36 Hairstyles For Gorgeous Gray Hair

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What Are The Best Hairstyles for Grey Hair?

Gray hair is now more trendy than it is scary, the daunting experience of finding your first gray hair doesn’t induce the same level of fear that is used to. Gray hair is in and it is gorgeous! Whether you are finally making peace with your natural gray hue and wanting to grow your graying hair out, or you came to acceptance at the first gray hair discovery and just need a change in style and a boost in confidence, there are a plethora of gorgeous gray hairstyle ideas to help you embrace your natural locks with confidence.

We scoured the net to find the best option for you, lets get started!

1. Fresh Pixie

This pixie cut is so chic and elegant. Some length has been left for versatility and the sideburns are a bit longer for softness. The back is beautifully tapered into some feathery texture against the neck and the bangs are left longer with layers and feathering to make this a very trendy gray pixie cut.

2. Cute Gray Bob

Gray hair, although coarse, is usually fine. A simple bob with some gentle layers on the ends can work wonders for fine hair. A slight taper in the back gives it that rounded finish which adds fullness to the shape, and some slight layers around the face add some softness.

3. Gray and Silver Tapered Bob

This classic shaped bob is a fantastic haircut choice to show off your gray tones. It suits most face shapes and is also well suited for more mature ladies. It is a classy haircut that is easy to style and grows out beautifully if you are unable to visit the salon regularly.

4. Layers and Tapering

This style is great if you need low maintenance and don’t want to commit to super short. Some length is left at the neck and sides, while the rest of the hair is tapered with lots of short layers. This removes bulk and creates height and texture. A beautiful blow wave will finish this look off perfectly.

5. Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Pixie cuts work so well on gray hair. enjoy this low-maintenance short hairdo by keeping some length in the front and rocking some chic long bangs. This will level up the haircut and add some softness to the face. Keep the side’s short to show off the gorgeous icy white tones at the temples.

6. Short Shag

Gray hair can still be fun and funky! This cute and short cut is a perfect example, especially of how great gray hair can be! Lots of layers and texture are added to this platinum look, maintaining a little length on the sides made wispy for softness.

7. Blonde Balayage on Gray Hair

A stunning way to enhance long gray locks is to add a gorgeous silver lining. A platinum balayage can subtly but effectively brighten up those lengths, adding some dimension and a pop of brightness.

8. Gracefully Graying

When you are finally ready to take that step and let your natural gray make its entrance, then a great idea is to start the process of lightening. Blonde hair blends beautifully and seamlessly with gray hair and so the maintenance is minimal. Focus the color on the top and it will grow out with some dimension and contrast.

9. Short Spiky Grey Hair

So your hair is gray but your spirit is young. If you enjoy shorter locks then this funky, short pixie do is a good choice for you. Enhance your gray hues with a silver toner to balance it out and give it that icy, metallic finish.

10. Two Toned Gray for Short Hair

It is common for hair to start graying predominantly on the top and temples, while the rest of the hair takes time to catch up. Create this well blended two-toned effect by adding a lot of foils to the top, longer strands, and toning it with a smokey gray. The upkeep is manageable and the look is trendy and sophistacated.

11. White Blonde for Gray Hair

In some cases, the process of going gray can be a lot faster which is great if you are eager for the transition. If possible, the hair can be lifted to a high level of blonde and toned with a platinum blonde to blend the roots when they begin to grow out again. This is suitable for very gray/silver hair and is very dependent on the history and condition of the hair.

12. Medium Length Hair with Short Layers

If you enjoy shorter hair but need some extra length to play with and add some softness, then this is a great option for you. This bob just grazes the shoulder and is softened and textured with lots of layers throughout the hair. This creates a lot of movement and shorter pieces on the top for added volume and versatility.

13. Tousled Long Pixie Cut

One great perk about gray hair is that it can hold texture well. Instead of the usual sleek blow wave, try some disheveled, undone curls for a pleasingly messy look. Perfect for both a casual or formal occasion.

14. Voluminous Long Silvery Gray Hair

Whoever said that women with gray hair should have it chopped, clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Long hair with gray hues can look amazing too. With the right styling and choice of cut, long gray hair can be admiral. Long layers, some voluminous styling, and a center path is extremely flattering to the face.

15. Bouncy Gray Curls

If you have the time and inspiration to pull out the curling iron, then adorn your gray tresses with some bouncy curls. rake through your locks with your fingers to get some more separation and texture so you can rock the disheveled look in style. This look accentuates gray tones and adds a lot more shine.

16. Curly Gray Hair

The beauty of natural curls should always be flaunted! If you are blessed with bouncy curls, the best thing you could do for them is to let them be. Add lots of extra moisture, minimal heat, and even throw in a few highlights for extra dimension.

17. Dark Gray Hair with Face Framing Silver

This is a stunning, chic, and elegant way to embrace your grays. As I mentioned before, your hair usually starts graying at the temples and at the top of the hair, so just allow it. That’s it! it’s that easy, all it requires is complete surrender. You could help it along by lightening that area and toning it down to silver, but its best to practice patience for the integrity of your hair and to avoid unwanted, warm tones.

18. Dark Gray on Short Hair

This haircut is about fully embracing that gray! It requires a lot of texture which gray hair can offer as it is a lot more coarse. you can easily achieve that chic and messy look with this short gray pixie cut.

19. Graduated Gray Bob

Keep your gray hair looking classy with a classic and timeless graduated bob. This haircut suits any face shape and can take drab and dull gray locks and make them look admiral and elegant.

20. Gray Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair is for all ages! Gray-haired ladies can also embrace their inner child and live out their hair fantasies. Achieve this magical look by adding some bright tones of blue, teal, and violet to the underneath section of the hair. Bring some highlights and lowlights to the top to really help those colors pop!

21. Icy Waves

Add some balayage to natural gray hair to create a lighter and brighter look. The darker shade of gray adds some subtle contrast and the added lighter pieces, toned with a platinum toner give your locks a flawless icy finish. Long hair styled with some waves will show case this color beautifully.

22. Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Gray hair can sometimes be more on the thicker side, especially as it is coarser in texture. A short bob with lots of textured layers and a bit of thinning can look great and help with manageability.

23. Low Bun for Long Gray Hair

One way to enjoy your long sleek gray tresses while maintaining some elegance is by opting for a low, simple bun. It is practical and easy to achieve and really shows off the beautiful and natural multi-tonal effects of graying hair.

24. Sleek Gray Blunt Bob

For some, gray hair means fine hair. A blunt bob can help make fine hair appear thicker and healthier. The sleekness reflects the lights and the different tones of natural gray are enhanced.

25. Trendy Gray Bob

Natural gray hair can be enhanced by strategically placing some statement pieces of silver. It creates a more trendy and funky look and creates a beautiful contrast of gray and silver hues. A classic A-line bob is a stunning cut to showcase this color.

26. Chic Undercut

This super chic haircut will dial up the confidence on anyone rocking gray hair. The undercut creates well-blended contrast while providing a little more edge. By styling the hair forward on top, it makes the hair appear darker by disguising the lighter tones in the front, which also makes this haircut more versatile. Using some volumizing powder can matte it up to create more separation and height for an edgy finish.

27. French Bob

A French bob is a classic haircut that sits in line or just below the chin and is paired with blunt bangs that usually rest on the brow line. This shape is great for long faces, especially when styled with the ends slightly tucked under.

28. Graduated Gray Bob with Highlights

A steep angle can make a bob look elegant and polished. This gorgeous precision cut is flawless and looks great on gray hair. When gray is so spread out and subtle it can go unnoticed, so adding a few blonde highlights can help with the seamless introduction of gray hair.

29. Gray Afro

This look is about embracing all the natural elements of the hair. Color, texture, and density in their natural form are showcased in this fabulous afro. You can have a lot of fun with this look by changing up partings, adding braids, or pulling it back into a gorgeous puff.

30. Gray Elegance

This classic chin grazing bob has been enhanced with some feathered layering around the face for extra elegance and style. By styling it away from the face, it creates more movement and is very flattering on the facial features. The side parting creates an asymmetrical finish which is also very flattering and pleasing to the eye.

31. Gray Pompadour

Funk up your gray hair with a stylish pompadour. This is a great haircut for both fine and thick hair and is a youthful and trendy way to showcase your gray locks. It has some edge with a touch of elegance, which makes it great for any occasion. Style it using some root lift powder for extra height and texture and a cool matte finish.

32. Gray Precision

This flawless precision is ideal for fine hair. The blunt lines create the illusion of fullness and create a beautiful border and shape to this pixie cut. Longer bangs create a lovely flow to an asymmetrical finish, with a touch of lighter gray for contrast. This is a funky, chic haircut for trendy gray ladies!

33. Layered Platinum Bob

This look was created to help grow out naturally graying hair. The old color was predominantly in the back, so that was lightened and toned to blend with the natural light gray hair. A chic bob is a great way to remove dead ends and old color and some soft layering for volume and movement.

34. Light Gray Hair with Highlights

When you are at that point where it is pretty much only you who is aware of the surfacing greys, you are lucky enough to get away with some highlights. Tone it all down with an ashy toner to really get the blend and watch your gray hair slowly and seamlessly make its way through to the mid-lengths and ends.

35. Short Gray Pixie Cut

This haircut requires regular salon visits but very little fuss. It is stylish and suitable for more mature faces that enjoy a bit more edge in their haircut. Neat, tidy, and trendy, it ticks all the boxes for gray hair.

36. Short Tousled Curls for Fine Hair

Fine hair doesn’t have to feel drab! Add some subtle layers into shorter hair and style it by adding some curls and loosening them slightly with your fingers. You will create this chic, tousled look which looks full and fantastic.

37. White Bob

Gray-haired ladies are usually drawn to shorter hairstyles and this angled bob is a perfect go-to. It is suitable for most face shapes and is easy to manage. For lighter shades of gray, add lots of fine foils around the hair to create this wonderful white and silver finish.

Final Thoughts

I am sure you now have all the proof you need to see that gray hair is in fact so on-trend right now! now that you have more confidence is making your decision, here are some final thoughts to consider before making the commitment.

  • Natural gray tresses are a lot more coarse in texture and lack moisture, so regular treatments will do wonders for your tresses.
  • Be sure to use a heat-protecting spray or serum before any heat styling!
  • Do not pluck out any stray gray hairs, this can damage the hair follicle!
  • If you have decided to end your relationship with color, remember you may need to slowly introduce your gray hair so you don’t relapse! Speak to your stylist about the best option for you.
  • Make sure the style you have chosen suits your hair texture. check-in with your stylist before making the chop.
  • Gray hair has a tendency to discolor. Alternating with a silver shampoo can help maintain the vibrance and cool tone of your gray hues.
  • You can also visit your stylist for a monthly gloss for extra protection and shine.

Now that you have the tools and the knowledge to take the plunge, you can lead the way for all your silver sisters out there!

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Author - Lauren Holland

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