45 Sexy Black Hair Ideas (Trending Colors To Try In 2023)

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Sexy Black Hair Ideas

What Are The Sexiest Black Hair Ideas?

Highlights in black hair add light, depth and dimension to your hair, not to mention intrigue and sophistication.

There are also many directions you can take your gorgeous black hair from platinum to red, burgundy to ombre, or caramel to copper!

To get the most out of your new hair color, you should consider your hair texture and skin tone before deciding which sexy black hair look will work the best for you.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Our list of the best hair ideas are certain to give your natural black hair some oomph! The best part? There’s something for everyone!

1. Black & Brown Ombre

For a natural brown ombre look, pick a brown shade that’s a couple of shades lighter than your natural roots.

This color technique is very subtle, and perfect if you already have a natural black hair color. For a more sun-kissed look you can add some brighter tones too.

2. Blonde Babylights

Blonde babylights are extremely subtle, giving a soft glow to your complexion and illuminating your face.

Babylights are perfect if you are dying your hair for the first time as they are very subtle, and not overpowering to your natural color.

3. Mocha Highlights

This is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles. Mocha highlights are an incredibly chic look that give your hair depth and dimension.

4. Subtle Highlights

This example is yet more proof that you don’t need a total contrast to achieve a beautiful look. You can add very subtle highlights to your natural hair color.

5. Ash Blonde Highlights

These delicate ash blonde highlights are an effective way to add some ashy goodness into your hair. This looks great for a special occasion, as it will really draw attention.

6. Auburn Highlights

Auburn highlights in black hair will never go out of style! It’s an understated look that brings warmth to all complexions. The best way to do this is with a balayage effect.

7. Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights add layers of soft color to your hair, and look amazing on black hair. It’s worth bearing in mind that getting this style takes a while to achieve in the salon, but it’s so worth it!

8. Black And Red Dreadlocks

If you want to upgrade your dreadlocks, add a daring red shade to make your hair stand out!

You could also try putting your hair up in bantu knots, which are very popular among African American women, which would really show off the red tones.

9. Black And Red Faux Hawk

Looking for a modern look? A faux-hawk is the ideal hairstyle for when you want to give your hair some edge, without committing to an actual Mohawk.

Adding some red to the tips of the faux-hawk just makes this look even more effective!

10. Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights don’t just brighten up black hair but also give it extra depth. Although black and blonde seem to be on two ends of the spectrum, when they come together they make a jaw-dropping look!

Plus, highlights are a great way to add some lightness to your hair without totally bleaching it.

11. Blonde Highlights On Short Hair

If you’ve recently had the chop, you might be worried that you can’t have highlights, but we’re here to tell you that you can!

Highlights in short hair can give your hair extra depth and sheen. They also look great if you have wavy hair.

12. Blonde Ombre

Blonde ombre highlights that run from your roots to your tips can accentuate your face beautifully. These blonde streaks and golden highlights add some real oomph to your natural color.

13. Blonde Streaks

These blonde streaks are a cool, updated version of the 2000s’ trend.

14. Blue Highlights

Blue highlights in black hair are alluring, cool, and sexy. Even darker shades of blue can make a statement, and give you an electric look! This blue-black hair color is one of our faves!

Blue hair is certainly a fashion statement, made popular by the likes of Kylie Jenner. You could opt for a royal blue, teal, cobalt blue, or even a mermaid blue as all suit black hairstyles.

15. Brown Highlights

Brown highlights are sophisticated, and can take your naturally dark hair to the next level. Modern, bold, and beautiful, mix up the tones of your brown highlights for extra depth and to make your hair look fuller.

16. Burgundy Highlights

If you’re looking for red highlights ideas, we’ve got you covered. Burgundy highlights are an undeniably sexy look. They’re also versatile, so you can make them as bold or as subtle as you’d like.

17. Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights give dark hair extra dimensions and a warm shine to your hair. You could try a different type of highlights such as balayage, babylights or lowlights if you’re unsure which to go for.

18. Chestnut Highlights

If you have naturally black hair and want to give a brunette look a try, chestnut highlights are a great way to dip your toe in.

19. Copper Highlights

Copper highlights look gorgeous and super chic on black hair. You can go for intense, bold streaks, or subtle highlights such as copper shimmers, and both options will still be totally eye-catching!

20. Dark Red Highlights

Dark red highlights are an incredibly vampy look, and are sexy in a sophisticated kind of way.

21. Deep Yellow Highlights

Some people may balk at deep yellow highlights, but if your heart is telling you to go yellow, go for it! It’s a guaranteed way to steal the spotlight.

22. Face-Framing Platinum Highlights

The application and the intensity of these face-framing platinum highlights is what makes this look really special. The different shades create a stark contrast.

23. Fuchsia Pink Highlights

For another edgy look rather than a natural look, why not go for girly, fun fuchsia highlights? This works for black hair or those with dark brown hair.

24. Full Highlights

What sets full highlights apart from partial highlights is that they go from your roots to the tips of your hair, and look amazing on black hair.

25. Golden Highlights

These golden highlights will give your hair a sun-kissed glow. Perfect for any hair type or hair length.

26. Gray Hair Peekaboo Highlights

Gray highlights look amazing on black hair, especially when they have a silvery flash!

27. Grey Highlights

Who said older ladies are the only ones who can rock gray? Gray highlights in black hair are very fashionable, and are a totally fun look!

28. Honey Highlights

Honey blonde highlights give dark hair a natural glow and a beachy look all year round! They are also very natural-looking highlights. You could opt for golden highlights, platinum blonde, or whatever suits your skin tone best.

29. Lime Green Highlights

If you love different colors, these radioactive lime green highlights make a statement while enhancing – not overpowering – your natural dark roots. This color can really jazz up naturally straight hair.

30. Magenta Highlights

Magenta is a mix of deep red and purple, beautifully complementing your dark roots and adding a touch of mysticism to your hair for a unique look.

If you have ultra-dark hair or you’re sick of short natural hairstyles, then you can really make a statement with this one.

31. Natural Highlights

There are a few ways you can achieve natural-looking highlights on black hair, and while blonde is the obvious choice, natural highlights can look a lot smoother.

32. Orange Highlights

If you like to turn heads, then fiery orange highlights are for you! This juicy, vibrant look is a great way to flaunt your personality.

33. Partial Balayage

A partial balayage looks great on black hair because it allows you to softly transition into a lighter shade while keeping the roots natural.

It’s also pretty low-maintenance, as it looks stunning even when you’re growing it out.

34. Peach Blonde Highlights

Peach blonde highlights make it look like you’ve dipped your hair in the sunset! It’s the perfect hairstyle for the summer season.

35. Peekaboo Rainbow Highlights

Black is a great base for all colors, and if you can’t decide what color to go for, why not go for all of them?

These peekaboo rainbow highlights are a delightful surprise and a feast for the eyes! But, there are so many different ways you can jazz up your dark tresses with a peekaboo highlight.

36. Platinum Highlights

Why not add some platinum blonde highlights to your long hair? This can be quite costly and requires significant maintenance, but it’s so worth it for this edgy, glamorous look!

To keep this look fresh, invest in some good purple/silver shampoo, as blonde hair is very high maintenance, and fades quickly.

37. Praline Highlights

Soft caramel, light hazelnut, and sugary sweet blonde shades come together to make this mouth-watering praline look.

This look is a good idea as the deep root is low maintenance, so you won’t have to keep heading back to the salon!

38. Purple Highlights

To achieve a cool-girl aesthetic, why not go for purple highlights? When done right, deep purple shades pop at the end without overpowering your natural roots.

Stylish, beautiful, and still edgy, purple highlights in black hair are to die for!

39. Red Highlights

Red highlights in black hair are certain to make you stand out from the crowd! It’s a fierce, sexy, bold look, but it does fade quickly, so make sure to book an appointment with your stylist once a month to revamp your red.

40. Red Wine Highlights

Who doesn’t love a good red wine? Burgundy, merlot, or garnet highlights in black hair make for one sumptuous look. This rich color looks great on black women, or those with a darker skin tone.

41. Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold highlights are a great way to give dark hair a soft edge, especially for medium skin tones.

It gives your skin a gorgeous glow, especially when you have face-framing highlights to bring out your facial features.

42. Rosy Orange Highlights

Fancy a color change? If you want an orange look that is less fiery, then this rosy orange look is a great compromise.

43. Sea Green Highlights

For a gothic mermaid look, sea green highlights are the way to go! It’s the perfect color combination.

44. Toffee Highlights

Mouth-watering toffee highlights look especially beautiful on dark complexions. Toffee highlights are always a great idea.

45. Two-Tone Black And Red Hair

Like Cruella DeVille – but edgier! This daring look is for all the rock chicks and punk chicks out there! It looks best with curly hair!

Final Thoughts

Black hair is undeniably beautiful, and incorporating some blonde and brown highlights, ombre style or balayage into your tresses just accentuates the beauty of your natural roots!

The good news is that these hair trends look great on anyone, whether you want to accentuate your natural color, boost the base color with some dark brown highlights, or show off your face shape, there’s a black hair trend for you.

Which one you choose depends on your personal style and preferences, but we hope we’ve helped you find some new looks to inspire your next big hair change.

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