38 Best Medium Shag Haircut Ideas (Shoulder Shaggy Trends)

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What Are The Best Medium Shad Haircut Ideas?

Texture is the name of the game when it comes to this haircut trend for 2022. The shag haircut is pouring out of salons and flooding insta feeds all over the world,  and it’s not hard to see why. This carefree and effortlessly cool hairstyle is versatile and customizable to any hair texture or personality, especially on medium-length hair as it’s the perfect middle ground and is the ideal length to showcase the shag in all its glory.

If you feel like you should have been born in the 70’s or need a haircut that clearly sets you apart from the Kardashian hair inspired tribe, or maybe you just need more convincing that this is the haircut that is here to stay and you should get one immediately, then have a look at the best medium shag haircuts that we have rounded up for you!

1. Curly Bowl Cut Shag

Some glorious curls to pretty up this shag haircut. Round layers are cut into the hair, and those paired with some full bangs and natural curls give this shag a modern bowl cut feel. Just a scrunch with the fingers and a dollop of mousse, and you are ready for your day.

2. Razor Cut Shaggy Bob

A razor cut is a popular choice for a shag haircut as it achieves those very feathered and wispy layers that make a shag. This is a cute shoulder-grazing cut paired with some full textured bangs and a touch of foilyage to make it that little bit extra.

3. Cute Shag for Thin Hair

The versatility of a shag makes it an ideal haircut choice for just about anyone. Fine hair can also enjoy the layers and textures that a shag has to offer. Focus the layering around the face and bangs and not to much on the ends of the hair. Style your hair with a soft curl for added volume and density.

4. Dimension Drop

A pretty shag with some dimension and contrast to accentuate the texture and frame the face. A more modern and conservative shag cut, but the addition of this money piece and some extra pops of color, make this shag fun and unique.

5. Refined Shag

Polished and refined can also be words used to describe a shag haircut. Curtain bangs and a blunt cut with subtle layers can be shaggy with some disheveled curls and rocked as a shag haircut with a touch of elegance.

6. Shag for Thick Hair with Micro Bangs

This shag is so cute with some feathery micro bangs. They gradually blend into some subtle face-framing layers that are perfect for thicker locks. To achieve a shag haircut on thick hair, connected and soft layers will provide the look without to much poof.

7. Soft Curls and Short Bangs

A shoulder-length shag with some sweet curls and short bangs is so cute and chic. It has a nostalgic 70s feel with a modern touch that is bringing the old back to new again.

8. Auburn Shag

Color can really add something special to your haircut choice, and in this case, it adds some depth and personality. The shag can be worn by any personality and showcased beautifully to highlight that, and this auburn hair provides an element of boho funk.

9. Boho Shag

Feathery curtain bangs that blend into razored layers around the crown, with some extra weight left on the mid-lengths create a super cool and fun boho shag. You would have seen hippies in the late ’60s rocking this haircut at Woodstock fest.

10. Boho Shag Haircut

A bit of a boho twist to this shag haircut. The finish is more refined and polished but is still fun and disheveled with some layering and texture. Ideal for thicker hair as it can retain the shape with very little fuss.

11. Chic Bedhead

This shag paired with smokey blonde hues is chic and stunning and its pleasingly disheveled texture has a chic bedhead vibe to it. The curtain bangs are left longer and sleeker for a more polished look around the face.

12. Choppy Brunette

Choppy layers add some dimension to brunette hair so that the texture doesn’t get lost. A tousled curl can elevate those layers and reflect the light for extra shine. Wispy bangs and feathered layers around the face finish off this shag haircut beautifully.

13. Choppy Shag Haircut

The versatility of a shag haircut means wearing it straight is absolutely an option. It shows off all its choppy texture and varying lengths and requires very minimal effort to make it look good.

14. Curly Mullet

These curls! The texture that hair dreams are made of! Especially when opting for a shag haircut, as you can tell, it is flawless and chic and every curl has its place to make this the perfect curly shag. A handful of mousse will go a long way when styling a mane of curls like these.

15. Curly Mullet Shag

Some would call this look a shaglet, and it’s not hard to see why. The super short hair at the top and temples , paired with some textured bangs, strongly showcase elements of a shag haircut. The hair left at the bottom brings out the texture, maintains length and embraces the signature element of a mullet.

16. Curly Shag with Heavy Bangs

This groovy shag looks great with some textured heavy bangs and the layers are enhanced and boosted by the hair’s natural curl.  Curly hair benefits and can get away with a lot more layering and texture.

17. Cute Mullet Shag

The mullet vibe is strong with a shag haircut, but it is totally leveled up, modern, and trendy. The curtains bangs are created by a graduating V shape, that blends into the razored layers that frame the face. The internal layers are highly texturized and disconnected to maintain some length.

18. Elegant Shag

Some defined curls and full bangs can give your shag haircut a touch of elegance. They also enhance the different tones in the hair so adding some color is a great idea!

19. Farrah Fawcett Inspired Shag

Farrah Fawcett was adored in her time and the adoration lives on. Her locks were admired and are still used for hair inspo today, just like this fun and voluminous shag. The curtain bangs are left a bit longer and accentuated with a deep flick that attracts all the attention while the rest of the layers roll back into each other into a lightly textured shag.

20. Medium to Long Shag

Lots of disconnection and differentiating lengths create this highly textured shaggy cut. The layers are distributed evenly around the head and not just focused around the face, creating lots of movement and balance.

21. Modern Shag

This modern shag has been prettied up with some tonged curls to create texture and volume. An on-trend curtain bang stands out beautifully against the curls and sit well with the volume. Some frizz is embraced too, to really embrace the feel of a shag haircut.

22. Modern Shag with Curtains Bangs

Curtain bangs are usually a defining element in the shag haircut, which as its name suggests, frames the face perfectly. This shag is soft and still maintains an element of elegance. The bangs keep some length to seamlessly blend into the face-framing layers. This example is great for thick hair as it doesn’t take too much away from the density of the hair.

23. Pixie Mullet

This shag is highly textured and layered giving it that element of a pixie haircut. The short bangs, paired with short face-framing layers  gradually blend into a longer length to add a mullet vibe to this epic shag.

24. Pixie Shag

Short bangs paired with lots of short layers give this hairstyle the sweet resemblance of a pixie cut. Of course, the mullet style length at the back is a signature element to the shag haircut, earning its name the Pixie Shag. Perfect for finer hair textures that have a natural curl.

25. Platinum Blonde Shag

The shorter layers around the crown that blend with the curtain bangs give the hair some lift and height. They also make it easier for the hair to hold texture like a curl or wave. Blonde hair can showcase the layers beautifully and add a soft and feminine element to this shag haircut.

26. Pretty Peach

You can level up your already awesome shag cut with some fun color. The versatility of this cut allows it to be showcased by many personalities. This peachy pink adds some extra playfulness while it also carries off a bit of edge.

27. Razored Shag

Razored layers are focused from the mid lengths to maintain fullness at the top and create a rounded shape that a lot of shag haircuts have. Razor cutting helps add extra texture by leaving the ends wispy and feathered which is great for a naturally curly texture.

28. Shag Haircut for Thick Hair

Thick hair means a lot of extra shag, but that’s not a bad thing! Get your stylist to thin it out a bit and this will create even more texture, which means it will grow out keeping its shape for much longer.

29. Shag Haircut with Moneypiece

A money piece is a fun and creative way to showcase the awesome face-framing layers that make up a shag haircut. In this example, the contrast is dramatic creating an edgy and leveled-up gorgeous shag.

30. Sleek Medium Shag

Less volume and strategic layering can give you a shag that you can rock sleek without any time-consuming styling. Feathered curtains bangs are the feature piece and the gradual layering around the face gives this sleek look its shag vibe.

31. Sleek and Shaggy

You can still capture the essence of a shag cut without the dramatic texture and volume. If you are more conservative but want a little edge to your haircut then some curtain bangs and face-framing layers can do that for you.

32. Soft Razor Shag

Razor cutting the hair can really give a softer and more feathered finish, which is perfect for a shag haircut. If you can find a stylist who is well experienced with this tool, definitely let that be your first choice. The softness allows you to wear your hair in its natural texture without losing the shape and style.

33. Straight Shag Cut

Lots of disconnected and over-directed layers leave behind some length which results in a shag haircut that could pass for a modern-day mullet. We need to stop cringing at the word mullet and recognize the awesomeness it brings to the very trendy shag. A few pops of color can really help bring out the texture and add some dimension.

34. The Phoenix Shag

Show off your artsy side and turn heads with some bold color like this phoenix shag. With a color pallet that resembles an immortal phoenix and a cut that is so effortlessly cool, you will also feel like you have had a rebirth with your new level of confidence.

35. The Timid Shag

This shag is slightly more conservative and timid so to speak. The layers are more blended with a more refined style but the overall shape paired with some wispy bangs earns its classification as a shag haircut.

36. Tousled Shag

With a more reserved and refined look, these tousled-up layers still offer some movement and shape, paired with curtain bangs and face-framing layers to share in the shag vibes.

37. Vivid Violet

If bold and playful is your vibe, try having fun with a solid bright hue to level up your shag. A color like this can be permanent which is high maintenance but there are also options for semi-permanent and wash-out colors so you can change it up and really have fun.

38. Whimsical Shag Haircut

Create a more whimsical feel with some unicorn hair inspiration. The layers provide a great canvas for color placement, creating a gradual change from top to bottom.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about shag haircuts is their versatility. I am sure by now you are feeling convinced to give the shag a try, so let us look at some final thoughts about this super cool and trendy look.

  • Although this cut is suitable for all hair textures, it is the most important element that will decide the right look for you.
  • Decide if you want to go for a more pleasingly messy or polished look, and look at how the natural texture of your hair will work.
  • A shag haircut doesn’t necessarily need to be heavily layered. If you want to maintain the density of your hair, you can focus your layers around the face.
  • Styling products such as mousses, waxes, and hairspray finish off this look and can be an important part in achieving the final result you are looking for.

Now that you are feeling more confident to commit to curtain bangs and lots of layers, you can rock your shag with pride and share in the infectious joy of this rad haircut.

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