63 Coolest Rainbow Hair Ideas (Trending Colors To Try)

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63 Coolest Rainbow Hair Ideas (Trending Colors To Try)

What Are The Coolest Rainbow Hair Ideas?

If you are searching for an eye-catching hair color that’s bound to grab attention, rainbow hair is an outstanding option. There are lots of different rainbow styles out there for you to try, which can make your hairstyle feel more unique and personalized!

To maximize this fun and vibrant style, you should consider the cut that’s perfect for your face. This will impact not only the ideal length of your hair but also whether you should get bangs or money pieces.

Luckily, these incredible rainbow hair ideas are guaranteed to fill you with inspiration! So no matter your personal style, there’s an idea for everyone.

1. Bright Rainbow Hair

Decorated with flowers, you can’t deny that this hair is brilliantly beautiful. Accompanied by delicate curls, intricate braids, and dazzling colors, this hair is lavish and inventive.

2. Holographic Rainbow Hair

Holographic hair is a great way of giving your hair a unique color that is seemingly always changing. This eye-catching hair has a distinctive pattern that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it.

3. Vibrant Rainbow Hair

If you love contrasting colors, this hair will be perfect for you. The parting allows for the colors to clash in a beautiful fashion.

4. Baby Rainbow Hair

Fantastic for festivals, this baby rainbow hair has small patches of striking color that stand out against the black hair. This is less of a commitment than other rainbow styles.

5. Beach Waves Rainbow Hair

These beautiful beach waves give this hair a natural style. The curls create an effortlessly stylish aesthetic that pairs gorgeously with the rainbow color.

6. Black Peekaboo Rainbow Hair

If you want rainbow hair but want to be able to hide it, this brilliant black peekaboo hair is extraordinary. This shiny black layer of hair atop the rainbow allows you to hide it.

7. Black and Rainbow Split Hair

The contrast between the stark black hair and the rainbow coloring is a wonderful way of making this style pop. The bright colors stand out even more when contrasted against the darkness of the black hair.

8. Blunt Rainbow Bob

Blunt bobs can help to sharpen your facial features. With bangs and a beveled cut, this rainbow bob looks incredibly sophisticated.

9. Brown Hair With Rainbow Tips

Great for people who prefer subtle hair colors, this style is predominantly brown with sharp rainbow tips. This is ideal for people who don’t want to commit to bold colors.

10. Cheetah Print Rainbow Hair

The black cheetah print stands out against this rainbow palette. This is a great way of personalizing this style, as the cheetah prints will all be slightly different.

11. Curled Rainbow Hair

Curled hair is a great way of giving hair extra texture that looks great on most people. Colored with vigorous colors, this hair is ideal for people who crave a bold appearance.

12. Fall Rainbow Hair

If you want a hairstyle that’s inspired by the fall seasons, this warm-hued rainbow hairstyle is ideal. It gradually flows from a dark red hue to yellow, creating a cozy aesthetic.

13. Flower Crown Rainbow Hair

Up next, you can easily add a touch of elegance to your rainbow hair by wearing a fabulous flower crown. This will serve an ethereal look that’s perfect for formal events.

14. Green Rainbow Hair

Predominantly a gorgeous green hue, this hair has a bold rainbow underneath. These strips of colorful hair have not been blended, creating a vivid aesthetic.

15. Hidden Rainbow Hair

Underneath silky smooth silver hair is a beautiful rainbow. This rainbow can be hidden, making it perfect for formal occasions. Yet, by tying up your hair, you can reveal these astonishing colors.

16. Intricate Rainbow Braids

Intricate braids are hard work, but it’s worth it if you want to create a colorful hairstyle. The focus on the cooler shades of the rainbow creates a calmer aesthetic.

17. Lavender Rainbow Hair

This lovely lavender hair has a subtle ombre that starts dark at the root while the hair gradually lightens towards the end. Paired with streaks of rainbow color, this lavender hair is breathtaking.

18. Layered Rainbow Hair

This style is a magnificent merging of pastel and vibrant colors. Split down the middle, this hairstyle is amazingly distinctive.

19. Long Rainbow Hair

This extraordinarily long hair is stunning in the rainbow pattern, as it highlights all of the various colors that are present. Lightly curled, this hair looks perfect.

20. Pastel Rainbow Hair

Pastel hair colors create a much softer aesthetic than more vibrant colors. So if you want a softer rainbow color, you may want to opt for a phenomenal pastel hair color.

21. Peekaboo Rainbow Hair

Peekaboo hair allows you to hide an entire rainbow over another layer of hair. This low-maintenance style allows you to experiment with different colors without having to fully commit to the rainbow.

22. Pink Rainbow Hair

If you love the color pink, this rainbow hairstyle is flawless for you. The rainbow hair effortlessly flows into a striking bright pink color.

23. Pink Rainbow Ombre

You can’t go wrong with pink hair, especially if you crave something exciting. The pink ombre has been made even more fun by the addition of soft rainbow streaks, resulting in an even more arresting appearance.

24. Plaited Rainbow Hair

This plaited braided rainbow hair looks super chic and pretty. The colors are incredibly radiant and the red especially pops.

25. Platinum Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair doesn’t always need to be extremely vibrant. This more subtle style uses platinum hair to create a rainbow unicorn aesthetic. This idea looks extremely luscious!

26. Pride Haircut

Perfect for celebrating Pride, this haircut features a striking rainbow heart. Against black hair, these colors appear even more vibrant.

27. Psychedelic Rainbow Hair

Painted in a psychedelic pattern, this rainbow hair is bound to mesmerize anyone who sees it. These patterns are super distinctive. This hair will be anything but boring!

28. Purple and Blue Hair

Rainbow hair doesn’t mean that you have to use every shade of the rainbow, as this picture beautifully demonstrates. This bewitching hair is made from different shades of blue and purple for a seamless style that stands out.

29. Rainbow Afro

If you have textured curly hair, such as an afro, sharp colors will allow you to highlight the gorgeous texture of your delicate curls. Colored with shades of purple, pink, blue, and green, this hair looks divine.

30. Rainbow Bangs

If you can’t decide on just one hair color, these magnificent multicolored bangs mean that you don’t have to make a tough choice. These rainbow bangs create a jaw-dropping aesthetic that is perfectly paired with colorful makeup.

31. Rainbow Bangs With Ginger Hair

While this style is predominantly ginger, the brilliant bangs have been dyed with rainbow colors for a touch of vibrancy. The hair has a natural look that’s been matched with colors that perfectly frame the face.

32. Rainbow Bow Hair

Tied up in a bow, this beautiful rainbow hair has been perfectly finished. This style is perfect for the holiday season.

33. Rainbow Braided Space Buns

Space buns look out of this world! When combined with braids and rainbow hair color, these sensational space buns are fantastic for fun festivals.

34. Rainbow Cotton Candy Hair

For a sweet style, these softer colors are delightful. Influenced by candy floss, this fantastic hair is loaded with glamorous colors like pink, purple, green, and yellow.

35. Rainbow Festival Hair

Fabulous for festival fanatics, this style consists of natural hair and colored tips. When combined with a butterfly crown, this hair is particularly graceful.

36. Rainbow Hair Buns

To create a more casual and messy style, buns are brilliant. This also allows the fabulous rainbow hairs to cascade elegantly from the buns.

37. Rainbow Hair Tips

For people who don’t want to commit to dying the entirety of their hair, you can simply dye the ends fun colors. It’s a subtle way of having rainbow hair without being too overpowering.

38. Rainbow Lob Hair

Inspired by mermaids, this curled lob haircut beautifully combines a range of different colors to create a mesmerizing palette.

39. Rainbow Mohawk

Do you think of yourself as a punk? If so, mohawks are perfect for you! There’s something so punk and edgy about this style, especially when paired with eye-catching rainbow hues.

40. Rainbow Money Pieces

If you don’t want to commit to an entire head of rainbow color, money pieces are a marvelous alternative. These stunning money pieces frame the face to accentuate its beauty.

41. Rainbow Mullet

If you prefer a punk style, a mullet is a magnificent option that helps you to create an androgynous look. If you are looking to elevate your mullet, adding rainbow streaks is an incredible idea.

42. Rainbow Neon Buzz Cut

For a bolder look, a neon rainbow is sure to stand out. The short hair makes this a hair idea that requires minimal styling and the shaved pattern is a great way of adding a sense of uniqueness to your hair.

43. Rainbow Pixie Bangs

Pixie cuts look great, but you can easily boost this hairstyle by using some funky colors. The born hair contrasts beautifully with the colorful bangs.

44. Rainbow Pixie Cut

This elegant pixie cut is ideal for rainbow hair. By contrasting the rainbow hair against the brown hair, the string colors are highlighted further.

45. Rainbow Ponytail Braids

To keep your hair out of your face, a braided ponytail is not only stylish but also practical. The ponytail is a great way of letting the numerous colors shine through.

46. Rainbow Prism Hair

With unique colors, this prism hair pairs shades that often clash. This daring mohawk hairstyle is perfectly complemented by the bright and contrasting colors.

47. Rainbow Roots

This hairstyle has super vibrant rainbow roots which have been paired with subtler tips. This is a cool combination that’s extremely elegant.

48. Rainbow Space Buns

Space buns are a superb choice for people who love cute styles. There’s just something so adorable about this style, which has been accentuated by the energetic pastel rainbow colors.

49. Rainbow Streaks

When placed against a canvas of shiny black hair, these rainbow streaks appear to be particularly elegant. The rainbow colors seem to glisten and glimmer in the hair just like a real rainbow.

50. Rainbow Undercut

For a more professional look, a rainbow undercut allows you to hide these flamboyant colors. The colors aren’t blended, creating a daring aesthetic.

51. Rainbow Wolf Cut

Wonderful wolf cuts have a rebellious style. This unconventional style pairs well with vibrant colors, such as this rainbow-inspired look.

52. Rebellious Rainbow Undercut

If you aren’t afraid to opt for a bold and rebellious style, this gorgeous undercut is a great way of experimenting with color. The undercut creates a sharp aesthetic that’s softened by the bright colors and flowing locks.

53. Shaved Sides Rainbow Hair

With shaved sides and long hair on the top, this hairstyle is superbly striking. The braiding is especially beautiful, as the colors become stunningly intertwined.

54. Short Rainbow Hair

This short style is low-maintenance and super simple to achieve. The rainbow colors are a great way of enhancing what can be quite a standard hairstyle.

55. Short Rainbow Hair

If you want a punk style, this short rainbow hair is fantastic. The style has a more messed up look that’s ideal for people who don’t want to spend ages styling their hair in the morning.

56. Silver Hair with Rainbow Roots

The alluring rainbow pieces hide beneath a layer of stunning silver. The color appears exquisite when it shines through the silvery locks.

57. Silver and Rainbow Hair

When left straight, this silver and rainbow hair looks quirky. But when the hair is curled slightly, the curls develop a mesmerizing quality.

58. Split Rainbow Hair

This style takes a unique approach to the rainbow hair trend. The colors have been split into two sides, allowing complementing colors (such as green and blue) to be blended together.

59. Spunky Rainbow Hair

With a short and spiky style, this energetic hair looks incredibly textured. The unique styling is a wonderful way of overlaying these dynamic colors.

60. Stunning Holographic Hair

Shiny and luxurious, this holographic hair is hard to miss. The rainbow colors are a little softer than other styles but are nonetheless guaranteed to catch attention.

61. Unicorn Rainbow Hair

Inspired by unicorn colors, this hair has a fantastic fantasy vibe. The pink and blue hues work together wonderfully.

62. Warm Rainbow Hairstyle

Last but not least, this eye-catching rainbow hairstyle has been dyed with warm colors that have been blended brilliantly, such as purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow. It looks just like the sky as the sun sets!

63. Wavy Rainbow Hair

With a wonderful wavy texture, this hair is outstandingly opulent. The dazzling colors only emphasize the stunning texture of this hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rainbow Hair Unprofessional?

In many formal workplaces, there is still a significant taboo surrounding rainbow hair whereby it is deemed unprofessional.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rainbow Hair?

Most professional salons will charge at least $150 for this dye job, as it requires lots of time and expertise. You can easily end up spending more than $400 to achieve this look.

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