50 Coolest Shaved Haircuts for Women (Short Back & Sides)

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What are the Coolest Shaved Haircuts For Women?

There is something so liberating about bringing a clipper to your locks, but it too can be quite daunting.  Celebrities and influencers all over the world are braving this new trend, and not only are they having fun with it, they are rocking it too!

The beauty is, that you don’t have to commit to a full-on GI Jane look, and can elevate your hairstyle to look chic and badass, but also feminine and fun. You can choose what level of buzz cut you are willing to commit to, so easing yourself into that edgy haircut is an option.

Whether you are looking to enhance your style and try something new, or are looking for a chic and practical way to remove some bulk, shaved haircuts for women are a massive trend and there is the perfect option out there for you. We have searched the web and compiled some epic shaved hairstyle ideas for women to help you navigate your way to a more trendy and fun haircut.

1. Short Classic Pixie Cut

There is something so liberating about a short haircut. It opens the face and accentuates your features. It is a low maintenance, wake and go style that is chic and stylish. You will need regular visits to your salon to keep the shape of this one, but once you have committed, you usually end up sticking with it.

2. Skin Fade Bowl Cut

Take your pixie cut to a new level of edge and sophistication by adding a skin fade up to the temples. The fade from the temples has a deliberate disconnection to enhance contrast and creativity. It also creates a more proud shape that creates a modern pixie bowl cut.

3. Shaved Pixie with Long Textured Quiff

Chic up a short shaved hairstyle with some soft texture and long bangs. The contrast in length provides some versatility and creative opportunities to rock your pixie cut.

4. Short Graduated Bod with Detailed Undercut in the Nape

A graduated bob is always a classy and sophisticated look that women love, but if you want to level it up a bit, shave the nape area with a gradual blend toward the crown. Add some razored arrow heads to accentuate the shape and add a bit more edge to the cut.

5. Asymmetrical Shaved Haircut for Thick Hair

Undercuts are a great way to remove bulk in thick hair while creating an edgy hairstyle at the same time. It creates a changing hairstyle, wherefrom one side it looks edgy and a little punk rock, and the other side looks like a chic bob.

6. Long Tapered Pixie

With an undercut so seamlessly blended and some longer locks on the top, you have a chic and edgy hairdo that is both sophisticated and modern. The low undercut creates a taper and keeps this pixie cut structured and neat.

7. Pixie Bob with Undercut

This haircut is pixie perfection. An undercut removes some necessary bulk to enhance the shape of this pixie bob. Some shorter layers in the crown make it versatile for those messy bob kind of days. This cut is better for thicker hair if you want that deep contrast.

8. Punky Pixie

This is a fiery and fun hairstyle that takes some commitment. The shaved side creates a mohawk shape, while the length in the front creates an edgy punk rock look. Daily styling will be required, but its worth the look!

9. Short Curly Hair with Undercut and Cute Sideburns

Short locks for ethnic hair is a great way to create a protective hairstyle while rocking a badass look. The undercut is taken close to the scalp from the temples, and around to create contrast with the curls at the top. A sweet curl is left at the side burn and some creatives shapes and lines can be added to the undercut for something different.

10. Short Spiky Pixie Cut

A shaved cut doesn’t always have to be contrasting and down to the scalp. It can be short enough to taper and blend to the rest of the hair. Style the longer locks at the top to create a spiky pompadour, adding a badass element to your chic pixie cut.

11. Short and Heavy Pixie Cut with Temple Fade

Various fade styles can be spotted in a lot of women’s short hairstyles, and not just rocked by stylish men. They add versatility and a chic tomboy element that is edgy but still feminine.

12. Sophisticated Pixie Cut with Undercut

The textured length of this pixie cut creates a round shape that is sophisticated and feminine. It creates volume by allowing layers and texture to be added to the bulk of the hair. a narrow undercut around the hairline keeps this pixie cut looking fresh and neat.

13. Blue Green Buzz Cut

A buzz cut doesn’t have to look military and boring, instead, it can be edgy and fun. Add a fade for some dimension and slight graduation in length and turn it blue-green to really stand out from the crowd.

14. Buzz Cut with Artwork

If you are ready to commit and long hair is just not for you, then take a buzzcut to the next level by adding some creative hair tattoos. you will need to do this regularly, but that means there is so much room to have fun and try new patterns.

15. Edgy Pixie with Fade

Girls can rock a fade too! If your locks are usually cut into an epic pixie cut, then try adding a fade to change it up a bit. Tousle it up with some wax for some texture and volume, especially if your hair is fine.

16. Faded Bowl Cut

Trends usually come full circle, and the bowl cut has landed back into the present day with some extra personality. A fade is a modern trend that compliments the bowl cut beautifully and accentuates the precision and shape while enhancing the contrast.

17. Firey Curls and Design Pop

Embrace the afro and give it some life with a trendy undercut and some popping hair tattoo designs. A bright hue on the curls is like the cherry on top and accentuates the contrast while giving the natural curls some life.

18. Icy Buzz Cut

Icy platinum blonde tones are a trend that won’t be melting away anytime soon. This hue also pairs well with very short locks like this buzz cut. It optimizes the blend to one that appears seamless and adds a softer, feminine element to the look.

19. Lilac Pixie

This edgy and trendy haircut is on the next level with a beautiful plum shadow root and lilac ends. sometimes it is the color that makes the haircut as they go hand in hand. We love this shaved pixie cut with all its texture and fun hue.

20. Long Pixie with Shaved Side and Triangle

Elevate your chic pixie cut but adding an undercut to the side. this can remove some necessary bulk and create some asymmetry in your cut.  Add some extra edge by razoring a parting and creating a triangular section. Some fun geometric shapes for creative flair.

21. Painted Pixie

If you are a creatively inclined person and enjoy showcasing your personality through your image, then hair is the perfect canvas. This haircut and color is a perfect example. It’s out the box and unique and will be sure to make a statement.

22. Shaved Bowl Cut

The old is becoming new again with a modern take on the classic bowl cut. More contrast is created by shaving the back and sides short with very little blending to enhance the bowl shape.

23. Braided Topknot with Undercut

Show off your undercut with a stylish topknot, leveled up with some braids. Whether you just need a change for the day or you have an event that calls for chic hair, this hairstyle will provide all the confidence you need.

24. Buzz Cut with Curls

This style is the ultimate wake-up-and-go hairdo with its natural curls that can be scrunched with water and mousse to enhance and maintain their structure. The buzz cut sides are practical and edgy creating a stylish contrast in textures.

25. Creative Locs with Undercut

Protective hairstyles on ethnic hair always pair well with an edgy twist. This undercut can be exposed or it can hide away. it removes a lot of bulk, allowing you to rock some locs or twists with less weight and extra length.

26. Elegant Fauxhawk with Shaved Sides

Shaved hair can also look glamorous, in an edgy way. if you have a function coming up and you want to glam with an unconventional twist, then you can try a textured fauxhawk with shaved sides to accentuate it. Create optimal contrast by taking the buzz cut super close to the scalp.

27. Faded Pixie

The beauty of short locks is that creative skills can really be showcased. This faded pixie cut shows how styling and personal touch can elevate a simple haircut. Unique hair tattoo designs give this cut its edgy and creative flair and fun with styling and texture on the top give it a whole new look.

28. Faded Smokey Pixie and Hair Design

We love everything about this haircut. The smokey gray hue, the textured pixie, the artistic hair tattoo designs but mostly the precise and flawless fade that blends seamlessly. The tapered and delicate sideburns are a brilliant and unique touch to this pixie cut.

29. Fun Undercut

This is a fun starting point if you are apprehensive about shaved hair. Undercut the bottom section of your locks that will be exposed when you tie it up. When you want to cover it up, you can let your hair loose and no one will no. It’s a great way to ease you in and gain confidence for a more committed shaved hairstyle.

30. Heavy Pixie Cut with Nape Fade

A pixie cut with heavy is a softer but edgier look. It is more versatile as you can play with different options of styling the bulk of the hair. a fade from the nape up can neaten and sharpen the haircut while creating a gradual contrast.

31. Layered Bowl Cut with Low Fade

The bowl cut shape has gained popularity with its modern flair and additional fades. Intentional unblended lines are a trendy way to show contrast and dimension in a short haircut and all the shape is focused on the locks at the top.

32. Long Hair with Bald Temple Shave

Enjoy your long locks with the addition of a ballsy undercut. A skin fade from the temple stands out and adds some chic drama to your long, gracious locks.

33. Mini Afro with Undercut

An afro can also be versatile and doesn’t necessarily need to big and voluminous. Curly hair is the perfect texture to rock a mini afro and can be accentuated by shaving the sides with a disconnection. It also creates a fauxhawk shape for some extra edge.

34. Modern Mushroom Cut

You would usually startle at the thought of a mushroom cut, but skills and creativity have evolved to bring you artwork like this hairstyle. The undercut creates a perfect base for a mushroom cap shape with the locks on the top. The precision and bluntness give it that edgy look and create the contrast that gives it its unique style.

35. Pink and Playful

If an undercut is still too low-key for you, then play around with a playful hue that showcases your personality. Pink is a great choice to funk up your locks. while keeping them soft and feminine.

36. Pixie Mohawk

Turn a pixie cut into a stylish and unique mohawk by adding an undercut from the temples round to the nape. A seamless fade will add some sophistication and flair, The mohawk is styled flat for more of a pixie feel, but can be worn spiky if you feel inspired to rock one.

37. Platinum Mohawk

A classic punk rock hairstyle that still turns heads today. If chic punk rock vibes are your thing, then enjoy a cool and classic mohawk that reflects the light with its platinum blonde hue.

38. Pompadour Braid and Undercut

Look like a warrior princess when you show off your undercut by braiding the hair on top into a voluminous pompadour braid. An extra braid on either side can level it up even more by accentuating the braid on top.

39. Punky Mermaid

This short hairstyle is simply stunning because of its bright mermaid vibes. A shaved blue pixie cut with ribbons of teal that pop through the bangs will leave you feeling like a punky mermaid.

40. Shaved Back and Sides with Longer Hair On Top

The long hair on top is soft and feminine and allows your short style to be versatile, but that’s all you need to worry about as the rest of the hair is shaved. You can have fun with the shape by creating a V shape at the back, like a badass star trek inspired hairdo. You will have lots of fun with this one!

41. Shaved Mushroom Cut

Don’t let the name of this one scare you and forget what you have been conditioned to believe about mushroom cuts. They are back, but they are modern and chic and look amazing. They are great for finer hair and are a stylish way to show off an undercut.

42. Short Wavy Bob with Undercut

Incorporating different elements from different hairstyles is a great way to design something unique. This wavy bob has the chic, graceful touch of soft waves with the edgy short element of a pixie cut in the form of an undercut.

43. Short and Spiky Classic Pixie

This short pixie cut is a classic hairstyle but a more modern version of short, back, and sides.  The back and sides are buzzed down and the top maintains a little extra length with lots of texture for fun and edgy styling.

44. Short and Textured Tapered Haircut

This one is also from the classics. A short tapered pixie cut that is shaved, not too short, on the back and sides and blended to a longer length on the top that is choppy and textured for versatile styling.

45. Textured Pixie with Undercut

Rock a shaved hairstyle by committing only to an undercut. It creates a great base for a stylish pixie cut and helps show off all the texture and shape while removing bulk.

46. Textured and Tousled Pixie with Skin Fade Undercut

Disconnection in short haircuts has become a popular trend that creates an edge factor in a soft pixie cut. The heavy, textured length on top can be styled in various ways, and dimension is added with a disconnected skin fade.

47. Tomboy Haircut

Embrace your sporty, boyish side with an epic short, back and sides haircut. There is a disconnection from the shaved hair to the top that allows you to wear it spiky or slicked back. Some detail can be added to the sides, like this razored pattern that run parallel to the hairline.

48. Undercut Com Over

The element of this short haircut that makes it stand out is the way in which it is styled. The top is left longer, but short enough for some versatility. the hair is spiked up into a modern and edgy pixie cut with some texture strands combed down to showcase the contrast of the undercut against the choppy and textured hair on the top.

49. Viking Style Braid

This hairstyle shows how versatile an undercut can be. Wear your hair down and you have a polished and structured bob, but change it up and have fun by adding some braids from the temples to divide the undercut and the longer locks in a creative and edgy way.

50. Wavy Pixie Cut with Undercut

A longer pixie cut is chic and feminine and can be glamorous with some soft waves that add texture and volume. Elevate it with an undercut at the nape that blends seamlessly toward the crown. This will help remove some bulk and add some structure to the haircut.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t seem so scary anymore, now does it!  These looks are fun. feminine, trendy, and simply badass, and now that you’re inspired and ready more than ever to change up your look, we have some final thoughts to help seal the deal.

  • Consider how much time and effort you are willing to put into your hairstyle every day. Short hair can be easy but depending on hair texture and density, they sometimes require a bit more effort and styling.
  • Shaved sections of the hair will grow fast and out of shape a lot quicker, so routine maintenance is required for most of these looks.
  • If you are committing to a shave that is close to the scalp, check your scalp for any imperfections that may cause you to become self-conscious.
  • Consult with your hairstylist to establish what hairstyle best suits your face shape, head shape, and hair texture
  • Play with some color to really elevate your new haircut.
  • Be certain in your decision, confidence is the key to any new haircut.

We say take the plunge! A new haircut can open up new levels of confidence, and with these hairstyle ideas, you are bound to love your new look!

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Author - Lauren Holland

Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.