55 Best Tapered Haircuts and Fades for Women

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The story that women need to have long, bouncy locks is now an old tale and more and more women are now committing to the chop and embracing short locks. This paradigm shift is helping women step into their power and divine feminine with grace and confidence and a whole new world of hair inspiration has opened up. Short hair can still be soft and feminine as well as fun and spunky, whatever your personality, there are stunning options for you.

Whether you are looking for a dramatic change or just something new,  we have searched the web and found an array of exciting new styles and tapered cuts for women to help you rock your short locks.

1. Artistic Fade for Black Women

Fades are great on natural hair and pair beautifully with its texture. Add some artistic flair with a fun hair tattoo that stands out against a bright and bold shade of copper. A great example of how short hair doesn’t have to be boring.

2. Short Tapered Bob

If you still shy away from the clipper, that’s ok because short hair can still hold some length. This short tapered bob is a great example of how you can enjoy short hair without too much commitment. The back is tapered gently into the neck, while the rest is kept longer making this a versatile choice.

3. Low to Long Pixie

This transition from a low fade to long on top is perfect for some naturally curly locks. It makes for a cute and whimsical pixie cut, especially with the tiny wispy sideburns that soften the face and add a unique and cute element.

4. Asymmetrical Fade

If dramatic contrast and angles are something you look for in an edgy haircut, then this is a great cut to consider gifting yourself with. A sharp angle is created by perfectly tapering the back and overdirecting the sides. This maintains length at the sides and creates the angle of precision you see here. The opposite side is cut in a flawless high fade to finish this asymmetrical haircut with perfect precision.

5. Blunt Fauxhawk and Fade

If you are drawn to the shape of a mohawk but want to tame it down a bit, then wearing it flat and sleek is an option. By doing this, you create an obvious contrast in length, that when blended well can be stylish and hip.

6. Copper Fade with Side Sweeping Bangs

A clean low fade is a stunning way to keep a pixie cut looking neat and fresh. Fade it gently into some longer lengths with lots of texture and contrast. Create some softness and style by directing most of the length in the same direction, flowing with some sweeping bangs. This style works for most textures and is easy to achieve.

7. Creative Fade with Heavy Bangs

Up your fade game by adding or changing up the shape. This fade has a small section left at the back that is beautifully faded into a V shape and accentuated with a shaved outline. This mid fade is flawlessly tapered and blended into some full textured locks that are cut to create a rounded shape.

8. Cute Pixie Cut with Micro Bangs

Nothing says pixie quite like some cute jagged and disconnected micro bangs. Blend them down to meet some wispy sideburns with a bit of extra length for a sweet and whimsical tapered pixie cut.

9. Fade to Pink

This haircut is whimsical and nonconformist for the aberrant type of lady. Showcase your personality which some bright hues and creative cuts such as this one. This seamless low fade is a great base for the bright textured pink crop at the top.

10. Flawless Fade with Precision Bangs

Can we take a moment for the absolute artistry in this haircut! This flawless fade with precision lines creates a star trek inspired aesthetic. Very avante garde, but you can get your stylist to tweak it for practicality and to suit your personality.

11. Long Precision Pixie Cut

Precision, sharp clean lines, and a flawless blend give this pixie cut a sophisticated edge. The fade is taken higher than it may seem while the top lays seamlessly blended over it. Bulk is removed by taking the fade higher, resulting in a gorgeous overall shape.

12. Long Tapered Pixie Cut

A gorgeous balance of funky and sophisticated. Enjoy some softness and length by keeping the top long, but also keep it interesting with a contrasting shade of color and texture. This hairstyle can be enjoyed in a formal setting and is also a perfect wash and go option.

13. Low Fade Funky Pixie

Creating some high contrast with a fade has some effective results that you will love and be admired for, especially if you enjoy your hairstyles a little less contemporary. You can wear it sleek and low key or back and wild for a more edgy look.

14. Pompadour with Disconnected Fade

This haircut embodies a  modern twist on the classic pompadour. The fade is low and heavy, creating a textured and unusual taper that blends to the top. The contrast of the blonde against the dark accentuates the taper and enhances it’s unique shape.

15. Short Tapered Bob with Edgy Bangs

This haircut has all the edge without having to commit to a fade. Its layers and texture give the illusion that it is shorter than what it is what there is still length to play with. The bangs are what make it though, they are cut at an arch above one eyebrow and follow the hairline to create a shattered  but solid edge.

16. Undercut and Heavy Bangs

This Ruby Rose inspired look is chic and badass. Great for thicker hair textures as the undercut removes a lot of bulk and leaves room for extra texture and volume on top. This particular look will require frequent salon visits to keep the style and fade looking fresh.

17. Violet Pixie

Level up a high fade and a spiky top with some bright purple foilyage. If funky is your vibe, then this is a great way to steer away from short back and sides and add your personal creative touch.

18. Ash Blonde Undercut

An undercut is ideal for removing bulk in thick hair and blends really well with shorter hairstyles. The transition from a high fade to the textured length on top is funky yet feminine and is showcased beautifully with some ashy blonde hues.

19. Asymmetrical Tapered Bob

Level up a classic tapered bob with a beautifully blended longer side. The asymmetry makes it a perfect cut for rounder faces and some subtle ombre caramel tones add some dimension.

20. Ceasar Fade for Women

Bring back some old trends with a fresh new spin. The Ceasar cut is a classic cut made popular by men in the 60s. It is classified by its straight bangs that resemble Julius Ceasar’s hair. By adding a trendy fade and a parting that accentuates the contrast, and of course, leaving it to a woman to rock out, the old school Ceasar cut can now be fresh, chic, and trendy.

21. Classy Buzz Cut

A classic buzz cut with a classy and feminine edge. This cut works well on thick hair as it has an even finish with little to no scalp being exposed. Play with some color to really bring a fresh and exciting element to this short pixie cut. This is an easy, no-fuss haircut choice, but one that will need regular up keep.

22. Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

Don’t fear the pixie, they are so versatile and can work with any texture of hair. bouncy curls especially! There is no need to explain why as this picture does all the talking.

23. Curly Pixie with Nape Fade

This haircut is the epitome of a Pixie cut. The soft natural curls and the wispy, serrated sideburns and bangs create a whimsical feel. The addition of the fade at the nape gives it a bit more edge and adds a unique shape.

24. Disconnected Chic Undercut

Create a beautiful and chic disconnection with a deep undercut and some length on top. This hairstyle is so fun to experiment with, you can wear it in a bun and rock a trendy topknot or wear it down and have a stunning long pixie cut. Play with your partings and texture as well to really get the most out of this versatile hairdo.

25. Dramatic, High Fashion Bob

Turn heads with the sharpness in the angle of this fashion-forward cut. The graduation is flawless and the taper is perfect to finish off the shape. Wear this high fashion cut straight and sleek to really showcase the dramatic angle.

26. Drop Bald Fade and Textured Cut

Wash and go with style and confidence with this easy fade and textured cut. The style pretty much takes care of itself but leaves room for a bit of styling fun. A fade this good means frequenting the hair salon so make sure that is something you can keep up with.

27. Faded Pastel Fauxhawk

This super fun and funky cut is perfect for a wash-and-go style that is chic and exciting. The short taper on the back and sides fades to a brilliant hue of textured pastel pink on the top, which is soft and feminine with some edge to it too. Take it to another level by adding a shaved parting to follow the contour of the head.

28. Funky Pixie Cut with Fade Variation

In love! This pixie cut oozes creativity and individuality. The double V shape created by the fade is new agy and brilliant and creates a beautiful shadow and contrast to the locks on top. Just a small section has been left to create a mini bang if you will, and the choice of pastel pink and lilac are the cherry on top to this gorgeous haircut.

29. Heavy Pixie Cut

The blend on this fade has been left with some extra weight to create an obvious area of disconnection. It is done creatively to enhance the full round shape on the top. The heaviness is prominently in the bang area, leaving some short texture at the crown and creating volume on the top.

30. High Fade Chic Mowhawk

If fun is what you look for in a hairstyle, you just can’t go wrong with this one. The hair artistry revealed in this modern mohawk is admiral and inspiring. The contrast created by the high fade, as well as the platinum tones in the top, provide some edge, artistic flair, and a touch of elegance.

31. High Tapered A-Line Bob

Bobs are timeless haircuts and there are so many versions that can be achieved by changing the slightest detail. The taper in this bob is simply gorgeous and creates an elegant angle that will grow out beautifully. A dark chocolate brown really highlights the shape and gives your locks extra shine.

32. High Tapered Bob

This bob with a high taper in the back creates some great volume and gorgeous shape. It provides some versatility as well. You can enjoy it sleek or in waves, or a combination of textures, like a ruffled crown and a sleek front You can also pin or tie back the whole top section and enjoy a temporary pixie cut.

33. High Textured Tapered Cut with Long Sleek Bangs

Incorporate a contrast in textures for a stylish and versatile look. This long pixie cut is a perfect example of just that. Neat and tapered at the nape, which gradually gets longer at the crown with some choppy and feathered texture, and into a sleek, sweeping bang in the front. This hairstyle is easy to achieve, all that is needed is some wax and some finger teasing to enhance the texture and create some separation and height.

34. Low Afro Fade

A natural afro makes for an amazing shape when blended with a seamless fade. The symmetry and volume is so satisfying and pleasing to the eye. Chic and trendy, this afro fade will elevate your confidence hugely.

35. Low Fade Afro for Black Women

Embrace your natural locks without having to go full afro. A low fade is a stylish way to remove bulk and works so well on this texture of hair. Prune the edges of your afro to create a soft and flattering round shape and you are left with a chic and boss hairdo.

36. Low V Shape Fade

Whether you are active or just enjoy short locks, this is a great and simple option for you. Change up the fade a bit by tapering it into a v shape to add some edge. Comb back the top and you are good to go.

37. Messy Pixie

The contrast in length makes this cut an easy and versatile cut to wear. The length of the bangs provides the opportunity to play around with your hairstyle and change it up. The texture is perfect for that pleasingly messy pixie vibe and can be achieved on most hair types.

38. Platinum Pixie Cut with a Taper Fade

Elevate a classic pixie cut by adding a small taper fade around the bottom hairline. It elongates the neck beautifully and provides a neat and chic finish to your hairstyle.

39. Short Bob with step Fade

Business in the front, party at the back. This elegant bob is chic and dramatic with its sharp precision lines, and the back is tapered with a heavy disconnect to not only remove bulk, but to add some creative edge.

40. Short Curly Blonde Fade for Black Women

You can still show your personality with a simple cut. Embracing your natural texture and enhancing it with a hue that stands out is a fun way to enjoy short locks. This tapered cut is a great choice for black women and the addition of some shaved line work adds a subtle artistic flair.

41. Short High Fade

If you enjoy a zero fuss vibe from your haircut, then opt for a short back and sides, with a flawless high fade to level it up. Have some texture cut into the top so you can rub your hands through, choose a direction and head out with confidence that your hair looks great.

42. Short Tapered Bob with Neck Fade

This tapered bob is a gorgeous combination of edge and elegance. Its an easy wash and go hairstyle for straight hair, and a subtle neck fade keeps it looking fresh and sophisticated.

43. Short Tapered Sqaure Bob

A lot of these tapered bobs have a more round and soft feel, but by graduating the bob from just behind the ear, it creates a neat and chic square shape in the back. Add some short layers around the crown for some height and versatility.

44. Short, Faded, and Platinum

Enjoy super short hair that is easy to maintain and the easiest cut to style with a classic short back and sides. Add a seamless low fade for a more chic look and opt for a platinum finish.

45. Silver Lining

This cut and this color just go hand in hand. The flawless hue of silver is contrasted beautifully against the natural ashy tone of the undercut. Some feathered ends shatter the line subtly as the top falls over the short back and sides, resulting in the most beautiful short tapered cut.

46. Sleek and Blunt Tapered Bob

This bob is the epitome of chic. With a subtle angle and soft tapering, it can suit any face shape. Easy to style and maintain and will look even more glamorous in a clean platinum hue.

47. Sleek and Short Tapered Cut

Enjoy a little more length with this sleek tapered cut. It is a great choice if you are easing yourself into the idea of a fade, but not quite ready to take the plunge. This easy-to-style haircut will reveal just how epic short hair can be, so may be short-lived.

48. Smokey Tapered Cut

Color can really make a haircut, and this is the case with this gorgeous tapered cut. The dark gray root smudge and smokey gray ends make this cut look more sophisticated and chic. It adds depth and accentuates the texture.

49. Sophisticated Pixie Fade

This faded pixie has a beautiful element of class that can be rocked with a balance of edge and sophistication. The temple fade is a perfect contrast to the jagged and serrated bangs that fall across the forehead. A little bit of finger teasing with matte wax is the perfect finish to this look.

50. Super Short Tapered Bob

This haircut is a blast from the past, but with a modern touch of course. the length of this bob sits just below the cheekbone and is kept full voluminous. The taper is so gradual but enough to give it a round shape. The hairline is buzz cut to highlight the contrast and create a dramatic hairline.

51. Tapered A-Line Bob

Enjoy a classic tapered bob that sits elegantly on the neck, with some feathered layers to add some dimension and shape. Add some sft facr framing layers to soften the angle at the front and to also soften the face.

52. Tapered Copper Pixie

It’s amazing how much a cut and color go hand in hand. This chic pixie cut is made even more beautiful with it’s gorgeous warm copper hue. The color highlights the razored texture and transforms a classic tapered cut into a stylish fiery pixie.

53. Tapered Curly Afro with Artwork

This is a stunning tapered cut for black ladies with natural tight and gorgeous curls. Create a stunning shape by tapering the hair on the sides and back with a low fade, blending into a burst of curls. Opt for some artistic line work to amp it up for a little extra fun.

54. Tapered Heart Shaped Bob

Make your bob unique with a chic and funky hairline. Perfect for hairlines that don’t usually work well for a tapered bob. Take the clipper down low and design a heart shape with V shape in the neck line.

55. Undercut Fade with Long Over Directed Bangs

Placing an accent piece of color strategically can elevate your cut and overall look in a creative and trendy way. This flash of purple contrasted against the blonde really showcases the beautiful shape created on the top. It is paired with a creative faded undercut that shows off an eccentric personality perfectly.

56. Vintage Inspired Short Bob

Enjoy this short bob that tapers at the back and graduates towards the front to the cheekbone. Its a perfect combination of pixie and bob and you can give it a vintage vibe by styling it with some soft waves.

Final Thoughts

Committing to short locks is not as scary as it may seem! Especially after the inspiration you have just indulged in. After all, the beauty of hair is that it is always growing so you can change it up and try new things often. I’m sure the urge to make the chop is now strong, but we have a few last points for you to consider before you follow through.

  • Do some extra research when finding a stylist, some fades require a level of skill and will be noticeably bad if not done correctly.
  • Make sure your stylist checks your hairline and growth patterns, like cows licks and crowns, as they can be a problem area for certain hairstyles.
  • Consider your head shape and hair texture. Make sure it works for the style you choose.
  • Invest in some styling aids such as soft wax, pomades, and hairspray. If you really want the Pinterest-inspired pic then it will require a little extra effort.
  • Take your budget into consideration. A lot of fades and short tapered haircuts require regular salon visits.

Short locks are in! So embrace the trend and rock out your new pixie chop with confidence!

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Author - Lauren Holland

Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.