42 Best Hairstyles For Male Teenagers

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What Are The Best Hairstyles For Male Teenagers?

Hair trends for boys have progressed and evolved hugely in the last few years and thank heavens this is the case! Gone are the days, where boys thought frosted tips and shiny over-gelled quiffs could win the attention of the homecoming prom queen. Teenage years can be a fragile time, and there is so much pressure put on youngsters to look and behave a certain way. With social media leaving very little room for individuality, teenage boys are very much influenced and shaped in their choices regarding appearances. This is totally ok, it’s all part of the journey to finding yourself, so have fun with it! It can be overwhelming at times, so we have surfed the web for you to help you choose the most dapper style to fail-proof those selfies!

1. Curtain Style

Another throwback that’s coming back to life! An iconic early 90s style characterized by its center part creating a sweepy curtain style bang. It’s a dishy-looking haircut that projects the boyband vibe that girls love! It can work perfectly for any kind of texture making it a versatile choice.

2. Low Fade

low fade begins at the hairline and tapers within an inch toward the temples. This type of fade creates less contrast in the haircut and by raising the hairline slightly, it gives it a clean finish. It grows out really well so you can stay looking fresh in-between haircuts and busy school schedules.

3. Spiky Hair

This style is for the laid-back bedhead. The top has a bit more extra length and texture so you can throw in some wax, tousel it about and create some separation and serration which gives you that pleasing ‘just out of bed’ aesthetic.

4. The Shag

If longer hair is for you, the shag is a good shape and hairstyle choice. Ideal for curly or wavy hair, the layers enhance the texture. The shag is usually styled with full, shaggy bangs, which add to the overall aesthetic of pleasingly disheveled hair.

5. Anime Haircut

Anime fans, this is for you! Yup, you can get a haircut to resemble your favorite anime characters and really rock the anime convention this year! Lots of texture and sharp, edgy points paired with a close to the skin undercut will help you embody your inner Goku.

6. Bald Fade

Also known as a skin fade, a bald fade is a smooth transition with precise blending of hair shaved down to the skin on the back and sides. This haircut creates a masculine appearance and although you will visit your barber regularly, it is easy to maintain.

7. Bowl Cut

This particular haircut doesn’t have a good ranking history but is more on-trend for the Gen Z’s of the world. A classic example of how trends find their way back to current times. It is modernized and more spiffy than the 90s’ home job and I have to say I’m liking it! Achieve this look by cutting down the sides and back short and neat, and maintain bulk and length at the top and in the bangs.

8. Buzz Cut

buzz cut is a traditional choice of hairstyle. The hair is cut very close to the head using a clipper with not very much technique involved. It is very easily maintained and perfect for a busy sophomore who only has enough time for a towel rub down after his post-football practice shower.

9. Ceasar Cut

You are familiar with Julius Ceasar, right? If not, you need to pay more attention in history class! This haircut is inspired by the imperial Roman dictator’s regal locks. It is characterized by short back and sides, and a horizontally cut bang being the focal point.

10. Ceasar Sleek Mohawk

By merging two really great haircuts, you can create and rock a unique hairstyle as steezy as this one! The bangs are cut to resemble the Ceasar cut and the center hair from forehead to nape is left longer as you would with a mohawk. The mohawk is left sleek and flat creating a whole new dimension and style.

11. Combover

Not the Donald Trump kind! Although originally designed to mask a balding head, the modern version of this haircut is great for teenagers. If you prefer hair longer on the top, you can bring the parting lower and comb the length of the top to the side, creating a modern and dapper combover hairstyle.

12. Curly Fauxhawk

A brilliant way to rock those tight, desirable curls is to isolate them by creating contrast. Cut the sides down short and close to the skin and leave the curls on top to tousle about naturally. This creates a mohawk feel, hence the name fauxhawk. Use a good gel or curling cream to keep them defined, hydrated and bouncy.

13. Defined Curls

Curls are not just for the girls! Natural, bouncy, and well-defined curls look so great on young gents. Curls are currently so trendy and a boy who can manage those locks is admirable. Remember curls need extra hydration, less combing, and good styling products to look their best.

14. Dreadlocks with Fade

Dreadlocks always look super cool but dreads paired with a tip-top fade can just crank it up a notch. The various fade techniques can help with the maintenance and upkeep of dreadlocks and keep them looking neat and stylish.

15. Duck Tail

Hairstyles from the 50s are really making a comeback. This hairstyle is pretty much the same as the slick back, but what makes it a ducktail is the pomaded, center parting down the back. It’s retro and unique and can help you stand out from the crowd.

16. Emo Cut

If dark eyeliner and heavy emotional music are your scene, then you will rock out this hairstyle and love it. Lots of texture, variating, disconnected layers, dark hues, and long bangs covering the eye are what characterize this haircut. Nail this grungy hairstyle by using hairspray or spray wax to create separation and definition with a matt finish.

17. Flat Top

A box shape is created by cutting the hair on top square and level to create the Flat Top haircut. It was popular in the 1950s but is being brought back to life by spiffy young gents from all around the world. This can be a bit of a technical haircut and works well on certain hair types, namely very straight hair. Find a barber or stylist who is experienced and understands this haircut well.

18. Hair Tattoo

Too young to commit to ink, but on hair, it’s a short commitment you can really have fun with. Add to your stylish fade by finding a barber who has an artistic flair and skill for hair tattoos. The shapes and ideas for hair tattoos are plentiful and they grow out fast enough to keep changing it up.

19. High Fade

A high fade has more edge by starting the taper just above the temples, creating bigger contrast from the top and the sides. With a variety of lengths and styles to choose from for the hair on top, this dramatic and supercool haircut will keep you looking well-groomed and well on-trend.

20. High and Tight

The High and Tight fade has super short sides and back, and is flawlessly blended high up the side of the head, with your choice of length on the top to create a strong and tight contrast. This haircut can also be recognized as a military look, but I’m sure I can speak for you when I say that’s not the impression you want to give your high school crush just yet.

21. Jelly Roll

Elvis Presley was way before your time, but his legacy lives on. His jelly roll hairstyle is now a present-day trend and we can’t help falling in love with this one. I won’t expect you to follow that reference, but do give this hairstyle a go! The modern version is less greasy and is recognized by the hair rolled together toward the center of the head from both sides.

22. Juice Box

If you have seen the cult classic film Juice, then you know this was the hairstyle rocked by iconic Tupac Shakur. It’s making a comeback and features a box shape cut with a distinct line or parting added to it. Juice box cuts are great for adding artistic flair and shapes, so think outside the box and have some fun!

23. Man Bun

Effortless and dashing! For the boys rocking a longer mane, a man bun is a simple and effective option for styling. They are still so on trend in 2021 and can look smart and neat to pair well with a uniform.

24. Mid Fade

As the name suggests, this cut finds itself in between a high fade and a low fade, so it’s a happy medium. This fade starts just above the ears and leaves some upper side length available to provide more versatility for styling and haircuts that require that extra length.

25. Military Haircut

This haircut is cut very close to the scalp and worn very short. It is popular in the military because it is hygienic and low maintenance and didn’t block the view of soldiers in battle. This is a good choice if you are the athletic type and hey, you won’t be blocking anyone’s view in the classroom, so it’s a considerate haircut too!

26. Modern Mullet

Old school mullets are a no-no! They have since evolved and are thankfully more appealing.  The contrast in a modern mullet is not so severe and the length on top is more blended. Be sure not to try this one at home and find a skilled barber who will save you from a mullet that resembles The Tiger King!

27. Mohawk

This haircut is a timeless trend. I can confidently say that I don’t think this hairstyle will ever lose its magic. It can be so versatile and is so easy to play around with. Create a more dramatic, edgy mohawk on the weekends and slick it down neat for school during the week.

28. Mohawk Mullet

Level up the mohawk by maintaining some length in the back. Play around with the length, depending on what your vibe is and enjoy having fun with another element to the forever awesome mohawk.

29. Mushroom Top

This hairstyle is comparable to the classic bowl cut but is cut with a bit more texture on the ends and some softer layers. The hair falls around the head from the crown giving it that cute but chic mushroom shape. This haircut works on most hair types but can be great for fine hair as the shape makes it appear fuller and thicker.

30. Pompadour

Although named after the mistress of King Louis XV, the pompadour is popular and fashionable among the male pool. Think Elvis Presley, you can be as popular as he was with this hairstyle. A pompadour is distinguished by length and volume on the top, combed back neatly, and short on the sides.

31. Punked

If you don’t want to go full punk, where Mowhawks are bright in color, sky-high, and bald on the sides, then you can still be cool with a tamer, more modern version. The hair is left longer from forehead to nape and short and textured on the sides. A long rugged bang is left in the front to give it that punk rocker feel.

32. Quiff

The quiff was born as a reaction to the short and strict hairstyles worn in the war days. It is a classic haircut with length on top and extra length in the front to style it with volume up and back to resemble a wave.

33. Short Afro

No need to tame that mane when you are blessed with afro hair. Keep it on point by keeping your afro perfectly groomed and opt for shorter sides for a sublime finish. Play around with different fade techniques to bring your afro more versatility.

34. Short Back and Sides

An absolute classic and a traditional barbers go to. The hair is usually buzz cut or scissor cut short on the sides and the back and left longer on the top to leave room for styling. Have fun with the top by giving it a side part, slicking it back, or simply leaving it the way you woke up with.

35. Side Part

The name is pretty self-explanatory. You can take an awesome fade to a new level by having a distinct side parting. It accentuates and brings attention to the skilled fade and has a slick, businessman vibe. Some gents opt for a more crisp parting by using a razor to deepen and widen the path for a fresh, smart finish.

36. Slick Back

Embody your inner gangster with this slick and debonair haircut. The hair on top is slicked back using a gel or pomade, giving it a polished and shiny finish. The sides are short and neat creating an overall well-groomed and dashing haircut.

37. Surfer Boy

Who doesn’t love a surfer boy’s sunkissed and pleasingly messy locks? If you love the aesthetics of a surfer boy’s hair but know nothing about the sport, you can fool anybody by adding some sea salt spray to your already wavy, tousled hair, along with some very subtle golden, scattered babylights.

38. Taper Fade

Also referred to as The Temple Fade or Brooklyn Fade, this choice of fade is more modest and safer so to speak. The hairline is left looking neat and well proportioned.

39. The Bieber

Justin Bieber’s locks in the infancy of his fame were almost more famous than he was becoming. His iconic soft and floppy hairstyle looked great then and look great now. Although I think it’s the hair flick that makes it, it should come pretty naturally when you rock a haircut as cute as this. Help it along by blowdrying it in one direction, across the forehead, and leave out any styling aids to keep it soft.

40. TopKnot

Boys, you can not go wrong with a Topknot. It’s the best of both worlds, so you can enjoy the breezy, effortless benefits of short hair while enjoying the luscious versatility of long hair. Ideal for very thick hair to remove bulk and when left loose,  it looks great too!

41. Tousled Volume

Such a modish and on fleek haircut for a strapping young lad. Embracing your fuller, voluminous locks can have you rocking this trendy and gorgeous tousled look. A rake of the fingers is all you need to get it looking this good!

42. Undercut

An undercut assists at removing bulk while simultaneously increasing bravado status. The hair on top is usually kept long, while the sides are buzzed short creating a vibrant and disconnected contrast between the two lengths.

Final Thoughts

There you have it young gents, no need to settle for a standard old-school barber haircut that every customer walks out of the barbershop with. There are so many trendy haircuts you can choose from if you are looking to have one of the most popular hairstyles and if you want to stand out by being unique. Barbering has evolved and modern barbershops are popping up in all corners of the world to attend solely to the needs of men’s styling. You have a say in your haircut choice and can design a custom cut with your barber to suit your personality.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing your next look!

  • Consider your face shape, it is very important in choosing a hairstyle that will suit you. A bowl cut on a round face for instance does it no favors.
  • With fades being so popular, it is also important to take the shape and condition of your scalp into consideration.
  • Your hair texture also plays an important role in pulling off a great haircut. Thin straight hair is not ideal if you are going for the tousled, wavy surfer boy vibes.
  • Consider your schedule and sporting commitments. Some of these popular hairstyles require some time and effort and can look bad if not given the time and attention they were crafted to need.
  • Check out your local barbershop’s social media to make sure he or she is able to pull off the haircut you are looking for. A badly blended fade is very hard to hide, you may end up shopping for a new cap after your visit to the barber, and that’s not ideal.

The best part about being a male and the variety of shorts cuts you get to choose from is that you can literally chop and change within a couple of months! So step out of your comfort zone slightly and have fun with more than one of these hairstyle ideas.

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Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.