50 Best Hairstyles for Big Men

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What Are The Best Hairstyles for Big Men?

The shape of your face should never limit what hairstyle you choose to adorn it with. Whether you are on the plus side and rocking a bit of extra fullness in the cheeks, or you spend your days in the gym and have a few extra muscles to upsize your face structure, either way, there are an epic variety of haircuts and styles to choose from that will have you feeling dapper and on-trend.

Face shape and hair texture absolutely need to be taken into consideration, as well as the shape of the head to pull off super short cuts and fades, but don’t feel limited with the pool of possibilities for epic locks.

We have compiled a list of great ideas to help inspire you when choosing your next haircut at your next visit to your barber.

1. Short and Crisp Mid Fade

If no fuss and simple is your vibe, then a clean buzz cut with mid fade will work well for you while providing a stylish haircut. Perfect for a busy lifestyle as you can pop in and out of the barber’s chair and have your haircut on the go. This is also a great hairstyle choice for thick and wirey locks that are usually hard to style.

2. Mid Fade Pompadour with Beard

A pompadour fade is a popular hairstyle choice amongst men of many ages, and that ‘s because it works with most textures and face shapes, providing versatility and trend into your hairstyle. A pompadour can be finished high or low, with wax or pomade depending if you prefer a sleek or matt look, either way, this haircut is a win for anyone.

3. Low Fade with Combover

A comb-over has been a long-standing trend and continues to be a popular choice amongst men. It allows you to be creative in your haircut choices and enjoy longer lengths with short and neat sides. The structured flow and texture create a stylish contrast that works with any face shape.

4. Low Fade with Widows Peak Hairline

Hairlines and growth patterns definitely need to be considered when choosing a hair style. A widow’s peak, where the hair at the forehead creates a V shape, is common and can also be caused by a receding hairline. This short pompadour and fade is a great haircut for this type of hairline as the hair can be styled in the direction it is growing in and works well with the shape of the forehead.

5. Skin Fade Ceasar Cut

A Ceasar cut is classified by a straight line cut at the forehead. This can help a big forehead appear shorter and works well against the contrast of a skin fade. This disconnection works well for thicker hair and hair that is naturally dark as you get this awesome blend from the skin to dark. A well-crafted beard can balance it out well, bridging the gap from the temples to the top of the head.

6. Buzz Cut Skin Fade

A buzz cut is a great go-to, for little fuss and a classic finish. It is always fresh and neat and looks fantastic on any man, regardless of face shape or hair texture. A seamless fade from skin to short and flat on top will ideally work with a mane that still has all follicles intact, but don’t ever let a little hair loss stop you.

7. Cornrows with Undercut

Cornrows are a great protective style for ethnic hair and make for a super cool hairdo. They come together in a small man bun and are showcased by adding a low fade to keep the look crisp and neat.

8. Disconnected Fade and Quiff

Softening the appearance of a round face can be done by adding some extra height. A fade on the sides met with a high voluminous quiff can provide that height to transform a round face into a more oval shape. A little more of your morning routine will need to be committed to making this do look suave and fresh, but you wont resent having to make the effort.

9. Dreadlock Bun

Black men get to have all the fun when it comes to trendy hairdos. This dreadlock bun is a top knot on a whole new level. Unconventional and unique if you wish to stand out.

10. Long Fauxhawk with Temple Fade

The mohawk shape is great and can be enjoyed without committing to a punk rock hairdo. These longer locks are sculpted to create the same shape, with a smooth temple fade to add some slight contrast. It is finished with a more slick look, making it a polished but edgy hairdo.

11. Low Fade with Quiff

Volume is not only for the ladies! A voluminous quiff can be so stylish and dapper for any face shape. Especially for men that are blessed with thicker hair, embrace it and showcase it with a super awesome quiff and a flawless fade.

12. Neck and Temple Fade Bowl Cut

Don’t be nervous when you hear bowl cut, because the one we recommend is so modern and unique. Haircuts evolve and refine as they journey through the varying trends and this one has found its final destination. Out the box, creative and so dope. Crisp lines, flawless fading, and a haircut awesome enough for any face shape.

13. Short Mid Fade with Beard

The ultimate wash-and-go hairstyle. As long as that fade is on point, then there is not much more to do. This short and precise crop will require a regular date with your barber, but in between, you are good to go.

14. Slick Back Mid Fade

Hair that is slicked back with a touch of volume is a great way to create some height and add length to the face. The temples are a great fade point as this technique suits most face shapes. A beard is not only hugely trendy but is a stylish way to hide or distract from any facial features that you would prefer to hide from your peers.

15. Undercut and Beard

There is no better hairstyle to complement a gym lover’s physique than an undercut paired with a perfectly groomed beard. It’s practical in a stylish way and the overall look is so well suited to the ‘tough guy’ persona.

16. Bald Fade Afro

If you are lucky enough to rock an afro, then groom those locks well and rock it with confidence, a lot of men out there can only dream of having one. The height that is naturally created is perfect for a bigger face and when paired with a flawless bald fade, the shape of the neck and face is elongated. This hairstyle is definitely one of the highest-ranking haircuts.

17. Bald Fade with a Slick Back Top

A bald fade blends the hair on the sides into the skin in a seamless and crisp way. It keeps your haircut looking fresh for longer and creates a stylish contrast when blended with longer locks on the top. Slick them back for a suave and professional finish.

18. Creative Cornrows

Ethnic hair offers a variety of super cool ways to both protect your locks while helping them stand out in a creative and edgy way. These cornrows consist of different sizes and positions to create a streamlined, neat, and dapper cornrow style. Paired with a well-groomed beard, this look works wonders on any face shape.

19. Curly Crop with Fade

Perfect edges and perfect texture create the perfect haircut. I always believe that curly locks should be left in their natural form. Just like these epic curls enhanced with some subtle styling and a great lineup and crisp fade to border them and make them stand out. The texture on top creates some height which can be effective in elongating a round face.

20. Curly Fade for Afro Hair

Afro hair is a gorgeous texture that needs to be rocked in all its glory. A fade is a great way to keep things neat and tidy and introduce a head of epic curly locks. Maintain some length on the top so the curls can retain their shape, and be sure to keep them hydrated to keep them looking fresh.

21. Design Fade with Flat Top

Another great idea for ethic hair and a perfect shape for a round face. A bald fade can be enhanced with some creative hair tattoos on the side and blend seamlessly into a perfectly crafted tabletop shape at the top for height. It is edgy and dope and is not an easy shape to perfect, but when done right, this epic hairstyle is perfect for bigger men.

22. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are not a popular hairstyle choice, but there are still a huge number of men rocking this look, whether it be for religious beliefs or purely for aesthetics, either way, they can look super dope. Dreadlocks pulled away from the face are a perfect look to suit bigger men.

23. High Fade with Freestyle Design

A high fade with some disconnection to the longer length is a popular haircut today. A lot of men can be spotted rocking a variation of this cut, so get your barber to add his stamp to it. A hair tattoo is an awesome and creative way to do that and takes your fade to a whole new level of cool.

24. High Fade with Side Part

A high fade definitely has more edge, especially when paired with a crisp side part. This is a great clean look for the busy corporate that needs some personality to show in their appearance. The strong contrast is great for a rounder face and will suit all hair textures.

25. High Fade with Textured Quiff

You can keep your locks short without having to sacrifice to much style and creativity. A textured quiff is a great way to do this, not too long, not too short, with just the right amount of hair to wax up some texture and create an epic hairdo that is shouldered by a tight and stylish high fade. Longer hair on the top always works great for a round face.

26. High Pompadour and Fade

Where there is a want for a dope haircut, there needs to be a willingness to give it the time it deserves. A high pompadour is a popular choice and it’s obvious why. With some time spent on styling, your hair becomes a structured work of art that oozes awesomeness. Go with a pompadour and you wont go wrong.

27. High Skin Fade Slick Back

A skin fade is a great way to add length to the neck, which creates the illusion of a slimmer face, even more so when the fade is high. Some length at the top gives you the option to play around with styles, the slick back being a popular choice.

28. High Skin Fade with Long Top

This tight skin fade with a disconnection to the longer hair on top can almost replicate an undercut. The locks on top are kept a bit longer, which is great for hair that may have started thinning out, and the contrast creates an illusion that the hair is thicker. It is clean, trendy, and professional and requires minimal effort.

29. High Skin fade with Combover and Beard

It’s the perfect thick and silver beard that makes this haircut work. The high skin fade and combover compliment it well and is a great overall look for big men, somehow the beard compliments the bigger face by attracting all the attention.

30. High skin Fade with Sleek Side Part

A skin fade works beautifully on hair that is naturally darker as that transition from light to dark adds so much dimension. Lines look crisper and the artistry in the fade can really be showcased. A bold parting like this one can add some asymmetry which is flattering for a round face.

31. Hightop Locs

Locs can be so trendy but require some effort and commitment. If you have neither of those things, then opt for a suave fade with some creative locs on top. A great protective hairstyle and an awesome style to compliment any fade.

32. Long Curls

Men having long locks is definitely more accepted and is gaining popularity. Long strands on a big man are pure Viking vibes, so you cant go wrong rocking your long luscious locks.

33. Low Fade Bowl Cut

Don’t be alarmed when you read the words bowl cut. This modern version is skillful and stylish and makes for an epic hairdo. The low fade is a trendy introduction to the thick gorgeous locks on top, that are showcased by an awesome round shape, enhanced with texture and varying lengths. The longer bangs are great for minimizing the round shape of the face and creating an illusion of slim for bigger men.

34. Low Fade Lineup

A crisp lineup is really flattering for a round face as it adds sharp angles, creating more of a square shape. Pair that with an awesome haircut with a strong fade game, and you will rock it with confidence.

35. Low Fade with Braids

For some reason, braids seem to be pulled off way better on bigger men. That could be because they usually have big personalities and that requires a super cool mane. Keep the edges neat with a crisp fade and showcase your locks with some epic cornrows down the top. Stylishly practical for the active type, but otherwise just super cool for aesthetic value.

36. Low Fade with Contrasting Color

low fade with a longer top is a staple go-to for men’s haircuts, but you can level it up by adding some color. This cut is changed up by lightening up the hair on top to contrast against the darker natural hair, and the contrast in both lengths and color create a stylish and slightly edgy low fade cut.

37. Man Bun with Beard

man bun is not completed without an awesome beard to compliment it. This look is perfect for a rounder face and is practical for longer locks. When the hair is pulled back it opens up the face, and the full beard can be sculpted to adjust the shape of the face.

38. Man Bun with Low Drop Fade

There is no better way to get the best of both worlds than this fade and man bun. Enjoy your longer locks while rocking a fade to enjoy the benefits of dope barbering.

39. Men’s Shag Cut

The shag is back! And not just for women. Embrace your inner hippy with some curtain bangs and layers. Usually this shape is not recommended for bigger faces, but somehow it works and we say you should absolutely go for it.

40. Mid Fade and Parting for Straight Hair

Straight and stubborn hair can be hard to style, but if your barber understands your texture well, then a good haircut can work wonders. Opt for a cut like this one, where the hair is worn flat to work with the growth pattern of the hair. A parting shaved in the side can give it a small dose of edge and elevate the fade on the sides.

41. Mid Fade with Flat Quiff

This haircut is ideal for straighter hair textures and the mid fade is perfect for rounder faces. Hair that is very straight is better off lying in the direction of its growth pattern, so by maintaining some length at the top and adding some texture, you can matt it up with some wax and create some seperation.

42. Modern Crew Cut

Although this makes you think military, think again. Barbers of today have put their personal stamp onto old ideas and made them fresh and fun. When you get a fade blend as flawless as this one, the shape of your face will be of zero concern, and your haircut will look and feel dope. Easy wash and go while looking and feeling fantastic.

43. Modern Mullet

Mullets are not as bad as they used to be and are in fact making a big comeback. When cut and blended well, they can look stylish as well as professional.

44. Perfect Pompadour

Volume and height are not only for the ladies, in fact, those elements are exactly what make a perfect pompadour. That paired with an epic fade and dope beard, and you have the whole package. Spend some time on this style, by upping your skills with a hairdryer and comb, and finding the perfect wax so every strand has it’s place.

45. Short Drop Fade

For an easy, low maintenance but stylish look, a short drop fade is fresh and great for a round face. Wash and go and still look on-trend with this crisp haircut. Add a clean, blunt finish in the bangs for some extra edge.

46. Short Fade with Curly Top

A short fade is a neat and crisp look for any haircut. It also works really well for bigger men as it creates that extra length in the neck. Longer hair on the top also creates some extra height and works well for curly textures.

47. Skin Fade with Comb Over

A skin fade is always a good choice for a clean and crisp finish, although this will mean regular visits to your barber, that’s never a bad thing. A skin fade is also a great way to elongate the neck and create some length for bigger men.

48. Skin Fade with Short Waves

A bald fade creates a stylish disconnection from the hairline and beard and levels up a short hairdo such as this one. It exposes and lengthens the neck and makes for a neat and fresh cut.

49. Taper Fade with Parting

A classic cut that is timeless and practical. A taper fade is great for hair that is finer in texture as it maintains texture and density. The length of the hair can be versatile and a parting can be added for a more slick and professional look.

50. Temple Fade with Cornrows

Afro hair can really benefit from a stylish protective style, and cornrows are a great way to create shape and slim a round face. A temple fade can help distract from the roundness, adding some dimension and style to the hairline.

51. Topknot and Beard

Beards and topknots are the running trends for men with longer hair. Usually rocked with an undercut, but here all length is intact and it looks dope.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best haircut doesn’t need to be challenging for you, as long as you are equip with the tools and knowledge that you need. Especially with the latest trends and the pool of talented barbers to choose from, there is more than one suitable haircut for you and together you can fine-tune and customize it to suit your needs and preferences. Finally, ponder these last thoughts before deciding on your new rad haircut.

  • When choosing a fade, consider the shape and size of your head. Chat to your barber about what can work for you.
  • Hair texture and density are important factors in choosing a suitable haircut, so take that into consideration, but also don’t let it stop you from trying something cool, your barber can adapt it to suit you.
  • Check your scalp for any moles or blemishes that you either maybe don’t want to expose, or that could end up getting nicked.
  • Research your barbers’ capabilities and skills. Some barbers are your standard short, back, and sides, and some are way more advanced in their skills and techniques.
  • Consider your schedule and routine and the amount of time you are able to put into your new fresh cut.
  • Some haircuts require regular grooming, so take that into account when choosing your hairstyle and its longevity.

Being bigger doesn’t mean you need to settle for boring hair. It just means you need to up your fade game to up your confidence, and with this collection of ideas, we don’t think you will have a problem!

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