47 Double Chin & Round Face Hairstyles For Women (That Are Slimming)

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What Are The Best Double Chin & Round Face Hairstyles For Women?

Finding the right hairstyle for a face with a double chin can be double the amount of anxiety! It may seem that a lot of on-trend haircuts and styles are unachievable when adorned with a double chin, but that is far from the truth!

Our facial features play a big role when selecting the right hairstyle choice. Round cheeks should avoid cuts that are round in shape and pixie ears should ironically avoid pixie haircuts. We are all born with little quirks that make us unique and we should never be made to feel inferior about them. It’s all about making the right choices to help us embrace and fall in love with our so-called flaws and find a way to comfortably live with our insecurities. It is about time we reprogrammed those old stories that double chins are unsightly!

So chin up beautiful ladies! We found some gorgeous and flattering haircuts and styles for you to admire so you can choose the perfect one to suit you.

1. Tapered Bob

A tapered bob is essentially a graduated bob with some soft stacked layers in the back. It will have the same effect as a graduated bob but is perfect for thicker hair as it removes extra weight and bulk. It also tapers into the neck, making it appear slimmer, and a slim neck can deflect the eyes from a double chin.

2. Long Angled Blunt Bob Cut

A beautifully well-cut blunt bob with gentle graduation can be favorable for a double chin. This slight angle elongates the face, and when cut well, it is more gracing to the face than a cut that can end in you resembling Dora the Explorer.

3. Medium Length Tousled Waves

Disheveled, tousled waves are so pleasing to the eye. they create subtle but effective movement in the hair and soften the face. Add some warm hues of balayage to create dimension and contrast and that double chin will be the least of your worries.

4. Shoulder Length Bob with Side Swept Bangs

When you are eagerly trying to divert attention from a double chin, shoulder-length and asymmetry are a huge help! Hair beyond the chin helps lengthen it and a side sweeping bang creates that asymmetry that makes the face appear slimmer overall.

5. Shoulder Grazing Bob

It’s so flattering on Adele and it can be flattering on you too! you can enjoy the beauty of a classic bob by wearing it below your chin and just grazing your shoulders. Texture the ends slightly to create some softness, which will transmute that double chin by framing the face and elongating the neck.

6. Short Tapered Pixie Cut

Double chins can also rock a pixie, so go for it! The graduation from short to long with a side parting creates the asymmetry a hairstyle needs to slim and soften the face. Short layers around the crown can create some height and volume if your locks are fine and limp.

7. Medium Length Layered Cut for Fine Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Layers work wonders for fine hair when done well. They should be focused from the mid-lengths to the top, maintaining fullness on the ends. They will create some height and volume without jeopardizing its density. Add some long curtain bangs to soften the face and move the eye away from the chin.

8. Shoulder Length Wolf Cut

Hair that rests on the shoulders is a suitable short hairstyle for a double chin. Wolf cuts are also in, creating texture, height and fullness to any hairstyle. They are easy to style, you can simply scrunch your locks with a small of mousse after washing and be on your way.

9. Tousled Shag with Short Bangs

You simply can’t go wrong with a shag cut. It is such a versatile haircut that provides your hair with, texture, movement and edge. Short and textured bangs are one of the elements that give the shag its look and they can be flattering on a face with a double chin.

10. Angled Layered Lob

Keeping that gentle angle, add some soft layers to create movement and dimension. Layers are always more flattering on a face that sports a double chin and take a simple bob up a level. Great for finer hair as it contributes to more body and volume.

11. Bouncy Long Layers with Face Framing Bangs

Don’t shy away from volume and bounce if you feel you own a double chin. They add movement to the hair which draws the eyes in different directions, taking attention away from the chin. At the same time, face framing layers will soften the face and bangs will draw attention to the eyes.

12. Long Layers for Long Locks

You can easily create movement in your long tresses without loosing length or fullness. Long layers will soften the ends to create some shape, and shorter feathered layers around the face will provide movement that can be directed away from the face, which is perfect for a double chin.

13. Long Pixie Cut

Short and off the ear, but long and chic in the front. Maintaining some length from the crown to the bangs creates a flattering shape to redirect the eyes away from a double chin. Longer hair on the top is great for extra height and you can have fun with the bangs by adding a soft wave to level it up a notch.

14. Asymmetrical Bob

Maintaining length and isolating it to one area creates asymmetry, perfect to distract from a double chin. The best part is that you are rocking two hairstyles in one by intentionally and creatively cutting one side longer than the other. This haircut is more suited to ladies who enjoy playing around with more alternative ways of cutting their hair and who enjoy letting their personality be communicated through self-expression.

15. Full Blunt Bob with a Deep Side Parting

This bob sits just below the chin which is ideal for a double chin. Style it with some soft beachy waves to break up the bluntness and soften the look. A deep side parting will soften the face by creating some asymmetry, resulting in a slimmer appearance.

16. Full-bodied Curls with a Side Parting

I’m sure you gasped when you read the word full-bodied, but rest assured, that’s relevant to your locks only! Ironically enough, when the hair is bouncy and voluminous around your face, that can really soften and deflect from your double chin. As long as your curls are directed away from your face and your parting is to the side to create graceful movement.

17. Long Straight Hair with Side Bangs and Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers go hand in hand with long hair, but make sure they start from the neck down to relieve attention from your double chin. Full sweeping bangs tone down the harshness a blunt bang can have on the face and draw more focus to the eyes.

18. Short Frosted Pixie Cut

By wearing your locks in a short pixie cut above the ear, it opens up the face. A sweeping bang also adds some softness, and the combination is great for a double chin. Add some dimension to darker hair with some thin, frosted strands.

19. Short Graduated Bob for Thick Hair

You can enjoy a classic graduated bob both on thick hair and with a double chin. Just add some soft layers to create some tapering and style it with a side parting to create some asymmetry.

20. Wispy Textured Bob

Great on medium textured hair, wispy, piecy bits on the ends of your hair is chic and stylish and help create an illusion of a slimmer face. It is a funkier hairdo for hip ladies who enjoy an edgier hairstyle. Style with a spray wax for a ruffled, stiffer texture, or use soft wax on the ends to get that separation.

21. Beachy Bob

Soft waves and a subtle ombre of bright blonde and sandy beige are some of the elements that make a beachy bob. The perfect length for a double chin will be just below the chin style with waves or soft curls that are directed away from the face.

22. Cascading Curls for Medium Length Hair

If you are not committed to loosing length but also don’t want your locks to long, then this length is perfect for you and flattering for a double chin. Style it with soft cascading curls to add bounce and a side parting for a more a more flattering look.

23. Full, Bouncy, and Blonde

Flaunt your long, thick tresses with some bouncy curls. It will add some elegance and movement to your locks to flatter a face with a double chin. Hues of blonde and caramel will create some dimension and the result is a bouncy, beautiful blonde bombshell.

24. Long Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you are blessed with thick locks, sometimes shorter is easier. A long pixie cut can allow to wash and go, and a deep side parting is flattering for a double chin.

25. Short Pixie Cut with Longer Bangs

Double chins can also rock a shorter haircut! They can actually look really cute on a fuller face as long as you wear them right. Shorter pieces on the top create height, and a wispy bang on the face alleviates that round appearance that a pixie cut can sometimes create. Style with a matt wax to really have fun with the texture of a pixie cut.

26. Cute and Cheeky Short Bob

This short bob is cute and versatile and adds a cheeky but sweet element to your hairstyle. Style it with some waves for texture and movement and wear it in a side parting to soften the face, especially because it sits at chin length.

27. Graduated Bob

A graceful graduation that creates length towards the front also adds length to the chin. Wearing it sleek and poker-straight enhances that angle making it a flattering hairstyle choice that helps keep the eyes away from that double chin.

28. Layered Shag Cut

shag haircut is such a timeless classic making its way back to the modern world of hair. A shag is characterized by its many gorgeous feathered layers cascading down the head. Full of movement and charisma, a modern-day shag can be styled in such a way to redirect attention away from the chin. Add some wispy bangs to soften the forehead and style the mid-lengths to ends with a sassy flick to direct the eyes away from your loathed double chin.

29. Long Soft Waves

If you have finer hair, then blunt cutting is a better method to help your hair appear thicker. Add some very soft waves to break up the blunt line and overall soften the face and compliment your double chin.

30. Pinup Girl Inspired Hairdo

For the Rockabilly inspired ladies! The polished curls and sleek height created by this pinup technique are to die for. These hairstyles have never discriminated against rounder faces and they always look fantastic, even if there is a double chin trying to steal the attention.

31. Angled Bob Pixie Cut

Let’s go back to that graduation for a moment. This time on shorter hair, you can really have fun with lengths. The hair in the back is cut shorter and tapered against the neck, leaving that area to look after itself while you play around with the front. Enjoy some playful height at the crown, transitioning to a longer sleek bang. Opt for a side parting once again, because this hairstyle works best with some asymmetry, which is also a double chin must.

32. Asymmetrical Graduated Bob

Asymmetry and a sharp graduation is the perfect shape for a round face or double chin. To wear it in more flattering way, you can tuck the shorter side behind your ear, which will open and soften the face.

33. Beehive Inspired Puff with Sleek Sides

Amp up the volume to really create some dramatic height! You don’t have to tease as much as a Karen would love you too, but you can take the ’60s inspired do and turn it into a modern must-have hairstyle. The sides are slicked back and pinned just under the gorgeous puff of locks that are tastefully teased and combed back to sit like a spectacular crown of hair.

34. Edgy Pixie Cut with Undercut and Designs

An undercut is a great way to enjoy short hair and eliminate bulk. It also keeps your hair looking fresh and adds some edge and contrast. Leave the sides and crown shorter for funky styling, and the bangs longer for softness. Add some razored designs anywhere on the undercut for a more edgy look.

35. Half Up Topknot

Taking attention away from your least favorite qualities doesn’t mean you have to change up your haircut. You can easily flatter your features by wearing your hair in the correct style. This tousled half-top knot is a great way to style hair for a double chin. The knot creates some height and length in the face, while the waves in the hair left down to provide some softness.

36. Long Layered Haircut

If you are attached to your Rapunzel locks, then layers are a must to add movement and to prevent your mane from looking boxy and blunt. Long hair is a great option for a double chin, but opt for a side parting to create that asymmetry, as well as some soft layers to fall around the face from the neck down, that’s where you want all the attention to be drawn.

37. Short Pixie Bob

This is a classic and timeless haircut that suits most face shapes and hair textures. It can be worn sleek and tucked behind the ear for a more formal look or textured with some soft waves for a more relaxed look. It is easy to maintain, and you can simply wash and go.

38. Graduated Bob with a Steep Angle

Again with the graduation, but it’s so complementary to a double chin, so it has to be a primary choice! When done more dramatically, that steep can angle can really transmute a double chin. It creates a lot of height in the back, and the angle falls longer and softer around the face.

39. Long Ponytail

A long ponytail is elegantly sweet and perfect for elongating a double chin. Polished and sleek in the front, you can opt for curly and tousled or sleek and slim in the tail. It is perfect for a casual day out, but can also be seen flaunted by ladies on the red carpet, which makes this a versatile hairstyle choice.

40. Money Piece

Enhance any hairstyle and brighten the face with a trendy money piece. You can have it bold or subtle, bright or natural, either way, it is a great coloring technique. it is sure-fire way to take the attention away from your chin, so its a win-win.

41. Sandy and Uniform

When wearing a bob and embracing a double chin, unformed waves are a great way to soften the face. Hues of sandy blonde will enhance the waves and give the hair some texture and dimension.

42. Sharp Angled Bob

A graduated bob with sharp decline towards the front of the face is extremely flattering for a double chin. Taper the back to sit elegantly on the neck and to create some lift, keeping the longer sides textured and thinned out to create a slim and trendy graduation.

43. Undercut

For those supercool ladies who enjoy some contrast and edge to their haircuts. An undercut can remove a lot of bulk, which removes the need for extra fuss. It immediately slims the neck, which diffuses the double chin. Level it up by finding a stylist who can pull off some epic hair tattoo designs to really let your personality shine through.

44. Fauxhawk

An epic hairstyle for your inner rockstar! Slicking back those sides to sit close and flat against your scalp, alongside a high teased bubble-like do on top creates what you call a fauxhawk. A fauxhawk is less committed than a classic mohawk and creates height and length in the face. It is simply gorgeous and be rocked out on a face with a double chin.

45. High Bun

Rebel Wilson, famous for owning her curves, rocked this high bun which relieves her double chin in a fun and elegant way. Add some soft bangs to accentuate the eyes and create a graceful balance from the bangs to the bun. The height created by this do soothes the anxiety of a double chin to flaunt your features confidently.

46. Low and Loose Bun

A low and loose bun that rests on the nape will open the face beautifully and the result is a casual but elegant hairdo. It’s a great look for any occasion or outfit, its easy to do and will absolutely help you feel more confident about your chin.

47. Pompadour

A hip and trendy hairstyle choice that’s not just for the gents, the pompadour is in fact named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France. Easy to style using a wide-tooth comb and a generous amount of hairspray, the pompadour creates height by smoothing it back with volume. The height is also created by having the contrast between super short sides and extra length on top. So madams, rock those pompadours!

Final Thoughts

It may seem like you are fighting a losing battle when it comes to finding the best look to befriend your double chin, but rest assured, your opinion of yourself is a lot harsher than everyone’s around you. Your hair is an amazing tool to help shift your insecurities and flatter your face in a way that can double your confidence. Here are a few things to remember when choosing the right hairstyle.

  • Hair styled away from your face naturally carries the eyes in the same direction, therefore redirecting attention from the chin.
  • Height is optimal in elongating the face and helping it appear slimmer.
  • Asymmetrical styles can cut off the roundness of the face and are a win for double chins.
  • Face framing layers should start from the neck down.

Remember most of all to be gentle with yourself and love your chin just the way it is!

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