50 Best Wolf Hair Cut Ideas (Trending This Year)

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50 Best Wolf Hair Cut Ideas (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Wolf Hair Cut Ideas?

The wolf haircut is one of the trendiest in recent years; today, it’s still one of the most requested hairstyles professional hair stylists are asked about.

It’s even popular with celebrities – stars like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish have also sported this incredible haircut.

So – what is a wolf cut? It has the wearability of a shag but also has the choppy texture of a mullet. This audacious mash up is a trendy haircut with lots of different benefits!

One of the best things about the wolf haircut is that you can style and cut it differently to make it more unique.

If you are wondering how you can adjust your wolf haircut to better match your personality and style, then check out the best wolf hair cut ideas below!

1. Full Dye

One of the trendiest things to do with a wolf hair cut is to try experimenting with various colors. Try giving your wolf cut a different look with a full dye!

2. Tapered Wolf Cut

This type of haircut is characterized by having longer hair on the top of the head, with the hair on the back and sides getting shorter further down. It provides a softer wolf cut for girls with thicker hair.

3. The Miley Cyrus Wolf Cut

Miley Cyrus is an icon when it comes to popularizing new looks and hairstyles. Her classic wolf cut helped turn this hair cut into a trend that’s here to stay.

4. Wavy Wolf Cut

Girls with wavy hair rejoice – your hair texture is the perfect hair type for a wolf cut! It gives the wolf cut a natural unruly look that is super trendy!

5. Afro Wolf Cut

If your hair type is supercoiled and more afro in texture, then don’t worry – you can still wear a wolf cut! Full disclaimed – it will need a lot of TLC but the results are worth it!

6. Amber Color

To add another rebellious touch to your wolf cut, try dying it a bright amber color. It’s punk, and edgy, and gives you an old-school Hayley Williams appearance.

7. Choppy Layers

Some wolf cuts are choppier than others, with harsher layers and sharper ends. It’s a great edgy way to wear this trendy hairstyle!

8. Classic Wolf Cut

You can’t go wrong by going classic! A trendy wolf cut looks great even without any special styles or changes – so why not try out this classic look first?

9. Fine Wolf Cut

Having very thin, fine hair can make finding the right hairstyle very difficult. A wolf cut is a great option if you have this hair type because it flatters your face and works well even with little volume.

10. Half Up Half Down

If you have a long or medium-length wolf cut, you can probably get away with tying half of your layers up and leaving the rest to fall loose. It can create a whole new look and make a major difference to your style.

11. Highlights

Highlights are a great way to introduce a natural shade to your hair. Some popular combinations include light blonde with black or chestnut brown, or blonde and strawberry blonde.

12. Long Curly Wolf Cut

Loose long curls work great for a wolf cut. It is stylish, modern, and has a much softer look than a short curly wolf cut.

13. Mullet Haircut

The mullet is an iconic haircut that has undergone a hair transformation for a new modern-day look. The slight mullet shape wolf cut is excellent for a vintage everyday look.

14. Shag Layers

Shag layers bring a softer nod to your wolf cut. If you prefer the style of a softer wolf cut, then shag layers are your best style option to go with!

15. Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are an ideal cut to add to your wolf cut if you have thicker hair. They’re practical, edgy, and can make a major difference to your style.

16. Short Bangs

Most bangs are cut around the eyebrows – but short bangs take things to the next level. They are cut much further up the forehead for a more rebellious, retro look.

17. Short Curly Wolf Cut

If you have curly hair, then don’t feel that you have to avoid this haircut! A wolf cut works great with all kinds of hair textures – including curly hair!

18. Short Curtains

Most curtain bangs are feathered so they fall past the eyes and down to the cheekbones. However, for a more edgy, cool look, why not cut your curtains super short and above your eyebrows?

19. Short Wolf Cut

The wearability of a shag cut is infamous as you have a lot of hair to maintain. With a short wolf cut, you get a haircut that is much easier to manage!

20. Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a great type of bangs to wear if you have a side parting with your wolf cut. If you have a widow’s peak, then this might be the best option for you!

21. Sideburns

Sideburns are completely natural on a woman but so many prefer to shave them off. With a wolf cut, you can curl and style them with a little product for a cute quirk to your haircut!

22. Silver Color

Older ladies rejoice! Silver and gray are now very trendy colors to dye your hair! For a stylish wolf cut, try dying it a gorgeous silver color!

23. Thick Fringe

When it comes to the hair on the top of your head, you have a lot of choices open to you. One of the popular hairstyles worn with a wolf cut is a very thick fringe!

24. Two Block Dye

If one color is not enough for you, try splitting your hair in half and only coloring one half. The other half can be left your natural color for an audacious mash-up!

25. 70s Flare

If you love your haircuts with a lot of volume, then try out this type of wolf cut. It flares your hair outwards and gives it a 70s vibe, making it a trendy take on this classic hair cut.

26. 70s Shag Cut

The wolf cut takes its inspiration from the retro 70s shag cut – so why not take your wolf cut back to its roots? It’s a different way to wear a wolf cut today and can give you a whole new look.

27. 80s Mullet

If you want to go old school, then why not try out a classic 80s mullet? This little badass has recently seen a surge in popularity – so why not try it out?

28. Blonde Color

When it comes to what color you should dye your wolf cut, a popular choice is platinum blonde. This color was popularized by Billie Eilish and now, is one of the most common hair colors for women’s haircuts.

29. Blunt Bangs

For a chic, modern look to your wolf cut, try out blunt bangs. These are full, thick bangs that are cut with a very straight edge.

30. Colored Streaks

If you love adding highlights to your hair, why not try experimenting with some different colors? Try out colored streaks that are bright and vibrant. You can choose from tons of different shades including pink, blue, and green!

31. Curtain Bangs

This 90s look is back in style and worn with a lot of different hair cuts – including the wolf hair cut! They are a great way to frame your facial features.

32. Dark Roots

Whenever you dye your hair, it’s likely that over time your roots will start to grow out. Instead of constantly dying your dark roots, embrace them as a whole new trend!

33. Dyed Bangs

A recent trend with wolf cuts is that some women are choosing to only dye their bangs. You can choose whatever color you desire and each color can take your look in a ton of different directions.

34. Korean Wolf Cut

Some say that the wolf cut came from South Korea and there, the wolf cut is styled in different ways. This style uses softer curls for a youthful, feminine look that’s less wild and unruly.

35. Lobe Layers

A good wolf haircut is all about shag – and some flicky lobe-length layers are just the trick to get this look! They’re also very practical and easy to maintain – so it’s a win-win!

36. Long Wolf Cut

If you have long fine hair, then you may prefer a long wolf cut hairstyle. The longer layers create a neater style that is great for everyday wear.

37. Lots Of Layers

We have one thing to say when it comes to the wolf cut – layers, layers, layers! Cut your hair at various hair lengths to create a classic wolf cut look!

38. Middle Parting

The middle parting is the trendy way to part your hair today for all hair types and face shapes. It’s youthful and a great way to divide your wolf cut.

39. Modern Wolf Cut

This version of the wolf cut is a much more modern-day look. It’s less shaggy, slicker, and a great choice for those who want a chic look.

40. Side Parting

Not everyone can rock a middle parting, especially if you have a widow’s peak. A wide parting is still a great way to part your hair in a very wild way.

41. Straight Wolf Cut

Wolf cuts are typically known for their shaggy texture – but what if you have very straight hair? The straight wolf cut is the answer! It’s an edgy and chic version of the wolf cut.

42. Tendrils

Tendrils are a super trendy way to frame your face. They involve thin strands of hair that fall around your eyes and cheekbones. While they can be annoying, they provide a real cool-girl feel.

43. The Billie Eilish Wolf Cut

Another celebrity known for setting iconic trends is Billie Eilish. Not only is this singer known for her edgy wolf cut but the way she tries out different hair colors for a complete hair transformation!

44. The Jenna Ortega Wolf Cut

Jenna Ortega shot to fame thanks to her amazing work as Wednesday Addams. However, she has become a style icon and her version of the wolf haircut is a trendy take on the red carpet.

45. The Keke Palmer Wolf Cut

Some black women and girls may be afraid to try out the wolf cut as it’s usually styled with straight or way hair. However, Keke Palmer has proved that anyone can rock a wolf cut no matter their natural hair texture.

46. Thick Streaks

Brightly colored highlights and streaks are usually very thin – but if you want something different with effortless style, then why not try out this idea? Thick streaks of color can take your haircut in a whole new direction.

47. Under Dye

This wolf cut idea involves dying the lower layers of your hair. This gives it an ‘under dye’ effect where the top layer of your hair is a completely different color to what’s underneath.

48. Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Having thick hair means that you are going to have a lot of volume to your haircut. Get a voluminous wolf cut to help keep the volume at the top of your head and thin it out towards the ends.

49. Wispy Bangs

A popular alternative to the thick fringe is wispy bangs. This hairstyle is ideal for women with fine hair who want a softer nod to the classic wolf hair cut.

50. Wolf Cut With Braids

Braids are a great protective hairstyle for women with coiled and curly hair. They also work for a wolf cut by helping you create some shorter layers with very flicky ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Face Shape Is A Wolf Cut For?

The wolf hair cut works great with lots of different face shapes, but because of its shaggy texture and medium length, it works best for women with round faces.

Women with round faces need to create movement either around the jawline or the chin to balance their features. A wolf haircut with shaggy layers and choppy ends works excellently at this!

Why Is It Called A Wolf Hair Cut?

Although the wolf hair cut’s origins are not entirely known, some say that it originated in South Korea.

Because the choppy layers create an untamed look, many have noted the texture’s resemblance to a wolf’s fur.

And so, the wolf cut got its name – because the texture it creates with its style is similar to that of a wolf’s real fur!

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