50 Drop Fade Haircut Ideas (Trending This Year)

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50 Drop Fade Haircut Ideas (Trending This Year)

What Drop Fade Haircut Ideas Are Trending This Year?

Fades have been a hot trend for a while when it comes to men’s haircuts and hairstyles, and they are definitely not going to go out of style any time soon.

One popular type of fade is the drop fade. It’s very similar to a classic fade but it drops behind the ear in an arc instead of fading in a straight line.

They are very practical as they help men keep the sides of their hair short and easy to maintain. This makes them a popular choice with men who have thick hair or curly hair.

Drop fades are very trendy and are often combined with a lot of other haircuts to make new, exciting looks. Check out the list below for some amazing drop fade haircut ideas for you to try!

1. Brush Back

This type of haircut is very similar to the slick back look, but is more texture for a youthful look. It brings an edgy look that is a sharp contrast to the neat drop fade.

2. Crop Top

A drop fade is a great idea if you want a short, practical haircut. Because of this, a lot of men wear their drop fades with a crop top that is low maintenance and manageable.

3. Wavy Top

Wavy hair is one of most popular hairstyles today because it adds a natural texture to your haircut. So, if you have natural waves, wear them with pride with a drop fade!

4. Afro Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is traditionally seen with straight hair – but it works for other hair textures too. Even very curly, afro-textured hair looks great with a faux hawk and a drop fade!

5. Bald Fade

A bald fade, or a skin fade, is the closest fade you can get to your skin. It makes your hair look nearly bald and can be used to create some very dramatic hairstyles!

6. Box Braids

Another great protective hairstyle for black men are box braids. They’re versatile, modern, and very practical. So, it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice!

7. Box Cut

This fresh type of haircut is a popular longer hairstyle for black men. It creates a neat boxy cut on the top of your head that is popular with young black men and teens.

8. Braided Top Knot

Due to the hip look of the man bun, the top knot has become a trendy hairstyle for a lot of men. Braided top knots are particularly desirable due to how decorative and protective they are.

9. Brush Forward

A fresh take on the classic combover is to brush the hair forward instead of back. This gives it a more youthful look, plenty of volume and texture, and looks great with a drop fade.

10. Burst Fade

A burst fade is a type of fade that goes from a very short shave to long or medium-length hair in just an inch. It works with a drop fade to help create some effective medium-length haircuts.

11. Buzz Cut

buzz cut is a very short and practical haircut that is popular for its versatility. It’s a great way to manage thick, curly hair and works great with a drop fade to keep the look modern.

12. Caesar Cut

This haircut is a short, tapered cut that is very modern and chic. It’s practical thanks to its cropped top and flat hair, and a drop fade can help make it look even more modern.

13. Comb Over

This hairstyle is a popular choice for men who want to disguise thinning hair – but it’s also a trendy hairstyle in its own right! Add a drop fade to give this hairstyle a more youthful look.

14. Cornrows

Corn rows are a protective hairstyle loved by black men. They are low maintenance, long lasting, and can be braided in a ton of different cool designs!

15. Crew Cut

This short haircut is a popular hairstyle due to its practicality and style. It’s also a tapered haircut which gives you the opportunity to add a drop fade for a trendy touch.

16. Curly Top

Curly hair is known for being unruly and naturally messy – so it’s a good thing that this type of texture is currently trendy! Wear your natural curls with pride and keep them manageable with a drop fade.

17. Curved Hard Part

This variant of the hard part is a popular choice with black men who have very curly, afro-textured hair. It’s short and curved for a smooth, alternative look.

18. Drop Fade With Beard

If you want a completely masculine look, try growing out your stubble into a full beard. It can balance your face shape wonderfully, although beards need regular maintenance.

19. Drop Fade With Stubble

Facial hair is a great way to add the finishing touches to your look. A drop fade can create a stylish blend between the sides of your hair and your facial hair – so try it out!

20. Drop Taper Fade

Tapered fades keep the hair on top nice and long for styling while they progressively get shorter around the sides and back. They can be shaped into a tapered drop fade for a stylish look.

21. Edgar Cut

This haircut is a trendy choice for young men and teens who love a rebellious, unruly look. It’s an edgy haircut that works great with a drop fade (the lower, the better).

22. Edge Up

An edge up is a haircut which freshens up your hairline. It’s a popular haircut with black men and leaves them with a straight, neat hairline around the forehead and facial hair.

23. Faux Hawk

The mohawk is a classic hairstyle that is a popular choice with punks and rebels. However, a tamer version of this hairstyle has become really popular – the faux hawk. It’s modern and tame, and a great haircut for a classic drop fade.

24. Flat Top

A flat top is a unique style that grows out the hair on the top of your head but cuts it flat and straight. This creates a neat and stylish look that a lot of men love.

25. French Crop

The French crop is a popular short haircut that works great with a drop fade. It’s longer than other cuts like the Caesar cut and so, works better with low drop fades and more.

26. Frosted Tips

When it comes to experimenting with color, frosted tips are a great idea to combine with a drop fade haircut. They’re cool, stylish, and have a sharp contrast against dark hair.

27. Hard Part

A hard part is a straight line that is shaved deeply into your haircut. It is supposed to mimic a true side parting but is more modern, sharper, and trendy.

28. High Fade

A high drop fade takes your fade to the extreme. It’s a great choice if you want very short sides for a low maintenance haircut that also looks trendy and stylish.

29. High Top Dreads

Starter dreads, or high top dreads, are a great protective hairstyle for black men which is made for a drop fade. Keep the sides short and trendy, while the top of your hair has lots of volume.

30. Long Top

If you like styling your hair and you don’t mind a haircut with a little higher maintenance, then a long top with a drop fade is a good idea. You can style the long top anyway you want!

31. Low Fade

A low drop fade is a great choice if you want a fuller look to your hairstyle. It allows you to grow the sides of your hair a little longer than in most hairstyles.

32. Man Bun

The man bun has become a super trendy style thanks to its practically. Don’t feel like spending ages styling your hair in the morning? Just tie it back into a simple man bun!

33. Medium Afro

Take your afro to the next level by growing out those curls for a medium afro. A regular drop fade will help give your haircut a stylish look and keep things more manageable.

34. Medium Fade

A medium drop fade is one of the freshest types of drop fades. It’s very popular because it’s high enough to show off the arched shape of the fade without being too high up the head for some tastes.

35. Middle Part

Another trendy parting for men is the middle part. It works great with medium-length and tapered haircuts – including low drop fades to allow for longer hairstyles!

36. Modern Mullet

This retro haircut has once again become a trendy style – but with a fresh take! Add a trendy drop fade to add a cool, modern look to this rebellious haircut.

37. Nape Shaved Lines

Traditional shaved lines are added to the sides of the head in all kinds of designs – but nape shaved lines are becoming more popular. They’re a good idea if you want to let your stylish drop fade speak for itself.

38. Pompadour

This classic hairstyle has been given a fresh look with the addition of trendy fades. A drop fade is one of the best ways to style the sides of this retro haircut for a more modern look.

39. Quiff

The quiff is a classic hairstyle seen on a lot of men’s hairstyles. It works great with a regular drop fade as it provides a sharp contrast between the messy, long hair on top and the short neat sides.

40. Shaved Lines

If you want to really transform your haircut into something trendy and modern, then add some shaved lines. They come in all kinds of shapes and design to compliment your drop fade.

41. Short Afro

Short afros are not only trendy and stylish, but they are also practical and low maintenance. Wear your natural hair with pride by adding a drop fade to keep the sides short and fresh!

42. Side Part

side part is a great way to style your hair if you have any length of hair. Because of this versatility, a side part is a popular choice with drop fades.

43. Side Swept Quiff

Add some style and structure to your quiff by sweeping it to the side. It’s a great way to tame your haircut and keep things tidy for important events.

44. Slick Back

Slick back hairstyles provide a sleek look to your style and are a great choice for everyday wear and formal events. They are versatile, trendy, and look great with a drop fade.

45. Spiky Top

Whether you have short hair or long hair, you can style the top of your hair in a cool spiky texture. It’s a trendy look for men of all ages and looks great with a drop fade.

46. Textured French Crop

Textured hair is incredibly trendy when it comes to men’s haircuts and hairstyles. As a result, a lot of traditionally flat or straight hairstyles are now styled with texture – like the modern French crop!

47. Textured Top

Textured hair is incredibly popular right now with men because it creates an unruly, messy look. Young men and teens love this hairstyle – so a textured top and drop fade are a great combo!

48. Undercut

An undercut is a type of shaved hairstyle that wraps around the entire head. With a drop fade, it creates a unique look that is both practical and stylish!

49. Waves

For a trendy, stylish cropped hairstyle for black men, waves are a popular choice. They also look great with a drop fade to keep the sides and back of the head short and neat.

50. Wet Top

Wet hair is another trendy hair texture this year, especially with young men and teens. Although you will need to add a lot of hair products to achieve this look, it may be the right style for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Face Shape Is Best For Drop Fade?

Drop fade haircuts are a great haircut for a lot of face shapes. They are best suited for round or oval faces, but also work with square heads and strong boxy jaws.

This is because short sides are the best way to help balance your facial features – and a drop fade achieves that.

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a drop fade if you have a heart shaped face or diamond shaped face. A drop fade is very versatile but it’s an excellent choice if you have round, oval, or square faces.

Are Drop Fades High Maintenance?

Drop fades are pretty low maintenance when it comes to managing your hair day to day. You don’t need to style them – just brush them through with either a comb or brush to keep them neat.

However, you do need to visit your barber every week or so if you want to keep your drop fade looking fresh and sharp. This is because as your hair grows, you will gradually lose your fade. Revisit your barber every one or two weeks to top up your fade.

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