31 Best Multicolored Hair Ideas (Trending Styles To Try)

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30 Best Multicolored Hair Ideas (Trending Styles To Try)

What Are The Best Multicolored Hair Ideas?

Fashion trends will always chop and change, but quirky hairstyles are forever. In a world that is now far more accepting of out there hairstyles, a popular trend now is to create more wild multi-colored hairstyles, designed to impress.

The best thing about multicolored hair is that you have so many different colors to choose from. Better still, you don’t have to commit to one color. You can take blonde hair to a new level with bright colors, and enhance the color of dark hair with vibrant colors.

You can choose to add one, two, three, or even more colors to your hair to create a style that looks great and stands out.

In this article, we’ve listed plenty of amazing rainbow hairstyles you can take inspiration from for your next style.

Let’s dive straight in!

1. Cool-Toned Metallic

If you’re looking to stay on trend, go with cool-toned hues. This is a great way to introduce multiple colors to your hair without being too out there. The deep blue, purple, and silver colors create a unique look that will blow your mind.

2. Rainbow Curls

If there’s one hairstyle that suits dimensional colors best it’s curls. So much so, curled hair and rainbow hair ideas go together perfectly. The rainbow hair trend is very much in right now so consider turning your curled hair into a vibrant collection of dazzling colors.

This new look will help your personality shine through.

3. Half And Half

A half-and-half split look is a perfect way to bring two colors to your hair. You can take this hairstyle in different directions. You could go with two subtle colors, one wild, and one natural, or a completely natural look.

We like this hairstyle when it has some pink hues.

4. Pink And Dark Colors

If you have dark hair, a great idea could be to mix it with a splash of pink color. The combination of pink and darker colors creates an enchanting look that gives your hair a fresh, rejuvenated look.

5. Fire And Ice

If you want to bring your long hair to life with a fiery style, you could go with a fire-and-ice hairstyle. This fire and ice hairstyle combines silver hair with fiery orange colors. The end result is a vibrant combination of contrasting colors.

6. Pastel Silver And Peach

This pastel silver and peach look is similar to the fire and ice idea. However, it offers a more toned-down hair color that isn’t as in your face. This style is perfect for short hair and curly hair.

The fire and ice hairstyle better suits long, dark hair.

7. Green With Envy

If you love the color green and have long dark hair, you could dye your hair green. You can use different shades of green to create a unique style. Combining your natural color with green creates a wonderful almost neon style.

8. Citrus

Those of you with short hair should consider adding bright colors to your style. Warm citrus hairstyles look great, especially in the summer. The best way to use this style is to go with exciting rainbow colors.

The combination of yellow, green, and red is to die for.

9. Galactic

Opt for a multi-colored galaxy hairstyle with shades of blue, green, and purple if you want a celestial-style look that’s out of this world. Using galaxy dyes to create this look is a surefire way to take things to a whole new level.

10. Fire Ombre

The next Multicolor hair idea on this list is a fire ombre style. Healthy hair looks stunning with bright colors and warm tones, so why don’t you give it a try? Your stylist will be able to create a warm ombre using orange, red, and yellow.

11. Soft Pastels

You can use pastel colors such as pastel pink to create a lovely hairstyle that is full of color but not overwhelming. Colors you can use include pink, pastel pink, periwinkle, and purple. This style definitely looks better with lighter colors.

12. Dark Hair With Rainbow Highlights

Depending on your hair type, you could take your darker hair and brighten it up with rainbow colors. Dark rainbow hair is a gorgeous color. It takes your dark roots and brightens them up with bright blue streaks, yellows, reds, pinks, purples, and greens.

13. Colorful Face Frame

If you want to keep your primary color and keep more of your natural color, but you still want to color your hair, try a multicolored face frame. This quirky coloring technique gives the front half of your hair an eye-catching effect.

14. Dark Hair With Auburn Highlights

A beautiful blend of dark hair and auburn highlights can be all it takes to create a stunning look. Sticking with more natural colors, this ombre style is simple, yet effective. It looks sharp, natural, and clean.

15. Partial Caramel Highlights

If you prefer a more natural look with more natural tones, you could go with a two-tone, partial caramel highlight style. This hairstyle looks beautiful. It is suitable for both long and short hair.

16. Sandy Blonde Balayage

Another fantastic natural multicolor hair idea is a simple sandy blonde balayage. This hairstyle will give your hair a healthy hair feel and will help you refresh your style. It is also a great subtle option.

17. Bronde Balayage

Blonde hair is the most popular universal hair color there is. Don’t be afraid to follow trends and use blonde dye to make your brown hair stand out from the crowd. This unique bronde balayage is ideal.

18. Bronze Strands

If you have tanned skin and brunette hair, a warm-cool bronze-strand hairstyle will compliment things perfectly. This is a style you’ll quickly fall in love with. It’s also one that requires little maintenance.

19. Sunset Waves

If you want a completely new look, a good choice is a vibrant sunset waves style. Pink, yellow, and orange in color, this fresh look is a big hit on social media right now, so why not join in?

20. Melted Blue And Pink

One of our favorite styles is this melted blue and pink, split style. These two lighter colors combine to create an electric hairstyle. You can do this style as a split or simply put streaks of blue and pink highlights throughout.

21. Purple And Pink

Two color tones that go together well are purple and pink. You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous purple and pink balayage. This will give you a new look that looks creative and vibrant.

22. Purple, Teal, And Black Long Hair

If you want to create a new look that stands out from the crowd, dye your long black hair with streaks of purple and teal. Creating a zebra-like effect with a section of your hair creates an even more unique look.

23. Two-Toned Red And Purple Jaw-Length Blunt Bob

This vibrant jaw-length look will let your inner star shine through. A gorgeous vivid look, this style brings instant vibrance and strong intensity to any look. It is the perfect style to go with if you want to stand out and make a statement.

24. Double Dip Dye

If you’re looking for an eye-catching bold hairstyle this year, you could go with a double dip dye style. This two-toned look looks best when you avoid harsh lines and overprocessing. You create the look by beautifully blending two hues.

The best thing about this style though is that it can be tailored to your style. You can go with any shades you like.

25. Purple And Pink Balayage

Inspired by the colors of the sunset, a purple and pink balayage is a great way to get creative with a new vibrant look. This hairstyle does require great care but with regular shampooing and conditioning, you should be able to maintain the color easily.

We recommend deeper purples for dark hair and lighter pinks for blonde hair.

26. Pink Lemonade

Those of you looking for a more extreme, stand-out-from-the-crowd style might like to go with this unique pink lemonade style. This style is fun, unique, vibrant, and exciting.

To keep this style looking vibrant, you will have to wash it in cold water regularly.

27. Ash Silver With Peekaboo Highlights

If you already have silver hair, you could always spice it up with some peekaboo highlights. This look looks best with ash silver hair and with only the ends of your hair highlighted.

Red, yellow, and blonde highlights look perfect. Wash your hair regularly to keep the color looking vibrant.

28. Yellow And Orange Hair With Black Bangs

Yellow and orange hair with dark black bangs is a great look for edgy women. The colors complement each other wonderfully and the style suits those with shorter hair.

This is another style you’ll have to look after by frequently washing your hair with shampoo.

29. Fluffy Peach Hair

Peach is a gorgeous color that offers plenty of color and brightness without things getting too extreme. A big fluffy peach hairstyle will help you elevate this simple look even further.

You will need level 9 or 10 blonde hair if you’re going to achieve this bright look.

30. Black Hair With A Red And Orange Face-Frame

If you have darker hair and you don’t want to change your style too much, but still want to add some color to your style, you could go with a red and orange face-frame. This style allows you to make a bold statement without drastically changing your hairstyle.

Adding red and orange offers an excellent combination of fun and natural colors.

31. Unicorn Ombre With White Roots

One of the most magical multicolored hairstyles you can go with is a unicorn ombre with white roots style. This multicolored style is the perfect way to bring platinum blonde hair to life. Bright blue, purple, and pink, you can’t go wrong with this stunning look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Two Hair Colors Look Good Together?

There are plenty of hair colors that look together, including black and honey brown, vibrant red and brown, blonde and pastel pink. If you want something more vibrant, blue and green work well together, as well as pinks, reds, and oranges.

Does Rainbow Hair Fade Nicely?

The answer to this depends on what colors you choose. Some colors will fade nicer than others, such as orange to peach and red to pink. Other colors, like blue, will fade to denim, which some people don’t like. Purple often fades to a washed-out red color that people aren’t fans of.

As long as the colors you choose compliment each other well, your rainbow hair should fade nicely.

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