40 Best Stacked Bob Haircut Ideas

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What Are The Best Stacked Bob Haircut Ideas?

A stacked bob is a timeless classic that will never lose its magic, a gorgeous shape that oozes sophistication, elegance, and a touch of simplicity.

Made popular by the spicy Victoria Beckham, women couldn’t resist the chop and stylists have mastered the art of this versatile and stunning haircut. It can suit any face shape, hair texture, and personality and is a chic style that is hard to get wrong. While straight and blunt bobs have been trending, the stacked bob is rebirthing, and we have stacked up some stunning and inspiring ideas to help you choose your next best haircut!

1. Flawlessy Angled Bob

The flawless precision in this bob creates a perfect angle that is so gradual and satisfying. Soft layers are added to the back for a slight taper that brings the shape together.

2. Asymmetrical Textured Bob with Deep Side Bangs

This haircut showcases how edge and elegance can work together so harmoniously, to give you a gorgeously chic stacked bob. Extra length is left at the tips of the front strands to create an elongated point that is seemingly exaggerated, to level up this asymmetrical bob. Deep bangs create gorgeous depth and movement.

3. Short Choppy Stacked Bob

Sophisticated and chic, this bob is a popular choice for ladies in their 40s. It is easy to manage and style and can hold volume and height. Short and stacked at the back, softer in the neck and longer in the front with some short layers to add shape and movement.

4. Subtle Stacked Bob

There is a stacked bob for everyone! This smart and chic bob is a popular choice for ladies in their 50s. It is flattering and easy to maintain and is a beautiful shape to showcase natural gray locks.

5. Chin Length Bob

This chin grazing bob is cute and chic and has a modern flapper girl feel to it. It is great for most hair textures but more suitable for oval faces as the shape can make a round face look rounder. Regular salon visits need to fit your lifestyle to maintain this bob, but it is absolutely worth the confidence it will create for you.

6. Edgy Bob with Undercut

This bob is razor cut to enhance texture and an undercut is added to create a dramatic angle and edgy shape. The deep graduation that finishes with a fine point adds some softness to the face, and the teasy, feathered layers give the edge that makes this stacked bob fun.

7. Tousled Bob with Bangs

Move away from sleek and refined for something more fun and cute. A short-stacked bob looks great with bangs and some disheveled texture for a pleasing out-of-bed look.

8. Wavy Stacked Bob

Some texture like these soft waves are more carefree and can soften any precise and blunt lines. It creates movement and can add volume to hair that is finer and may feel flat when sleek.

9. Box Bob

An alternative approach to wearing a bob, but its popularity is growing for sure. A modern take on a sweet Chinese bob, these short solid bangs and blunt lines create an envious shape that not everyone can pull off, but everyone can admire.

10. Chic Square shaped Bob

A stacked bob with very slight graduation creates an elegant square shape. Some soft layers add some height and movement and the ends are feathered to avoid any harsh lines and add some texture.

11. Classic Bob

This stacked bob is a go-to for most stylists as it is so flattering for most face shapes and is overall a gorgeous and easy to maintain shape. It has a classy feel that will elevate your confidence and have you falling in love with bobs. Tucked behind the ear can change the shape and create a slightly asymmetrical look.

12. Dramatic High Fashion Bob

Steep and stacked and stunningly dramatic. The angle on this bob is not one degree out of place and the disconnected taper at the back creates an edgy contrast for the less conservative. The angle comes to a neat and feathered point in the front, adding some softness to the overall look.

13. Drastic Angle With an Undercut

This angle will have heads tilting in awe! A bit more nonconformist and fashion-forward, this stacked bob is unique and fun! The varying lengths create some high drama and the undercut helps remove bulk making this a practical haircut with some edge.

14. Fashion Forward Stacked Bob

Business in the front, star trek in the back. This bob cut is fashion-forward and futuristic if you will. It looks like a classic bob from the front and the back is stacked and undercut, highlighting the natural shape of the hairline with a crisp v shape. High-cut bobs with drastic angles are definitely a growing trend.

15. Feathered and Tapered Stacked Bob

If to polished and sophisticated is not what you are looking for, then this stacked bob is a great in-between. It is cut with precision but the ends are left soft and feathered and slightly disconnected for a more unkempt look. Shorter layers at the crown give it some extra texture and oomph.

16. Full Round Bob

Fullness and volume are the key elements to this stacked bob. The length in the front is symmetrical and sits just below the chin to create a flattering round bob shape that is perfect for an oval face. Some caramel foilyage is a great way to add some depth and dimension.

17. Full and Blunt Stacked Bob

The gorgeous angle of this bob is created by slight stacking in the back and blunt, precise graduation toward the front. Weight is left on the ends for a more full and rounded shape, perfect for thicker hair.

18. Funky Bob with Peekaboo Color

One way to elevate and show off your gorgeous cut is to add a pop of color. This slice of peekaboo color is placed in a perfect position to really accentuate the gorgeous angle a stacked bob creates. A soft wave adds a little extra dimension and some beautiful soft texture to your bob.

19. Graduated Stacked Bob

Neat precision gives a tidy and polished look to this stacked bob. Slightly higher layers at the back create a blended taper and a rounded shape, sitting on the nape and getting longer in the front with a graceful graduation.

20. Graduated Tapered Bob

Tapered layers at the back stack this bob beautifully, removing bulk and creating a polished round shape. It gradually elongates to the front for shape and movement and the ends are left feathered for a softer finish.

21. High Contrast Angled Bob

Super-sleek and dramatic, this Stacked bob is highly contrasted by the graduating lengths from the back to the front. This steep angle breaks the mold and is experimental and fun if you are looking for something different.

22. High Tapered Bob

A popular choice for ladies in their 50s as this stacked bob provides a lot of height and volume. It is a mature and sophisticated look with a bit of length left on the nape for softness. Golden blonde highlights add some dimension and assist with the natural gray hairs that may be beginning to surface.

23. Inverted Bob with Crown Layers

Neatly tapered into the neck with a gentle graduation makes for an elegant and chic stacked bob. Adding a few shorter layers at the crown can add some volume and texture. especially on finer hair or hair that has a stubborn crown. A bit of extra effort and some hairspray will be required to keep this cut looking fresh.

24. Platinum Bob with Temple Undercut

Add some edge and enhance the shape by adding a sneaky undercut to the temples. This is a great idea to remove bulk and refine the shape of the bob so it falls more softly and sleekly. The platinum color creates a trendy contrast to the natural hair, especially at the temple.

25. Razored Bob

This razored bob is feathered delicately into the neck, avoiding any blunt lines for a wispy soft finish. It is great for thick hair as it appears thin on the ends and removes a lot of bulk from the back. The shape also elongates the neck and jaw bone, making this a flattering haircut for plus size women.

26. Short Edgy Bob

The stacked layers in this bob are tapered short into the neck, removing a lot of bulk and creating a lot of height and texture at the crown. The sides are left longer and heavier to maintain the bob shape and the combination leaves you with a chic short and edgy bob.

27. Short Graduated Bob with a Deep Parting

This bob is a great shape for thicker hair textures. The back is slightly tapered to remove bulk without taking away from the shape and the deep parting slims the one side of the bob and adds extra height and volume on the other side.

28. Short Precision

This stacked bob is beautifully elegant with its precision, but also has a fun, cheeky vibe to it. The layers in the back are long and feathered and stacked gently to create a round, polished finish. The bluntness of this bob is also perfect for finer hair textures.

29. Short Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

A chin grazing stacked bob with a deep taper in the back is a great option for thick hair. The taper removes a lot of weight and bulk and exposes the neck to add length. Lots of layers also remove much-needed bulk and assist with maintenance as you can pretty much wash and go.

30. Short Stacked Bob with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Look cute and chic with a chin grazing bob, shaped with some stacked layers and wispy curtain bangs that blend into graduating face-framing layers. This Bob is perfect for fine hair as the blunt lines help the hair appear fuller and the curtain bangs add symmetry so the hair is evenly distributed.

31. Short and Teasy Stacked Bob

Super stacked in the back to create a deep taper that meets with short layers at the crown for height and tease. It is stacked until just behind the ear where only a little bit of weight and length is maintained for shape and softness. Some would say this is a perfect cut to suit a Karen, but we believe it is leveled up and you are safe from earning that label.

32. Short-Stacked Mushroom Bob

This alternative bob has a rockabilly feel to it that we love! All the weight and length is focused at the top of the head just above the ear creating a mushroom shape, with a slight angle to offset it a bit. The hair on the neck is short and tapered which adds some graceful length, enhancing the shape on the top.

33. Sleek Bob with Chunky Highlights

Add some dimension to your sleek and polished bob with some chunky blonde highlights. The stacked layers in the back are showcased by the depth and contrast of darker hues while the chunky highlights toward the front brighten the hair up and frame the face.

34. Soft Pink Stacked Bob

Pretty up your bob with a shade of pastel pink. Pastel colors are all the trend as they are subtle but effective and easily maintained. This cute and chic stacked bob looks even sweeter painted in pink.

35. Stacked A Line Bob

A perfectly polished and sophisticated bob is created by subtle stacked layers at the back. They taper gently so that the bob sits perfectly on and into the neck. This cut is pretty flawless with a lot of attention to subtle details.

36. Stacked Bob with Disconnected Graduation

A perfect graduation with a sudden change in length towards the front can allow room for extra texture and feathering without losing the shape and stealing away the length. It gives the bob a little bit of an extra edge and the stacked layers in the back provide versatility in styling, whether you enjoy ruffled and voluminous or sleek and polished.

37. Stacked Bob with Sharp Angle

This bob is precisely and beautifully stacked at the back to create a seamless taper into the neck with a blunt finish. The graduation is sharp and abrupt, adding some edge to its elegance.

38. Stacked Bob with a Heavy Angle

This bob is beautifully tapered at the back, removing bulk so that it sits in the neck perfectly with just the right amount of weight to maintain the round shape. As it graduates towards the front, there is an almost sudden drop and just the tips are textured to maintain the fullness.

39. Step Cut Bob with Short Blunt Bangs

If you are looking for something with a lot of edge and a bit out of the box, this modern-day flapper girl bob is a fun and elegantly refined cut for you. Short blunt bangs paired with a blunt and precise bob that sits above the chin create that helmet-style shape. An icy metallic blonde finishes it off with a new-age vibe.

40. Wavy Bob with Balayage

Tousled waves have stayed on-trend, especially on shorter hair. These waves look casual and beachy showcasing the beautiful blonde balayage that adds dimension and brightness to this short stacked bob.

Final Thoughts

Stacked full of inspiration right! Well, you can have peace in knowing that whatever stacked bob you choose to rock next, you will most likely love it! Here are a few last thoughts to contemplate before making your final choice.

  • The texture of your hair can really influence the type of bob you choose. Let your stylist assess and recommend something that is suitable for your hair texture.
  • Consider your schedule and how much effort you are able to put into your locks daily. You can enjoy sleek and polished or disheveled and wavy, but both will require some extra effort.
  • A shape like a stacked bob may require routine visits to your salon to maintain the shape and keep it looking fresh and on point. In saying that though, if you decide to grow it out, it’s not such a painful process and grows out relatively well.

Get out of your comfort zone a bit! Go for a steeper angle or shorter layers, or have fun with something asymmetrical. The joy of this cut is that you can make a small change every time and you can have a totally new look.

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Author - Lauren Holland

Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.