33 Medium Box Braids For Women (Trending This Year)

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33 Medium Box Braids For Women (Trending This Year)

What Medium Box Braid Hairstyles For Women Are Trending This Year?

Black women are always looking for a new but protective hairstyle for their natural hair. One trending style this year is box braids. Not only are they protective, but they are easy to feed in hair extensions for a more extended look and are very versatile.

However, not all women want super long hair with hair extensions – so how can you style your medium box braids instead?

Here are the best medium box braid hairstyles for you to check out! There are many different styles on offer, so look at the list below and find the right hairstyle for you!

1. Traditional Box Braids

The classic medium box braid hairstyle is a gorgeous look all on its own. It’s the perfect style for many women who prefer a natural, casual hairstyle.

2. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids are very large and thick braids. They work with lots of different braids including cornrows and, of course, box braids! They’re a great choice if you have very thick hair!

3. Crochet Braids

This box braid hairstyle uses crochet braids to help add more volume and thickness to your look. They’re a popular choice for women looking for a softer version of the box braid!

4. Bob Hairstyle

A perfect hairstyle for medium-length box braids is a bob hairstyle! It’s classy, and elegant, and works with all kinds of braided hairstyles. So, try out this protective style!

5. Blunt Bob Hairstyle

This type of bob hairstyle is much shorter and more modern. Your box braids end in a blunt straight line for a sharper, more youthful bob hairstyle!

6. Short Bob Hairstyle

For a chic box braid hairstyle, try out this short bob hairstyle. It’s a great choice for black women with shorter, medium-length box braids that are still growing in length!

7. Knotless Braids

Traditional box braids can cause hair loss over time. A better option for women worried about hair loss are knotless braids. They look very similar but put less tension on your hair!

8. Criss Cross Box Braids

This idea adds some additional style to your scalp. It crosses over your hair in a criss-cross pattern before braiding them, helping you push your braids back and out of your eyes.

9. Medium Bohemian Box Braids

Bohemian box braids combine loose curls and stray hairs for a more casual, gorgeous look. It’s a popular choice for black women with long hair – but it works great with medium-length braids too!

10. Faux Locs

Instead of braids, why not try box faux locs? They look great with medium-length hair and are still a trendy protective style! It’s definitely a unique look!

11. Micro Braids

This is one of the smallest braiding styles out there and it’s a great choice if you are after a particular style. All those miniature braids give your hair a natural look.

12. Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are a more traditional protective hairstyle popular with black women. Some creative women have even combined these braids with box braids for a whole new look!

13. Cornrows

Cornrows are another type of protective hairstyle that works great with box braids. Check out this idea which uses cornrows to make a cute heart design!

14. Box Braid Bangs

When it comes to adding style to the front of your hair, there are a lot of options open to you. Keep your front box braids short and let them fall over your forehead like bangs!

15. Middle Part

The middle part is a very trendy look for young black women and teens. It’s also one of the best ways to part your hair when you have a medium box braid hairstyle.

16. Side Part

While middle partings may be trendy with young black women and teens, the side part remains a popular choice. It’s a great way to give your box braids a cool side-swept look!

17. Baby Hairs

Every black woman knows about baby hairs – they’re the short hair strands that frame your face. They’re also impossible to braid so flatten them down for a super cute look!

18. Front Tendrils

This gorgeous look is a great way to use your box braids to frame your face. Just let the front two fall forward and act like tendril hair strands!

19. Shaved Sides

If you have very thick hair, then it can be difficult to manage all those braids. Go for a trendy shaved sides look for a disconnected medium box braid hairstyle!

20. Triangle Box Braids

Traditional box braids section the hair in sharp, clean square boxes (hence the name). However, you can try out different section shapes for a unique style – like triangles!

21. High Ponytail

Medium-length box braids can be up to 20 inches long, and a great way to style those longer box braids is to tie them up! The high ponytail is the perfect style to go with!

22. Janet Jackson Box Braid Wrap

When it comes to celebrities, no woman is better known for her braids than Janet Jackson. This pop star loves to use silk scarves for a beautiful box braid wrap hairstyle!

23. Half Up Half Down

This casual look is a great way to wear your medium braids. It’s a popular choice with younger black women, and practical as it keeps your front braids back in a top bun.

24. Top Bun

A great way to pull those medium box braids out of your eyes is to tie them up in a top bun. This classy look is the perfect hairstyle for everyday wear!

25. Blonde Box Braids

Box braids are a great braiding style if you want to feed in hair extensions. Synthetic hair comes in all kinds of bright colors – and a trendy choice is blonde braids!

26. Purple Box Braids

This box braid hairstyle adds a pop of color to your look by adding the color purple to your hair. It’s bright, vibrant, and a great way to show off your fun and quirky personality.

27. Burgundy Box Braids

Burgundy is a deep, rich color that crosses between red and purple. It’s a great choice if you want a modern, chic look for your medium-length box braids.

28. Red Box Braids

Go loud and proud by wearing your box braids in this vibrant hair color! This shade of bright red gives your hair a unique look that is trending on social media.

29. Two Tone Box Braids

The great thing about box braids is that you don’t have to stick with just one hair color. Mix and match different shades to help transform your look into a new hairstyle!

30. Curly Ends

This hairstyle is a popular choice with young women and teens because it adds some different textures to your hair for a gorgeous look. For best results, use synthetic hair – or just curl the ends of your braids yourself!

31. Tassel Ends

Some hair extensions come with fluffy, tassel-like ends that bring a youthful look to your hairstyle. They’re a great option for young girls and teens who want a trendy, cool hairstyle.

32. Beads

One of the most popular accessories used for braided hairstyles is beads. They come in all kinds of colors and can completely change your look – so try them out!

33. Bands

Rubber bands are easy to tie around your medium box braids and add a pop of color. They are super cute and can be easily changed to match your style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Box Braids Still In Style?

Box braids never fall out of style with black women for many reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the best protective hairstyles for their natural hair so it’s a go-to look for many black women.

Secondly, box braids can be worn in so many different styles that each look is completely unique.

Just look at all the options you have available above – and those are just scratching the surface of box braid design and style!

So, yes – box braids are still in style and always will be.

How Long Should Medium Box Braids Last?

Most hairstylists would recommend that you don’t wear your braids any longer than 8 weeks. This is because box braids cause a lot of tension on the hair which can cause traction alopecia (hair loss) over time.

Give your hair a break to help avoid this outcome, or switch to knotless braids for a similar look but with less hair tension.

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