64 Best Red Hair Ideas (Trending Colors For You To Try)

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65 Best Red Hair Ideas

What Are The Best Red Hair Ideas?

Then why not try one of the most striking colors out there: red? Here are some of our favorite styles to give you some inspo for your new do!

When it comes to fashion, having the right hairstyle is crucially important. Redheads might have gotten a bad rap over the years, but it is actually becoming a very popular hairstyle, with a lot of people choosing to dye their hair red hues or red tones.

We’ve compiled a hefty image catalog of some of the best red hairstyle trends around. After reading this article, you can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need to hit the high street, the office, or the club with an up-to-the-minute haircut.

1. Red With Blonde Highlights

Look at this lush red hair with blonde highlights.

2. Flowing Red Locks

This hair gives you the vibe of someone who could build a log cabin with their bare hands.

3. Long, Natural Red Hair

This looks amazing if you have fair skin.

4. A Lighter Shade Of Red

This hair falls naturally down the shoulders.

5. A Red Mane

This is great for inspiring confidence, especially if it is well-kept like this one.

6. Academic Red

The red color is also great for cultivating that smart, academic look.

7. Auburn Hair

The best thing about the auburn hair color is how well it goes with skin fades.

8. Blue And Bright Orange

These really go well together, so always factor in your eye color.

9. Bold Rock Chick

This is a very bold red, the perfect choice for that rock look.

10. Bright Orange Red

A look akin to the bold shades of Emma Stone.

11. Close To The Scalp

This style gives that no-nonsense look for men.

12. Comic Book Red

This hair almost doesn’t look real, this is a neat red cut, perfect for the office.

13. Curly Hair

This really suits copper tones, so why not let it all hang out for that surfer dude vibe?

14. Curly Redhead

Curly hair is one of the most sought-after, and after looking at these lush red locks, we can see why.

15. Dark Auburn Hair

This is dark auburn hair, but it really gives the sense of a brooding deep thinker.

16. Dark Redhead

Look at this redhead and you’ll see how dark and red can really complement.

17. Dark Roots

Dark hair with blonde highlights is an amazing contrast.

18. Dark Tresses

A wonderful waterfall effect.

19. Dress-Down Red

Adopt that red look with a dress-down style fashion.

20. Fair Dyed Red

If you have a fair complexion, then you won’t want to go overboard.

21. Freckles And Red Hair

This combo makes a super striking look.

22. Hazel Hair

If you have hazel eyes and red hair, then all you need is a bit of trimming on the sides for that awesome summery look.

23. Long Copper Hair

This style has never gone out of fashion.

24. Long Red Locks

Create that Prince Harry look with long red locks and a shaggy red beard.

25. Long Strawberry Blonde

This hair looks just as good on men as it does on women.

26. Long, Luxurious Red Hair

This hair will help cultivate that more regal look.

27. Long, Red And Wavy

A hint of Julianne Moore.

28. Lordly Red

Why not keep it lordly with some beard wax and a few red highlights?

29. Man Bun Red

The great thing about tying your hair in a bun is that you can create different looks: from wise warrior to laidback beach bum.

30. Messy Redhead

This messy bedhead look makes a redhead look very electrifying.

31. Natural Copper Hair

This look goes great with copper-colored glasses.

32. Natural Long Red Hair

If you are a natural redhead, sometimes you won’t have to do much to draw attention to yourself.

33. Natural Long Redhead

Finally, we have a natural redhead look that conveys sophistication and sultriness.

34. Natural Redhead

This complements the red lips and eyebrows.

35. Natural Wavy

This is a wavy style that really shines in the sunlight.

36. Orange Highlights

This copper color really draws the eye.

37. Pale Blue Eyes

Blue eyes and pale skin go perfectly with a red tone, as you can see from this image.

38. Pale Skin Redhead

The perfect look for someone with blue eyes.

39. Red And Leather

A leather jacket, red hair, and smoky eyes are all you need for anyone to want to get to know you.

Red Hairstyles For Men

Men also look great with red hair, whether it is dyed or natural. There are many styles of hair on this list that are long and flowing, but you could also go for the long on top and short on the sides style.

Red hair can be sported with any style of clothing, but it works particularly well with autumn-colored apparel. You can also have red hair for the summer, especially if you want to go for a lazy beach style.

40. Red Beard And Hair

A red beard will really bring out the rugged Viking look.

41. Red Bob

Fantastic for any season.

42. Red Braid

Give your hairstyle that extra dimension with a red color and a braid.

43. Red Carpet Red

This red shade perfectly matches the red carpet glamor.

44. Red Floppy Fringe

Having a large floppy fringe really goes well with the red hair color.  

45. Red Hair And Earring

Have a little earring with an undercut and some red highlights for that unique vintage style.

46. Red Hair And Tattoo Combo

Simply astounding!

47. Red Hair For Angular Features

If you have angular facial features, then keep it shorter yet still flowing.

48. Red Ombre

Why not be a red hombre with a little bit of red ombre?

49. Red Punk Hair

Having hair that sticks straight up is amazing for creating that electrifying, interesting look.

50. Red Quiff

This red hair color is great, merging a shaved side with a longer quiff on top.

51. Red Shades And Layers

Red makes a great base color that you can build on with so many other shades.

52. Red Tousled Auburn

A stunning hair color.

53. Red Tousled Curls

This hair is all you need.

54. Red Wavy Hair

The red look cannot be beaten, just check out this wavy style!

55. Shaggy Red Hair

Keep your red haircut shaggy on the top and short on the sides for that perfect look.

56. Short And Cool Redhead

This wavy red hairstyle will be great for the fall and winter.

57. Short On The Sides

You can keep it dialed in for a low-key vibe.

58. Short Red Hair

If red is your natural color, then just use the cut to bring out your natural facial features.

59. Short Redhead With Specs

Red hair really conveys that sense of intelligence, so keep it short and pop on some thin-rimmed specs.

60. Straight Natural Red Hair

Sometimes the best red hair ideas are the simplest.

61. Tight Curly Hair

A very on-trend style, no matter what the season.

62. Vibrant Natural Red

Look at this amazingly vibrant natural red hair complemented by many shades of red, orange and pink.

63. Vibrant Pink-Red

These vibrant pink-red tones are just the perfect choice for achieving a punky look.

64. Wavy Red Hair

With pale skin, this creates a real sultry vibe. Goes great with her blue eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Redheads Go Grey?

Redheads do not go gray as easily as other hair colors. This is because they absorb a lot more vitamin D, which leads to less hair color loss.

How Can You Maintain Dyed Red Hair?

You’ll need to make sure that you steer clear of the sunlight, as intense exposure to UV light can cause red hair to bleach over time. We would recommend that you put in a pre-shampoo hair conditioner to avoid it getting damaged when you are washing it.

You should also steer clear of chlorine, as this will be very damaging to red hair, specially dyed red hair.


Red hair has an unfair reputation, but we hope that some of these pictures have converted you to the red style. From dark cherry to auburn hair to brighter shades of red with blonde highlights, you’ll see that there’s something for everyone on this list.

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