50 Best Hairstyles for Women with Thick Coarse Hair

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What Are The Best Hairstyles for Women with Thick, Coarse Hair?

Being blessed with a voluminous mane of tresses may seem like you have struck gold, but let’s be honest, taming that mane could have you opting for a buzz cut on any given bad hair day. Now, put the clippers down and step away from the mirror, because those gorgeously thick tresses can rock a variety of haircuts and styles that will have you loving your hair from roots to ends.

There is a multitude of styling options that thick hair has to offer and when you find the one that adorns you the best, you’ll soon be parading those locks and turning heads everywhere you go! Whether your hair is short, long, curly, straight, blonde, or blue, we have found a variety of ideas to have you flaunting those locks!

We scoured the internet for some of the best hairstyle ideas for women with thick hair we could find. Let’s get started!

1. Bangs

Think Zooey Deschanel…Blunt bangs and thick hair are like soul mates. Heavy bangs from thick hair work best as you have the weight and fullness that is needed to pull this off. You will find yourself feeling like a brand New Girl, pun very much intended, it was too good to resist!

2. Tousled Bob

If you are feeling ready to let go of some length, this is an elegant but fun style. The tousled bob is easy to maintain and oozes with personality! This length is great for easy, fast styling and the soft, textured layers help move it away from a thick, blunt, and bulky look.

3. Blunt Cut Chin Length Bob with a Slight Graduation

This cut is a Victoria Beckham classic and will never lose its style. The best part is that it can work great on thick hair too. A soft taper in the back will help remove extra weight and a subtle angle will give it some shape. For coarse hair, it helps to minimize layers, so just some light thinning will do the trick.

4. Blunt Lob

A bob just above the shoulders can work wonders for thick hair. By texturizing and thinning strategically, the ends can still be softened creating a sleek and very well-groomed lob. This sophisticated haircut can work for straight and curly hair, making it a versatile choice.

5. Shag

If you enjoy that wash and go pleasingly disheveled look, then the shag is for you! Numerous feathered layers are added to the hair, creating fullness on the inside and a soft wispy look on the ends. This style is low maintenance and shows off the natural texture of your mane!

6. Kinky Afro

Embrace thick and coarse hair with a chic kinky afro. Big hair is gorgeous and doesn’t need to be nightmare. Find ways to keep it out your face such as a glitzy bobby pin or hair clip. Put your energy into looking after your natural locks and you will learn to love them.

7. Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are so sweet and simple, yet they can look so badass too! Thick hair is such a plus when opting for a pixie cut, because a lot of the time you can simply roll out of bed, pat your hair down or tousle it up, and be ready to go! Add a bit of wax or waves, thirty extra seconds and you are ready for a night out on the town.

8. Stacked Bob

A full, rounded shape is created at the back of the head by stacking very precisely cut layers, graduating into an angle that creates a softness and a touch of elegance in the front. Thicker hair really showcases this gorgeous shape by providing the fullness it needs. It can really spice up your life (just like it did for Victoria Beckham!).

9. 70’s Inspired, Curly Bob

Thick and coarse hair is usually paired with some degree of curl, and a 70’s inspired bob is the perfect way to showcase those locks. Big is back and sleek is out, so rock this bob with its natural texture for an easy, wash-and-go hairstyle.

10. Curly Shag with Short Bangs

Shag cuts are a top trend right now and we are loving how versatile they are. They can work beautifully on thick hair and volume and texture is what they are all about. Add a short bang to really nail the look of a shag cut.

11. Curtain Bangs with Layers

Curtain bangs create symmetry and even distribution of weight while softening the face and blending into the rest of the hair layer by layer. These layers can be enhanced by a gentle wave adding subtle movement and some extra body.

12. Dark Wavy Long Layers

Elegance and richness ooze from these thick and luscious locks. Enjoy soft curls with some subtle layers around the face to frame and soften the face while while removing a small amount of bulk.

13. Feathered Mom Cut

A mom cut is not a bad thing! we gave this haircut that name because it is a classic and popular cut and for good reason. It looks great, works well on thick hair, its versatile, its easy to maintain and grows out well. If you feel undecided, you cant go wrong with this one.

14. Long Curls

Tumbling curls are elegant and sexy when cascading from a head of long thick hair. If you are more inclined to embrace big and beautiful, then this is the look for you. Voluminous and bouncy, but smooth and tamed.

15. Mowhawk Wolf Mullet

If you’re not afraid to express yourself and enjoy a more unconventional hairstyle that will have heads turning, then try something like this trendy and super funky mohawk. It flows into some length creating a wolf-style mullet. The versatility is abundant and this edgy look works great on thick hair.

16. Precision A-Line Bob

This cut is classy and chic but it does require some upkeep. Thick hair helps accentuate the blunt ends and showcase its precision. To really show the beauty of this cut, it is best worn flat-ironed sleek, and straight, so if you are happy to pull out your hair tools regularly, then go for it!

17. Tousled Tapered Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Coarse and thick hair can work well when cut into a functional short style, and still, look chic and stylish. Keep the sides short and neat off the ear to keep it tidy and to keep unwanted bulk away. The top is where you have fun, keep it textured and thinned out to help maintain the tousled look.

18. Undercut

What better way to remove bulk, than by literally removing bulk? The name speaks for itself, by simply cutting the bottom, lowest section of your hair away, there is less hair to fight with! This can be such a fun style to play with, adding some edge and shock value if you are the more adventurous type and unafraid of commitment.

19. Bob with Curtain Bangs

Thick medium-length hair looks lovely with curtain bangs, resulting in a cute shaggy style. It’s a classic look and is a current trend that works well on thick hair.

20. Curls

Embrace those curls girls! A lot of the time, thick hair is paired with a naturally tight curl. If you have been blessed with a mane of curly locks, choose the path of least resistance and simply embrace them. Keep them moisturized and hydrated, throw in some mousse or gel, and let the natural kink do its thing. Simply gorgeous!

21. Disconnected Pixie Pompadour

This is one of the most perfect hairstyles for thick hair if you are brave enough to rock it. Almost half of the hair is shaved off, which means easy styling, less bulk and serious edge of course. The top is left long to allow room for playing and styling, making it a versatile hair cut too.

22. Half Updo

You can halve the amount of hair on your head by taking the top half up into a braid, ponytail, or popular top knot. This moves a decent amount of hair away from your face and the hair left down feels light and appears finer. This way you can still enjoy your mane but feel more like a lady and less like a lioness!

23. Long Layers

Long layers that blend gracefully can add some dimension and remove a lot of weight from long, thick hair while softening and showing off the length. You can improve from drab and flat by adding texture and bounce to your hair, as well as an extra bounce in your step.

24. Long Windswept Shag

A shag cut with a windswept look is perfect for coarse hair. you can simply wash and go, and depending on your preference, the wilder the better. It is also great for thick hair because of the layering, so you can add lots of layering and texturizing without losing fullness.

25. Modern Mullet

A modern-day Mullet is all about surrendering to that natural texture. There is room to rock the style in a more alternative shape, but you can also wear it less extreme than it was back in the day. Shorter in the front, longer in the back means some edgy, playful styling and a lot less bulk.

26. Mowhauk Inspired Pixie

Short buzz cut sides look great on thick hair! There are no gaps so the result is flawless. This pixie cut is styled with some length left in the back so it creates the same shape as a mohawk without having to actually commit to one.

27. Platinum Pixie

This stunning pixie could be your top choice if you prefer short haircuts for thick hair. It’s elegant and edgy and an easy wash-and-go style. Thick hair means stronger hair, so you can have fun reaching a platinum blonde without jeopardizing the integrity of your locks.

28. Shoulder Length Hair with Short Layers

If you enjoy your hair shorter, but long enough to tie back if necessary, then short feathered layers will help keep your thick locks some movement and remove some extra bulk. It will need a regular blowout to calm the frizz that results from coarse hair, but the shorter layers will help your locks look sleek and healthy.

29. Sophisticated Pixie

Pixie haircuts are great for thick hair because they minimize styling time. They can also look chic and sophisticated like this gorgeous copper pixie cut.

30. Twisted Ponytail Bun

Tuck away your thick locks with a fun and trendy twisted style. Simply part your hair in half, twist each side from the front and direct the twist toward the back of the head. When they meet at the nape, twist them together, then, you guessed it, twist it up into a bun!

31. Afro Mohawk

Rock a mohawk and eliminate some bulk with a stylish fade and some hair tattoos. Your locks will be so manageable while rocking a trendy and gorgeous natural afro mohawk.

32. Braids and Twists

Pretty and practical, fun and frizz-free! You can play with a variety of braids and twists to keep your hair controlled, structured, and away from your face. The density of thicker hair is perfect for creating full and polished braids. They are fun and stylish and can work for just about any personality.

33. Cute and Cheeky Pixie

This style of pixie cut is great for thick locks with a slight curl or kink. A little bit of length is left in the bangs for a cute, soft finish, and you can easily wash and towel dry with a bit of smoothing cream or silicone and you’re good to go.

34. Dramatic Tapered Bob

A graduated bob is a great style for thick hair, and a high taper at the back can really help remove weight and bulk. The angle that is created towards the front gives the illusion of fine hair and it grows out so well making it a low-maintenance cut. Depending on how coarse your locks are, this haircut may require some flat-ironing to really showcase its beautiful shape.

35. Dreadlocks

A last resort for some, but dreadlocks have proved to look professional as well as neat and tidy if rolled and maintained correctly. Thick, coarse hair is an ideal hair type for dreadlocks, and although there is no need for constant styling, these locks do need to be well looked after and can be strenuous on the neck after some time.

36. Elegant Afro

Create an elegant afro by cutting your thick curls short so they bounce up and stack on top of each other to create width and height.  Use some gel to reign it in a bit and eliminate some frizz.

37. Long Blended Layers

A simple and classic style for thick hair that always works. Soft blended layers help the hair look sleek and finer and we love the way it is styled to twist in towards the face on the tips, its creates a whimsical and romantic result.

38. Long Shag and Heavy Bangs

You can enjoy your long locks, even with thick hair by adding some stylish heavy bangs that blend into a long, textured shag. the layers will eliminate some bulk  and make it easy to scrunch and go.

39. Long Wavy Ponytail

Wearing your hair in a low ponytail is ideal for thick hair as you are not fighting the weight. It elegantly keeps hair off your face and shoulders and can be worn for any occasion. Add a soft wave for s night out.

40. Modern Mushroom Cut

Mushroom cuts back in the day were cringy, but present-day mushroom cuts look fantastic! They are a great shape for thick, short hair and the right amount of texture and layers will make it easy to style and maintain.

41. Natural Tight Afro with Braid

Natural tight and thick curls are a dream. They have a wild elegance that look even more gorgeous when rocked with confidence. Use a trendy braid to pull the hair back away from the face and add some contrast in textures while minimizing bulk.

42. Retro Bob

If you are inspired by rockabilly fashion and vintage hairstyles, then this retro bob is a great choice for thick hair. What gives it its edge is the flawless precision, so regular styling will be required to keep the style looking fresh and rocking.

43. Short Smokey Bob

Rock a sharp bob and for a softer finish, add some delicate razored ends. Smokey hair has been a dominating trend, and it will most likely be a timeless look that women will continue to love. Smokey gray hues and tousled waves on a short bob with thick locks looks chic and sophisticated.

44. Short Tapered Curly Bob

Trends always make their way back again and this charming curly bob is a great example. The 70’s are making a comeback, which is great news for your thick and curly locks.

45. Short and Feathered

A short pixie with a bit of creating styling. the hair is tapered perfectly and uniformly and showcased through the way it is styled. If your thick hair drives you mad and you want minimal fussing, then give this hairstyle a go!

46. Shoulder Length Angled Lob

Shoulder length is such a flattering length for thick hair. Cutting the back slightly shorter creates a gentle angle, which gracefully flows to a soft point in the front, adding the illusion of finer hair. Again, adding some soft layers can remove bulk and soften the bluntness.

47. Sleek Ponytail

A sleek tightly pulled back ponytail is classy and practical. With all the bulk and weight being distributed to the back of your head, you can really appreciate a beautiful summer breeze without choking on your tresses. You can keep your ponytail sleek or opt for a more teased, beachy look. Wear it high or low and you’re good to go!

48. Sock Bun

Sock buns are a brilliant solution when you are feeling defeated. If you want the bulk of your hair to disappear without the drastic measures of a buzz cut, sleek it back into a graceful sock bun. All your hair is tucked away tightly and neatly, frizz is smoothed down, and your face and neck are free.

49. Tight Ringlets

Don’t run from thick and coarse and embrace your natural bouncy ringlets by caring for them the right way. They just need some extra moisture, attention, patience and care. Add some highlights to really show them off.

50. Warm Chestnut Pixie

Color can work wonders to change the appearance of thick hair, and give coarse hair some extra needed shine. Lighter and warmer shades can give the illusion that hair is finer, and the warmth will reflect the light enough to make it shine.

Final Thoughts

Spoiled for choice right? Now that you have some ideas to play with and consider, here are some tips to look after those tresses:

  • Always consider face shape and lifestyle when choosing a style to suit you. You’ll want something that compliments your personality, so you feel more confident to pull it off.
  • Take into consideration the amount of time, product, and money you’ll want to spend on your hair. A high-maintenance haircut will have you visiting the salon on the reg, and as much as you may love that, your bank account certainly won’t! If you are someone who chooses to roll out of bed ten minutes before work, then you’ll naturally want to choose something quick and easy.
  • Nurture your locks with regular treatments, trims, and professional home use products. Thick, coarse hair needs extra moisture, so amp up the conditioner and dial down the use of heated tools.

Lastly, and most importantly, embrace that hair ladies! I always say rather too much than too little. Thick hair is so versatile, and once you have experimented and figured out what works for you, you’ll be feeling like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn!

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