65 Best Purple Hair Ideas (Trending Colors To Try In 2023)

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Best Purple Hair Ideas

What Are The Best Purple Hair Ideas?

Ready for a big change in your life? Dying your hair purple may be the change you need to make you feel elegant, chic, and to stand out. Because of the wide range of colors available, it can subtly brighten your skin, draw attention to your eye color, and make you look younger.

Below are incredible purple hair color ideas and hairstyles. Perfect if you are looking to switch things up or just want to make yourself stand out a little more. There are certain things you are going to want to consider.

All of which we cover below. Keep reading to discover trending purple hair ideas that can inspire you, and are sure to be a hit!

1. Purple Shadow Root

Change the game with these bright purple shadow roots into white hair. It’s a very soft purple tone that looks great paired with the icy blonde.

2. Ash Purple

Want a cool edge to your look? This deep, ashy, smoky purple color is the perfect hair dye.

3. Deep Plum Purple

Bring out your inner vixen with this sexy, dark purple. If you are naturally dark, then this deep purple is sure to bring out your natural features. Especially those with slightly warmer or dark skin tone.

4. Hidden Purple

Keep your natural hair color on top with a special pop of purple underneath.

5. Lavender Bob & Bangs

Go all out with a blunt purple bob and full bangs. Spicy and confident, and you’ll look just like Katy Perry!

6. Lilac Money Piece

If you have naturally dark hair, you can brighten things up with these lilac money pieces.

7. Orange And Purple Money Piece

Bring warm and cool together with this purple color and orange money pieces. This look is best if you have skin with warm undertones, and shows off your face shape.

8. Pastel Ombre

Find yourself looking as delicious as cotton candy with this purple to pink pastel ombre. It’s a bright color perfect for summer!

9. Amethyst Melt

Ask your hairstylist for this amethyst melt and watch as art is created on your hair.

10. Blackberry Ombre

Love your dark roots? Looking for dark purple hair color ideas? Keep the roots dark and flow into this intense deep blackberry purple.

11. Blonde Purple Peekaboo

Not all purple has to be dark. Keep your blonde bright and add some color with a purple peekaboo moment!

12. Blue With Purple Highlights

Take blue hair to the next level with purple hair highlights. Perfect for curling and braiding.

13. Blue/ Purple Ombre

Forget highlights, get the perfect blend of purple and blue! This looks great on thicker hair types.

14. Blueberry Ombre

Capture all of the tones of a blueberry with this cool toned purple ombre. This one looks great if you have cool undertones.

15. Burgundy Highlights

Blend purple and red together with these gorgeous burgundy highlights.

16. Chocolate Lilac

If you don’t like lighter shades, have everyone confused with this hair color. Is it purple? Is it brown? Only you will know. And your hair stylist.

17. Chunky Highlights

Goth chic, these chunky highlights are reminiscent of the early 2000’s and we love it!

18. Cool Purple

For those with cool skin tones, or a cooler eye color, this cool toned purple will suit you perfectly and make your features pop.

19. Electric Purple Rainbow

Sometimes selecting one purple is just too hard. Have them all with a purple rainbow look. This looks great on long hair or flowy locks.

20. Fire Bob

Not only will you look on fire, you will feel on fire with this blend of oranges, pinks and purples.

21. Gray With Purple Tips

Let your natural grays pop with a purple dyed tip to show off various different shades. It’s a great option for a long bob.

22. Highlights

Having an entire head of dark purple hair dye can be a little too intense. Add some brightness with a few purple highlights. It’s the right choice!

23. Lavender Blow Out

Sleek and sophisticated, this lavender blow out is perfect for the office or a night on the town.

24. Lavender Dip Dye

Not all dip dye has to be on bleach blonde hair. This dirty blonde pulls it off perfectly.

25. Lavender Highlights

Keep your natural brunette color with a pop of color. With light purple hair highlights, you won’t be altering your natural color too much. Lavender highlights are soft and luscious.

26. Lilac Dip Dye

2016 is back and this lilac dip dye hair style is the way to start 2023.

27. Lilac Ombre Box Braids

Go super bright with this fully purple ombre on box braids. It’s an easy way to try a new color and brighten up your look.

28. Magenta

Magenta is for those daring to blur lines. The perfect mix between pink and purple, this rich color is not for the faint of heart. The overall look is a bright shade, but you can rock it.

29. Magenta Blue Split Dye

Bring fire and water together with this blue and magenta split dye.

30. Magenta Shadow Root

Add a splash of pink with this magenta shadow root into blonde hair.

31. Magenta With Purple Tips

Starting with a deep magenta root into a smoky purple tip, there isn’t anything you cannot accomplish. This is a great option for a cool bob with deep violet tones, soft waves and a pop of color.

32. Mauve Shadow Root Ombre

Show more of a feisty personality with this mauve shadow root that drags down to an ombre, it looks great on short purple hair, particularly if you have fine hair. But, this soft purple hue looks wonderful on just about anyone.

33. Mermaid Hair Money Piece

Draw on your inner mermaid sensuality with this deep blue full head color with magenta money pieces. A moneypiece is always a great idea.

34. Money Piece Box Braids

Bring your warmer undertones to life with purple money piece box braids. A money piece is the best way to draw attention to your features, and looks great contrasting darker hair.

35. Mulled Wine

This red undertone purple is absolutely stunning. Leaving a warm, silky gloss.

36. Murky Mauve

Bring out your inner mermaid with a murky mauve hair color. Perfect for winter and looks gorgeous with those soft waves on natural brown hair.

37. Muted Mauve

Whether you wear it straight or style with a coil curl, this muted mauve will never let you down. It’s the perfect way to try purple dye as it’s a lighter tone, and not really a bold hair color choice.

38. Neon Purple Bob

Sharp bobs are in and what way to keep them fresh? Dying it a neon purple shade! This one keeps a dark shade overall, and uses the balayage technique to freshen up with purple. It’s a bold look, but the vibrant colors make it worthwhile.

39. Oil Slick

Sometimes looking like an oil slick is acceptable. And this hair color is the perfect moment.

40. Ombre Dip Dye

Add a special pop to your dull blonde with this pink to purple ombre split dye!

41. Pastel Purple Hair

Add some brightness to your look with this gorgeous pastel shade of purple!

42. Peacock Balayage

Embrace your inner peacock with this purple into cool blue balayage. With soft blue undertones, it’s very flattering.

43. Peacock Highlights

Afraid to go full peacock? There’s good news – you can simply test the waters with peacock highlights!

44. Purple Black Split Dye

Perfect for spooky season, this split dye is spicy and spooky!

45. Purple Blue Color Combo Dye

Keep things interesting with this purple and blue split dye.

46. Purple Copper Split Dye

Opposites attract with this purple and copper split dye. Can you pull it off?

47. Purple Green Checked Dye

Have the best of both worlds with purple and green checked hair dye.

48. Purple Green Split Dye

Channel the Joker with this purple and green split dye. It’s the best option for Halloween and spooky season.

49. Purple Lob

As your bob grows out, spice up your lob with this deep purple look. It’s a dark color, and not too out there.

50. Purple Magenta Split Dye

Play with your color pallet of magenta and deep purple. Especially with these gorgeous curls. Be sure to try vibrant colors for this look.

51. Purple Money Piece

Adding a splash of color to your hair doesn’t mean changing all of your hair. Keep your natural hair and add some purple money pieces as a great way to switch up your look.

52. Purple Ombre Box Braids

Box braids are fine on their own. Keep darker roots with a purple ombre.

53. Purple Ombre Hair

Not sure if the dark hair color is for you? Try a deep purple. Pack a punch with this cool, ashy purple ombre hairstyle. Perfect for those with a cooler skin tone, this hair color is definitely going to catch some stares.

54. Purple Rainbow Highlights

Enjoy every color of the rainbow with this purple based rainbow hair color. This one would look great in a messy bun!

55. Purple Streaks

Keep your natural base color and add just a touch of dazzle with deep purple streaks.

56. Purple With Blonde Highlights

Make purple the new natural with the blonde highlights!

57. Raven Purple

Find your inner raven with this deep purple that shines and looks almost like black hair.

58. Red Galaxy

Fall in love as your hair mimics the galaxy with shade of purple and magenta.

59. Red Purple

We can’t all decide between red and purple. So, don’t! This magenta purple curly hair looks beautiful.

60. Red Purple Split Dye

Enjoy your new hair color of purple and red as they battle on either side of your hair. With these vivid hair colors, you can really have a cute, bold look.

61. Reverse Money Piece

Slay with this reverse blonde and purple money piece hair style.

62. Smoky Purple Dip Dye

Smoky, sexy, and smooth this smoky purple ombre is for those wanting a more edgy look.

63. Stars And Galaxy

With tones of blue, green, pink, and purple you can really look like the stars and galaxy.

64. Violet

Bring Tumblr chic back with a bright violet purple hairstyle. Whether it’s Halloween or you simply love purple, this color is going to have you loving your hair.

65. Yellow Root

Support your favorite basketball team or stand out from the crowd with this yellow shadow root into purple balayage.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a whole range of purple hairstyle ideas. All of which are going to be trendy in 2023!

Whether you want a violet hair color, long purple locks, or something to brighten up your facial features, purple is a trendy color that looks great on everyone.

Prepare yourself for the new year and enjoy the change of color. Book an appointment now!

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