100 Best Asian Men’s Hairstyles (Trending This Year)

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100 Best Asian Men Hairstyles (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Asian Men Hairstyles?

Choosing the right haircut and style for you is a huge decision. Everybody wants the most stylish, trendiest haircuts – but there are so many different styles out there, how do you know which ones are trending?

Here, we are going to be taking a look at the best hairstyles for Asian men. Each hairstyle is trending this year and some can even be combined to make unique styles.

There’s a hairstyle for everyone, no matter your preferred hair length or pattern. We’ve even covered popular hair colors so you can stay on trend!

Check them out below and discover the best hairstyle for you!

1. Back Edge Ups

These edge ups are used to style the back of the head rather than the front. They are longer and usually done with undercuts and medium fades to help them stand out.

2. French Cut

This haircut features short sides (but not too short) with plenty of long locks resting on top, It works best with straight or very slightly wavy hair – and the cut across the forehead is also long but straight.

3. Waves With Fade

Waves are popular because they look romantic. Fades are also popular because they are modern and manageable. Combine the two and you get a super trendy look!

4. Braided Man Bun

If a regular man bun is not good enough for you, then why not try adding some braids? Braids are incredibly popular and trendy, so merge them with another trendy hairstyle!

5. Burst Fade

A burst fade goes from no hair to a lot of it in just an inch of space. It gives the appearance that your hair is literally ‘bursting’ out from the fade!

6. Disconnected Cuts

Disconnected cuts are any type of hairstyle that features close shaves or fades around the head. They are versatile, manageable, and extremely trendy! They often are combined with many other hairstyles.

7. Go Blonde

More and more Asian men are dying their hair blonde! If you want to try sporting a different hair color, then blonde is a great natural tone to go with!

8. Go Gray

Another popular color many men are dying or highlighting their hair with is gray or silver. If you prefer non-natural tones, then a cool silver could be the right choice for you!

9. Highlights

If you love the colors of dyed hair but don’t want to dye your whole head of hair, then just get highlights! Highlights are a trendy way to add unnatural colors to your hair without going overboard!

10. Medium And Straight

Now more than ever, men are comfortably growing out their hair for long, natural hairstyles. This style is low-maintenance and allows men to try out other styles for different kinds of occasions.

11. Medium Shag

A medium shag hairstyle is the mop equivalent for those with thinner hair. The hair is also cut with layers, wispy, and very messy. It also works great with bangs!

12. Medium Waves

Not all Asian men have perfectly straight hair. More and more are styling their hair to be more wavy and curly – hence the popularity of this hairstyle!

13. Middle Parting

Middle partings are a popular choice for Asian men with medium or long hair. It allows them to style their hair with bangs to frame their face in different ways.

14. Mullet

The mullet has been a trendy hairstyle for a while now but it’s still very popular. It’s a great combination of short and long hair, so you can have a unique hairstyle!

15. Neat And Cropped

Messy and long hair is not for everyone, and some Asian men have started styling their hair with neat, traditional haircuts. Their hair is cropped short but not too short – and everything is neatly brushed back.

16. Scene Style

The scene trend started out in the early 2000s and today, scene male haircuts are still considered very trendy. They work best with straight-patterned hair.

17. Short Fade

The king of trendy men’s hairstyles is the short fade. It’s practical, sexy, and looks amazing with dark hair – making it an ideal choice for Asian men!

18. Short Mullet

Not all mullets are the same and opposed to the long, wispy mullet is the short, clean-cut mullet. It’s more modern and chic, making it a favorite with younger generations.

19. Short Pompadour

Pompadours may be popular with younger generations, but what about trendy hairstyles for more mature men? Well, the pompadour is versatile and the neater, shorter version is popular with this age group!

20. Shoulder-Length Hair

Asian men are not afraid to grow their hair. This shoulder-length hairstyle is the perfect length for a lot of people who love longer hair – but not too long.

21. Top Knot With Fade

The top knot has been a trendy hairstyle for a while now, and it works great with all kinds of hair lengths. However, it looks especially trendy when combined with a high or skin fade!

22. Top Knot With No Fade

Top knots are so trendy that they work alongside all lengths of hair. So, if you don’t have a trendy fade or have no plans on getting one, you can still tie your hair into a top knot – and look great!

23. Undercut

Short on top, messy, and longer on top – that is one of the most trendy hairstyles for men this year! As a result, an undercut is a very popular choice for Asian men!

24. 90s Side Bangs

The 90s have become once again trendy in today’s fashion, and one of the many things that have made a triumphant comeback is the classic side bangs for men! They look great – especially on Asian men!

25. Afro

Some Asian men are lucky enough to have very naturally curly hair. In these cases, it’s very trendy to wear your hair in its natural form – a large, fluffy afro!

26. Androgynous Hairstyle

Some male hairstyles feature female stylistic elements and are classed as androgynous. This hairstyle has long, flowing side bangs – something more commonly seen with Asian women!

27. Angular Fringe

Another popular way to style the front of your hair to frame your face is by having an angular fringe. Different from bangs, this style allows hair to fall over the forehead at an angle for a more natural look.

28. Bowlcut

Bowlcuts used to be a hated hairstyle but now, it’s found a large following as a trendy, hipster hairstyle. It’s great for Asian men who want to look young and chic.

29. Butch Cut

Butch cuts are very plain and simple making them incredibly popular! They don’t require a lot of maintenance, it’s short and neat, and can be added with a trendy fade.

30. Buzzcut

Going bald is quickly becoming a very trendy choice for a lot of Asian men. It’s much easier to manage, you don’t have to spend so much on haircuts and hair products, and it gives you a very masculine appearance.

31. Caesar Cut

Caesar haircuts feature very short faces but a more straight cut along the front. It’s neat, stylish, and very effective with black hair! So, it’s perfect for Asian men!

32. Comb Over

This hairstyle is more popular with more mature Asian men – but is still a trendy, clean look! It’s a great neat hairstyle ideal for businessmen who want to give a great professional first impression.

33. Combover With Quiff

This trendy hairstyle is more popular for younger Asian men as it gives the hair plenty of length and height. It still keeps things manageable for both work and play.

34. Cowlicks

Cowlicks are like quiffs that won’t stay up. Instead, the hair rolls over and falls back down over the forehead. They’re casual but chic – perfect for younger Asian men who like messy hairstyles!

35. Crew Cut

Similar to the Caesar cut is the crew cut. Crew cuts have no overhang or bangs over the forehead, and have a much higher face. They are sharper and messier.

36. Curly Mohawk

If you have curly hair, then you can still style your hair into a mohawk. It will have a lot more volume and this will likely need to be combined with a shorter fade – but it will look great!

37. Curly Mop

Not all mop haircuts are styled with straight or wavy hair. Curls are a popular pattern of hair, and they also work great with a mop haircut!

38. Curly Pompadour

Most people style their pompadour haircuts with straight hair – but what if you are an Asian man with super curly hair? Well, a pompadour hairstyle can still work for you!

39. Curtains

Curtains are like side bangs but they end way further down the face. Most Asian men cut their curtains around their jaw line – it depends on how long the rest of their hair is!

40. Edgar Cut

The Edgar cut is often mixed up with the Caesar haircut, but there is a difference between the two. Edgar cuts have a much higher, closer fade for a sharper parting.

41. Edge Ups

Edge ups are the name for the patterned lines shaved into hairstyles. They can be short or used to create intricate patterns – either way, they are trendy and popular with Asian men’s hairstyles.

42. Even Shorter Mullet

Some mullets come very close to being a mohawk, like with this hairstyle. However, the slightly longer back and straight bangs make it a concise mullet style.

43. Faux Mohawk

A faux mohawk is an ideal haircut for someone who loves the style of a mohawk but not how rebellious or messy it can look. This is the perfect medium between a mohawk and a clean haircut.

44. Flat Top

This type of hairstyle includes smoothing over the top of your hair so it’s nice and flat. There’s no rough texture, and each of the hairs points in the same direction.

45. Frosted Tips

If you want to style your hair short and messy, then why not add some frosted tips? Frosted tips are coming back into style and they’re a great way to add some additional color to your hair!

46. Full Bangs

Full bangs have become a trendy, hipster hairstyle for young men. As a result, it’s easy to find plenty of people who now wear full, thick bangs over their foreheads.

47. Full Cornrows

This hairstyle is more commonly seen in younger African American men but is quickly becoming popular across the room. They can be worn long and braid up hair all over your head.

48. Go Red

A trendy color to dye one’s hair these days is a deep, rich shade of red. Although not a natural color, this shade of red is great for those who like their hairstyle to be modern.

49. Half Up Half Down

For Asian men with long hair, it’s easy to get frustrated with all that hair in your face. As a result, this hairstyle has become incredibly popular as it’s practical while remaining casual.

50. Hard Parting

A hard parting is when your fade is taken right up to the parting of your hairstyle. It contrasts nicely against the longer hairstyle you have next to it and wraps its way back around.

51. High Short Ponytail

This style of ponytail is placed high up on the head and works best with medium or shoulder-length hairstyles. It’s also pretty messy – which makes it so trendy!

52. Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut is a short, simple, but slightly messy haircut. It can be added with fades and very small quiffs – so long as it remains short and stylishly textured.

53. Layers

To get the trendy messy style that is present in a lot of modern men’s haircuts, you need one thing – layers. Layered hairstyles can help maintain a messy look with little work.

54. Line Ups

Line ups are sharp, detailed edges around the hairline. They work great with fades and are cut at all types of angles to help sharpen your facial features.

55. Long Bangs

Natural bangs have also become very popular with Asian men, especially for those who like hairstyles such as the undercut or low taper face. They work great with short hairstyles!

56. Long Dreadlocks

One of the trendiest hairstyles in recent years are the dreadlocks. So, it’s no surprise that it would make our list of trendy Asian men’s hairstyles!

57. Long Ponytail

You don’t have to wear your long hair loose and open. It’s also pretty trendy to tie it back in a low, long ponytail! You can even leave a few loose strands to frame your face!

58. Long Shag

A long shag is a long hairstyle, where the hair is usually cut around the neck or jaw. The hair is also very layered to give it a very messy finish and curled ends.

59. Long Side Part

This style of parting takes things to the extreme by growing one side of the hair a lot longer than the other. That hair is then set back and combed straight into one neat haircut.

60. Low-Taper Fade

Another trendy type of fade for Asian men is the lower-taper fade. It leaves your hair a little longer but has a similar style to a regular fade cut.

61. Man Bun

Having long hair can be irritating at times, so it’s a good thing that the man bun is a super trendy hairstyle! It also looks mature and sexy on Asian men!

62. Medium And Curly

If you have curly locks, then you are in luck – a medium-length hairstyle also works great for you! It gives you a great chance to show off your curls so wear them with pride!

63. Medium And Messy

This low-maintenance hairstyle is very popular with all men, including Asian men. It’s trendy thanks to its messiness and gives you plenty of hair to play with different styles temporarily.

64. Military Cut

For those who require a neat, short haircut (usually for work purposes) then a great trendy haircut to have is the military cut. It ticks all the boxes and looks great!

65. Mini-Quiff

Some quiffs lack the height and volume to be called a true quiff. However, the mini-quiff is ideal for men who want to push their hair up in a similar fashion.

66. Modern Pompadour

Pompadours are a trendy hairstyle that allows the hair on top of the head to grow longer than the hair on the sides. It captures that casual, messy hairstyle that a lot of Asian men are chasing perfectly!

67. Mohawk

Similar to an undercut, mullets allow Asian men to grow their hair much longer on top and around the back. This gives them a very rebellious look.

68. Mullet And Ponytail

Growing a long mullet isn’t easy because all hair will get in your way. So, try this edgy, rebellious style that gathers the top hair and ties it back into a manly ponytail.

69. Mushroom Cut

A mushroom cut is very much what it says in its name. It’s a men’s hairstyle with a high mass of hair on the top of the head, and a fade underneath – making the haircut look like a mushroom!

70. Quiff

Messy hairstyles are incredibly trendy, and one of the best is the quiff. It pushes your hair out of your eyes and is very sexy and stylish!

71. Quiff + Pompadour

This stylish combination creates a whole new look that is great for Asian men. It has long hair on top like a pompadour, but the height of a quiff. It’s super impressive!

72. Shaved Sides And Straight Top

This hairstyle is very militaristic and masculine but still gives you a clean, neat haircut. It’s great for those who want a sharp hairstyle without losing the majority of their hair.

73. Shaved Sides With Man Bun

If you have very thick hair, then it’s a good idea to shave the sides of your hair to make it more manageable. You can still grow the rest of your hair out – and tie it back in a cool bun!

74. Short And Fluffy

This haircut is one often sported by people growing out their buzzcuts, and has become a trendy style in its own right. It’s a happy, manageable medium between traditional haircuts and a buzzcut.

75. Short And Spiky

The common trend of ‘messy’ natural-looking hair has led to a rise in the popularity of the sport and spiky style. If you prefer a shorter haircut, then this might be the one for you.

76. Short Braids

Rebellious and modern, this men’s hairstyle is becoming more and more popular with Asian men. Braids in general are becoming more trendy, so it’s a great choice if you want to keep up with modern fashion!

77. Short Dreadlocks

Not every Asian man needs to wear super long dreadlocks. You can still have a hairstyle with very short dreadlocks that don’t even pass your ears!

78. Short Ponytail

This style has become more and more trendy as more Asian men have begun letting their hair grow longer – and messier! A short ponytail is a great way to keep some of your hair back!

79. Side Parting

When it comes to partings, side partings are still very popular with men. While women now prefer middle partings, side partings are still trendy for men with long hair!

80. Side Shave

The side shave used to be a trendy hairstyle for women but now, men are starting to sport the look too. It’s rebellious and a great way to tame thick hair!

81. Side-Swept Bangs

Long bangs can sometimes get in your eyes, and the best solution to this is to sweep them aside. As a result, side-swept bangs have become a trend of their own!

82. Single Side Bangs

This hairstyle works great with Asian men who have cow licks. It works by growing your half longer on one side – much longer, so it falls down and nearly covers one eye!

83. Skin Fade

Skin fades are the closest kind of fade you can have. They cut your hair down to your skin and up past your ear. They are very popular and more extreme than a short fade!

84. Straight Bangs

These bangs have a very harsh, straight cut but they are great for framing your face. These work great with all kinds of hairstyles too so they’re pretty versatile.

85. Super Long

Hair can just keep growing and growing – and letting it grow has been a popular choice for a lot of Asian men recently! So, super-long hair has become really trendy!

86. Super Long Angular Fringe

This hairstyle works best with short-shaved sides and back, as it moves most of your hair volume to the front. It also works great with Asian men who have wavy hair.

87. Surfer Hairstyle

The surfer hairstyle is a trendy choice for young hipsters due to its carefree and laid-back appearance. It’s wavy, windswept, and unruly – and a great way to represent your character!

88. Textured Top

This hairstyle includes giving the top of your hair a very rough texture. This is done by adding hair gel and forcing your strands of hair into different directions.

89. The Elephant Trunk

This hairstyle is more commonly associated with Grease’s Danny Zuko. However, the elephant trunk has become trendy as the pompadour has also made its return to fashion.

90. The Leonardo

Along with other returning 90s hairdos, a great hairstyle that has become trendy among young Asian men is the Leonardo. It’s based on the hair of Leonardo di Caprio during his youth – messy, with wispy strands that fall over the forehead.

91. The Mop

This hairstyle was a staple in the late 2000s, and now it’s back! The mop is a messy hairstyle ideal for Asian men who have thick, wavy hair!

92. Top Curls

Curls have become very trendy in recent years, and more Asian men are starting to curl the tops of their hair. It also works great with short sides.

93. Triangle Push-Up

This style of quiff is very structured and neatly made. It pushes up all the front hair into a triangle shape so it comes to a point! It’s a much neater version of a quiff.

94. True Mohawk

If you want an incredibly rebellious haircut, then you can always get a true mohawk. True mohawks never go out of style with punk rockers and rebels. It’s a classic that never fades from popularity!

95. True Pompadour

True pompadours have a much closer fade on the sides of the head, and the hair on top has a lot more volume. While modern pompadours are longer, true pompadours are sharper.

96. Two-Block Haircut

Two-block haircuts are very similar to the undercut but the hair underneath is not cut so short. It can sometimes still be very long – just not as long as the hair on top.

97. Viking Braids

Viking hairstyles have become really popular with both men and women in recent years. For this kind of hairstyle, you can wear lots of little braids intertwined. It’s stylish and practical!

98. Wavy Half-Way Man Bun

Having long, thick hair can be an issue but if you want to sport this trendy type of hair, you can try out the half-way man bun. It looks great and is super practical.

99. Weave

Weaves are a type of hairstyle where a lot of messy, curly hair sits on the top of the head. As messy hair is very trendy, it’s easy to see why the weave is so popular.

100. Windswept

Similar to a quiff, a windswept hairstyle is very messy with a lot of volume and height – but it extends much further back over the head. It works great with medium-length hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An 80/20 Split Haircut?

The 80/20 split haircut is not actually a type of style. It’s the technique hairdressers do when cutting your hair. 80% is cut when the hair is wet, and the remaining 20% is cut when your hair is dry.

So, if you are looking for a specific hairstyle called the 80/20, it currently doesn’t exist!

What Is The Best Number For A Fade?

Fades are incredibly popular and trendy but some people often ask for the wrong fade.

0 is known as a skin fade which is the closest shave you can get. From there, the scale increases by 0.5s, up to around 4 or 5 (depending on your barber’s tools).

If you are unsure which number to start with, most people recommend you start with a 2. You can then tell your barber if you want a shorter cut to work your way down.

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