50 Best Stitch Braid Ideas For Women (Trending This Year)

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50 Best Stitch Braid Ideas For Women (Trending This Year)

What Are The Best Stitch Braid Ideas For Women?

One of the trendiest hairstyles this year is the stitch braid. Stitch braids are a hairstyle that uses the feed-in technique to create rows of braids.

It’s most commonly associated with black American culture and is often confused with cornrows – but these are two different hairstyles.

Stitch braids are often used to transition from natural hair to extensions smoothly, combining the two flawlessly.

However, you can still wear stitch braids without any hair extensions at all. It’s a very versatile hairstyle that can be worn in lots of different ways.

So, if you want to discover more trendy ways to wear stitch braids, then check out the list below for some amazing ideas!

1. Let The Braids Loose

Stitch braids are popular for adding style and uniformity to your scalp – but you don’t have to keep your braids in if you don’t want to. Let the later ends of your braids loose for this amazing style!

2. Baby Hair Curls

First, let’s talk about what you should do with all those short, loose hairs that frame your face – your baby hairs! Baby hairs can be flattened into beautiful curls to make a gorgeous look, no matter how you style your stitch braids!

3. Baby Hair Waves

If curls are not your style, then flatten your baby hairs into this cute alternative style instead. Create soft waves to frame your face and hairline!

4. Baby Hair-less

Finally, if you are not a fan of your baby hairs, then you don’t have to style them into any design at all. Flatten them and push them back so they blend in with the rest of your hair.

5. Beads

Beads are a popular hair accessory added to braids – and it’s no different with stitch braids. Add beads to the end of your braids to add some color and add style to your hair!

6. Big And Small

Who said that all your stitch braids need to be the same size? Show off your skill by varying the sizes of your braids to create some amazing styles!

7. Braid In A Crown

Instead of rows of stitched braids starting from your hairline and working straight back, try something different with this style. Choose a point on your hairline and work your braids back from there, creating a crown-like effect.

8. Butterfly Effect

To really test your skill, try out this stitch braid idea for a cute butterfly effect in your roots! It’ll take some work but the results are worth it!

9. Chic Wavy Stitch Braids

Your stitch braids do not need to be sectioned into straight lines. Why not add some smooth waves for a chic, romantic design? The final effect is so beautiful!

10. Criss-Cross Stitch Braid

This stitch braid idea takes the side-to-side design and shakes things up with this crisscrossed style. It adds character and makes an alternative idea even more rebellious!

11. Cross Your Braids

This style takes your long stitch braids and crosses them over for a trendy design. This creates an ‘hourglass’ design using your hair that breaks away from the norm!

12. Dyed Stitch Braids

You don’t have to rely on your hair extensions to add color to your stitch braids. Dye your hair in any color you like!

13. Elegant Bun

If you have gone for thick stitch braids, then this style will help give you an elegant low bun. It’s ideal for formal occasions like weddings!

14. Go Blonde

Stitch braids look amazing with any kind of hair color but most people stick to their natural black. Why not shake things up with a little touch of blonde?

15. Half Braided Half Loose

This hairstyle involves only a few stitch braids to help push back your hair from your eyes. The back of your hair is left to hang loose and in its natural curls.

16. Half Up Half Down

This style takes the front stitch braids and wraps them into a neat bun on the top of your head. As for your back braids, they are left to hang down beautifully and sweep side to side as you go about your day.

17. Just One Stitch Braid

Why add many stitch braids when you can just add one? This idea includes one stitch braid across your hairline to frame your face – and everything else is left to fall loose.

18. Knotless Stitch Braids

This stitch braid idea requires a lot of skill and practice but it helps you join your natural hair and extensions without any knots at all! The end result is this amazing, eye-catching cross pattern!

19. Let Loose

Once your stitch braids are up in a ponytail, have you decided what to do with the ends? Some styles loosen some braids earlier than others so it creates a waterfall effect.

20. Long Stitch Braids

This stitch braid style will create multiple long braids that you can just flick over one shoulder and rock all day. They look very similar to cornrows but keep in mind that the braiding technique is different!

21. Loose Low Buns

If you like your space buns lower down on your head, then this stitch braid idea lets them sit bunched and loose at the base of your skull. It’s a super cute design!

22. Loose Strands

This hairstyle adds loose curly strands of hair to break free from the braids. Done right, this idea can look beautiful for an elegant braided hairstyle.

23. Love Heart

There are no laws when it comes to how you section your hair for your stitch braids. Get creative and use this technique to your advantage – by adding some cute love hearts above each ear!

24. Low Side Bun

Like the low bun hairstyle? Want to add a little attitude that better reflects you? Try shifting the bun to the side for a more modern look!

25. Mix ‘n’ Match

If you love the zig-zag stitch braid style but think it’s a little too much for your hair, then why not mix and match it with some other stitch styles? This style adds straight stitches with zig-zags for a whole new look!

26. Mix ‘n’ Match To The Extreme

With stitch braids, you are not limited to one or two designs. Add in as many cool designs as you like for your own unique style!

27. Side-To-Side

Most people section their hair front to back for stitch braids – but why? Why not go side-to-side instead for a completely different look?

28. Spread The Love!

If one heart is not enough, then check out this style that adds multiple hearts in a neat row to your hair! It’s all about how you section your hair for your braids!

29. Stand Out With Color

You don’t have to choose a natural hair color like blonde or red. You can add extensions that are bright colors like blue or pink to help you stand out!

30. Stitch Braid Low Bun

If a top knot is not for you, then try out this style for a low bun instead. It’s practical, modest, and looks super cute!

31. Stitch Braid Mohawk

This idea is a classic and rebellious hairstyle combined with the intricate patterns of braid ideas. It’s ideal for those looking for a punk-rock stitch braid idea.

32. Stitch Braid Pig Tails

This stitch braid idea takes your largest stitch braids and turns them into traditional pigtails – and then lets the ends flow loose. It’s a beautiful hairstyle ideal that is youthful and super cute!

33. Stitch Braid Ponytail

Ponytails are great as they keep your hair out of your way. So, grab a hair tie, collect all of your stitch braids, and tie them back!

34. Stitch Braid Side Bangs

This stitch braid idea uses two braids to frame your face – kind of like side bangs! If you have a middle parting and love to frame your face with your hair, then this idea is ideal!

35. Stitch Braid Space Buns

Space buns are an adorable summer hairstyle, and your stitch braids can make them super easy to style! For some summer fun, try out this lively hairstyle for yourself!

36. Stitch Braid To Extensions

Stitch braids are a great way to seamlessly blend your natural hair with your extensions.

A lot of people choose extensions that match the color and texture of their natural hair – but you don’t have to! Check out how this style merges two different types of hair for one stunning style!

37. Stitch Braid Top Knot

If your long stitch braids are getting in your way, then try out this style! A top knot is great for keeping your hair out of your face!

38. Stitch Braid Waves

Another fun alternative idea, this style involves turning your straight stitch braids into adorable smooth waves instead. It looks much more elegant and is a great choice for fancy events!

39. Stitch Braid/Crochet Hair Combination

Not only can you combine hair colors and section designs, but you can also use two different hairstyles all together! This idea joins stitch braids with a classic crochet hairstyle!

40. Stitch Row Squares

Rows – who needs them? Most stitch braids are styled into long rows for super long braids – but this style sections your hair into larger square or rectangular sections for a whole new style!

41. Swirls And Spirals

This section style creates complicated swirls and spirals into your hair! It’s a wonderful idea that can create an elegant, beautiful style for important formal occasions such as weddings.

42. Thick Stitch Braids

A lot of stitch braid styles use very thin braids – but you don’t have to. You can size your stitch braids to be very thick and contain a lot of hair so you only end up with two or three braids in total.

43. Top Love Heart

If you love the love heart design for stitch braids, then why not try this variant of the style? It places the love hear on the top of your head instead!

44. Top Ponytail

To get this style, divide your stitch braids into two, and tie the upper section into a traditional ponytail. Let the others fly free and you will get this cute, practical stitch braid style!

45. Two-Tone Stitch Braids

If you are dyeing your hair, why not choose two tones to use? You can blend colors for a bright, colorful hairstyle that truly reflects you and your personality!

46. Uniform Sections

When adding stitch braids to their hair, a lot of people section their hair in uniform, straight lines. This creates a neat pattern to show your roots.

47. Wrapped Ponytail

Ponytails are super cute but why not use your stitch braids in a more creative style? Use your braids to wrap the base of your ponytail for extra volume and support.

48. X Marks The Spot

This stitch braid idea makes giant Xs on your head by crossing over major braids. This style shows off your still and provides your hair with great protection too!

49. Zig-Zag Parting

A lot of stitch braid designs use the braids themselves to make patterns in your hairstyle. However, this idea uses the parting instead – all you have to do is part your hair correctly!

50. Zig-Zags

For a quirky style to section your stitch roots, check out this design! It adds a zig-zag pattern to your hair – and pushes your braids back at the same time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Stitch Braids Good For Your Hair?

Stitch braids are actually a protective style of hair that can help keep your hair in great condition. It’s a long-lasting style, versatile, and actually helps promote hair growth! So, yes, stitch braids are good for your hair!

Can You Swim With Stitch Braids?

Of course! All you need to do is just remember to rinse out any chlorine or salt water from your stitch braids afterward. Then dry them carefully with a fluffy towel. There’s no need to undo or redo them – just make sure you wash them carefully afterward to keep them in great condition.

Are Stitch Braids The Same As Cornrows?

Although they may look the same on the surface, stitch braids and cornrows are different. The difference is that they each use a different braiding technique.

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