35 Best Straight Hair Ideas (Trending Hairstyles To Try)

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35 Best Straight Hair Ideas (Trending Hairstyles To Try)

What Are The Best Straight Hair Ideas?

One of the most types of hair in the world is 1B hair. This means that most people in the world have very straight and flat hair, with little volume, and are always looking for new cute ways to style their hair.

There are many ways to style your straight hair, no matter your gender or whether you prefer your hair long or short – but which trending hairstyles are the best ideas for you to try out yourself?

If you want to discover more trending straight hairstyles for men and women, then check out this list for some cute hairstyle ideas for straight hair!

1. Buzzcut

Buzzcuts is a type of hairstyle that most hair patterns can wear with ease, but having straight hair means that a buzzcut is a great hairstyle for you. It looks neat, is easy to manage, and conveys a lot of character.

2. Dip Dye

Dip dye is a great way to add some fun colors to your hair. Although some may argue that it looks better on wavy or curly hair, dip dye can also work with straight hair – like platinum blonde tips on dark hair, for example!

3. Half Up, Half Down/Space Buns Combo

Why wear one hairstyle when you can wear two? Just like how half up, half down hairstyles look cute with straight hair, why not turn that ponytail into a pair of space buns and double the cuteness of your hair style?

4. Layered Ends

Layered ends also look amazing on straight hair styles. They add a little volume and character to the style overall, and help give your haircut a more natural finish.

5. Side Braid

This fairy-tale inspired look works amazing with all hair patterns, which means that women with straight hair can wear it too! You can make it messy or style it near and straight – it’s up to you!

6. Side Swept Bangs

As well as side partings, side swept bangs also work great with straight hair. Some think they work better with short or medium straight hair, but you can rock it with any length!

7. Viking Braids

Viking braids are a fun and quirky hairstyle that is popular with both men and women but works great with straight hair.

You can sport multiple long, complicated braids that contrast against the straight pattern of your hair, making them more eye-catching and super impressive!

8. Angled Haircut

This hairstyle is very chic and stylish, with a cutting straight edge that practically screams ‘teenage rebellion’. It’s a very youthful haircut that works best with straight hair over any other.

9. Blunt Long Haircut

Sometimes with straight hair, less is more and some people prefer to have a long, blunt haircut as opposed to anything fancy or complicated. The results work out great – a long blunt cut is sleek, modern, and very trendy!

10. Blunt Straight Cut

The blunt straight haircut is a neat and orderly way to style your hair. It’s modern and mature, and a great choice for those who like their hair to be orderly and easy to manage.

11. Choppy Bob Cut

Some bob cuts are given very choppy ends, which help give the hairstyle a very natural look. This is a great alternative to the straight end bob cut, especially for those who want a more ‘care-free’ style.

12. Classic Bun

Buns can either be very formal or very casual, depending on how you style them. A classic low bun is also a very safe hairstyle for those with straight hair as it’s easy to fix and manage in a second!

13. Classic Ponytail

Another quick and easy style for straight long hair is the classic ponytail. It gets your hair out of your face and you still get to look stylish! It’s a win-win!

14. Edges

Edges, or baby hairs, are a style that is worn by women of color. They are short hairs around the hairline which are styles to create intricate swirls around the hairline. They look amazing on women of color, and work even if you have styled your hair straight.

15. Face Framing Layers

Having straight hair is great for framing your face but as your hair grows, it starts to look a little plain and boxy. Introducing face framing layers is a great way to flatter your features and keep the attention on your face.

16. Feathered Ponytail

The feathered ponytail is very similar to the classic, but it’s much more ‘messy’ and authentic. It’s characterized by loose straight strands, extra volume, and flicky ends, usually the result of a layered hair cut.

17. Half Up, Half Down

If you can’t decide between a ponytail or leaving your straight hair down, then why not have both? A half up, half down hairstyle looks great with straight hair, and it’s practical while staying stylish and cute!

18. Highlights

Highlights look amazing on pretty much any type of hair, so it makes sense they would work with straight hair too. You can go with a natural color that compliments your hair, or something bright and fun – the choice is yours!

19. Long Curtain Bangs

This idea works great with long straight hair with a center parting. If you are not a fan of having layers, or your hair is too long for them, then having long parted bangs is a great way to still frame your face and call attention to the eyes.

20. Middle Parting

Middle partings are one of the most highest trending hairstyles and work great for both short and long straight hair. It helps remove weight from heavy hair and add shape to thick locks.

21. Mullet

Yes, the mullet is back in fashion – and it’s not just men who are sporting them! More and more women have started to grow out their hair and style them into mullets!

22. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a classic that has remained trendy for many years now. It’s cute, easy to manage, incredibly youthful and modern – and a touch rebellious too!

23. Pompadour

Another fun and rebellious hairstyle that works great with straight hair is the pompadour. It’s very characteristic, with a lot of flair, but it doesn’t compromise on style for practicality either.

24. Shadow Roots

Shadow roots work really well with straight hair. It adds dimension to your hairstyle (especially if you have lots of blonde highlights) and you can see the gradient perfectly thanks to how straight your hair is.

25. Side Cut

Side cuts are a great option to thin very thick hair while still leaving plenty to style and shape. The contrast between a side cut and long straight hair also gives its own unique appearance.

26. Side Parting

Side partings also look super cute with long hair. It helps hairstyles look more natural and authentic, as well as bringing a youthful touch to your appearance.

27. Space Buns

Space buns are very cute and trendy, and they’re a popular choice with festival go-ers and outdoor enthusiasts. They’re also very easy to style when you have straight hair and the more loose strands you have, the cuter the look!

28. Straight Bob Cut

This style of bob cut is very practical while maintaining a modern look. It’s smart, clean-cut, and great for those who want a sophisticated hairstyle.

29. Super Short Bob Cut

A cross between a classic bob and a pixie cut, this hairstyle tends to finish just under the ear. It’s very short but super manageable and stylish!

30. The Dutch Braid

When it comes to styling long straight hair, one very popular choice is the Dutch braid. They’re easy to do, can either be messy and cute or sharp and clean – so you can match your braid to your look and personality with ease.

31. The Messy Bun

Ah, the messy gun – every girl’s best friend when it comes to hairstyles. Messy buns are easy to do (just put your hair up!) and yet they’re stylish, trendy, and super cute for special occasions!

32. The Undercut

If your straight hair is super thick and has a lot of volume, you may want to consider getting an undercut. This can help your hair become more manageable without having to compromise on style.

33. Thick Bangs

If you have straight but very thick hair, then you can still make bangs work too! It can be hard to maintain thin bangs when your hair is naturally very thick – so accept it and rock those bangs!

34. Thin Bangs

Soft and sexy, thin wispy bangs are a great way to frame your face when you have straight hair. They also help bring attention to your beautiful eyes, and are one of the hottest ways to make bangs work!

35. Wrapped Ponytail

The wrapped ponytail is a very trendy and modern style of ponytail. It looks so sleek and uniform with straight hair, which is why it’s so popular with so many people today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Rare Is Straight Hair?

Straight hair is one of the most common types of hair in the world with around 45% of people having straight hair. Only 15% of people have curly hair, and 40% have wavy hair.

Is Straight Hair Attractive?

Although some people think straight hair is ‘boring’, studies have shown that subconsciously, straight hair is considered to be one of the most attractive styles of hair. Straight hair can help you look younger and healthier, and is perceived more positively.

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