63 Unique Blue Hair Ideas (Light & Dark Colors To Try In 2023)

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63 Unique Blue Hair Ideas (Light & Dark Colors to Try in 2023)

What Are The Best Blue Hair Ideas?

From Katy Perry to Kylie Jenner, to Lady Gaga to, more recently, Billie Eilish, blue dyed hair weaves in and out of fashion like nothing else.

This is a color that never seems to truly go out of style, but it’ll still catch your eye every time.

Below, we have listed hairstyles that sport blue hair dye, for every hair type and length, with every shade of blue.

Take a look through, and use these references as inspiration the next time you feel like taking the leap into the blue-haired lifestyle.

So, let’s get into it. Here are some unique blue hair ideas for you to try!

1. Baby Blue/Lilac

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this baby blue/lilac shade. The dark roots contrast against the pastel colors in the best way possible, and wearing your hair in waves really makes this look stand out.

2. Bright Teal Braid

We love a bright teal moment, especially when blended in with some dark roots. This color- and the braid – gives us mermaid vibes.

3. Blue And Purple Highlights

Purple and blue go hand in hand, and look particularly great when blended into blonde hair as highlights. While the model in our example is wearing their hair straight, we think this look would be just as beautiful with waves!

4. Aqua Blue With Rainbow Highlights

From a distance, this hair appears to have an iridescent shine, but in reality, it is an aqua blue with rainbow highlights! We’re blown away by how clever this blue hair idea is!

5. Navy Blue

This bold blue on textured hair looks incredible! The color stands out from a mile away, and compliments textured hair perfectly by adding even more depth.

6. Pale Blue Hair On Dark Roots

If you want to be subtle, a light shade of blue against dark roots will appear silver from a distance. This icy look just screams cool!

7. Blue Underlayer

For those not bold enough for a full head of color, why not have a blue dyed layer under your natural color? It’s bound to make a statement when you wear your hair in a ponytail or when you clip your hair back. It’s the best of both worlds!

8. Blue Braids

The ombre effect of the black, dark blue, and light blue braids gives this look extremely icy vibes, perfect for an Ice Queen!

9. Blue Buzzcut

Here is a great example of how you can elevate your hairstyle further by dying it and shaving patterns. The sharp zigzag patterns and this navy shade are a match made in heaven.

10. Neon Blue, Green & Purple Highlights

If any colors go perfectly with blue, it is green and purple. When all used together, you achieve a stunning oceanic style. This hair is so bright it’s almost radioactive!

11. Ultra Dark Blue Hair

If bright blue hair isn’t your thing, why not go for this darkly romantic look? This dark blue is so subtle, it may be mistaken for black dye until shone on by a light.

12. Teal Afro

Teal is a blue-green shade that gives off mermaid vibes, and we absolutely love it! Especially when it’s used in textured hair.

13. Blue & Purple Ombre

Where does the blue start, and the purple begin in this stunning look? The ombre effect is so powerful and vibrant that it’s certain to turn heads.

14. Galactic Blue & Purple Buzzcut

When using purple and blue dye on a shaved head, it creates a galaxy effect… and it’s out-of-this-world! However, bear in mind that when your hair is this short you will see quick regrowth in your roots, so make sure to book in with your stylist regularly to top up your color.

15. Frosty Blue Hair

This icy shade of blue is so vibrant, with black roots and frosted blue tips. Wearing your hair in waves just makes this color combination look extra cool.

16. Peekaboo Blue Braids

This hairstyle is so versatile, as you can unleash your blue underlayer when it suits you. It’s the perfect compromise between celebrating your natural hair color and having some fun with a bolder blue shade!

17. Blue Gradient Balayage

By using several blue shades on wavy hair, the overall look of this hair will create the illusion of waves on the seashore. It’s safe to say that this hairstyle is a work of art!

18. Blue Streaks In Green Hair

While this hair is undoubtedly green, the blue at the roots complete this look, and take it to the next level. Plus, green and blue is always a winning combination.

19. Pastel Blue, Pink & Purple Hair

Another color that pairs perfectly with blue is pink. Look at this candyfloss hair! We love the baby blue and pastel purple tones in this one.

20. Dark Blue Short Hair

Who said you can’t have stylish short hair? Along with the subtle dark blue dye, we can’t get enough of the heart design of this hairstyle. In some lights, it even blends into a navy blue.

21. Holographic Blue Highlights

Here’s another hairstyle that uses rainbow highlights on a blue base to create a holographic appearance. This looks amazing on long hair, and soft waves emphasize the holographic illusion.

22. Aqua Corkscrew Curls

A great way to try blue is with an all over vibrant color. This shade of aqua blue on curly hair reminds us of ocean waves at a tropical beachside. Dye your hair aqua to look like the coolest mermaid ever!

23. Dimensional Blue & Black Babylights

Again, unless light was shone upon this hair, you may just think it was a light shade of black. But this dimensional blue color is to die for. This is not a really vibrant hair color, so if you prefer a subtle hair look then this could be for you.

24. Gray-Blue Undercut

We love gray-blue dye, and we especially love it on this undercut hairstyle. To add more dimension to the look, why not shave some patterns into your hair?

25. Multicolored Blue Hair

While red and orange should, in theory, clash with blue, we think this effect looks amazing, especially when paired with deep purple and pinks.

26. Pastel Blue Curls

Next up, we have another candyfloss style, created with a pastel blue dye! We’re obsessed with this dreamy blue look.

27. Blue Money Pieces

Remember the e-girl hairstyle from TikTok in 2020? It looks particularly good with blue stripes. Try this gorgeous shade on your next money piece.

28. Unicorn Inspired Blue Hair

This color is everything we could ever want from our candyfloss/unicorn/fairy tale dreams! Pale blue and purple dye is all it takes to become a unicorn princess.

29. Blue Sections In Black Hair

When added to black/dark brown hair, blue dye stands out a mile (in the best way possible), especially when it’s layered as cleverly as this.

30. Purple-Blue Braids

These vibrant blue tone and purple braids are truly to die for. The purple blend is stunning with black roots.

31. Green & Blue Ombre

Here are more oceanic, mermaid vibes with green and blue dye. This emerald and dark blue look is absolutely mesmerizing.

32. Aqua Blue & White Blonde Ombre

White hair looks particularly striking with an aqua blue ombre. The length of your hair will dictate how much blue you can have for this one. It’s the perfect color combination.

33. Sky Blue Afro

Grays, blues, and white are used here to create this frosty appearance, perfect for a cool skin tone. However, if your skin is on the paler side, pay attention to what makeup you wear as you may look washed out.

34. Steely Blue Hair

Grays, blues, and white are used here to create this frosty appearance, perfect for a cool skin tone. However, if your skin is on the paler side, pay attention to what makeup you wear as you may look washed out.

35. Orange & Blue Hair

The use of vibrant blue against bright oranges and reds create a fiery look. These splashes of color are perfectly placed to create a striking hairstyle.

36. Bright Blue And Pink Hair

When bright blue and pink hair dye is used together it gives us a craving for bubblegum! If you love the pop punk look, why not give this hairstyle a try?

37. Dark Blue Roots

Notice how the blue is darker towards the roots, and it gradually gets lighter? It’s so pretty. Make a bold statement with these blue locks.

38. Dark Turquoise Hair

For a darker shade of blue, you could try this sultry look. Have we mentioned that we love green, blue, teal, and turquoise dyes used together yet?

39. Blue Mohawk

The layers of different shades of blue are so creative here. Truly a unique look! If you love pastel shades, this one’s for you.

40. Wavy Blue Hair

This more subtle approach has a dark color with shades of blues and purples. It’s giving Kylie Jenner vibes!

41. Blue Highlights In Platinum Hair

Having subtle blue streaks in your platinum blonde hair is never a bad idea! While the model in our example has worn their hair straight, we think this look would be particularly beautiful when styled in waves.

42. Green And Blue Two Tone

We love split dyed hair, and this half blue/half teal hair is super dreamy. These bold colors really flatter warmer skin tones.

43. Turquoise Wavy Bob

Remember when Katy Perry had this hair color for a while? We think she should bring it back! This look would be amazing for any hairstyle, but would look particularly great in a wavy bob.

44. Blue Hair With Blonde Money Pieces

Why not turn the e-girl style on its head, and have blue hair with blonde money pieces? This royal blue color is absolutely stunning, and looks great with longer hair, or as a blue bob.

45. Dark Blue & Black Ombre

Black hair and a dark blue ombre creates the illusion of the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. These deep blue hues almost look midnight blue- and are oh so dreamy.

46. Two Tone Blue Mohawk

Here’s another blue dyed, shaved style that’ll make you stand out from the crowd! We love how the blue blends into a lighter shade at the top for an unforgettable pastel blue hair color.

Don’t forget the matching lipstick!

47. Turquoise And Teal Hair

Turquoise and teal dye never fail to hit, and we will never stop talking about it. This is one of our favorite blue hair color ideas, and the good news is that it will suit just about anyone.

48. Indigo Undercut

Some will say this hair is purple. Others will say blue. We say indigo. This is one of the best blue hair ideas we’ve seen.

49. Dark Iridescent Blue Hair

Isn’t it fascinating how different blue highlights atop blue hair can appear to glimmer in the light? This vivid hair color is a beautiful shade that is perfect for darker hair.

50. Teal Mohawk

This beautiful shade of curly blue hair is out of this world, especially with this shaved look, and the height they’ve achieved with their Mohawk is incredible!

51. Icy Blue Balayage

It’s a perfect way to mix up your look. This is similar to Demi Lovato’s iconic deep blue hair moment.

52. Teal & Lime Bob

Teal and lime green? Sign us up. This is a combo that always hits the spot, and will suit a variety of skin tones. We also love the blunt, micro-bangs.

53. Indigo And Teal Ombre

You don’t need dark/black roots to pull off this purple/blue/teal ombre combo! We particularly love the mermaid-inspired waves in our example.

54. Purple And Dark Blue Corkscrew Curls

The usage of blue, purple, and pink dyes here has taken our breath away. Notice the hints of cobalt blue in this stunning hairstyle.

55. Billie Eilish Inspired Blue Hair

This exact shade reminds us of 2018 Billie Eilish, and that is – obviously – a great thing. You can either style your hair in messy waves like our example, or wear it poker straight like Billie.

56. Blue Buzzcut With Wave Patterns

Look at the waves shaved into this sea-blue buzzcut! We are obsessed with this look.

57. Indigo Blue Space Buns

Space buns work perfectly with this galaxy-themed hair. Blue ombre hair will always have our hearts, it’s such an amazing look.

58. Teal Mullet

Business in the front, party in the back! This teal mullet perfectly encapsulates the fun spirit of the hairstyle!

59. Purple & Blue Afro Space Buns

Have you ever seen anything more mesmerizing than this blue and purple hairdo? We love how the model in our example has gone all out on the space inspiration!

60. Blue & Blonde Bangs

Here’s more e-girl hairstyles for you! We love the little blue streak in the bangs. This is a blue dye job you can even do yourself with some semi-permanent dye!

61. Baby Blue & Electric Blue Two Tone Hair

If you’re thinking of dying your hair blue, then try this striking look. Using vertical stripes of different shades of blue looks incredible.

62. Indigo Rainbow Hair

We will never get enough of indigo hair with rainbow ombre/highlights! What a fun way to try blue! This funky blue hair idea is great for warmer skin tones.

63. Black And Blue Chunky Streaks

Electric blue streaks against black hair? Perfection. If you don’t want to lose your base color, then this is a fun way to inject a little bit of some pastel blue hair color into your life.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – our collection of unique blue hairstyles. Do you prefer a lighter, pastel blue, or a deeper indigo? Maybe you’re a fan of blue streaks through black or blonde hair, or a simple block of color with no complications.

The best part is that blue is one of the best shades to try out if you want to go vibrant!

The only warning we will give – if you have never dyed your hair blue before – is that this color sticks. It can be pretty difficult to remove this color, so be warned before you take the plunge.

But, removing the blue when you change your mind can easily be done by a stylist.

We hope you found our blue hair ideas helpful!

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