37 Flattering Bangs For A Short Forehead

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What Are Most Flattering Bangs For a Short Forehead?

Let’s start by acknowledging the level of commitment that bangs bring into your decision-making. Once the hair has hit the ground, there is no turning back, unless you are open to having a very close and committed relationship with either a bobby pin or headband.

But bangs are so cute right! So let’s get to the point, they can absolutely be as cute and fun on short foreheads. In fact, by choosing the right bang to suit your face shape and hair texture, the old belief that short foreheads can’t be adorned by a cute bang will die and bangs will be your new best friend.

I am sure you are eager to read on, so let’s get to it and find a banging fringe to enhance and beautify that forehead!

1. Full Blunt Bangs

Full blunt bangs are great for fine hair to create the illusion that your hair is thicker than it is. By cutting the bangs just above the eyebrow, it is tricking the eye to believe the forehead is not short and it’s a bonus that you get to show off your eyebrows too! The solidness of the fringe adds length to the forehead as well, making this an ideal bang choice.

2. Long Bangs

If you are still apprehensive about committing to bangs, you can ease yourself in with a longer fringe. It still softens the face and adds something different to your haircut. You can enjoy bangs without having to go all-in and long bangs look great on a short forehead.

3. Short Rockabilly Bangs

Enjoy a rockabilly revival with this perfect poised bang. This bang is created by bluntly cutting the hair into a soft curve, with the shorter part being at the temples. It is full and rounded and really stands out when the light bounces off of it. It works wonders on a short forehead and allows space for the eyebrows to attract some attention.

4. Asymmetrical Bangs

These bangs are a stunning cross between a full bang and a side sweep bang. Ironically, an off-balance fringe balances out the facial features and looks great on any forehead. They highlight the eyes and frame the face in such a beautiful and unique way. This way of creating bangs is also great for women whose hairline is receding, that area of the hair is common amongst most women for being thinner than the rest of the hair, and these bangs are perfect for coverage.

5. Big Wavy Bangs

Add some big wavy bangs to your pixie cut for a dramatic, but chic look.  A deep bang with texture and volume like this one works wonders for a short forehead. Throw some beige highlight for added dimension.

6. Extremely Short Blunt Bangs

It may seem that really short bangs on a short forehead should be the last thing you should attempt, but having shorter bangs makes your forehead appear longer as there is some space between the hair and the eyebrows. The attention is on the bang and not the length of the forehead.

7. Heavy Bangs Starting from The Center of the Head

Creating a fringe that starts from the center of the head adds length as it seems like that’s where the forehead starts. It’s all in the illusion you create with a well-cut bang. The bulk and the feathering add some gentle edge to the haircut.

8. Long Choppy Bangs

Enjoy your bangs a little longer, it’s a great style for a short forehead. It works well on finer hair because hair that is less dense will create a more choppy and separated look without it looking like a heavy grown-out fringe. Subtle layers are added to the sides for extra texture and framing.

9. Mid Length Blunt Bangs

Again, with this bang, you are creating that gap. Cutting it blunt and wide adds extra length to your forehead and frames the face with an edgy feel. The broadness and shortness of this bang open up the face which diverts focus away from the forehead.

10. 90’s Vibe Bangs

These gorgeous face-framing bangs are bringing back the classic style of the 90s. They softy add some framing texture around the face, enhancing the features while complimenting a short forehead. This style bang is great for ladies who enjoy wearing their hair but still want some softness and style on their face.

11. Heavy Curtain Bangs on Straight Hair

Curtain bangs are a great way to break up and add style to long straight hair. Having them tapered into the sides from just below the eye, with texture, but maintaining density will work well for a short forehead. They also add a bit of softness to the face when your hair is pulled back.

12. Jagged Mid-Length Bangs

Often paired with pixie cuts but can work with most hairstyles, a jagged and choppy bang is far from boring. The varying lengths that are created by point cutting and texturizing add dimension to the forehead and softness to the face, making this a fun and chic bang for a short forehead.

13. Long Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are gorgeous on any face shape and on any texture of hair, but they are also great for short foreheads. Curtains bangs start from the middle path and angle down to blend into the rest of the hair. Where the curtain bangs open, it creates a triangle shape on the forehead, which diffuses the shortness and creates an illusion of length.

14. Long Shaggy Bangs

These bangs compliment a short forehead by adding some soft coverage. They seamlessly blend into the sides and some extra texture to hair styled with shaggy waves.

15. Long Shaggy Full Bangs

These bangs can add a casual feel to long voluminous hair and where the hair up, they add an elegant touch while softening the face. They are textured slightly to create separation and maintain fullness, with a seamless blend into the rest of the hair.

16. Micro Bangs

Super short, super stylish, and super for a short forehead! Micro bangs end probably no more than an inch from the hairline, making them so cute but with some edge. Micro bangs are really getting all the attention right now, so if you are ready for the commitment, don’t be a fringe dweller and get to your stylist chop chop!

17. Shag Fringe

Long bobs are in, especially shaggy bobs with lots of texture. This hairstyle is a great shape for a face with a short forehead and the short shaggy fringe completes the look. There are short pieces cut to rest on the forehead, while the rest is left longer with a transitional blend to frame the face.

18. Shattered Bangs

These bangs pair well with a modern mullet which is so on trend today. If a mullet isn’t your vibe, then a funky pixie cut will also be a great shape for these bangs. They are highly textured and shattered by varying lengths that rest so stylishly on your forehead. Use some wax or polish to further separate the strands, while keeping it smooth and in place.

19. Short Curtain Bangs

The same concept for long curtain bangs, but when cut shorter, they bring more attention to the eyes and are not as soft as longer curtain bangs. More of a commitment, but they look so great and are so on-trend for 2020 and definitely not closing the curtain on 2021!

20. Textured Mini Curtain Bangs

Think of full bangs with a subtle parting. These bangs sit so softly on the forehead and gently graze the eyebrow. They are cut to gradually get longer on the sides and worn with a thin separation or parting in the middle to create a look similar to a curtain bang. They work great for fine hair and round faces.

21. Textured Side Sweep

A less heavy option, moving away from the effect of a mass of hair sweeping across and covering the eye, these feathered and textured bangs lightly frame the face and blend seamlessly into the surrounding layers. they are more softening and work for finer hair.

22. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are for the finer-haired ladies. They are popular for their fairy-like, light, and feathered appearance, making these bangs low maintenance and a good choice if you are feeling ready for full bangs. These bangs can instantly change up your look without having to change to much to your current hairstyle.

23. Blended Off Center Bang

Any bang that is styled off-center is so flattering to any face shape. This style of bang is also less committal as it is softly blended into the hair that frames the face and can easily be pinned back if you decide you are not feeling the bang vibes. What’s great about this bang is the softness it provides to your face if you wear hair up regularly.

24. Choppy Bangs

Varying lengths in the fringe are what make it a choppy bang. They are great to balance out a round face and blend a short forehead. They are packed with personality can give a fun edge to any ponytail.

25. Crescent Bangs

The shape of this bang resembles the moon by creating a crescent shape that frames the face. They can work on short or long hairstyles and are popular among more alternative hairstyles, like the modern mullet and funky pixie cuts. The texture of this short bang breaks up any straight lines that the facial features, such as a short forehead can create.

26. Curved Bangs

Curved bangs or arched bangs are characterized by a graceful arch being created by cutting the hair in the middle of the bang shorter, gradually getting longer as you move around the face. This bang frames the face beautifully and sits well on a short forehead. It works well on most hair textures, but is ideal on thicker hair if you want it fuller and want to avoid gaps.

27. Dramatic Asymmetrical Bangs

This asymmetry has a funkier edge to it. It creates a severe but tasteful angle and is more bluntly cut. There is a clear and solid line that is created diagonally across, which cuts away the shortness of the forehead. A little more maintenance though as it will require some styling if your hair doesn’t sit straight naturally, but nothing you can’t handle, just an extra 5 minutes max and will be so worth it.

28. Eyebrow Grazing Textured Bangs

A lovely and simplistic bang that you really can’t go wrong with. It’s the go-to for bangs as it works on every length, every face shape and all textures of hair. It is also the happy medium between.

29. Face Framing Texture

Curtain bangs are a general term, but the look can vary greatly and can be so versatile! They also allow you to maintain some length in your bangs and play with texture, which is great for a short forehead. Try these layered curtain bangs to frame your face and compliment your layers.

30. Heart-shaped Bangs

If you like to stand out with your unique and expressive style, then heart-shaped bangs are a great way to do that! They are also a perfect shape for s short forehead, in fact, a short forehead makes this style work perfectly. Find yourself a stylist that can pull this off and you will fall in love.

31. Heavy Side Sweep

A heavy sweeping bang can hide the forehead altogether, which makes it great for your short forehead! they are better suited for long or oval face shapes, but honestly. they can look great on any face shape. To create the full graduating and sweeping effect. the bangs need to start from deeper in the hair, making it seem as though all the hair is coming from the same point.

32. Long Full Bangs with a Pop of Color

Elevate your bangs by adding a strategic pop of color. These bangs are left a bit longer and the fullness is maintained with some added subtle texture. Adding a pop of color can change the whole look and add a unique touch with some creative dimension.

33. Long Wolf Bangs

This hairstyle is the 90’s all over again but with a modern touch that is currently so on trend. What is a wolf cut without bangs right? These particular bangs are left a bit longer but the texture of a wolf cut is all there, especially when styled in a classic 90’s blowout.

34. Separated, Piecy Bangs

These bangs require a bit of extra effort. They will never really have that separation naturally, so you will need an extra 30 seconds and some to wax up these bangs to create that piecy, separated look. Pixie-like and cute, these bangs suit small features, so a short forehead would love a bang like this one.

35. Textured Bangs

Textured bangs add a lot more personality to a haircut. They are less severe than a bluntly cut bang and blend gracefully into the rest of the hair. If your hair is thicker, then the texture in your bangs is like a perfectly fit pair of jeans. The added texture creates varying lengths which work wonders for a short forehead.

36. Vintage Roll Bangs

Vintage bangs to suit your inner pinup persona. These bangs are definitely making a comeback, like a lot of other trends that have come full circle. they are cute and quirky and can look retro alongside some tumbling curls or some victory rolls if you want to embody the pin-up look fully. Leave a velcro roller in your bangs while you beautify your face, and that will help create this perfect vintage inspired look.

37. ’70s Inspired Curtain Bang

These cute 7o’s inspired retro bangs are all the style again. These bangs are created by adding some wispy texture to some cutain bangs. Some strands are left shorter across the forehead to fill the gap and the look is styled with a flick to accentuate the shape of the bangs and give it some 70’s  flair.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are spoiled for choice, I hope you are now feeling more excited and confident about making your decision. The truth about bangs is that the way they are styled and worn, paired with your personality, plays a huge part in what will suit you. The confidence to pull it off is what makes it really work. Face shape and hair texture most definitely have an important role too, but confidence always overrules.

It’s time to dump the idea that having a short forehead makes you short of options. A well-cut bang can adorn any face, including yours, so have a chat with your stylist about how she can personalize it for you.

Now that you are ready to commit to bangs and rock them with confidence, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Most bangs require some extra attention in the morning, so make sure you are willing to dedicate that extra time to styling.
  • If you have sensitive skin, consider curtain bangs or longer bangs that you can move away from your face to avoid breakouts.
  • Think about opting for a longer bang if you are very active, so it can be moved out of your face easily.
  • Bangs need to be cut regularly to maintain style and length, so if you don’t have the time for salon visits, then give bangs some deeper thought. And trust me, DIY bangs will result in tears and an emergency visit to the salon!

I hope you are able to take what you need from this banging list of ideas and rock the fringe of your hair dreams!

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Author - Lauren Holland

Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.