51 Blue And Purple Hair Ideas (Trending Colors To Try)

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51 Blue and Purple Hair Ideas (Trending Colors To Try)

What Are The Best Blue and Purple Hair Ideas?

Coloring hair has always been a strong fashion statement, but recent trends have suggested two colors are the most popular among colorists.

Below we will show you plenty of gorgeous ideas on how you can make your hair stand out in a crowd with vibrant blue and purple colors.

To get the most out of our suggestions, consider the atmosphere you are trying to create, the length of your hair, and the depth or thickness of your hair. Each of these aspects will help you eliminate or highlight the ideas below.

1. Subtle Ombre

Very few hair designs can boost a truly subtle ombre. This, however, has such a light change in color that similar hues hide the change naturally.

2. 80s Rocker

This hairstyle embraces the “grown out” look. 80s hair embraced the chaos of nature while defiantly adding unexpected colors to their hair. This image truly represents that era.

3. Add A Little Spice

To add a little extra magic to this look, use some white biodegradable glitter and sprinkle a little into your hair. Use it to create a galaxy aesthetic, but don’t overdo it.

4. Ashen Purple

Another professional look that doesn’t need to screen “scene girl”. These gentle fades and beautiful curls aren’t over the top or outlandish.

5. Blue Mystique

At first glance, this hairstyle might seem like a majestic blue but take a closer look. There are multiple shades of blue within this artwork, and it’s that variation that creates the overwhelming beauty.

6. Blueberry Blend

Bright colors don’t have to be blocky, so if you like the suggestion we gave above, but want the transition to be smoother, try this version instead. Use layers and color each section from light to dark.

7. Dark Mermaid

Mermaids aren’t always cute and sexy – they were originally terrifying creatures of mythology. Your hair doesn’t need to be cute or tame either – use a navy blue as your base to create the deep dark sea effect.

8. Dark To Light, But Wavy

If you have natural curls, or love to add curls to your hair, you can use that added texture to create depth. Dark navy at the top, bright blue in the middle, deep purple as the curl comes in, and light magenta on the tips.

9. Deep Into The Sea

This person’s hair is naturally thin, but changing from dark to light highlights creates a subtle depth. You can do this with any colors, but the ones chosen also add to the imagery of the deep blue sea.

10. Dipped In Rainbow

Back to an edgy look, you can dye your hair in a washboard fashion for the instant faded look of a girl who doesn’t care what you think. The pink-to-blue gradient still carries a sense of fun and excitement.

11. Edgy Magical Girl

Add an edgy cut to the Magical Girl aesthetic, and suddenly you change from innocent princess to modern city slick. To keep this look from turning straw-like, you need to continue following a soft curl routine.

12. Electric Attitudes

If the previous color palette intrigued you, but the vibe wasn’t right, you might prefer the same style as electric tones. These bright colors create a whole new personality despite both using the same shading pattern.

13. Electric Blue

Continuing on this bright color theme, the best hair designs are not flat. Notice how the top is dark and the lower middle is light and the very bottom is silvery purple? That change in color creates depth and texture.

14. From Dark To Light

Most ombre colors fade from light to dark, but if your natural hair color has darker tones, you may prefer this dramatic change. In a sea of multi-colored hair, yours will stand out as unique.

15. From The Shallows To The Deep

The best way to create depth and texture in your hair is to move from light to dark. In the ocean-themed hair-style above, you can envision that natural change into the unknown.

16. Galactic Swirls

If your hair is already blonde, but you want to add an extra pop of color, you should follow this color design. Your back curls will be colored in an ombre style, which can easily be hidden on your less adventurous days.

17. Galaxy Ombre

This hairstyle has the perfect mixture of blues, purples, and pinks to create a galaxy sky. To really make this design stand out, you’ll need to curl your hair to create the same beautiful waves.

18. Lavender To Metalic Blue

If you have a rich skin tone, you may prefer this hairstyle with a cooler tone such as metallic blue rather than the warmth of pink. This can create a strong contrast to your skin while keeping a soft vibe.

19. Lavender To White

This delicate and pastel color palette is perfect for a soft soul. Moving from bright purple to subtle pinks and silvers creates an illusion of naturally growing purple hair.

20. Less Edge More Glamor

If you love the short cut and scattered hair look, but don’t want to seem edgy and defiant, add lighter colors to your gradient. Although the hair dye moves from darker purples to lighter pinks, both colors themselves are still light and fun.

21. Magical Girl Aesthetic

A Magical Girl is a character type in Anime where the main characters are young girls and they possess magical powers. The use of silver, lilac, and gentle waves re-create this idea of subtle modern magic and low-effort beauty.

22. Mermaid Highlights

Mermaid hair is when you mix aquamarine colors with the magic of dark purple. Using highlights instead of block colors creates a more edgy version of this whimsical style.

23. Mermaid Queen

Dive further into the ocean of aquamarine with these nautical colors. Using the balayage coloring technique, this beautiful pairing creates a whimsical mermaid aesthetic.

24. Midnight’s Princess

The beauty of this hairstyle is undeniable. A complete cobalt blue with balayage purple curled at the edges for a Midnight’s Princess aesthetic.

25. Midnight’s Princess – Short Hair Version

With shorter hair, you won’t have the freedom to create the royal circles shown in the image above, however, you can still embrace the color changes. We suggest starting with purple and working down to blue, as this color difference will make your hair seem fuller.

26. Midnight’s Princess – Straight Hair Version

If you have straight hair, the princess aesthetic may not come across. However, the Midnight vibe will still be undeniable.

27. Mystical Dark Blue To Purple Ombre

Short straight hair often suggests seriousness, however, you can still hold a mystical aura if you create the right shading. Dark blue around the crown of your head, fading into suede purple hues creates the perfect balance of night and mystery.

28. Natural Roots With Purple Balayage

A balayage seems more natural than an ombre, as the dye is swept like a brush through your hair. For naturally black hair, the balayage style can easily create the effect of naturally growing purple hues.

29. Natural Roots With Purple Ombre

If you have naturally dark hair, such as brown or black, you can keep your natural dark shade as part of the ombre effect. Fading from brown to dark purple creates an attitude of casual quirkiness, while also being easier to maintain overall.

30. Pastel Metallic Bob

The pastel or muted colors mixed with a shiny or mentality cut creates an androgynous vibe like no other. A mixture of fantasy and sci-fi while still looking as stunning as a supermodel.

31. Pink Plaits

If you have thick hair, you shouldn’t plait it into thin ropes. Instead copy this model and embrace the texture of a chuck pattern.

32. Pink To Dark Purple Ombre

This purple hairstyle is more dramatic than the last, creating an energetic atmosphere. If you have straight hair, it will be easier to achieve this look due to the smooth transition from light to dark.

33. Pink and Blue Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair has never been as popular as it is right now. The sharp contrast of sea blue and magical pink creates the perfect bright shades for a magical look.

34. Pixie Pink

Although most of these blue and purple hair ideas are ombre or balayage, we cannot ignore the power of bright and bold colors. Going completely pink is the perfect way to showcase femininity while rocking a pixie look.

35. Plush Pastels

The Plush Pastel look is designed to make you seem otherworldly. Starting light, you’ll need a vivid blue which fades into a light purple and ends on a bright pink.

36. Psychedelic Hair

Yellow, silver, and purple aren’t typical color palettes. But, if you start the ombre with bright yellow, you’ll have the freedom to embrace the psychedelic attitude of this hairstyle.

37. Purple Balayage With Pink Tips

Although dark purple looks fantastic on dark hair, your personality might not match the deep tones. In that case, add a pink or candy tip to your hair, while keeping within the balayage style.

38. Purple To Silver

Dying your hair doesn’t have to be a pick-me statement. Choosing fading colors and soft palettes can create a wholesome or even professional look while still representing the true you.

39. Short Hair Version Of Subtle Colors

If you have short hair, don’t think that subtle balayage isn’t possible for you. You will need to use layering to create the desired effect, but this hairstyle is just as achievable for your hair type too.

40. Soft Purple Coverage – The Curly Look

Without changing anything but the styling, you can use that color to create a lovely circle and still embrace the subtle changes of color. One is a party look, the other would look perfect at a wedding.

41. Soft Purple Coverage – The Edgy Look

The beauty of this hairstyle is that it looks like a block color, but in reality, dark lilac is used on the top followed by a light fade and a dark top. This creates a halo effect, while the feathered edges add an edgy cut.

42. Subtle Pink Ombre

This hairstyle looks great with naturally light hair or naturally dark – if your hair is naturally light, you won’t need to top up the color that often. Notice how the color changes from subtle bright pink to a muted version.

43. Subtle Purples

Dark brown hair and dark purple are so close in tone that you can easily create a subtle light base color, overlapped with a dark auburn-esk brown. At first glance, your hair will seem simply unique, while closer up the various shades will emerge.

44. Thick And Curly Lavender Hair

Embrace your thick curls with this lavish look. Lots of volume, pastel purples and a side fringe create the perfect modern grunge look.

45. Twilight’s Daughter

Although the dark blues of the Midnight’s Princess look were divine, the Twilight’s Daughter version allows the silvery touches to form a lightness to the aesthetic. You can switch between the two during winter and summer.

46. Unicorn Full Body

This hairstyle works amazingly for people with full-bodied hair. The layering needed to create the perfect balance of mystical white and magical purples can only be achieved with thick hair.

47. Unicorn Highlights With Plaits

The silver and purple mixture of this hair color is what creates that instantly recognizable unicorn design. Adding to the whimsy, you can create little plaits throughout your hair for an added fantastical look.

48. Unicorn Ombre

This stunning display of color uses the same dark-to-light transition we have mentioned before, but take a look at the shoulder-length locks. In that gradient, the darks and lights twirl together in an added balayage effect.

49. Viking Galaxy

To add an extra cultural touch to your hair, pick out equal sections to create little braids. Once braided, you can tie them together or leave them loose for a warrior Viking aesthetic.

50. Waterfall Balayage

The waterfall effect is created by using lighter colors at the top of the balayage and darker colors at the bottom. Although this looks like an ombre, adding layings of light color underneath adds to the weathered look.

51. Wild And Free

There are two great things about this hairstyle – the detailed layer of colors and the seemingly careless knot. Both create a sense of easy whimsy and natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Blue Hair Last?

Blue hair can last for around 7 washes. Because of this, you should avoid washing your hair unnecessarily.

Is Purple Hair Hard To Maintain?

Yes, purple hair is hard to maintain. For the color to last longer than a few weeks, you’ll need to apply touch-ups and use color-correction hair products.

What Does Blue And Purple Hair Symbolize?

Both of these hair colors symbolize feminine strength. Not only are they gorgeous colors to make a bold statement, they also represent your inner power and beauty.

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