43 Best Hairstyles for Pink Hair

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What Are The Best Hairstyles for Pink Hair?

As the famous Aerosmith song went “Pink, is the color of passion, because today it just goes with the fashion”, it rings so true as pink hair is a timeless trend. It is one of those hair color choices that we keep going back to, whether you want to rock it bright and bold, or soft and subtle, there is more than one option for you.

Pink is pretty easy to achieve on any shade of hair and one of the longest-lasting hues to choose from. It can be showcased in multiple ways that are fun, daring, or even low-key, either way, pink hair is irresistible!

Let’s have a look at the fun ideas we have racked up for you!

1. Bright Pink with Dark Root Smudge

If you are dedicated to flaunting bright hues of pink, then a dark root smudge is a great way to tastefully welcome it in, against some soft waves to showcase that gorgeous pink palette. By styling the hair into waves, it creates a great opportunity for the light to bounce off of the hair shaft, creating a beautiful shine.

2. Minimalist Pastel Pink

For the not so dedicated, or the less is more believers, this one is for you. An almost translucent shade of pink, subtly dispersed among some polished blonde curls, gives you that perfect amount of hue to enjoy something fun without it being too bold or dramatic. It will mostly go unnoticed until it is caught by the sun, which is the perfect amount of attention for some.

3. Dusty Rose and Golden Waves

This soft pink balayage is bold but subtle. By opting for a more pastel shade, you can enjoy a whole lot of color and still be subtle about it. The technique of balayage gives it that seamless blend to the root, which makes it low maintenance, and the loose waves are perfect for showing off those dusty hues.

4. Muted Pink on Brunette Hair

This shade of pink is more muted, which makes it a bright shade of pink with less luminosity and vividness. This way you can enjoy the bright shades of pink with less shock value. These muted tones work best on a backdrop of brunette or dark hair, to create that contrast so the color doesn’t get lost.

5. Peach Balayage on Blonde Hair

Peach is definitely part of the pink family and is a very popular color trend right now. It can also fall under the category of rose gold, but here it is more on the peachy pink side. A gorgeous hue against an icy blonde pallet makes this a stunning balance of warm and cool tones. This is a perfect example of how rocking pink hair doesn’t need to be bright and bold.

6. Bright Bob

Moving onto the more head-turning shades of pink, this bright shade is showcased beautifully by using a balayage to ombre technique and keeping the length to a long bob. The sleekness of the bob shape really highlights the blend of balayage which flows into a bright ombre at the tips.

7. Full Candy Pink

If you are dedicated to pink and the brightest level it can go, then this shade is for you. Inspired by the luminous shades of pink that you may find in hard candy, this shade of pink is playful and vibrant and should be worn with full commitment!

8. Long Pink Pixie

Short spunky hair needs some bright hues to accompany it, and pink is the perfect shade to add that extra layer of personality. Add a dark root smudge to keep maintenance to a minimum and to add a bit of contrast to the vibrancy.

9. Dusty Pink Root Smudge

A fun way to change up your blonde locks and give them a break is to play around with pink toner.  Apply the toner to the roots and softly comb it through the mid-lengths and ends to create a seamless and subtle ombre of dusty pink hues. Show it off with some very loose curls, which will reflect the light making the hair look flawless.

10. Rose and Pink Waves

Add a hint of rose tones to accompany the bold pink and create some dimension and contrast. It mixes it up in a tasteful way and with each movement of the head, a new tone is revealed. Really showcase these complimentary tones by adding some loose, tousled waves.

11. Pink Bob Money Piece

A money piece is a great way to easily and affordably add some oomph to your locks. This example here takes it up a notch by adding a reverse ombre of baby pink that seamlessly blend into a brighter and bolder pink. By having this face-framing piece of color, your eyes will pop and so will your confidence!

12. Hotpink Bob

Make a statement with a bold haircut to match a bold pink hue. This color is hot and the cute but edgy Chinese inspired bob is the perfect cut to pull this color off. Definitely a must if you are not shy of attracting some attention!

13. Magenta Magic

This gorgeous shade of magenta really works its magic. Magenta is essentially pink mixed with a hint of purple to create a deeper shade of pink. It is long lasting and although it is still bright and bold, the pink is toned out to a more sophisticated hue that most ladies can pull off.

14. Playful Pastel Pink

This color placement is so unique and playful. The caramelized buttery blonde ombre bounces off the cotton candy pink hues, and by strategically coloring only the top portion of the hair, it creates an illusion of lighter hair from the front.

15. Rose Gold Precision

There is something so pleasing about a flawless pixie cut, the precision and the blend, with the perfect amount of softness. Dress it up with an elegant shade of rose gold to create a subtle but dramatic finish. Rose gold is a great choice of pink as it can complement most colors that you would choose to wear.

16. Milkshakes and Candy

Merge the hues of pale milkshake pink and bright Barbie pink in a brilliant balayage, where they seamlessly melt into each other, cascading into a waterfall of loose curls. Wow, that sounds decadent!

17. Sneaky Pink

This is a really fun color placement, perfect for someone who loves to rock the brightness and show off the funky side of their personality, but may need to tuck it away for the weekly office meeting. When worn down, the pink is loud and present and really pops against dark locks, but wrapped up in a low bun it can be kept low key.

18. Vibrant Shag

The shag haircut is bang up to date when choosing a new look, but you can take it up a level by dressing it up with a vibrant pink hue. For the fashion-forward and alternative personality, this look is so on-trend, fun, and funky.

19. Pretty in Pink

A classic trendy bob pairs well with a soft pink and a touch of brightness. A root smudge makes it easily maintainable and tones it down by slowly introducing the pink to the midlengths. Loose curls soften the overall look and always add that extra pop to a bright tone.

20. Cotton Candy Dreams

Cotton candy is soft and sweet and this color technique gives this hair the same feels. If subtle is your vibe, then this pastel, cotton candy pink, seamlessly blended and dispersed amongst wavy locks is a great choice for you.

21. Metallic Pink Pixie

If gray hair is a hue you don’t run from and you are embracing the natural process of your hair’s journey, but you also feel you need some fun and oomph in your appearance, then adding some muted, pastel pink will look amazing against your gray strands which will give the pink tone a metallic feel.

22. Sleek Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a gorgeous shade of pink that has a slight touch of purple, very similar to magenta. Blending it slowly into more of a hot pink towards the ends of the hair can almost represent a flawless sunset when showcased on sleek and shiny locks.

23. Strawberries and Chocolate

This looks as delicious as it sounds! Numerous shades of balayaged pink, curled amongst a head of rich, chocolate brown tresses inspires the name for this one!

24. Highlighted Pink

That classic, long-lived streaky look is still a trend, especially when those streaks are a vibrant shade of pink. The contrast against the dark hair is stunning and adding a soft wave can blend the chunkiness of the streaks without taking away from them completely.

25. Candy Dip

Dip dyeing is a fantastic way to add some extra funk to your locks. This particular look is faultless, you simply can not go wrong. It is also great if you are not fully committed to pink hues, as the option to cut it off is there when you are ready for a new look.

26. Pastel Undercut

Subtle in color choice, but bold in haircut choice. The finished aesthetic of an undercut can look both chic and classy, especially when you dress it up with a soft, champagne pink hue.

27. Bold and Bright Ombre

Vivid and voluminous! These two qualities paired together are highly admiral. A solid bright pink, blended from a dark rich brunette is a bold and beautiful look. It projects an element of funk but in a fun and tasteful way.

28. Funky Fuchsia

If beautifully unconventional is your vibe, this look is absolutely for you! Adorn a bright fuchsia quiff with an undercut, leveled up with some mad hair art skills. Add a touch of elegance by styling the length of the hair with some bouncy curls.

29. Braided Pink Bob

The cut, the braid, and the soft baby pink hue just ooze cuteness! Incorporating braids into your hairstyle is a fun way to show off the multiple tones of color. This short bob and braid adorned with this pastel shade of pink are just perfect.

30. Tickled Pink

Showcase your natural curls with some added hues of pink to the tips. The curl blends the color in seamlessly and disperses it amongst your tresses. Curly locks are naturally drier than other textures of hair, so adding a pop of color can add some dimension and light reflection for extra shine.

31. Pink Lavender

This tone of pink has a touch of purple to it, and its pastel tone gives it a metallic feel. It is a unique color choice that will stand out but isn’t loud and vibrant if you prefer a healthy balance of low key and center of attention.

32. Blush Pink Pixie

This super cute cut and color is so playful. Close to a barbie pink, but more chic and toned down. Some pastel tones take away the warmth that pink can sometimes emit which makes it a cool shade of pink to match a cool shade of personality.

33. Metallic Pink Root Smudge

A pixie cut looks great just on its own, but when you add a unique and gorgeous color like this one, you will be prompting smiles everywhere you go! This color is a shade of pastel pink, darker at the root, blending through to a metallic pink finish.

34. Two-Toned Pastel Pink on Short Hair

Contrast in colors is a great way to help it stand out. On short hair, the two-toned technique is very effective as the colors don’t get lost amongst each other. This beautiful top deck inspired color is created by opting for a muted, dusty pink shade, contrasted by dark brown on the sides and bottom.

35. Face Framing Neon Pink

This individualistic coloring technique is fresh and free-spirited and we love it. A neon pink headband section of hair frames the face and stands out against a dark background. It works best on short hair as the shorter, shattered strands of hair create texture with a funky blend.

36. Magenta Root Smudge on Blonde Hair

It is always fun to take a popular idea and make it your own. This is a fun way to reverse an ombre by making the statement color be at the root, and seamlessly smudging and blending it down the hair shaft, getting lighter towards the ends.

37. Reverse Pink Ombre

Another great example of taking a trend to the next level. An ombre is well known for a color that gradually fades from dark to light, and in this case, it goes from light to dark. What is really fantastic and creative is that a fun pink hue is used to bridge the gap between light and dark and it works brilliantly!

38. Pink Roots and Money Piece

Another brilliant unconventional coloring technique. The statement color is used at the roots as opposed to the ends as usual and flows into the dark mid-lengths and ends. The root color is carried through to the front, creating a face-framing money piece that brings the finished look together flawlessly.

39. Icy Blonde with Pink Bangs

Simple and satisfying. It is amazing how putting two great colors together in a strategic way can have such a pleasing and great result. These cute bangs look fantastic in pink and surrounded by icy blonde waves.

40. Bright Pink Fauxhawk

This is a fitting hairstyle for the eccentrics! If this look projects your interesting personality, then have fun with the brightest of bright pinks and maintain length at the top creating a fauxhauk, shouldered by a contrasting undercut.

41. Cute Luminous Mullet

This look is so quirky and chic! A modern mullet is so on-trend at the moment and looks great dressed up in a neon magenta hue. The color paired with the face-framing layers and texture, really draw attention and show off your features.

42. Candy Mullet

The combination of cut, color and personality in this look are fierce but cute. The overall look is creative and artsy and this shade of bright peachy, candy pink is fantastic laying underneath some messy, textured blonde tresses.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty sure by now you are feeling amped and inspired to get some color into those locks! Pink is so fun and versatile, it suits most personalities. Whether you relate more to the punk or pop-rock scene,  or you like to keep it sweet and subtle, I’m sure you have found a look for yourself.

Before you head to your stylist to make the commitment, here are a few things to consider when adorning pink hair.

  • Pink is an easy color to achieve on most shades of hair, but keep in mind if you opt for brighter hues, they can be hard to remove out of the hair.
  • In saying that, even though pink may be hard to remove, bright colors usually fade fast, especially if you are an avid swimmer and sunbather.
  • It is highly recommended to purchase a color-protect shampoo or spray. This will protect your locks from UV rays and help your pink last longer.
  • If your hair is naturally a darker shade, keep in mind that the areas you would like pink would need to be pre lifted. This can dry the hair out somewhat, but luckily your stylist will have all the magic potions you need to maintain the integrity of your hair.

So there you have it, pink is back and better than ever!

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Author - Lauren Holland

Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.