53 Orange Hair Color Ideas (Dark, Burnt, Red Orange & More)

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53 Orange Hair Color Ideas (Dark, Burnt, Red Orange & More Trending Colors To Try)

What Are The Best Orange Hair Color Ideas?

Orange hair is slowly starting to make a comeback and becoming a popular hair color once again. There are lots of different variations of orange and different possibilities when it comes to this hair color from burnt orange, dark orange and red orange to just name a few.

If you are looking for some amazing orange hair inspiration to inspire your own new look, then you have come to the right place. We have collected together a broad range of options that should inspire you!

1. Fire And Ice Hair

Why not try both if you’re torn between two different fashion hair trends? The exterior layer of this hairstyle is composed of lavender and icy gray hair tones, with a blazing mixture of red, yellow, and orange peeping out from beneath.

To display both layers, just add a lovely horizontal Dutch braid.

2. Half and Half Fruit Sorbet Hair

When we see this hair, we immediately think of a split tub of orange and raspberry sorbets. The two colors sit next to one another, and yet they balance each other out. This is a distinctive orange hair color that is only worn by those who are truly colorful!

3. Neon Flame Streaks

If you could simply coat your hair with your favorite bright highlighters, your hair would have this appearance. Fortunately, skilled hair colorists know how to combine yellow, hot pink, and orange to create something amazing.

4. Neon Orange

This vibrant orange hairstyle is your one true love if you’re an outgoing person with a big personality. You can wear your rebellious long locks flowing in a cascade over your back or cut them into an A-line bob. This hair color looks great on both long and short hair.

5. Orange And Pink Hair

While everyone can admit that orange looks amazing, you can make it appear even more hypnotizing by adding some vivid fuchsia highlights to the crown hair area. This hair idea looks even better when the hair is slightly curled so the two colors blend into one another.

6. Orange Tips

If you wish to give any hairstyle a punch of color, then why not just dye the tips of your hair orange. This can create a really simple, almost grown out ombre look. You could use a non-permanent dye so that the color will gradually fade out.

7. Sunburst Hair

From the hot pink hair dye that has been tinged with magenta towards the light and dark tones of orange hair dye, every hue in this unusual balayage is so much fun.

Although, what really sets it out is how the color was applied, the placement of all the colors has been thought about.

8. Tangerine And Peach

A striking tangerine is found at the root of this hairstyle, then it flows into a peach like color. These two colors together create a really sweet and feminine look. The striking orange works well with the softer pink color.

9. Apricot Orange

Even more delicious-looking than it sounds is this apricot hair color. Those sweet, juicy fruits must only be eaten in the summer, but you can have this hair color at any time of the year.

You should only be concerned with your complexion because these hues only look well on light to fair skin tones.

10. Black And Orange

The hair color combination of black and orange is perfect for you if you enjoy unusual haircuts. Pick a bob style and have orange as your highlights or just dye the front two sections orange, to make the color really stand out.

Or why not dye the underside of your hair orange and have black on top, then pops of orange can stand out.

11. Blonde And Orange

Women with pale skin tones and either green or blue eyes look best with this hair color. By adding highlights or creating an ombre, you may design an amazing combination of orange and blonde hair.

12. Blood Orange

This blood orange could almost look red in certain lights. It is a beautiful shade that is fun but also is suitable for professional meetings.

13. Blood Orange Graduated Bob

The ideal hairstyle for a woman who really is ready to take control is a graduated bob. Yet, that doesn’t mean the colors have to be harsh or uninteresting!

The black roots give the style an edge, but the majority of the style is made up of blood orange and tangerine streaks that exhibit strength.

14. Blue Ombre Hair With Peach

This is another unique hair idea for your consideration. This look starts off with blue roots, which then blends into a pastel pink, peach and a light blonde color. Furthermore, this is a colorful look where you can add or remove colors depending on your preferences.

15. Bright Orange

Bright orange hair is surely eye-catching, but it does require a bit more work to maintain that bold color. As this color is so striking, you need to make sure you take special care of your hair to ensure it stays healthy. This vivid color looks great on shorter to shoulder-length hair.

16. Brown Orange

An orange hue will make your brown colored hair shine spectacularly. It will give you a year-round, not just summer, sun-kissed appearance. This color combination doesn’t need much hair maintenance, either.

17. Burnt Orange

You can produce this amazing burnt orange color by combining a reddish-orange tone with a blue tint to give it that fantastically dark look. You can wear bangs in a bob hairstyle, or just let your long hair fall on your back and chest.

18. Chocolate Orange

Everyone knows that chocolate and orange is a delicious flavor combination, therefore, we cannot be surprised that this hair color combos works so well too. In this look, a stunning shade of subdued orange hair color was heavily balayage onto chocolate brown hair.

19. Copper Orange

Copper colored hair is an eye-catching orange color that stands out from the crowd. If you possess blue or green eyes, it’s definitely a color you should attempt. It looks best on women with paler skin tones and rosy tints.

20. Dancing Fire Orange

This hair color’s brilliance is like a large dancing fire. Red roots resemble the center of a flame. This deep red compliments the orange well to create a vibrant look.

21. Dark Orange

Orange doesn’t have to be vibrant and in your face. If you take good care of it, this gorgeous rich orange shade will appear lively and alluring. Make the color on your strands of hair shine by using products made for colored hair that hydrate you hair.

22. Dark To Orange Bob

This trendy hair cut is slightly longer in the front than it is in the back. The root color stays quite dark and then naturally blends nicely into different shades of orange. This is a bright and colorful orange hair option to choose from.

23. Electric Fire Orange

The woman who chooses to have an electric take on orange hair is similar to an electric fire in that both are hazardous and challenging to put out. This adorable bob has been painted in a vibrant combination of blood orange near the base, and yellow-orange towards the tips.

24. Fire Rainbow

For a vibrant rainbow impression, orange hair tones go great with other unnatural hair colors. Orange hair color combined with yellow, pinks, reds, and violet creates a stunning color scheme that is both unique and appealing.

You could even darken your roots to make these other colors really stand out.

25. Ginger Orange

Embrace your true ginger and try this ginger orange color. There are various shades, you can choose one, but each one will make you feel beautiful.

26. Golden Orange

While maintaining the roots’ naturally darker color, this promotes smooth grow-out and seamless upkeep. This light orange-gold tint is a terrific way to warm up and update a blonde look.

27. Hair Too Hot to Touch

A deeper orange to red color appears at the roots. This then beautifully mixes with the more golden orange hues. Overall, this creates a style that looks as if it is on fire.

28. Long Orange Hair

A ginger orange shade will make your long hair glow at any party or event. In addition to that, it will help in making you appear like a princess. Create some loose, effortless waves or a few wide curls for a final finishing touch.

29. Magenta and Orange

If you are after a striking color combination, then why not try orange and magenta. These colors may be bold and yet compliment one another really well.

30. Maroon And Orange

The maroon makes this look a lot more sophisticated. Then depending on how vibrant you go with the orange will affect the outcome. A softer orange makes this look feel more fall-like. Yet you could be vibrant if you wanted a bolder look.

31. Mermaid Hair

Live your true mermaid fantasies with this hair color combination. Striking blues, purples and oranges all come together to give this really magical look. For the ultimate finishing touch, curl your hair so all the colors blend together.

32. Molten Orange

If you are after a really warm and statement worthy orange color, then try this glowing molten golden orange hue. It looks ideal on short hair and shines beautifully in the sunlight.

33. Multicolored Hair

If you want to go all out and have a really dramatic hair transformation, then why not try this look. There are various different shades of every color that you can think of. There is no denying that this look is best on longer hair, so you can see all the colors clearly.

34. Orange And Blue

Orange and blue are a powerfully striking color combination. If you don’t mind the spotlight, style your hair with a blue tint at the roots and a bright orange at the tips. Regarding styling, create a half-up do or some waves to really show off these colors.

35. Orange And Green

Be daring and try this in your face hair combination of orange and green. You could easily flip the color over. Why not try a bold green root that falls into a vibrant orange, or try it the other way around.

36. Orange And Purple

When you want to create a gorgeous, unorthodox hairdo and enjoy being creative, combine a purple root color with a strong, vibrant orange. Smooth waves will highlight your gorgeous haircut and will make your gorgeous shades pop.

It’s surprising how well these two colors work together.

37. Orange Bangs

If you naturally have dark hair, why not change up your style and get orange bangs. This can turn a quite simple hairstyle into something a lot more different and daring. If you wanted to, the orange could fade into the rest of your hair for an even more natural look.

38. Orange Gradient Hair

This hair color combination looks great on anyone with darker skin. Darker roots gradually fade into a bright yellow. Then this yellow slowly transitions into a pretty orange hue. You will feel truly beautiful with this hair color.

39. Orange Ombre

You can retain your roots in their natural hue for this orange ombre hairstyle and slowly transition to a stunning and vivid orange color. By bleaching the tips of your hair, you can create this hairstyle.

40. Orange Rose

Orange Rose is a variation of pastel orange, yet with more pink hues involved. This is a subtle orange color to choose when you don’t want anything too bold.

41. Orange-Tinged Copper

You might like giving your copper hair a boost with a little orange hair dye if you desire a more natural appearance! This variation on orange hair has dark roots and shimmery yellow to orange streaks atop of copper locks.

42. Pastel Orange

Orange hair looks stunning in both pastel nuances and vivid electric colors. With a pastel orange, it makes the features of the individual feel softer. It is a great color on a straight bob or within waves.

43. Peaches And Cream

A light peach shade looks a bit flat by itself. To help intensify the color, you could add a deeper orange root. However, in this version, the roots are much lighter and a creamier color is added to keep the color looking soft while also adding dimension to the overall look.

44. Phoenix Fire Orange

This bold combination of orange and red hair dye is one of the most stylish and daring balayage we’ve ever seen. We know you will fall head over heels for it. If you desire to feel like a superhero, you should definitely aim for hair like this!

45. Pumpkin Orange

If you want your orange hair to be more subdued and natural-looking, pumpkin is a terrific color option. Given how well it matches the roots, it’s not a tremendous departure for brunettes!

46. Red Highlights With A Orange Base

Choose a vibrant orange base to help make everything stand out. Then, near the roots, apply a deep red. The orange will then peep through the red, and help it to stand out more.

47. Red Orange

For anyone who wants to be the center of attention, red-orange hair is dazzling and ideal. With a gorgeous, bright hue like this, no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

48. Short Orange Hair

Choose a pixie haircut for an unconventional short hairstyle. Then make this style amazing with a wonderfully vivid orange color. If you decide to go for bangs, then either spread your bangs out or throw them to one side.

49. Silver And Orange

You may be cautious from dying your hair silver and yet when combined with strikes of bold orange, silver looks incredible. It is important to use the orange sparingly so that the silver can have its own moment to shine.

50. Soda Can Orange

This style, which was influenced by the orange crush can, combines delicious tangerine orange with energizing lime green to create a hairstyle full of citrus excitement. It’s a vibrant, vivid twist on orange hair that’s ideal for those who enjoy sweet drinks.

51. Subtle Alloy Orange Hair

This hairstyle looks incredibly natural. A natural brunette could go a few shades lighter with this simple alloy orange hue. The color is effortless, yet it will still catch your eye.

52. Sunset Gradient

Everyone enjoys how beautiful a sunset looks, well why not take that color combination and put it onto your hair. Magenta roots slowly fade into a subdued yellow-orange at the ends for a sunset-like effect.

53. Yellow And Orange Half And Half

By dividing your hair down the center and coloring one side orange and the other yellow, you can take this haircut to a whole new level of awesomeness. A striking color combination that doesn’t require much upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Look Best With Orange Hair?

While most colors work well with orange, the more popular colors include black, red and yellow. In particular, darker colors help to make the orange more eye-catching.

What Skin Tone Does Orange Hair Suit?

Due to being a warm color, orange suits anyone with neutral or warm undertones. Certain orange colors work better for people with fairer skin to add more color to their complexion.

What Happens If You Use Purple Shampoo On Orange Hair?

You can use purple shampoo on orange hair. It is known that purple shampoo can help correct your hair color after being washed multiple times.

Is Orange Hair Hard To Maintain?

Orange hair is one of the easier hair colors to maintain if you don’t mind it fading to a peach color every few weeks. If you want to keep the vibrancy of your orange hair, you’ll find that the upkeep is significantly more difficult.

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