33 Unique Split Hair Dye Ideas (Trending Color Combinations To Try In 2023)

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33 Unique Split Hair Dye Ideas (Trending Color Combinations To Try In 2023)

What Are The Best Unique Split Hair Dye Ideas?

Fashion trends will come and go, but quirky hairstyles are forever. The world is now far more forgiving when it comes to unique trends, and colorful hairstyles are far more accepted and sought after than ever before. Split hair dye looks are no exception!

The best part about split dye hairstyles is that you don’t have to commit to just one color: you can choose two instead, or sometimes more, for each half of your hair!

In this article, we have listed the best split dye hairstyles for you to take inspiration from for your next cut. So, let’s get started!

1. Orange & Green Split Hair

Here is a style that, realistically, shouldn’t look great. Orange and green really do clash… so, how come this hairstyle looks so good?! A bob is the perfect hairstyle to show off these bright colors.

2. Aqua & Electric Blue Split Hair

For all the ice queens out there, this is the style for you. By using two shades of the same color, you can create some really cute, colorful looks, just like this pastel blue design.

3. Black & Fiery Split Hair

Moving on from the previous icy post, here is a hairstyle that appears so fiery it looks too hot to touch. We love the ombre flame effect created using the hot pink, orange, and yellow.

4. Black & Green Split Hair On Long Hair

Here is another half black, half green hairstyle that looks so pretty, especially on longer hair. This green is a lot lighter than our earlier example, and more of a pastel shade. These multidimensional hair streaks really jazz up this long hair.

5. Iridescent Pastel Split Hair

This split hairstyle looks absolutely incredible, giving off the illusion that it is reflecting in the light. We have no doubt this iridescent style must have taken a long time to perfect.

6. Neon Pink & Green Split Hair

These hair colors are so vibrant, they almost appear to be glowing. In fact, we think that this hairstyle must have been created using UV quality hair dye… and, it looks incredible! Perfect for all you adventurous spirits out there!

7. Strawberry Blonde & Black Split Hair

While we love black and white split dyed hair, there is something so cool about natural colored hair used as a split style. For example, this model has half black, half strawberry-blonde hair.

8. Auburn Hair With Aqua Money Piece

While this isn’t a full split dye, we love how the front part of the hair has been colored blue to contrast with the model’s natural auburn hair. It creates a vibrant split that works so well.

9. Baby Pink & Baby Blue Patchwork Split Hair

Here is another patchwork-style, using the split dye technique not only on the lengths, but also on the bangs. The use of pink and blue is also giving us bubblegum/cotton candy vibes.

10. Baby Pink & Blonde Split Hair

Looking for a new hairstyle that you’ll love for a long time? We honestly can’t get enough of pastel colors being used with white/blonde hair. This style reminds us of strawberry ice cream (in the best way possible) and aces the split hair trend.

11. Black & Emerald Split Hair

Whenever we see black and green dyed hair, it reminds us of Gwen from Total Drama Island (now, there’s a throwback). Maybe that’s why we love it so much. You can always pair green with your natural color for the perfect half hair color style.

12. Black & Faded Rainbow Split Hair

Yes, we’re back with more rainbow dye! We absolutely love the faded rainbow effect on the left side of the hair, contrasting with the black hair dye. It is truly magical.

13. Black & Icy Blue Split Hair

Here is another icy hairstyle that will make anyone stand out in a crowd. The bright blue contrasting against the dark black just works so well as part of this bob haircut.

14. Black & Orange Split Hair

This hairstyle screams Halloween and fall, and we are in love with it. The vibrancy of the orange next to the deep black? It’s spooky and stylish. It would also look great on dark brown hair too.

15. Black & Silver Split Hair

This hairstyle gives off the ultimate gothic vibe, with half black, half silver sections. This look is truly memorizing, and a look that Cruella herself would be impressed by!

16. Black-Gray & Rainbow Split Hair

Did you think we were done with the rainbow dyes? This style has so much going on, from the black-and-gray on the left, and all the rainbow colors on the right.

So colorful and pretty! You’ll be a real ethereal beauty with this look.

17. Blonde & Copper Split Hair

This copper and blonde split hair look is a fresh take on the split hair dye trend, especially when styled in these cute, fun space buns!

18. Blonde & Red Split Hair

Using a light blonde and a bright red together is so mesmerizing, creating a look that would be the perfect way to style blonde hair for the fall and winter.

19. Brunette & Multicolored Split Hair

Next up, we have more rainbow goodness. With half of her hair appearing naturally brunette, the left side of her hair contains so much color and detail that we have fallen in love with.

This is one of the more fabulous split dyes we’ve seen.

20. Bubblegum Pink & Bright Blue Split Hair

The hair is mirrored, using blue and pink on both sides of the head, but flipped, creating a fun patchwork pattern.

You could even opt for a dark blue color, just be sure you’ve got a pintail comb to split the hair evenly to separate these contrasting colors.

21. Cruella DeVille Inspired Split Hair

Kicking off this list, we have the split hairstyle that, arguably, started it all. Miss. Cruella De Vil is known first and foremost for her lighter hair next to black hair, which has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a truly unique look.

22. Green & Blue Split Hair

We’re getting serious ocean vibes from this look. Blue and green always look great together, and this hairstyle will surely turn a few heads, especially when styled in waves.

23. Neon Green & Purple Split Hair

Purple and green are two more colors that you wouldn’t expect to work together, but they look so great! This style is giving us Joker vibes, and we are living for it. You could really rock this look for Halloween, especially if you use spider clips.

24. Orange & Pink Split Hair

Oranges and pinks always look so vibrant and gorgeous next to each other, especially coral oranges and hot pinks. This look is so pretty, especially with the bangs.

25. Pastel & Blonde Split Hair

This model has taken the split hairstyle to the next level: half her hair is one color – light blonde – while the other side is made up of an ombre effect using light pink and pastel blue.

26. Pink & Green Split Hair

Is there anything cuter than pastel-colored split dyed hairstyles? We don’t think so. The use of baby pink and light green in our example is particularly beautiful.

27. Platinum Blonde & Lime Green Split Hair

This look uses the split dye technique to dye the main section of the hair, and then doing the same on the bangs. This looks so great with white and lime-green hair, and really stands out!

28. Purple & Black Split Hair

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Descendants, you’ll probably agree that this style is reminiscent of Dove Cameron’s character, Mal. This deep purple dye looks so beautiful and vibrant. It’s a fun way to experiment with your hair with little effort!

29. Purple & Blue Split Hair

Aside from green, another color that just works perfectly alongside blue is purple. These colors create an icy effect, and look so great on people with blue-colored eyes.

30. Purple & Orange Split Hair

While it makes sense to use two similar colors for split dyed hair, sometimes clashing colors work even better. For example, take a look at this incredible purple and orange style. The contrasting colors actually go together well.

31. Rainbow Ombre

This hairstyle looks so good, it doesn’t even look real. The icy blue against the purple, pink, orange and yellow ombre seems to represent fire vs. ice, and we love all the different shades.

32. Red & Black Split Hair

Black and red is a classic combo, and this bright red dye looks absolutely incredible against the black dye. This is an edgy look that everyone wishes they could pull off.

33. Red & Blue Split Hair

Here are two more colors that, on paper, shouldn’t work together. However, the contrast of the fiery red and the icy blue look incredible, making the model look so unique and cute.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about split hair is that it can suit anyone. With so many different colors and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to settle for just one of these styles.

Why not take inspiration from some of the images above, and come up with your own unique hair idea? Use your favorite colors to create a brand-new look to show off to the world.

We don’t recommend you dye your hair yourself for this trend, and for good reason. A hair salon will be able to perfectly split the hair as a professional colorist will always tend to do better dye jobs.

Be sure to take care of your new color with leave-in conditioners, and rinse with cool water to maintain that vibrant hair color.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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