40 Peekaboo Highlights Ideas For Your Hair

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What Are The Best Peekaboo Highlight Ideas For Your Hair?

Peekaboo highlights are a fun, low-key way to level up your locks and have an unsuspecting pop of color. They are like the sweet tattoo that only you know you have until bathing suit season comes along. Whether you want a few splashes of natural color or a bold pop of brightness, but don’t want to commit your schedule or finances to a total makeover, then some peekaboo highlights could be perfect for you.

They are generally slices of strategically placed color, usually your bangs, sideburns, or bottom section of the hair, that shy away under the rest of the hair and are usually exposed when you choose to intentionally show them off with your braid, top knot, soft curls or perhaps the wind on a breezy day.

The options are endless when trying to decide what color and placement to go for, so we have searched the net for you to help you choose the best peekaboo highlights that will showcase your personality in the best way. Let’s have a look!

1. Peekaboo Shag

Contrast is always so effective , especially when it comes to peekaboo highlights. You can really go for a less is more approach as the highlights really pop when light ribbons lay against dark hair. It works particularly well  with a shag haircut such as this one, as the color can help accentuate the layers and add some deeper dimension.

2. A Tease of Teal

You don’t need a whole lot of color popping through for it to be effective. These minimal teal peekaboo highlights are a perfect example. A small pop of color goes a long way, just choose your favorite and rock it like a minimalist.

3. Black and White Braided Hairstyle

This is such a stunning and creative way to showcase your peekaboo highlights. A halo braid with a braided ponytail can add some elegance for a night out while exposing the beautiful hues of blonde that hide underneath. It also creates a a fun two toned hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion.

4. Candy Ombre

Peekaboo highlights can also be bold and bright. Like this thick slice that cascades down the side of the head, its intensity can be changeable by changing the path. For even more effect and dimension, an ombre from pink to blonde is a stunning melts of colors.

5. Caramel Blonde Drizzle

The effect of this color placement is like a caramel drizzle over chocolate ice cream. It’s heavenly! The refined curls help the colors pop and melt into each other. The peekaboo pops of color move further up the head toward the front, creating a fine money piece and giving this hairstyle a balayage vibe.

6. Caramel Ribbons

Create some gorgeous contrast by adding a few ribbons of caramel blonde to the middle and under sections of your dark hair. They will peek out and move with the head when worn sleek but add some curls for a definite pop of color.

7. Colorful Ombre

There is a surprise with every movement of the head with these peekaboo highlights. A seamless blend of bright hues that create a rainbow ombre adds a little magic to your locks.

8. Cotton Candy Peekaboo Highlights

Pastel tones that resemble the deliciousness of cotton candy, popping through long blonde locks is dreamy. They are so subtle and delicate but can really make a statement when you show them off by creatively clipping back the hair that hides them.

9. Crimson Money Piece

A money piece is always a great way to add a pop of color, brighten the face and save money at the salon! It is not entirely peekaboo, but minimal enough for it to be seen only at certain angles.

10. Dark Peekaboo

Change it up and try some dark color popping through light tones. It creates a lot of contrast and depth which can help create an illusion of fuller locks.

11. Dipped in Pink

A little pop of color can go a long way! These blonde locks have been given some life by adding a pop of vivid pink to the tips of the bottom section of the hair. As the blonde hair falls over, it mutes it slightly, creating a more pastel hue alongside the vivid that peeks through every movement of the hair.

12. Drip of Blonde

A great example of minimalist color. One or two foil slices placed just above the ear will peek through the ends of the hair creating an effective but subtle area of contrast. Just a drip of blonde to peek through some gorgeous brunette locks.

13. Edgy Orange

Do something a bit more out of the box if you are wanting something bright and give this bright orange peekaboo a try. It is paired with a small piece of ashy violet to really make it stand out with a unique and creative twist.

14. Fiery Tips

Dark hair is always a good base for any color to stand out against, and in this case, the fiery red and orange tips could be one of the best combinations. From deep and dark to bright a bold, these fiery tips will leave you feeling hot.

15. Green Envy

Green locks would usually be an idea you would run from or you may have heard your stylist talk about using green to neutralize red at some point in the years she has done your hair, but forget that now, cause green can be rocked as a peekaboo color and envied by many! Placement and color pallet are key, but this is really a color you could learn to enjoy.

16. Happy Holidays

The festive season is a great opportunity to wear sweaters you usually wouldn’t wear and the same goes for your locks. In the spirit of Christmas, get festive with some green and red peekaboo highlights , it will be a fun gift to yourself that you will love.

17. Hello Yellow

Yellow is such a happy color, and when you sprinkle a bit of that amongst your locks, you will experience happiness. It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s bright and cheerful. Go on, give this one a try!

18. Isolated blonde

Create some edgy asymmetry by placing a section of color in one area of the head. Here it is just under the bangs on the temple and will pop through, framing the face. Choosing two opposite colors like black and platinum creates high contrast and gives this hairdo a little bit of edge.

19. Lilac Ribbons

These vivid lilac ribbons would be unassumingly paired with a warm blonde, but they work so well! Delicate ribbon slices of color are strategically placed in the middle layer of the hair, only to show themselves with every movement of the head.

20. Magenta Melt

Sometimes peekaboo highlights can create the illusion that most of the hair is colored, like this dark pallet of rich brunette with magenta peekaboo highlights that melt into it. Darker shades mean a lot more shine and richness.

21. Mermaid Vibes

Peekaboo highlights don’t always have to be restricted to one tone and you can really have fun with them. These gorgeous cool shades of blue, green and violet hidden amongst some sandy blonde hair ooze mermaid vibes. Mermaid hair is on-trend so you really cant go wrong with this one!

22. Ombre Sideburns

Black locks with a pop of bright color always look good! Black provides the perfect contrast to help color pop and it is definitely the case with these peekaboo sideburn highlights. Rocked with a fun twist though, instead of opting for a straight color, a silver hue melts into a baby pink and ends with a bang of vivid pink.

23. Peachy Peekaboo

These peekaboo highlights are almost as subtle as they can get. With just a subtle hint of peachy rose gold that peeks out of a pallet of golden blonde locks, you will still need to look twice when they are exposed. But less is more for the more conservative personalities, you will love this one!

24. Peekablue Bangs

Give your bangs some edgy dimension with some peekaboo highlights placed underneath. They will pop through subtly, being bold enough to attract some attention but also not to dramatic. Some extra peekaboo highlights at the back hairline can pop through at the front to balance the look of the bangs and add some extra personality to the overall look.

25. Peekaboo I See Blue

Hues of blue can add some fun and a lot of dimension to your natural hair color. They go well with more ashy brown hair and really pop when the hair is prettied up with some soft waves.

26. Peekaboo Sideburns

Lets start by admiring this gorgeous and chic haircut, which is a perfect canvas for minimal but effective color. A beautiful shade of auburn is complimented by some warm blonde peekaboo highlights, that are placed at the sideburns, framing the face and shouldering some cute blunt bangs.

27. Pink Peekaboo

Sometimes all you need is a simple pop of brightness to elevate your locks. A ribbon of bright pink like this one is easy on time, budget and maintenance, what’s not to love right!

28. Platinum Peekaboo Panels on Dark Hair

Tuck your dark sleek tresses behind your ear to reveal panels of platinum blonde, that pop against the chocolate brown, kind of like a top deck chocolate block, trust me, you will love it just as much! Having some feathery face-framing layers from the bang is a great way to bounce the colors off each other.

29. Pop of Peach

This tone of muted orange is stunning, popping through some blonde locks. It is not a usual choice of hair color, but works so well as a peekaboo highlight.

30. Pops of Peach

Muted orange against a honey blonde is not a usual choice, but is a stunning combination and a great idea for peekaboo highlights. You will really stand out with this one!

31. Red Velvet

A beautiful slither of blonde peeks through a gorgeous head of burgundy locks by being placed just above the occipital bone and just below the crown. The warm red against the cool blonde compliment each other perfectly.

32. River of Blue

A beautiful thick slice of blue peeps beautifully out from this head of long brunette locks. A horizontal slice is placed just below the parting to cover a lot of surface area and create this peekaboo that looks like a flowing river.

33. Seriously Subtle

If you just want to dip your toes into the idea of playing with some color, you can keep it super subtle like this perimeter of pale icy blue, peaking out the ends of a short shag cut. It won’t last long though, because you will undoubtedly be back for more!

34. Silver and Blue Peekaboo

A whole section of hair is colored as opposed to a few foils and is effective on very long hair so that it doesn’t end up getting too lost. Once you move away the top layer of hair, there is a cascading waterfall of icy silver-blonde and blue to make the perfect peekaboo.

35. Slice of Red

A fun way to brighten up a platinum blonde bob with a fairly decent splash of color. This slice of vivid red breaks through the blonde tastefully creating a bold statement with a less is more approach.

36. Sneaky Rainbow

Rainbow hair is so on trend right now, especially when it is a rainbow you need to look for. An ombre effect is created with the colors of the rainbow on each strand and those tones pop through beautifully. They are even more effective as peekaboo highlights, as they have an element of magic, just like a rainbow, that leaves you in awe every time.

37. Steel Blue Peekaboo

This steel blue peekaboo color is placed on the underparts of the hair, and you can see the fun that can be had with this type of coloring. If the hair is left down, the blue will just peek through at the tips, like an icy cool frosting, but if you add something like a thick loose braid, then more color is exposed and is creatively intertwined with the braid giving it more dimension.

38. Strawberry Pop

Blonde and pink go together like strawberries and cream, and everybody always loves more cream! These gorgeous locks resemble just that with a pop of pink that peeks through some soft and polished waves.

39. Violet Tips

Coloring the tips of the hair is a great way to add some edge and personality without committing to a full head of vivid hues. The tips are always exposed but can also be hidden with a clever bun or braid.

40. Violet and Pink

Violet and pink is a color pairing that simply can’t go wrong! Embrace your girl power with this striking color pallet and let them peekaboo more often, because this is a color that needs to be seen.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, a less is more approach to coloring hair can be so versatile and effective! The best part about peekaboo highlights is that it doesn’t have to be a lengthy visit to the salon and burn a hole in your wallet, but before you head to your stylist, here are a few last final thoughts.

  • If you are drawn to the more bright and vivid hues, these colors usually need a light base, which could mean having to lighten your hair to the desired level. Keep this in mind if your hair is fragile or if you are opposed to using lighteners in your hair.
  • When choosing the placement for your highlights, make sure your haircut complements and works with it. If the hair falling over your peekaboo highlights is too heavy, they may get lost and lose efficacy.
  • Keep your new fun color safe and vibrant with a color-protect shampoo and consider a weekly mask if your locks have been lightened.

Peekaboo highlights are a relatively quick coloring process, they are probably the most maintainable color choice and they are super effective and fun! There is no reason to hesitate, you simply will not regret it!

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