71 Best Short Relaxed Hairstyles for Black Women

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What Are The Best Short Relaxed Hairstyles for Black Women?

Short hairstyles for ladies have become more of a popular choice these days and they are rocking it! The natural locks that black women are blessed with are a great texture to have some fun with, especially with the option to alter its natural state to suit your hairstyle of choice. The alkali in relaxers makes it possible to relax and soften natural curls, expanding your options for a gorgeous and trendy short hairdo.

Whether you are after a short and chic pixie vibe or an elegantly sleek bob, there is a good deal of ideas to choose from. Short hair can still be gorgeous and feminine, but if you don’t know where to start, we have scoured the web and collected the best short relaxed hairstyles for black women. Let us have a look!

1. Pixie in Pink

Pink hair can be punk rock but it can also be the epitome of girlie. This pink pixie is a great combination of both and is a fun way to pretty up your short hair and have fun.

2. Long Chic Pixie

If you are growing out a shorter pixie cut, it doesn’t need to be a painful process. Add some texture and remove some bulk to maintain some shape and movement. Keep the neckline neat and crisp with a low fade and you will love your new longer pixie cut.

3. Playful Pixie

This playful pixie cut is short and sassy but so versatile. You can slick it down or add a curl, or combine textures and add a flick for a more funky and fun look.

4. Short Faded Pixie

If you are committed to short hair, add a very low fade around the hairline to keep things neat and low maintenance. It is a softer look that requires minimal effort. A deep side part with some heavy bangs adds an elegant touch with some disconnect and contrast.

5. Short Pixie with Design and Fade

If you are more inclined to go for funky and out the box and enjoy short and easy, try elevating your pixie style with some edgy and creative hair designs. A flawless fade is a great canvas for some shapes and designs, and some fun colors give it that extra bit of personality.

6. Tousled Punky Pixie Cut

If you are in the process of growing out a super short cut, some tousled-up curls are a fun way to style it. A deep side parting creates a heavy bang and gives your look some chic punk vibes.

7. Film Style Waves

This pixie style brings black and white films back to life with its timeless elegance. Relaxed hair is the perfect texture to hold this style, so if your finger-waving skills can achieve results like this then you will be rocking a timelessly classic look that will make you feel like a film star.

8. Glam Pixie

Short hair can feel glamourous too, by adding some curls and not disrupting them to maintain their structure. The curls sit elegantly and flow with each other while providing volume and shine. A fade at the nape keeps the look neat and polished. Finish off with some shine spray for an extra sprits of glam.

9. Perfect Ringlets

A classic old styling technique becoming new again. These gorgeous ringlets can be achieved by pin curling your locks, allowing them to set and not disrupting them. Let them sit where they were set to create this sweet and ethereal-inspired look. Comb through later for a more voluminous and tousled look to change it up.

10. Short Pixie for Fine Hair

Short hairstyles work wonders for fine hair. They are easy to style and grow out with minimal maintenance. This pixie cut is a perfect example of what fine hair can achieve. The shorter, textured strands in the bangs are a great way to stylishly fill some gaps.

11. Short Tapered Bob

You can now effortlessly experience the joy and confidence a bob gives thanks to the results of a relaxer. A short bob is always cheeky and fun and a great way to showcase your new shine and sleekness. Taper the back into the neck for some shape and to help eliminate some bulk.

12. Short and Dishevelled for Fine Hair

If your locks are fine, maintain some length with texture for a pleasingly disheveled look. The contrast from short to long helps the hair appear fuller and the tousled texture covers a lot more area over the scalp.

13. Tapered Pixie Coif

A perfectly structured pixie cut, flawlessly cut and styled. The tapered back and long front give this cut versatility as it can be worn as a long pixie cut or short edgy bob. The fade at the nape gives it an epic unique and creative touch.

14. Warm Hues and a Pixie Do

Color can make all the difference to a short haircut, especially on thick hair that needs some added dimension. Relaxed hair can also help the color shine and reflect. Warm tones are the trend and they work so well in bringing out skin tone and enhancing eye color, while the integrity of the hair is better held than when icy blonde was in.

15. Chic and Short

Enjoy a short hairstyle if you have thick hair by fading the neckline and tapering the back and sides. This removes a lot of bulk and creates an elegant shape to your haircut. Keep the top longer, with a lot of texture and thinning to define the shape, keeping it chic and maintainable.

16. Elegant and Sleek Long Pixie Cut

Enjoy your locks with a bit of length to play with different styling options. The side are short and neat with length and fullness left on the top. A deep parting allows you to create some sweeping texture that you can wear tousled or sleek and the length adds a touch of elegance to the style.

17. Glamorous Fauxhawk

This is where glam and funk meet in a perfect balance. The sides are cut down to the scalp while the top is left long and styled with volume and movement to create a glamorous fauxhawk. While this style portrays some edge and funk, it is glamourous enough to pair with a cocktail dress and some high heels.

18. Layered Bob

A bob is a classic short hairstyle and is a great cut that isn’t too long or too short. You can wear it curly or straight, down the middle or off-center, either way, it is guaranteed to look stunning. Ideal for fine or thick hair and perfect for relaxed tresses.

19. Long Edgy Pixie

Make the most of your relaxed locks by enjoying a little extra length. This long pixie cut is inspired by a mohawk shape which gives it some edge while remaining chic. Some scattered ribbons of caramel add some dimension and contrast that showcase the texture and shape of this cut beautifully.

20. Modern Bowl Cut

The term bowl cut is enough to make you cringe, but today, there is so much to love about it. When you recreate the shape of a bowl cut, balance and weight distribution are key, and when it is done well, it looks spectacular. Color placement can also enhance the shape, and add dimension and contrast.

21. Relaxed Pixie Style for Thin Hair

Thin hair can also rock a gorgeous short style. With the right cut and color, you can create the illusion of thick hair, and with the right amount of texture, relaxed hair doesn’t need to end up flat and lifeless. Maintain length on the top for fullness and color your hair with ombre technique for added dimension.

22. Short Curls with Longer Bangs

Enjoy some movement and volume in your short locks by styling them with some bouncy curls. Keep the curls in the back and sides tighter, while the curls on top are more relaxed and flow into some longer bangs. If volume and height are what you are after, then this style is for you.

23. Short Relaxed Style for Thick Hair

Thick locks that have been relaxed will co-operate so beautifully. You can now rock that short hairdo with confidence in its look and your ability to style it. Add a soft curl and comb it out for some gentle movement.

24. Short and Sassy

Enjoy some edge and sass without going full mohawk. Some short textured hair on the top can be styled with some wax creating separation and height and bangs just resting on the forehead to soften the overlook without taking away the edge factor.

25. Swirling pixie with Neck Fade

This style is perfect for relaxed locks. It is style following the growing of the hair, creating a swirl effect on the top for movement. Some subtle baby lights will add some texture and dimension and a neck fade will keep it looking fresh and neat.

26. Chic Mohawk

Mohawks are for girls too! but with a little less punk and a little more sass. And instead of poker straight spikes, style it with some soft chic curls that will give it volume, texture, and shine.

27. Classic Short Back and Sides

This hairstyle is a classic when it comes to short hairdos, and with relaxed locks, it can be so easy to maintain and style. If you are looking for something short, modern and easy, then this is the style for you. Whether your locks are fine or thick, this hairstyle is achievable and will be enjoyed.

28. Curled Pompadour

Enjoy some edge and sass with your relaxed locks. Keep the sides short, neat, and low maintenance by creating a disconnected undercut. The hair on top is kept longer and styled with a voluminous combed-out curl that can be rocked in a stylish pompadour.

29. Cute in Caramel

A good color can give your hair cut new life! Warm caramel hues are a stunning tone on darker skin and can turn a simple cute short style into a cute and sophisticated look.

30. Deep Side Parting with Long Bangs

Contrasting lengths with a bit of disconnection is a very on-trend style currently. The long top and short sides make it a versatile cut that you can have fun and get creative with. You can enjoy elegance or funk or combine the two for something unique.

31. High-Fashion Asymmetrical Short Bob

The hairstyle changes with every turn of the head. In one style, you can enjoy the chicness of a pixie cut, the edge of a fade, and the sophistication of a bob. This style works great for thick hair as it eliminates some weight and bulk but adds to the volume needed in the longer areas.

32. Long Tapered Pixie

Try a long tapered pixie, styled with some soft curls for a sophisticated but funky look, or ear it sleek and straight for a more contemporary look. Add some curls and movement to the sides to and enjoy the confidence this hairstyle will give you!

33. Magenta Pixie

A classic pixie cut made unique and bold with the right hue. Magenta is a charming hue that adds shine and a tasteful edge to a hairstyle. Showcase your knew hairdo and your personality with a beautiful pop of color, like magenta.

34. Modern Finger-Waved Pixie

If you have the skill to style your hair with finger waves then you can create this modern, 50’s inspired look. Relaxed locks provide the ideal texture to create flawless finger waves.

35. Peachy Pixie

Color is a great way to really showcase your personality. If standing out is your goal, then a fun color pallet is what you should turn to. We love this gorgeous shade of peach to brighten up this pixie cut, making it fun and unique.

36. Pink Vibes

If you find yourself becoming bored with your short locks, try having some fun with color. A bright pink hue is usually a popular choice, you are guaranteed to have fun with this one if you dare. An undercut is also a fun way to change up a short hairstyle and can be practical too if you are over dealing with a thick mane.

37. Pixie Bob

This style is ideal if you are in the process of growing out a short cut. Keep the back slightly tapered to maintain shape and remove bulk while the top length slowly starts to blend. You can tuck the front strands behind your ears to keep it neat and away from your face.

38. Playful Pixie

Fullness and texture make this pixie cut playful and sassy. Blowave your locks with a small round brush and rake it through with your fingers to create a voluminous mohawk style. Keep some longer, wispy strands around the hairline to add softness and avoid harsh lines.

39. Pretty Pompadour

A pompadour can be versatile and sway between edgy and sophisticated. It all depends on your personality or event you may be attending. Either way, you won’t go wrong with this timeless trend.

40. Red Hot Finger Waves

Playing with some color can give your haircut a whole new vibe. Finger waves have become popular again for short locks and can look modern and edgy with a hue that attracts attention. This shade of red compliments the old-school wavy look and brings a trendy modern-day feel that is sassy and chic.

41. Relaxed Pixie Cut

This is a great short hairdo with a bit of extra length to play with. Create some soft movement by styling the hair from the crown with a very subtle kink. It all flows to the front where the bangs are textured to create some separation which gives it that pixie edge.

42. Wavy Pixie

Rock this 1920’s inspired look by setting your hair with some classic finger waves. They create a uniform movement and can be enhanced with some caramel touches for dimension and contrast.

43. Wavy Pixie with Long Bangs

Long bangs are a great way to keep some femininity and softness on a short cut. This cute pixie cut is styled with a subtle wave which gives the style some movement. Wavy sideburns are much softer and gentler on the face.

44. Blunt Bob

Showcase your shiny relaxed locks with a precision angled bob. The bluntness of this cut makes the hair appear thick and health and its and a chic and classic look for short hair.

45. Bouncy Blonde

Thick locks and finger waves make a stunning combination if volume is what you are after. A blonde hue can add some dimension as well as extra volume. Fingerwaves are also a great styling technique that leaves your locks shiny, polished and structured.

46. Cheeky Short Cut with Ombre Tips

Wear your pixie textured and disheveled for a cute and cheeky look. The texture a relaxer leaves your locks is perfect for this pleasingly messy finish and some fun hues on the tips level it up and make it unique.

47. Classic Short Pixie Cut

If wash and go is your vibe, then enjoy this classic short pixie cut made easy with the help of a relaxer. Rub some wax in your palms and effortlessly rake your hands through your short locks to create separation and texture. Slick it down or allow some strands to stand up for a more pleasingly messy look.

48. Curly Pixie with Deep Side Part

Save the upkeep for just the top of the hair with this stunning curly pixie cut. The short back and sides keep it easy to style while the deep side part adds some asymmetry and personality. You can level it up by adding a stylish razored accent line that disconnects the difference in lengths.

49. Designer Pixie

Level up a classic pixie with some epic designs shaved into the side. This is a popular hair trend to enjoy if you can find a stylist to pull it off for you.

50. Edgy Fade with Copper Slices

This style is for those who like to stand out, and you will with an edgy and funky fade. A razored line from the temple to the crown with enhance the contrast, and some slices of copper hues will add some warmth and lighten up the look, perfect for summer.

51. Elegant Afro

You can enjoy an afro that is more structured and defined by curling the longer section of hair and combing them through to release the curl  maintaining height and volume. This gives you a long pixie cut with a polished and refined afro that is on fleek.

52. Firey Finger Waves

Finger waves are a popular look for short hair and it’s not hard to understand why. If you wish to stand out, get creative with changing up the color of your locks. A fiery red is always fun and sassy and works beautifully with some combed out finger waves.

53. S-Curl Pixie

Don’t be scared to take your locks super short after a relaxing treatment, styling will be a dream! Add some gel for hold, separation and shine, and soften your edges with a delicate and subtle S-curl to add a touch of elegance.

54. Short Angled Bob with Over Directed Bangs

An angled bob with precision is elegant and sophisticated, but if you want to add a little edge then comb the top layers forward to blend in and create a heavy and voluminous bang. I guess you could call this a reverse pompadour if you want to be a trendsetter, it will most definitely catch on.

55. Short Asymmetrical Bob

The deep side part in this bob creates a gorgeous asymmetrical, chic, and sassy bob. It becomes much easier to style when your locks have relaxed and the fullness in the bangs creates a modest and mysterious, but glamorous look.

56. Stylish and Modern Bowl Cut

Don’t be fooled by the term bowl cut, we know what you are thinking, but those old trends are new again with some modern flair. The hair on the top is textured and layered and all the strands are styled forward to meet with the bangs. This creates the round shape that would usually classify a bowl cut, but with the added separation and texture, it is shattered to soften it up, making it a trendy and chic style.

57. Sweeping Short Pixie

Enjoy a sleek and rounded pixie cut that frames the face with some feathered sideburns and bangs. Relaxed hair allows the style to sit flat while maintaining volume, and is easy to over-direct so it creates a soft sweeping look.

58. Asymmetrical Graduated Pixie Cut with Razored Parting

Create some chic contrast with a deep parting and some weight that graduates on the opposite side of the head. From one side it will look like an edgy short bob, while the other side looks like a funky short cut with a trendy razored line to add some funk.

59. Buzz Cut with Long Heavy Bangs

Have some fun with contrast and funk your locks up with a stylish and trendy disconnection. You can amp up the contrast by playing with some color, making the hair lighter on top. Just be mindful of the integrity of hair and remember that your strands are more fragile after a relaxer.

60. Ceasar Faux Hawk

From the front, this cut looks like a soft Caesar cut-inspired hairdo, but the edge is all in the back and sides. As the head turns, it reveals a trendy faux hawk, softened with curls and a fade that is enhanced with a razored stripe parallel to the faux hawk.

61. Full and Fabulous Pixie

Hold onto your volume and fullness with a pixie cut that maintains length, but includes layering and texture that will lift your roots and add dimension. Heavy bangs sweep across the face and are accentuated by a deep side parting, and a low fade gradually bridges the gap between the sides and the top.

62. Funky Fauwhauk

Add some sass to your short locks by styling them into a funky but chic fauxhawk. Keep the side tapered and sideburns soft and textured to keep it feeling and looking feminine.

63. Gorgeous Grunge

When grunge meets elegance! Style the top longer strands with some big curls and rake them with your fingers to release the structure and create a pleasingly unkept texture. Focus the styling down the middle, directing it forward to a long bang. With the sides short and neat, you will create this gorgeous grunge-inspired pixie hairdo.

64. Modern Blonde Bowl Cut

This hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds. A bit of length to play with and a trendy fade for style that easy to maintain. It is also an ideal style for thick locks and opting for a creamy blonde gives it more dimension.

65. Sharp Classic Pixie for Fine Hair

If your locks are fine, shorter may be better. Embrace the texture and commit to a short and sharp, classic pixie cut. It is a wake-up-and-go style that needs very minimal fuss.

66. Short Tapered Blonde

Another plus side to relaxed hair is that you can enjoy different hues like blonde and they will shine! You can also enjoy funky hairstyles that are easy and fun to style. Give it a go, blondes have more fun after all.

67. Short Tapered Bob

This bob is a great combination of a pixie cut and a full bob. It is also a great transition style if you have decided to grow out your shorter locks. The back is short and tapered for shape and some soft layers are added to the top to minimize bulk while contributing to the shape.

68. Short Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs

This hairstyle has a great balance of edge an elegance and is a versatile short style for relaxed hair. Where the top with a tousled soft wave, or sleek and sweeping. You can also style it into a trendy pompadour for a night out.

69. Short and Edgy

The beauty of this hairstyle is that it has so much edge but doesn’t lack in femininity. The sides are faded for a neat and crisp finish, and the top is soft and textured. It can be enjoyed styled upright for a badass look, and when it’s time to dress up, a sleek side part or elegant pompadour will look amazing. Ribbons are blue are optional, but we love them!

70. Sleek and Rusty

Adding some color to your relaxed hair can add some needed shine and a deep shade of rusty red will reflect light beautifully while enhancing the dimension and texture of your pixie cut.

71. Wavy Bangs with Relaxed Fade

This hairstyle is a perfect combination of tight and neat with movement and bounce. rock a low fade on the sides that is easy to style on relaxed hair, and pretty it up with length on the top that is left heavy and layered to allow for some flowing and bouncy waves.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re feeling inspired to rock a shorter hairdo, you can simplify your life with these low-maintenance short and relaxed hairstyles. Before you commit to the chop, let us look at a few final thoughts to consider.

  • Relaxed hair should be shampooed at least once a week and not combed or brushed through when it is wet.
  • It is beneficial to have your locks regularly trimmed after a relaxer, so this works well with a short cut that needs regular shaping.
  • Try to avoid using too many alcohol-based products and too regularly, as this can dehydrate the hair further.
  • Relaxed hair needs extra moisture, so keep up with regular treatments and use a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Short hairstyles will usually need to be cut and shaped regularly, so consider this and time it with your relaxer service.

Now you are ready to embrace your inner Janet Jackson and rock short hair with confidence!

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