28 Bangs with Glasses Hairstyle Ideas

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What Are The Best Bangs With Glasses Hairstyle Ideas?

Glasses have become so on-trend and fashionable that even some choose to wear them as an accessory. They go hand in hand with some cute bangs and they work well to complement each other. While choosing the right frame to suit your face and personality is important, it is also a good idea to choose the right bang!

This combination can look smart, cute, chic, or edgy and can be the defining element of your overall look. They can level up and change the whole look of a haircut or style, so they are a great addition if you are looking for something slightly different from a style you already love. They can be practical in the way that they can disguise an imperfection or complement your frames by being cut in harmony with them.

Whatever your reason is for either wearing glasses or choosing to commit to bangs, we have some banging ideas for you to choose from!

1. Moon Bangs on Curly Hair

Curly hair can still rock some bangs, but may require a little extra effort in your morning routine. Epic moon bangs make it worth it though as they look so cute and sassy with some sweet frames.

2. Short Side Sweep Bang

Opt for some side sweeping bangs for a softer look. They create asymmetry that gives your haircut some shape and gently frames the face. They can be cute or funky and work well with glasses.

3. Soft Curtain Bangs with Big Glasses

Curtain bangs are a great option for glasses, especially glasses that have a bigger frame, which is usually the going trend. They add softness to the face and shape to the hairstyle while leaving room for some trendy frames to be showcased.

4. Full Wide Bangs

These bangs mean full commitment, but you will be obliging once you experience the joy they bring you. They work great with the current trendy shag cut and create an illusion of fullness and volume in fine hair. If a receding hairline is squashing your confidence, then get yourself some cool bangs like these!

5. Funky Textured Bangs

These bangs are fun and chic and suitable for the expressive artsy personality. It is a full bang with enough texture to create some separation and disconnect. It is more disheveled than sleek, creating a pleasing boho-inspired look.

6. Heavy Choppy Bangs

These heavy and choppy bangs are edgy and compliment a sassy pair of glasses. The texture is focused between the eyebrow arches to maintain a gradual length on the sides and to open up space to showcase these groovy glasses.

7. Long Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are all the trend right now. A longer curtain bang is also a great choice if you are not quite ready to commit. They frame the face and glasses and are versatile as you can tuck or clip them away easily when necessary.

8. Punky Pixie Bangs

Bangs are an important element of a sweet and edgy pixie cut. A splash of bright pink, or color of your choice, levels it up to punk status and the edgy look is softened and sweetened up with the addition of some trendy and unique frames.

9. Short Blunt Bangs for Fine Hair

Blunt bangs are the best option for fine hair and cutting them short to the middle of the forehead gives them a bit of edge. Not only are they edgy and chic, but they also create a gap between the bangs and glasses which opens the face and showcases the eyes and eyebrows.

10. Tight Curly Bangs

Bangs are the perfect way to showcase natural curls and look so cute when paired with a pair of trendy frames. The natural bounce gives the bangs some lift so that the glasses can also enjoy some attention.

11. V-Shaped Bangs

Change up the bang game by graduating the length toward the middle with shorter sides. This creates a v shape and is a little edgier than other bang styles. They work so well with glasses, especially frames that are more retro-inspired.

12. Blunt Baby Bangs

These sweet bangs are very punk rock, so if you are more alternative and enjoy some rockabilly inspired style, then this is a great option for you. Trendy and unique frames are also an element of this look, making this a great combination!

13. Bubble Bangs

Thick locks are a great opportunity to embrace some bold and brilliant bangs. These blunt bangs are styled with some volume using a round brush, which creates a bubble-like finish. It catches the lights adding to the shine, and look super cute with a headband and some cool frames.

14. Choppy Bangs with Funky Glasses

Funky frames like these need some funky bangs to accompany them. They compliment each other in a fun way and the bangs are the ideal length to showcase them. When choosing a hairstyle to suit your glasses, take color into consideration. You can see how the color of the hair and glasses bounces off each other and go so well together.

15. Choppy Moon Bangs

Moon bangs earn their name from the crescent shape that is created. Some extra texture adds some separation and edge, making this a great bang choice if you are looking to stand out. It also pairs beautifully with some funky color and some awesome frames.

16. Cute Short Pixie Bangs

The glasses are the element that makes this look so chic and sweet. Short hair and short bangs are what make a pixie, but these frames are what make this look so admirable.

17. Full Soft Bangs

Bangs can still be full and cute without the bluntness and sometimes harsh line. These bangs are full-bodied but have been softened with some texture to shatter the blunt line. They work well on thick hair and balance out the fullness of your locks while softening the face.

18. Heavy Shaggy Bangs

Full commitment to the bang game is required for these epic bangs. Blended with layers to frame the face and loads of texture for fun and versatility. The length and shape make it a perfect accompaniment to a pair of glasses.

19. Light Wispy Bangs

You don’t always need to commit to full-on bangs. Some wispy. feathery strands are sometimes all you need to soften the face and compliment your glasses. These bangs are easy maintenance and can also easily be moved away from the face if and when needed.

20. Long Blended Bangs

You can still enjoy some shape and layering around the face without committing to a full-on bang. You may also be undecided and want to ease yourself in. Long bangs that can be tucked behind the ear, or blended into the rest of the hair make a great option. Glasses assist in keeping those shorter strands out of your face, so it’s a win-win!

21. Long Layered Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a great and trendy option when wearing glasses. They are cut to frame the face and gradually blend into the sides. When you add glasses to the mix, they assist in showcasing these layered bangs as the hair rest against them, almost giving them a new shape, helping them to stand out.

22. Short Bangs with Shag Haircut

These short bangs pair well with a trendy shag cut, and the look is completed with some stylish frames. The textured bangs and face-framing layers open up the face, giving your glasses some spotlight while they all compliment each other.

23. Short Feathered Bangs

These bangs work well with a smaller and more square-shaped frame. They are short and chic with a bit of edge and leave some space to show off brows that are on fleek. Finer hair is more suitable for this style of bangs,  to achieve the wispy and feathered look while still leaving it blunt.

24. Short Micro Bangs

These short micro bangs have a youthful look that can take years off, especially when paired with some sweet frames. They are a great choice for fine hair and pair perfectly with glasses.

25. Short and Solid Blunt Bangs

These style bangs are a more alternative style inspired by rockabilly and punk. A great color adds to the look and adds an extra dose of shine. A trendy pair of glasses can be the perfect accessory to showcase these gorgeous bangs.

26. Soft Sweeping Bang

This style of bang is a popular choice and is a great fit for a face with glasses. It creates a beautiful softness as it gracefully sweeps across the forehead, creating some asymmetry.

27. Wispy Bangs with Longer Sides

These bangs work well for longer hair as they add some shape by framing the face. The bangs also add a frame that works well when wearing glasses. The wispy strands on the forehead are soft , while the bangs get heavier toward the sides, almost creating a curtain bang effect.

28. Wolf Cut Rainbow Bangs

Two trends that are currently adored in the hair world are wolf cuts, also known as the shag, and rainbow hair. When you pair these two together with a fun, choppy bang, the creative options are endless. Play with color placement in the bangs and enhance the rainbow hues by adding a dark section for contrast and dimension.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are feeling more inspired to rock some bangs and show off your frames, we have some final thoughts to consider before committing to your new eye-catching look.

  • Bangs usually mean commitment, so make sure you are willing and ready for this relationship with your locks.
  • They grow out faster than a regular cut and will require frequent trims to maintain style. A lot of salons and stylists usually offer this as a free service, but just check in before assuming.
  • If you are blessed with a cowlick or widow’s peak, chat with your stylist to see what bang can work with your hairline.
  • Some bangs need some extra attention, that may mean some blow waving, ironing, or the addition of waxes or hairspray, so make sure you are willing to do what you need to do.
  • Bangs sit on the forehead and therefore become greasy faster, so you may need to wash your locks sooner than your usual routine. You can also master the art of isolating your bangs for washing if you wish to make the effort.
  • If you have sensitive skin, it is important to keep in mind that bangs could amp up the sebum content on your forehead. This is no reason to break up with your bangs, just more regular cleansing can assist.

Bangs can bring the greatest confidence to a hairdo and they are the best addition to a face with glasses! So bang it out and rock your glasses in the best way possible.

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