elegant for special occasions. Either sport your natural curls or grab a curling iron to get that corkscrew style!

25. Curly Bob With Gentle Curtains

Because textured hair is so popular, a lot of women are wearing bob hairstyles with lots of corkscrew curls. These curls even extend to their curtain bangs for a complete look!

26. Curly Curtain Bangs

If you have curly hair, then good news – you too can rock a set of trendy curtain bangs! There’s no need to use hot tools to straighten out your hair. Wear those curls with pride!

27. Curly Curtain Bangs Up-Do

Buns are a popular hairstyle for all hair types, and curtain bangs are another hairstyle that works with all hair textures, including super curly hair! Join the two together for a chic look!

28. Curly Curtain Tendrils

This type of curtain bangs are very long and thin – and work great with up-dos like ponytails and buns. Curled ends add a little texture for additional style and character.

29. Curtain Bangs With Braid

One of the best ways to style your hair in an elegant way is to braid it. Curtain bangs can help frame your face in a flattering way while you wear this classic hairstyle!

30. Curtain Bangs With Layered Hair

You don’t have to rely on your curtain bangs for a layered look. Add layers to your overall hairstyle for a gorgeous, feathered look that is Instagram-worthy!

31. Curtain Bangs With Long Straight Hair

This is one of the chicest hairstyles out there – and it looks great when paired with some long straight curtain bangs! They help break up the monotony of your hairstyle too!

32. Curtain Bangs With Neat Bob

This cute hairstyle keeps your hair short and practical while staying stylish and chic! If you want a modern look with your curtain bangs, try out this style!

33. Curtain Bangs With Pigtails

This super cute hairstyle is great if you want that Y2K look. Adding short curtain bangs is also a great way to frame your face and carry on the symmetry of the pigtails.

34. Curtain Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a great protective hairstyle for black women, and they look great when styled into curtain bangs. Plan ahead with your stylist to get this trendy look!

35. Curtain Fringe

Some curtain bangs are combined with a classic fringe for a fuller look. It’s a great way to frame a long or oval face shape and still rock a trendy set of curtain bangs!

36. Cute Thick Curtain Fringe

This style of curtain fringe is super thick and almost looks like a regular set of bangs. However, the cute little parting helps add some symmetry to flatter your face!

37. Dakota Johnson Curtain Bangs

Dakota Johnson’s version of the curtain bangs is great for messy up-dos. The ends are gently curled and wispy, and gently flow from a traditional choppy fringe that looks modern but elegant.

38. Dark Roots

Dark roots can completely transform your look and create a sharp contrast with the ends of your hair. They’re a great way to play with color and look great with curtain bangs!

39. Drape Bangs

Drape bangs are a style of curtain bangs that are better suited for longer haircuts and hairstyles. They are longer, more glamorous, and very easy to style with a blow dryer and a round brush!

40. Dyed Curtain Dreadlocks

The dreadlock curtain bang look is a fresh and modern look, but why stick to your hair’s natural color? Add some honey blonde to your hair to really emphasize its style!

41. Elegant Bun With Curtain Bangs

The bun and curtain bang combo is a great hairstyle to wear to formal events. Leave the messy look for everyday wear – and save this hairstyle for those important occasions!

42. Farrah Fawcett Curtain Bangs

Hair was big in the 1970s – and it was no different when it came to curtain bangs. However, big hair is back in fashion so one celebrity to take inspiration from is Farrah Fawcett.

43. French Bob With Curtains

A French bob is an extreme hairstyle that cuts the hair level with the cheekbones. It works well with a full set of bangs – or a set of thick curtains too!

44. Full Ear Tuck

This trendy look takes your long curtain bangs and tucks them neatly behind the ears, flattening them down. The rest of your hair can be styled as you please (but it works best with an updo).

45. Glossed Curtain Bangs

If you have super curly hair, then try taming your hair with some hair product to create a wet, glossy set of curtain bangs. They’re modern and look great with a curly do.

46. Goldie Hawn Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can work no matter your age. Just check out Goldie Hawn – this actress looks great with her long, swooping curtain bangs and long blonde hair!

47. Halle Berry Curtain Bangs

Iconic actress Halle Berry has also been seen wearing her own set of curtain bangs. They are wide, full, and very short – but work great at flattering her voluminous hairstyle!

48. High Ponytail With Curtain Bangs

One of the trendiest up-do hairstyles is the high ponytail. It’s classy and modern, and a super cute hairstyle for young women and teens. It looks great with a neat set of curtain bangs.

49. Highlights

Highlights are one of the best hair trends so it makes sense to add some to your trendy curtain bangs. It’s also a safe way to dye your hair if this is your first time experimenting with color.

50. Hilary Duff Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a great way to highlight your eyes or flatter your cheekbones. Just check out Hilary Duff’s curtain bangs and how well these long, even curtain bangs work!

51. Inverted Curtain Bangs

Not all curtain bangs style their flicky ends to point outwards. Some turn inwards for an edgier, choppier style that is great with a lot of straight, modern haircuts!

52. Jane Birkin Curtain Bangs

The French Girl hair trend has taken the world by storm and one huge inspiration for this trend is Jane Birkin. Her curtain bangs are long and wispy – perfect for a classic French girl look!

53. Jennifer Lopez Curtain Bangs

A great place to look for inspiration when it comes to hairstyles is celebrities. Jennifer Lopez has a very shaggy but stylish set of curtain bangs that looks great with long, wavy hair.

54. Kaley Cuoco Curtain Bangs

If you have very straight hair, then checkout Kayley Cuoco’s super straight and edgy curtain bangs. They were very thin but were expertly styled to frame her face!

55. Korean Curtain Bangs

This beautiful and delicate hairstyle is a huge trend across the world, but it first started out in South Korea. It features long curly locks, wispy and gentle curtain bangs, with a slightly off-center parting.

56. Layered Bangs

Face-framing layers are a great way to flatter your facial features. This is especially true if you have a round face shape that needs breaking up around the cheekbones.

57. Lob With Curtain Bangs

A long bob (or ‘lob’) is a short, fresh haircut that is beloved by young women and teens. It works great with wispy or long curtain bangs that blend seamlessly into the blunt ends.

58. Long Baby Hair Curtains

Whether or not you can get this look depends on how long your baby hairs are. If they are extra long, then good news – you can use them to create a full curtain bangs look!

59. Long Blunt Curtain Bangs

For a sharp, edgy look, try blunt bangs. This type of curtain bang is cut with a straight edge that is very blunt (hence the name), giving it a very unique style.

60. Long Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs come in all different lengths – and one of the most popular types is very long curtain bangs. These feature one layer for most of the face before feathering off around the jawline.

61. Low Bun With Curtain Bangs

The low bun is the perfect hairstyle if you want a cross between a classy hairstyle and something casual. It’s bohemian with a touch of elegant style all topped off with a set of curtain bangs!

62. Low Ponytail With Curtain Bangs

Low ponytails are very easy to do and super practical – so they’re a very popular hairstyle for a lot of women. They also look cute with some long curtain bangs!

63. M-Shaped Curtain Bangs

These curtain bangs are voluminous and dramatic. They swirl upwards and sit close to the center part – creating a giant ‘M’ shape above your hairline! It’s the perfect style for women with thick, voluminous hair!

64. Messy Bob With Curtain Bangs

Messy hair is currently a super trendy look. So, more and more women are wearing their bob haircuts (and curtain bangs) with lots of texture to stay on trend!

65. Messy Bun With Curtain Bangs

An easy way to tie up your hair is to style it into a trendy messy bun. Add some curtain bangs to help frame and flatter your face, and you have a look that is cute and practical!

66. Messy Curtain Bangs

Messy, unruly hairstyles are very trendy and as a result, lots of women wear a messy type of fringe. This includes messy curtain bangs – they’re great for natural hairstyles!

67. Middle Part

A lot of curtain bangs are parted down the middle for a drawn-curtain style. As a result, they’re the perfect style to go with a trendy and modern center part.

68. Mullet With Curtain Bangs

A full blunt fringe is not a good look for everyone. As a result, a lot of women who love the practical, rebellious mullet cut are sporting it with some classy curtain bangs instead!

69. Peeping Curtain Bangs

Some curtain bangs are styled to be so thick, full, and long that you can barely see through them! These peeping curtain bangs are mysterious and enigmatic – and pretty sexy!

70. Pixie Cut With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can work with nearly any hair length. If you love the short, practical, yet cute pixie cut, then try it out with a stylish set of curtain bangs.

71. Pointed Curtain Bangs

Similar to the classic M shape curtain bangs, pointed curtain bangs have a lot of volume around the hairline. However, the bangs don’t split until further down the forehead for a very alternative style.

72. Shag Haircut With Curtain Bangs

shag haircut is a popular style for punks and rebels. It works great with a set of thick curtain bangs with winged tips, and the shorter, the better!

73. Shaggy Bob With Curtain Bangs

If you prefer an edgy, choppy appearance then try combining some choppy curtain bangs with a shaggy bob. Shaggy bobs are longer, straighter, and have very blunt layers.

74. Sheer Curtain Fringe

Sheer curtain fringes are very similar to traditional wispy curtain bangs but shorter and thinner. The hair bridging the two curtains is barely noticeable – hence the ‘sheer’ name.

75. Short Afro With Curtain Bangs

Wear your natural curls with pride! More and more women are embracing their curly or coiled hair, and a simple set of curtain bangs can complete the look!

76. Short Baby Hair Curtains

A lot of black women flatten the baby hairs around their hairline into cute curls and designs. Some even use these hairs to create a modern, chic version of curtain bangs!

77. Short Blunt Curtain Bangs

A more modern but less alternative style of blunt curtain bangs is to wear them short. They fall in line with your eyebrows and help frame small, thin faces.

78. Side Part

Curtain bangs don’t always need to be even. Having a side parting will leave you with a set of beautiful side-swept bangs to frame your face in a curtain effect!

79. Side-Swept Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle combines classic side-swept bangs with a curtain style. This creates an uneven type of curtain bang with one side longer than the other as it has fewer layers.

80. Space Buns With Curtains

Space buns are the ultimate cutesy, summer festival hairstyle. They’re incredibly popular but some women don’t like to leave their face unframed and open – so curtains fix that!

81. Straight Across Curtain Fringe

Some traditional bangs are cut with a blunt straight edge. This type of curtain bangs takes inspiration from a straight-across fringe and subtly adds a layered dip on either end.

82. Straight Curtain Bangs

For women with straight hair, it can feel like their hairstyles are monotonous and require a lot of styling to be interesting. Curtain bangs are a great way to break up that monotony.

83. Straight Curtain Tendrils

This style of curtain bangs are much thinner and longer than other traditional styles. Their layers are much shorter and happen further down the bangs – giving them a ‘loose strand’ look.

84. Straight Ends

Choosing what to do with the ends of your curtain bangs is a big decision. If you have very straight hair, then straight ends can help seamlessly blend your bangs with the rest of your hair.

85. Subtle Curtain Bangs

This type of curtain bang is very different because they look almost exactly like traditional bangs. However, the direction of how the hair falls makes it a subtle type of curtain bang.

86. Swooping Side Curtain Bangs

This dramatic style of curtain bangs allows one side to grow long and wide. It completely covers one eye for a chic hairstyle – but it can be annoying!

87. Symmetrical Curtain Bangs

A lot of traditional curtain bang styles are symmetrical. This means that each side of your curtains is equal in length and width for an even face-framing effect.

88. The Ear Tuck

Most traditional curtain bangs are supposed to blend in with your hairstyle. However, tucking your hair behind your ears and letting your bangs fall forward can give you a very youthful appearance!

89. The Wednesday Look

Jenna Ortega brought her trendy curtain bangs to complete her look as Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix series. This braided look is also very practical and has a cute, everyday hairstyle!

90. Thick Bangs

If you have very thick hair, then wear your curtain bangs long and thick! These work great with voluminous hairstyles and can help soften your features and flatter your face.

91. Top Knot Curtain Bangs

Top knots are a super cute type of bun that women love. They are not only practical, but they look great – especially with a set of curtain bangs to frame your face!

92. Two-Dye Curtain Bangs

It’s always fun to experiment with color in your hair – and curtain bangs can be dyed for some really cool hairstyles! This idea dyes each side a totally different color.

93. V-Shaped Curtain Bangs

If your hair doesn’t have a lot of natural volume, then good news – there’s a style of curtain bangs that work well with your hair type. These v-shaped curtain bangs sit flat across your forehead for a sleek look.

94. Wavy Curtain Bangs

Having natural waves means that you can use your hair’s texture to your advantage when it comes to styling. Wavy curtain bangs look great because they look a little messy – which is a hot trend right now!

95. Wide Curtain Bangs

This type of curtain bangs are super wide – and the first layer doesn’t even touch your face! They perfectly circle your face so it’s fully framed and not an inch of your forehead is covered!

96. Winged Ends

This style of curtain bangs flicks the end of the bangs into a long, single curl that stretches back to your ears. It’s dramatic, and a great choice if you have a voluminous, layered haircut!

97. Wispy Bangs

Curtain bangs can also vary in thickness. If you have thin hair, then you can rock a set of wispy curtain bangs. They are lighter and very messy which makes them super trendy!

98. Wispy Curtain Fringe

You don’t need a thick fringe for the curtain fringe look. If you have thin hair, then you can try a wispy curtain fringe instead to suit your hair type!

99. Wispy Ends

For a more natural look to your curtain bangs, try a wispy style for the ends. They are feathered roughly for a messy look that is currently super trendy with women!

100. Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

The wolf cut is a very trendy hairstyle that is a cross between a shag cut and a classic mullet. It’s long, layered, and incredibly unruly – and works great with winged curtain bangs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Face Shape Is Best For Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs are very versatile and because they can come in all shapes and sizes, they can be adjusted to flatter every face shape.

Longer faces (oval face shapes and rectangle face shapes) benefit from the full fringe-curtain bangs combo seen on the likes of Dakota Johnson.

On the other hand, softer round faces work better with more textured, wispy curtain bangs to help flatter their cheekbones. If you have a heart-shaped face, then aim for a swooping set of curtain bangs to help balance your wide forehead.

What Tools Do You Need To Style Curtain Bangs?

What tools you need to style your curtain bangs all comes down to what kind of curtain bangs you want.

If you want to curl or twist your curtain bangs, you will need a curling iron. For straight curtain bangs, use a flat iron or comb (again, depending on how straight your natural hair texture is).

Some people can get away with just using a big round brush to help lift their curtain bangs and give them volume – while others use a brush and blow dryer combo!

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