83 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas (Trending Colors)

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83 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas (Trending Colors)

What Are The Best Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas?

Interested in trying a hairstyle that stands out? Platinum blonde used to be reserved for older generations but it’s slowly becoming one of the hottest hair trends.

From striking platinum highlights to all-over icy blonde, there is a style to suit every skin color and outfit. You can also wear off platinum blonde with any eye color, though it looks super hot with icy blue and brown eyes.

If you want to follow the trend, check out our favorite styles for platinum blonde hair for some inspiration.

1. Medium Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde shades work with any color, especially when you already have brown or dark hair.

Simply start off with a few icy blonde highlights to add more interest to your hair.

2. Afro Silver And Black Hair

The Afro look is growing more and more in the last few years. You don’t need to stick to your own natural hair but why not include some other colors, such as platinum blonde?

3. Balayage Platinum Blonde

Create a stunning transition between different hair colors with a balayage hairstyle. This layered look combines your blonde highlights with a darker shade.

4. Beautiful Grey And Platinum Blonde Hair

The majority of us will grow gray hair eventually. When the time comes we need to think about hiding or showing our beautiful new locks.

5. Black And Silver Highlights

This hairstyle is so natural because that’s exactly how our natural hair grows. It gets beautifully gray underneath with our main hair color on top.

6. Black And Silver Locks

Silver highlights are a fantastic contrast to dark natural hair. This being said, you can also create it by dying your hair dark in the back with platinum blonde in the front.

7. Black And White Fringe

Did we already say we love a fringe? Yes, we do, especially when it draws so much attention as this black and white beauty.

8. Black And White Hair

Why not create an unusual pattern with your long hair? This black and white hairstyle brings two opposites together.

9. Black Root Platinum Blonde

You don’t have to dye your hair fully black to create a few highlights. Just leave the roots dark and turn the rest white blonde.

10. Blonde Fringe Bob

Bring together two classic hairstyles with a bob and fringe in one. The asymmetrical line creates more interest and draws the eye.

11. Blue, Green Platinum Blonde Hair

You can combine platinum blonde color shades with any color of the rainbow. This blue and green hair color is a little more unusual.

12. Bohemian Hairstyle

For a braided hairstyle, you can choose easy or you can go wild with a Bohemian platinum blonde style. Simply add lots of pearls, glass beads and other hair accessories.

13. Boho Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is such a versatile hair color. You can wear it short or tie it in whatever way you like. If you love your long hair but need to tame it now and then, then try a little ponytail.

14. Bold Blonde Wavy Hair

Blonde has so many different variations, from snow white to a hint of orange and yellow. This long hairstyle shows off the entire spectrum of blonde hair.

15. Braided Platinum Blonde And Purple Hair

This may not be the easiest braid but it’s well worth it. Create a balanced look between blonde and purple with layers.

16. Chignon Bun Platinum Blonde

A bun just works for anything and everywhere. You can create a messy bun or choose something a little more classy.

17. Colorful Mohawk In Platinum Blonde

Create a colorful hairstyle with blue and purple and then add the silvery blonde on top. It may be bold but definitely an eye-catcher.

18. Curly Ice White Hair

There are so many different platinum blonde hairstyles that ladies can choose from. But this curly white blonde hairstyle is simple, practical and a real eye-catcher.

19. Curly Platinum Blonde

Whether you prefer straight or big curls, platinum blonde dye always works. The curls give you a more innocent and playful look.

20. DIY Platinum Blonde Hair

If you don’t want to boldly show your new hair color off immediately, then you can put your hair up in a messy bun. This also looks a bit more playful but still alluring.

21. Easy Party Platinum Blonde Hair

If you are looking for a quick and easy party hairstyle that goes with every outfit, then you can just tie your hair back with some clips. Create a cross pattern to make it look like you’ve put more effort into your look.

22. Easy Short Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair doesn’t always look neat. You can simply leave out a few loose strands of hair. This makes it look more natural.

23. Elegant Platinum Blonde Hair

Are you looking for something truly unique for your wedding hairstyle? Then try out this platinum blonde combo with braids and pearls.

24. Emo Platinum Blonde Hair

Emo is absolutely on trend, and platinum blonde just gives your black outfit a new dimension. Don’t forget to try the black lipstick and dark eyeshadow.

25. Exposed Root Braid Platinum Blonde

If you want to create a more complex hairstyle with your short hair, then try a full braid, making your roots look bold and proud.

26. Fishtail Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

The platinum color in your hair can look so sweet when you braid it into a fishtail. And it doesn’t need a flashy outfit to make your style stand out.

27. Front Braided Platinum Blonde

If you love your braids, then this style with the large front-braid strands out. You can even add sweet hair accessories, such as flowers, for a special occasion.

28. Funky Pink, Black And Icy Blonde Hair

While black and white hair are a fantastic contrast, it can look a bit overwhelming. That’s why, it’s a good idea to add another color, such as pink.

29. Gothic Platinum Blonde Style

White, icy blonde hair makes the perfect contrast to your dark, gothic look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this is one to try.

30. Grey Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde comes in so many different shades. You can go for icy white all the way to subtle gray.

31. Half Updo Platinum Blonde

One of the most amazing things about platinum blonde hair is that it just shimmers in so many colors. It’s simply the most versatile hair color.

32. Japanese Wild Platinum Blonde Hair

Japan has created hair trends that you can see all over the world. This wild and wacky hairstyle may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely eye-catching.

33. Long Platinum Blonde Hair With Fringe

The fringe is back, and here to stay! This beautiful white fringe hairstyle gives you the flair of an elegant ice queen.

34. Marilyn Snow White Hair

So many women love the Marilyn Monroe look. While the famous Hollywood star was blonde, you can give your look a twist with a snow white color.

35. Messy Braids

Although braids are supposed to look nice and tame, not everything has to follow the rules, right? These messy platinum blonde braids show your two sides: wild but beautiful.

36. Messy High Ponytail Platinum Blonde

Messy or elegant, a platinum blonde ponytail can be both at the same time. Tie your hair back and leave a couple of strands flying loose on the front.

37. Messy Platinum Blonde Hair For Women

Don’t comb it all back or add gel to it. Show off your wild side with this messy hairstyle. No need to stand in front of the mirror for ages.

38. Natural Grey Hair For Women

The natural look is coming back all over again. This doesn’t just apply to make-up styles but also to your natural hair.

39. Natural Silver Punk

One of the biggest advantages of platinum blonde hair is that it looks so natural as you grow older. You can just blend it in with your natural hair color.

40. Ombre Platinum Blonde

Whether you love a Texas-style hat for Halloween or you enjoy wearing a cute summer hat, Platinum blonde hair creates a fantastic contrast.

41. Pink, Blue And Platinum Blonde Hair

The dark blue-purple and pink highlights make the platinum blonde stand out. Plus, it gives the hair a real metallic look.

42. Platinum Blonde Afro

This bold hairstyle could almost be unisex. The vibrant, white locks on the top are a fantastic contrast to the much shorter sides.

43. Platinum Blonde And Pink Hair

If red hair feels a little too heavy, then why not go for pink? It has more of a girly look and you can combine it with any of your sweet outfits.

44. Platinum Blonde And Purple Highlights

You can combine platinum blonde hair with almost any color highlights. This being said, this purple with some white highlights in the front really stands out.

45. Platinum Blonde And Purple Mohawk

If a simply icy blonde Mohawk hairstyle isn’t enough, then why not add a bit of color? The purple works brilliantly in this hair trend.

46. Platinum Blonde And Purple Roots

We are all afraid of showing our roots but what if they actually looked good? Show off your roots with pride by dying them purple or any other color of your choice.

47. Platinum Blonde And Red Hair

Red is especially vibrant, so it makes a great contrast to icy, cool blonde when you add it to the tips of your hair.

Create some curls and a wavy style to make the two colors intertwine.

48. Platinum Blonde Bandana Hairstyle

Bandanas are so sweet! You can choose the color and pattern that matches with your outfit. And it’s guaranteed to be an eye-catcher with platinum blonde hair.

49. Platinum Blonde Bob

While a bob was really old-fashioned in the past, the many different layered bob styles mean women have a lot more choice.

50. Platinum Blonde Bun

A bun is such a quick and easy way to tie your hair. It can look messy or more elegant depending on the occasion.

51. Platinum Blonde Dutch Braid

A large Dutch braid is irresistible with long hair but you can also get some stunning results with medium long hair. Try multiple smaller Dutch braids for a cute but practical look.

52. Platinum Blonde Finger Waves

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring. This fun finger waves hairstyle in cool blonde looks not just stylish but also practical. It’s the fastest hairstyle for ladies in the morning.

53. Platinum Blonde Fringe

While the fringe was considered boring for some time, it’s back as a key trend. And it works a treat with platinum blonde hair coloring.

54. Platinum Blonde Hair Beach Ready

Get your hairstyle ready for a beach day with a change to platinum blonde. The stunning color blends in with the sand.

55. Platinum Blonde Layered Highlights

Highlights in your hair are just such an eye-catcher! This blonde and gray layered look works best for long hair but it can also look stunning with a short hair style.

56. Platinum Blonde Layers

You don’t need to add another color to your platinum blonde hair in order to create more interest. This strong layered hairstyle stands out without a lot of effort.

57. Platinum Blonde Mohawk

A Mohawk isn’t just for men anymore. Women explore their wild sides with this funky hair trend.

58. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Just like wild fairies, this Pixie cut hairstyle works with different colors. You don’t even need a lot of long hair for it.

59. Platinum Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, so your hairstyle must be perfect. This charming platinum blonde wedding hair looks so romantic and dreamy.

60. Platinum Blonde With Natural Roots

If you aren’t keen to go from natural hair straight to icy blonde, then you can also let your roots shine through.

Create an eye-catching contrast between the cool metallic color and your darker roots.

61. Playful Platinum Blonde Braids

There is nothing sweeter than braiding two strands of your hair. It makes you look younger and gives your hair a playful look.

62. Ponytail Platinum Blonde

If you have long hair, then the only way to get keep your hair away from your face is with a ponytail. But ponytails don’t have to be boring, especially not when they are icy white blonde.

63. Princess Platinum Blonde Hair

This is the perfect hairstyle for your wedding or a special occasion. It only takes a front braid with two strands of hair in the front. But the effect is impressive.

64. Punk Platinum Blonde

This punky platinum blonde hairstyle is unisex, so women and men can both enjoy the punk style.

65. Rainbow Ends Platinum Blonde Hair

If full on rainbow hair is a bit too much but you still want to show off all the beautiful colors, then just dye the ends of your hair blue, green, pink, yellow and purple.

The subtle highlights are simply stunning with the platinum blonde.

66. Rainbow Platinum Blonde Hair

Bring more color into your life with a trendy rainbow hairstyle. The platinum blonde provides a wonderful neutral basis to all the pink, green and blue colors.

67. Really Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Short hair can be so sexy, especially when it looks as stylish as this icy blonde hair. The cool hair color creates a fantastic contrast to the darker skin color.

68. Short Platinum Blonde Hair

It’s a big cliché that older women wear their hair short because they don’t like it anymore. In fact, short silver hair is sexier than ever!

69. Short Platinum Blonde Hair

While platinum blonde coloring works with any hair length, there is something stunning about short icy blonde hair. It looks chic, classic but also playful.

70. Silver And Black Hair

The contrast between silvery white hair and black is just so smooth. It makes a big change to all the traditional single color blonde hair.

71. Silver Blonde And Purple Hairstyle

Colored hair isn’t just reserved for ladies with long hair. A silver blonde bob can show off purple highlights just as well as flowing white hair. This is also a funky hairstyle for girls.

72. Silver Hair Transformation

You can turn your dark and messy hair into a sleek, silver mane. The transformation is not just beautiful but almost unbelievable.

73. Smooth Platinum Blonde Hair

Long icy blonde hair is just irresistible. It sets a stunning contrast with bold makeup and vibrant colors of your outfit.

74. Sporty Platinum Blonde Hair

Long hair isn’t for everyone. It sometimes needs taming a lot and then you need to tie it back.

That’s why so many women choose a practical short hair style with their platinum blonde mane.

75. Straight White Hair

Dying your hair white is a bold move, especially when you had a natural hair color before. But the classic platinum look makes going blonde worth it.

76. Summer Platinum Blonde Hair

Blue sky and warm sunshine is what makes platinum blonde hair shimmer in so many different colors. It also works with a perfectly relaxed look.

77. Top Braided Platinum Blonde Hair

Braids look stylish with any hair color but there is something truly mysterious about white blonde hair. This braided hairstyle on the top looks classy with a t-shirt or an evening dress.

78. Wavy Platinum Blonde Locks

These wavy locks of platinum blonde aren’t just practical because they are shorter, but they are also beautifully catchy.

79. Wavy Platinum Hair

Wavy locks are an ongoing trend but this platinum hair mane is simply wild and impressive. You could even braid it and it wouldn’t look tamed.

80. White Hair

Platinum blonde is considered the lightest blonde hair but you can also go completely white (without waiting until you get older!) It’s stylish, fashionable, and looks great on everyone.

81. White Hair Braids

Who said braids are just for special occasions? With the braided hair trend growing, there is always room for some fancy braids.

82. White Hair For Girls

White is also a great hair choice when you are younger. No need for fancy cuts or trims. Just keep it simple.

83. Wild Rock n’ Roll Platinum Blonde

If you love the wild look, then you can go icy blonde and stand out. Short platinum blonde hair is especially good for the messy look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skin Tones Can Pull Off Platinum Blonde Hair?

All platinum hues look great with a fair skin tone. You can also use pink undertones and light hair to pull off the right platinum blonde hairstyle.

Does Platinum Hair Make You Look Older?

No, platinum blonde hair is bang on trend and it doesn’t make you look older. This being said, platinum blonde hair can make your skin look slightly more matte.

What’s The Difference Between Icy Blonde And Platinum?

Both icy blonde and platinum blonde are considered blonde. Platinum blonde has a cool but pale tone, while icy blonde is white with some silver highlights.

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