41 Black And Blonde Hair Ideas (Highlights To Rock In 2023)

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Best Black And Blonde Hair Ideas

What Are The Best Black And Blonde Hair Ideas?

We often think of black and blonde hair as two contrasting colors that don’t go well together, well we’re here to tell you that when done right these two competing tones can really sing!

There are many different ways you can boost your black hair with blonde. In recent years, a trendy look is to have jet black hair with a brown balayage, or add highlights to create dirty blonde hair.

If you want to go all in and make a statement, platinum, ash, silver or copper highlights in dark hair can be striking.

But if you want to dip your toe into blonde highlights, honey shades, walnut shades, sandy blonde or caramel shades can do the trick.

If you need more hair inspiration, check out the best black and blonde hair ideas below!

1. Black Hair With Front Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights give black hair a unique zest. These highlights achieve an edgy, chic look.

2. Ash Blonde And Walnut Highlights

Walnut blonde is another beautiful option for highlights, and looks stunning when styled in beachy waves.

3. Ash Blonde Balayage On Dark Hair

Ash blonde balayage isn’t going to go out of fashion any time soon. This striking look is ideal for those who want to revitalize their hair without overhauling their color completely.

The darker roots give it a ‘lived in’ feel, and it’s low maintenance.

4. Balayage Blonde Hair

A blonde balayage looks glamorous yet natural, making for an overall effortless, flawless look.

The blonde shade in this example has been so seamlessly blended in with the other tones that there are no awkward lines between the two.

5. Blonde Balayage On Curly Hair

Think balayage is just for straight or wavy hair?

Think again! Even if you have curly hair or darker hair, you can rock a balayage look, especially if you go for a sandy blonde color. These beautiful curls can really accentuate your face.

6. Blonde Highlights On Dark Gray Hair

If you’re an older lady who likes to keep her dark but is going gray, ashy blonde highlights can be the best of both worlds, and are always a good idea.

7. Buttery Honey Highlights

These buttery honey highlights look great on long hair, and are a great hair makeover to have before date night. They’re sure to get your other half’s mouth watering!

8. Caramel Balayage

To get this beautiful caramel blonde balayage incorporate highlights and lowlights into your hair.

This look doesn’t just give your hair dimension, but when styled in gorgeous waves it can upgrade a simple look to a stunning one!

9. Copper Blonde Highlights

Why not try copper blonde streaks? While this is a more subtle and less striking example of dark to light hair ideas, we still think it’s super effective and drop-dead gorgeous!

10. Light Blond Balayage With Lob

This light blonde balayage is a great way to add depth and dimension to your hair.

The fact that the balayage starts at eye-level just makes this look more intriguing and dramatic. Bright blonde highlights can really lift black hair.

11. Light Brown Highlights On Black Hair

The charming bronze hue ensures there is no harsh contrast between the darker roots, and makes your highlights look more natural.

12. Balayage Blonde Hair With Bangs

Of course J-Lo would look ultra glamorous while rocking a blonde balayage with bangs!

The light blonde and dirty blonde combination creates a jaw-dropping balayage effect, especially when paired with the subtle lowlights in the bangs. This one lifts your natural color.

13. Beachy Blonde Balayage

Beach blonde hair never goes out of fashion! The gentle, pastel hues create a soft, gorgeous look that is even more effective when the sun hits it just right.

Opt for lighter highlights to recreate this look and lift your dark base color.

14. Black And Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie bob haircuts are fun, youthful and can even be a little edgy, especially when you pair dark short sides, with long blond length! If you have shorter hair, or have a fade, this one’s for you.

15. Black And Blonde Ponytail

If you love wearing your hair in a ponytail but don’t want to lose the effect of your highlights or ombre color, why not try this ponytail look with eye-catching braids?

16. Black Hair And Silver Balayage

Calling all rock chicks! This silver balayage on ebony hair is both chic and tough, and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. This look is best for young or younger women, with a dark root at the top for a big contrast.

17. Black Hair With Gray Highlights

Gray highlights on black hair is a fantastically edgy look that is at the same time sophisticated and totally intoxicating. The white hair really draws the eye.

18. Black Hair With Peekaboo Highlights

Bring your tough, edgy side, and your soft, sweet side together with this fascinating look!

We love how effective these silvery blond hair streaks look in ebony hair. A perfect choice for this person’s skin tone.

19. Black Hair With Stripy Highlights

There are many ways you can wear highlights in dark hair, but this stripey, ribbon looking option is one of the most popular.

The best thing about this one is whether you wear your hair wavy or if you have straight hair, it’s certain to look beautiful, and add dimension and radiance to your hair.

20. Black Hair With Subtle Blonde Highlights

These subtle blonde highlights are a perfect addition to beautiful black hair. They inject a bit of vitality and oomph into dark roots and add warmth to your complexion.

Plus, the subtle contrast between your black hair and the small highlights make an elegant, stylish statement.

21. Blonde Babylights On Black Hair

Blonde babylights on black hair is a fresh and sophisticated look, that makes your hair and face glow.

If you’re a bit reluctant about adding highlights to your hair, this look is a great alternative because it brings dimension to your hair without having to make a dramatic change.

22. Blue Black Hair With Money Piece

For another edgy hair look, why not try this fashionable blend of blue-back hair with face framing blonde streaks? It will really make your facial features pop.

23. Blunt Blonde And Black Bob

A blunt blonde bob just screams sophistication!

We love this short hairstyle with a black/dark brown hair color at the root, and warm blonde hair on the ends.

24. Bronze Blonde Highlights

This is a subtle style that blends blond tones with stunning bronze that will suit any complexion.

25. Brown Foilayage And Root Melt On Black Hair

These highlights enhance the dimensions and radiance of your hair, while not being overpowering.

26. Brunette To Blonde Balayage

If you’re a brunette and want to mix up your look with some lighter colors, then a pale blonde balayage makes for a smooth transition from dark roots to lighter ends.

This is one of the more popular black blonde hairstyles.

27. Caramel Highlights On Black Hair

Highlights in black hair can often look more effective when they begin from the mid-lengths.

This doesn’t just provide a great contrast between your natural hair color and your highlights, but frames your face beautifully for a pretty look.

28. Caramel Highlights On Black Hair

These chunky caramel highlights give black hair great dimension and depth, especially when the hair is styled in loose waves.

It’s the best way to add a little blonde if you have warmer, darker skin tones.

29. Copper, Blonde, And Black Hair

This fiery look is absolutely stunning and great for those who would like to add a little warmth and edge to their hair! Keeping the black roots, you can melt this color into the red.

If you want to try different colors, but still want to maintain some black and blonde, this is the look for you.

30. Dark To Light Blonde Ombre Hair

Dark to light ombres will likely never go out of fashion. In the above example, she has darker roots that fade into a pale blonde at the tips.

31. Golden Blonde Balayage On Brunette Hair

We fell in love with this balayage blonde hair as soon as we saw it! The blonde highlights have been beautifully blended into the natural dark hair, with some caramel highlights too which gives the look more depth.

32. Honey Blond Balayage

Soft curls and honey blonde balayage make for a jaw-dropping look! What a beautiful hair color.

33. Mid-Length Blonde & Black Hair

If you want to mix it up next time you visit the salon and try a new hair color, why not go for this daring yet sophisticated look? The messy curls make this look super fashionable.

34. Money Pieces For Black Hair

Money pieces are subtle yet effective details to add to dark hair. These are blended in so naturally in the below example, but still ignite a spark of intrigue.

35. Platinum Blonde Balayage

If you’re worried your natural hair or skin tone won’t suit a platinum balayage, then we’re here to tell you there is no need to worry!

A platinum balayage is versatile enough to work for any complexion, and the cool undertones of platinum balayage make this look extra glamorous. It’s a great way to brighten up your look.

36. Sandy Brown Highlights

If you want to add some blonde to your hair, natural light highlights are the way to go. This beautiful sandy brown balayage looks even more gorgeous with loose soft curls.

37. Sew-In Black And Blonde Hair

Sew-in hair is a great way to test out a hairstyle or color without having to commit. They’re not only gorgeous but can last 6-8 weeks.

38. Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Don’t want to dye your hair blonde? If you want to go for an edgier blonde look then why not go for strawberry blonde hair dye?

There’s a reason this color is so beloved. Its combination of sandy blonde and red looks gorgeous on everyone.

39. Two-Toned Blonde And Black Hair

Now this is one gutsy look! If you want Cruella DeVille inspired hair, then why not go for this bold two-toned blonde and black style?

40. Vanilla Blonde Highlights

Vanilla blonde hair is just as sweet as the name suggests! We love the dark roots and the vanilla blonde tones weaved throughout, as it keeps things looking natural while still ensuring the vanilla blonde highlights stand out.

41. Voluminous Curly Blonde Highlights

For a new look, try this gorgeous, voluminous style that is made even more beautiful with the addition of carefully placed highlights.

The perfect way to wear it is with curls, so if you have thick hair, or wavy hair, then this could be just right for you.

Final Thoughts

Although black and blonde are seen as two opposite colors with the right shades and the right stylist they can come together beautifully!

So why not brighten up your dark hair with some vibrant, blonde highlights, babylights or balayage? This trend looks great on any hair length, as the blonde hues will really add some intrigue to your look.

The trick is finding the right colors for you. While there are some hair colors that give you an edgier look, they may not suit your skin tone, or could be better for fair skin.

You may look better with subtle highlights, or a different hair color technique.

We hope we’ve given you some black blonde hair color ideas for your next trip to the hair salon.

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